(Avatar Magic, by Gerald Franquemont, is on Kindle and can be downloaded onto most computers or reading devices.)

Being or becoming 60 is odd-it feels I imagine perhaps somewhat like a stale, soggy cracker might feel on a day at the beach: it’s great to be here but the rubber boned can’t buy a wrinkle people seem somehow faster and fresher. While 50 seemed just a turn of a page this feels more like a wrong way turn down a one way street.

On the Bright side it is said my ears and nose will never stop growing. However, at the same time I think the rest of my body will be shrinking-it’s hard to think about what this over all effect might end up looking like. Again, on the bright side, in Japanese culture it is often said life doesn’t begin until 61-which I guess means now, being just sixty, I’m dead. This would explain the “what did you say?” words coming out of my mouth so often. Before this life begins at 61 stuff I thought perhaps I was getting hard of hearing or all that ear hair was finally taking its’ toll.

Still, again, on the up-side-I can’t see as well as I use to (just one day ago). I can never find my glasses first thing in the morning and this too is a good thing. This way the effects of canal like lines craving my neck, making mine look much like a turtles’ neck, is not as noticeable to me when I look into the mirror in the morning.

Finally, if I could cash in all the things I’ve forgotten I’d be a millionaire. So don’t try to tell me anything-I knew it all before time and I’m keeping all that knowledge in a very safe place for now. Here’s to the last and next 60 years! ( they are working on replacement parts aren’t they?)


Green for the color of growth, plus I’ve no idea how to change it.