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Putting a fish hook into a friend’s head is not as easy as it sounds. Several factors must be in place or take place before a successful hooking of your friend’s head can happen. I know you may not have thought about this kind of thing before but you never know? So, having been successful at this endeavor, I thought I’d share-

First off, and most importantly, a good hooking of your friend’s head requires perfect timing on both the part of your friend’s head and you’re casting arm. The wind must not interfere with the action of the plug and the speed of your plug must not be too great-but more on the reason for this later.

Secondly, any tip off’ that the plug is on its’ way will just not do. A duck and cover routine easily could wreck any possibility of a secure hook insertion. Results, should your friend become aware that the hook is now flying as a laser bound for his brain, might vary from a mere ‘bounce off’ of the treble hooks to something like a slap in the face. Your timing, effort, patience and practice would be wasted, skinned, fried and trashed.

Lastly, your friend must not be wearing a hat—perhaps a cloudy day, late in the evening or first thing in the morning time line or circumstance is best. You might, I suggest, even ask to borrow the hat for a minute if necessary. No matter what: No hats! See? It’s not that easy! But I’ve done it and at this point I’m kinda proud to say it: “Hey! I’ve hooked my friend in the head while fishing!”

Oh-one last, last thing: you can’t be a Dale Earnhardt (very fast car driver) type of plug caster. Should your plug be traveling near the speed of light you might end up spending half a day or so in the emergency room with your friend. Many fishermen looking to catch so-called stupid fish end up this way-with hooks in their heads, ears, eyes (ouch), legs, arms, backs and ,as I did, hands. Hooks don’t back down as Tom Petty sang and operations can be hard to do in most boats. We’re talking about a secure but very light landing of the plug on the scalp. Warning: don’t try this on, say, your brother or sister because they got to stay up later than you did. It’s just not worth it-walk away.

There was this one time…….

Greg, a name I’ve not changed to expose his identity, never saw it coming. It was, as I recall, a beautiful day in The Swamp (see previous post: The Swamp). We’d floated an hour or so without much action when the waters around us began to ripple everywhere. This was the moment; this was the time we’d hoped would come. Fish were in a feeding frenzy: running at each other in a fashion to put Jaws to shame. One cast and catch was quickly followed by another-our laughter, casting, and retrieving became as a dance. Suddenly, I snagged him. Greg, treble hook and all, sat perfectly still for a second with a white, orange bottom colored Rapala Lure in and on his head. Blood began to pour down about his ears and it was as if we had been instantly transported into a horror movie!

I suggested we should go to shore. Greg simply stated, plug in head and all: “What are you crazy!-Tie on and fish!” We were losing valuable fishing time and we both knew it! This is the beauty of a fishing friend- two buddies in it together. Later I found a shirt off my back to wipe the blood away from his face. We both smiled. The hook was out, the boat was loaded and we were headed for shore. It doesn’t get any better.  Franque

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