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Vacations are wonderful things-somewhere between the cancelled flights, lost luggage, wrong directions and forgotten passports we find the time to ‘get away’. This is my plan-to go Up State New York and fish, relax, and polish up a few pieces for this blog, swim, sun and sleep. Nice.

I expect to be posting from an ever present Library but it’s happened before that time disappears once I get up there and blame!-nada, nothing gets really done. If that ‘s the case, please enjoy the blog and fell free to post comments, call me anything you like and don’t miss the comment on ‘hooked in the head’ by the guy I did that to as he tells his story of doing the same thing to another. What goes around comes around….I guest that’s why we’re fishing buddies.

Mostly I’m just hoping to not get hooked in the head or hand. That would be nice and….different. The Lake does get up to 80 some summer days but usually it stays around 70ish to 74. The nights will be cool and often I stay up to 3pm watching the Milky Way as Orion slips on towards the Northern horizon. If I’m lucky I’ll imagine I’m seeing Northern lights from time to time-sometimes, in a great while-I really do see them.

I get up at around 5 or 6 am to go fishing-though, really, in this Lake most of the fish are sleeping then after a long night of eating each other. Mostly this is just a way to start the motor and wake up my neighbors-though I’m careful to row a ways out from my dock before I do this so as to not wake my exact neighbors, just the ones I don’t know as well.

It’s much like as I imagine a ‘Hemmingway’ experience might be: me against the clock, weather, water, bugs, wind, light, heat, and endurance. Perfect.  I fish usually until late at night, and then again in the morning. The afternoons are for rest.  See you…. Franque

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