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Is it all a hill of beans? I don’t think so.

According to the grocery store I have shopped in for the past twenty years  I’ve saved enough upon check out there to be a millionaire! I just can’t find all those savings anywhere in my savings account. Darn It! It’s things like this, crazy dialoguing,  slogans and crazy actions that just drive me to worse off. Lets take for example the famous Mexican border fence we tax payers have shelled out four million dollars per mile for just construction purposes.

I think one of these climbing sneaker footed girls made it to the top of this bazillion dollar fence in less than sixteen seconds! As some comedian said awhile ago, I was thinking people who wanted to get over this fence would just build a longer ladder. Silly me. And, anyway, what about those 3 mile long tunnels they find everywhere along Mexican boarder towns–ones with train tracks in them and stuff? How does a fence stop that? Just asking? Will you tax payers please spend all your tax money on me instead? I could write a jingle every month and give you a laugh for your buck…though, come to think of it,  maybe not as good a laugh as this fence does.

Apparently my blog is an exercise in how to create enemies and influence no one. But still, in light that this is a new, improved,  better than last year, year I seem to want to continue this trend.  Cause, you see, writing  this post is akin to taking a horse manure truck load of historic proportions and dumping it on my head-I know this, and, of course, I’m up for it!

It all started yesterday when I drove under a banner stretching across a busily traveled road here in Gainesville. The banner read: ‘ Martin Luther King-a nine- day celebration’. Well, I’m thankful to get a day off for Martin but nine days would be a hell of a delivery! What kind of labor is that? Nine days! Heck we should at least have a couple of days off here for his Mom, don’t you think? Nine days? Any woman will tell you-that’s really stretching it.

This is not doubting for a minute the accomplishments Martin Luther King achieved in his life time and after. It’s just  I guess as a juxtaposition to other great people and their lives in our history, ones for whom we take not a minute off for, I get a little confused by it all. Adding to this is the idea that next month will be Black History Month and again, this man, Martin Luther King and his life  will be a center focus of this month. In all it makes a grand total of 39 days here in Gainesville when we will celebrate this man. Fine-but what about  guys like Jefferson, Washington, Lincoln, Edison, Franklin? What about these honchos? Got a minute?

So now I’ve laid it out-where the hell is the celebration, the days off for all the great white or other colored guys who helped form our lives and this great country of ours? First off I remember all the Presidents birthday’s being rolled into one kids most likely think these people actually were born on the same day. Anyway, at first we still paid respect to the lives of  three past  US Presidents by having one quick day off. Now? Most places just stay open for business as usual during this day-seems fair right? Hell no.

What I’m saying is there is a reverse prejudice going on here in our society that’s eating at me. It happens in many ways too.

People like to say too many blacks  have too many welfare benefits, too many  entitlements, but poverty really doesn’t see color. It’s a black , white , tan or brown issue. Here the point is who is going stand up and define the difference between legally poor and legitimately poor?   Who has the guts to tell the difference between a loafer from a person who really can’t help themselves, one who really needs our time and our money to get by? I’m thinking not anyone who wants to get re-elected. Me? I really want a shovel to be called a shovel and manure called manure: I want to stop being buried by one with the other in this country.

Entitlements deserved, national health care security, these are not America’s problems today. The problems in America are  fraud, lying, cheats, criminal neglect, corruption, mis-leading slogans and cross hair gun sights placed upon people who have a right to say and think as they do. Somewhere, somehow, the mis-direction leading our lives and thoughts here in America has got to stop. I’m all for it.

Shakespeare said it best: ” All are Punished”. Never has this been truer than it is today here in America. We all suffer due to our allowance and due to our acceptance of ideas, slogans, and programs that do not truly represent our realities. People ask why our younger generation shows so little respect for our elders? Well to start with, how do we show respect for great elders from our Nation’s past by not observing National holidays for them? Answer: We don’t. None. No respect is what these great people get Nationally- this is what our children see; this is what our children learn; this is what we all live with.

So call it one birth, call it nine days, call it a month, but call it what it is. Martin Luther King is one man deserving of our respect. But what about all the other great people in our society? What do we call them? Are these others just names to get right on school tests? A hero should be a hero in my book, not a rock-n’-roll singer or a football player. And my check-out savings? They should all be adding up in my savings account like savings do…not being deposited in some grocery store’s banking account.

Words, actions: they me, they matter to US.



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