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10)    I recently decided to wash the single hair left on my head as I showered. I usually use plain soap for this but today my wife’s words are echoing off the tub, “Use shampoo-it’s better.” I reach down and grab a  friendly looking bottle of shampoo as the shower water gushes over my head and face. I clear my eyes of the water torrents just enough to see the label reads; “For extremely moisturizing, long lasting effects.” Great.  My heads nearly 100% under water and what I need now is more Moisturizing? What? After my shower I want this gloppy-goo  to stick on my one remaining hair? One haired people have to be careful what they do to it-just saying.

9)    Statistics show over 50% of the World’s population is paranoid. See?     Denial is REALLY always the first step to recovery.

8)    Me is for worry? The world has over  40,000 nuclear weapons on it today, all in the hands of countries the likes of the US , China , Russia , Pakistan and who knows who else? Some ask how many times over could all this nuclear power destroy the Earth? Me? It’s only the first time that bothers me so much. I’ve read fantasies, some people are odd this way, that if a war happened between the US and China over 30,000 nuclear war heads might be launched before lunch time. This is precisely when the bobbing  and weaving strategy might help out- Quick. Run over there, no here, ah forget it..

7) We are at least in good hands when it comes to our National Security.. Our leaders  think a fence will keep out invading hoards of Ne’er-de-wells. Hey. Wait a minute. Didn’t China start trying that like 2,000 years ago? And then again, wasn’t there some kind of wall or fence put up in Germany-you know , one the US was so happy to take down? I’m thinking it may be time for new ideas. But the truth is the Great Wall of China was constructed more during times of peace then in times of warfare-it really most often was a government run project to keep the people busy, employed so to speak. So that’s what is so neat about our Mexican climbing fence gym-jobs for everyone!!! Oh wait. Darn it. This four million a mile constructed wall of ours was done through no bid contracts.

6) According to some Social Security will go bankrupt as first reported sometime after 2016. I’ve also read estimates placing the date for this occurrence to be sometime around 2022 and most recently by 2032. Still others predict 2050 will be the bankrupt break through year for Social Security while hollering over those who claim Social Security always was bankrupt so it never “will be”. Fortunately all those funds we pay out for our Social Security are locked boxed away from the decision-making power of those who will in all likelihood  never need them. What? That’s not true? Oh crap-so Social Security is maybe an experiment about greed? In truth Social Security is the corner-stone of America ’s middle class building blocks. Those who want to destroy this system are really from Mars-or maybe I read somewhere they are from the mid-west,  someplace cold, I  just can’t remember now.

5) Oh wonderful. We need to get concerned in the US about the rights people living overseas have to demonstrate. If we can just get those people free! Soon thereafter they will be applying for demonstration permits and getting assigned site approvals for them just like we have here.  In the US permitted demonstration sites are well marked off, open to public use and completely out of harms way, and, completely out of sight and hearing of the people we hope to demonstrate against. Here’s my suggestion since you asked: we all need to find demonstrations assigned demonstrating sites located in the Caribbean .  It’s a no brainer! Can you hear me now?

4) Pot is very bad. It leads to things like harder drugs, theft, break and entering and to other things like becoming President of the United States as well.  See? There’s a clear cause and effect working here. Where there is pot, there is smoke, and where there is smoke there is fire. So maybe we should fire  pot law  enforcement in the US ? According to what I read, over 4 billion dollars was spent in the US during 2004 just enforcing pot laws-it is unclear if this includes rehab, jail time and the money it takes to become President after you have tried it.

3) At least Americans know where we stand! Errr, not likely.  Here’s a post I received from a reader just today:

Which country has the worst geographic knowledge?

“According to the National Geographic Society, a survey of 18- to 24-year-olds from nine nations put the United States dead last in general geographic knowledge scores. One in seven — about 24 million people — could not find their own country on a world map. The survey revealed that Americans possess a pathetically poor sense of where they are — much less any knowledge about the rest of the world. And even more alarming, those who participated in the survey were recent high school and college ) .”

So lets be perfectly clear:  No Child Left Behind  has left 24 million completely lost instead!  I guess as long as we can find the bathrooms we might be ok?

2) I hear in three years the interest on the money we owe China will be enough money for China to support their entire Army with. Now that’s worth fightin’ for.

From the article below:

“To put $14 trillion in perspective, our national debt is larger than the total economies of China, the United Kingdom, and Australia combined.”

Number 1)  Last month this post missed being the top 9th read one on this  blog by one reader.  Thank you you one non-reader you! But I can’t let go without posting my number one question too!

Number 1 Question)  If the minority of Muslims or what have you minorities of any kind in the world  become the majority in any country at some point in the future, will  those who are now the majorities in these countries then become the minorities and get all the benefits minorities now get-like admission standards in schools  etc.? Again, just asking???


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