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Many people today think our world is obsessed with sex.

But at least today, Super Bowl Sunday, we all take the day off to celebrate just a game between two teams, two teams of might, skill and determination. It all comes down to the plays. Well, ok, the ads too and to be honest, these may or may not slip a little sex into them.  You know the saying: “Sex sells”.

In all, in the most of it, today will be a fun day off from the constant rattling we see and hear about sex in papers, tv shows and on tv.( Hey anyone see the last Victoria Secrets add?-Just saying.)

So there is this: JUST ENJOY THE GAME. Get away from it all. OH and I wonder how many of these phrases will be used by today’s broadcasters?

Let me know if you hear any of these:

Super Bowl highlights-


It’s just a matter of inches


They’re using the spread formation


It’s the two minute drill


drive it,


jam it,


ram it,


pound it in there


poke it through


split the up rights


look at the hole they opened up


keep pushing


its way down in there


what a hit


what a grab


sacked again


caught from behind


on sides kick


there’s a kick for you


they’re going one on one


illegal formation


illegal use of the hands


he shanked it


there’s a measurement coming up


too many men


He’s looking for his tight end


there’s one for the books


a minute can take forever


we’re all tied up


What a spanking


Clearly, this is out of bounds


what a blow out


he, might, go, all, the, way




Touch Down


What a game!


Have fun!



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