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Make no mistake about it. The one issue in Wisconsin this week is the attempt of Wisconsin’s Governor Scott Walker to remove the Unions right to bargain for ALL benefits, not just some.

All the other issues brought to the forefront of this struggle now, the hours, wages, benefits, all of the work conditions are secondary, just a bait and switch move by those who want to destroy the Unions in this country. You see to keep negotiations as it is, to keep the process now called interest based bargaining that is currently used by unions when meeting with management, ensures all issues will be bargained for in good faith. The middle class loses its chance for meaningful dialogue with the ruling class if it gives up it’s right to bargain for all working conditions.

My wife notes Wisconsin governor (and the new Republican regimes) are seizing control and enforcing their agendas using the reasoning that they were elected so this is what the people want. Yet when Obama was elected by a 67% margin during our last Presidential Election these same Republicans became obstructionists, refusing to cast a single vote for programs President Obama brought forth during his first two years in office? These same self-serving elected officials ignored the will of the people through the electoral process then by doing so. Now? They say their election to office means what they think should happen. Odd, but also, unfortunately, typical.

No matter if you voted for tea party runners or not, it’s time to write your representatives if these officials are taking your state to dark places like pushing for the loss of  bargaining rights for workers or like turning down a 90% Federally funded transportation system. The pen (can be) mightier than the sword, if used.

You can do it. We can make a difference. America is the largest middle class experiment in the history of Mankind. It’s one that should keep going on through due process, through working people having a right to bargain for every aspect of their jobs. Period. Write(e-mail) yours and Wisconsins Representatives on this matter.


PS. Please note: I was head negotiator for CWA( Communications of America) Union for 10 years at my Library district. I was re-elected to office a total of 3 times to serve for 3 year terms each time. I also served 3 additional years as Union steward.  I know evil has many bedfellows. But the right to bargain is a fundamental right the America worker must protect at all costs.