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Some news worthy items bear repeating. NO, I’m not the founder of my yesterday’s rude awakening but I do think it might help us all to break the facts of it down a bit. You see voting, hard working Democrats and Republicans alike have been had again. When oh when will people on either side of America’s  major political spectrum’s stop arguing long enough to hear the freight train of crap we are being handed coming down the track? It almost seems we as a society have been tied to this track so long we feel comfortable lying  down on it.

So what am I talking about? I have no clue either!  Nah, just joking.  It is this: two-thirds, 2/3, of American owned corporations pay no, not any, none, zip-zero  Federal Corporate Tax.  So all this continually piled higher than high BS we hear  from corporate CEOs, Congressmen and other business tycoons in America about the tax structure of America being the root of all business evil, the major cause for slow growth in America, the fix all change needed to what is really wrong with America today is a load of flying bat dung. And none of us, be you a  Republican or democrat, ducked.

We often hear America’s 35% corporate tax is just killing the dog out of business here in the US. Why it’s  an insane tax rate-the highest corporate tax rate in the world we keep hearing! What business wouldn’t want to leave our shores and put up shop in some other country right? Of course, like I just wrote, 2/3 of all corporations here in the US pay NO corporation tax. America is loop-hole city folks, the Disney world of profit land for corporations! This is because zero percent of a 35 % tax rate  is…let me see,, oh Yeah, nothing.

Here’s the butt of it: businesses here in America love to sell us products but they can get someone in any other country to do a job for a fraction of the cost an American worker might need to make here. So corporations sell here, but pay workers there.  This is the whole reason for America’s slow recovery, slow growth and loss of jobs. And,  if you wrap these out sourced jobs in with corporations typically not paying any corporate income tax back into America’s coffers to boot, this double screw job all adds up to  being a major contributor to America’s  expanding debt as well.


GE is an American owned corporation. GE  made 14 billion dollars of profit last year and paid America not one red cent of corporate taxes back for the privilege of working our market over like it was a buffet table at one of their highfalutin parties.  Yet this same corporation cut 1/5, 20%!!!, of its American jobs in just last year alone. They make tons of money, pay no corporate tax, and continue to holler about America’s tax structure?! You see? The American people have been buried alive by a pile of dung. We all need to buy really good gas masks-I think they are made in China.

Lastly, who allows these corporations to make off like bandits without paying any corporate tax? This would be our government. You know, it’s the guys who continue to bicker back and forth about America’s tax structure being a pro or con contributor towards the growth of our economy. All the while, our representatives don’t really change a thing about these massive tax loop holes that robs America’s tax coffers  blind each year. Does the corporate tax need to be 35 %? Heck I don’t know! But I do know it should be something more than nothing.

Meanwhile Democrats and Republicans alike continually  bark one another up some fairytale tree. Members of both parties run around the flag pole yelling foul when they all are part of a carte blanche system that’s helping to drive America to possible ruin. We have all heard the expression: no one rides for free. Man, doesn’t the middle class know this? If only this was at least somehow true for everybody right?

Now is the time to stop the bigwigs from riding the gravy train out of America and onto some yacht waiting for them off  some other country’s shoreline. The more American’s dicker back and forth about issues spoon fed us by medias of every persuasion the more money the fat cats make off with while we do. I think President Obama had it at least half right when he said it is time for change. But the question still remains:  how will the American people manage to get it?

Don’t forget!  We all get to pay our Federal Taxes a day or two late this year. I guess for Uncle Sam it’s better late than never? Maybe so. But don’t bother asking American Corporations or our Representatives about this-they have it all sewed up.

Snap! Double down Slap!!


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Ahhh,, the Springtime air is here

Well  I have to say Spring has arrived here in Florida. No bees are looking over their shoulders for signs of frost, ants and snakes are crawling out of the ground and our migratory feathered friends have made their way by us as they wing their way  up North.  Spring just has a way about it that gets everything moving doesn’t it? Even hearts seem to flutter more in the Spring.

Springtime has a special flair

My wife and I put together, even our best motivational speeches,  are no match for Spring when it comes to Spring’s  call to get moving. And you know, since it is the Season of being on the move,  hearing there is a possibility of a Nuclear meltdown in Japan means we both  have  to get going there.  We happily leave this Thursday for a quick fly-by of Tokyo before we train on down to Kyoto and Hiroshima,  eventually making our way to Kitsuki or even further South. We will be seeing our daughter who has taught English for the past five years  in Japan. Anyway, everyone knows the whole World needs a little Nukey right?

And BTW, did I ever tell you that as a young boy , I ‘m thinking I was around five , I was playing over at my friends house while his father Hal David was working on writing What the World Needs Now (Is love)? No joke-I remember Mr. David asking Jimmy and I if we liked a note to go up or down. Now as I recall Hal mostly wrote the lyrics as a team writer with Burt Bacharach, but I guess, in this instance he was working on the melody a bit too. Anyway, I digress, this whole story is for the Music Posts I have coming up in May, so forget everything about this Hal David stuff. Thanks.

There is no doubt while  I’m thanking you I should also include a big thanks to the 6000 plus reads you all have given this site since it’s inception.  You  know the 640 comments on this blog are the real reason I write these posts in the first place-I want you and others who read this blog to know how we think and feel about various issues as the group we are. Maybe this is what the world needs most of all:  constructive,  helpful,  supportive communication? Not, of course,  that I provide any of this here, but I still think this is what the world needs now.

Another way I enjoy communicating with people is through the presentation of bulletin boards here at work. I truly believe the arts, or crafts, around us have far greater affects on our psyches than most people think. This is one reason I love the art works done by readers Megan and the photographs of reader  Lach as well as all art work in general. Art speaks from and to the soul right? What better place for our world of people  to be talking to and  from?

So I hope you enjoy these pictures of my Spring Bulletin Board. It once again features the use of reflective Mylars and bright neon colored paper.  The flowers stand about three feet tall in all. I very much enjoy the reflections of these in the ‘sky’ above.

Everybuggy's Reading

People have often asked over the past sixteen years where the ideas for these bulletin boards come from. They just pop into my head as I need them so, honestly, I can’t say.  Except to say my Mom certainly coached me as a young boy about where the center of any art work or picture is, how to direct peoples attentions across any scene and how to coordinate colors effectively.  Beyond this I suppose 20 years of doing retail windows hasn’t hurt.

It may be hard to see perhaps in this bulletin Board but the  critters on this board are reading books. The titles of the books as well as the over head sign were adeptly  done with help from students of University of Florida-Kudo’s to both. Finally, thanks to Gail for taking these shots.

May you all have the best Spring! I’ll be back April 16th! And who knows? It’s possible with the help of a little radiation I might grow my hair back! That would be a kick….none of you with hair on your head knows what a rain drop feels like after it has fallen 6000 feet  or more and then landed on your head. It’s a wake up call for sure.


Sizewell nuclear power station. (

Maybe this is a good place to start. This article is easy to read and adds several links in it about nuclear power.

I do, however,  suspect this article may have been posted by those in favor of Nuclear Power.  It is paragraphs like the next one that leads me to think this:

“Should I worry about nuclear power?

Nuclear power stations are not atomic bombs waiting to go off, and are not prone to “meltdowns”.
There is a lot of U-238 in there slowing things down – you need a high concentration of U-235 to make a bomb.
If the reactor gets too hot, the control rods are lowered in and it cools down.
If that doesn’t work, there are sets of emergency control rods that automatically drop in and shut the reactor down completely.”

Really? Don’t you just wish ? So all you have to do is lower a few rods in case of an emergency and a Nuclear Reactor is good to go. Don’t you wonder why the Japanese Power authorities don’t know this? Odd.  Anyway, I guess Nuclear Power is  easy enough to use. But to be fair this same article mentions a slight  draw back to Nuclear power as it asks the question again-Should I worry-?:

“So should I worry? I think the answer is so long as things are being done properly, I don’t need to worry too much. The bit that does worry me is the small amount of high-level nuclear waste from power stations. Although there’s not much of it, it’s very, very dangerous and we have no way to deal with it apart from bury it and wait for a few thousand years…”

You see?  So as  long as we bury this radioactive waste material in your back yard I ‘m good to go. What? Oh…you want to bury this radioactive waste in someone Else’s backyard. Well there is a saying that everything has a price, that everything is for sale. So maybe we could find some place poor enough, or perhaps there is  a place divorced from reality enough, to take this radioactive waste for some sort of payments.  The trouble is I’m thinking the paying will never stop for everyone on this planet if we continue to  stock-pile radioactive  Nuclear Power Waste into holes we dig around the world.

Native Americans ask  a simple question when it comes to what a current generation should or shouldn’t do: they ask if it is certain what any generation does will be good for the next seven generations? It’s a simple question, one easy to ask and usually one easy to answer.  Native Americans think if the answer to this question in any given situation is Yes!-then it’s time to put on day-glow paint and have a dancing party. If the answer to this question is No!, as is the case with Nuclear Power waste, then the current generation should not mess with what ever they are thinking about doing. When it comes to Nuclear Power- say Hello to NO.

So what would happen if we did decide to ditch Nuclear Power because the use of it is innately insane? For those who don’t think so I suggest you put on your best suit and go to help out in Northern Japan’s now blown Nuclear  Reactor site-be sure to get some milk to bring home for your children while you are there too. Anyway, since many Nuclear Power sites have been built either  on fault lines or near them around the world I have at least a bit of skepticism when it comes to trusting the brain child’s of these developments. Still, what would be the problems if we ditched this power source itself, rather than just the forever radioactive waste it produces?

1) We would have a substantial need to replace the power this type of power produces. Here’s a few facts:

As of March 1, 2011, there were 443 operating nuclear power reactors spread across the planet in 47 different countries. In 2009 alone, atomic energy accounted for 14 percent of the world’s electrical production. Break that down to the individual country and the percentage skyrockets as high as 76.2 percent for Lithuania and 75.2 for France. In the United States, 104 nuclear power plants supply 20 percent of the electricity overall, with some states benefiting more than others.*

2) Other ways we now produce power are more immediately polluting to our atmosphere than Nuclear Power seems to be when it doesn’t melt down.

3)There are more than a few lobbyists working for the use of this power source in the US Congress:

“Over 10 years, the industry has spent $1 million per every U.S. Senator and Representative, plus another $100 million for the White House, courts and media.”**

Possible Answers:

1)Over all it is estimated Nuclear Power accounts for 6% of the total worlds production of power. But, as it is noted above, some individual countries depend on it plenty. So we have to replace this loss of power by cutting back on the power we use-maybe lights out a ten for one radical idea.  The answer here is for the US to step up and lead the world in producing smart technologies for solar, wind and hydro power.

2) Pollution, the kind we can see, is one point advocates of Nuclear Power harp on when they say this universal killing threat is a good idea. The US needs to enforce emission bills now tabled or pushed aside to later dates in Congress. Emission standards must be better and in place if we are to attempt replacing Nuclear Power with existing power producing technologies.  Again, one answer waiting to be recognized is simple. The US needs to step up and lead the world in producing smart technologies for solar, wind and hydro power.

3) Here’s the rub: money. Isn’t this always the case. Find out why one mafia guy killed another and it usually comes down to money right? I’m afraid it isn’t much different when we start talking about billions of dollars being produced by the Nuclear Power  business or by any other power source business  for that matter. Human life, it seems, has a price tag after all.  The only answer here is for people to get in the streets as they did just last week in Germany and make people stop, listen and perhaps turn around some basic country platforms. Here in America I read  one hundred thousand people protested in Washington this month about workers rights to bargain. Sure, it’s a different issue, sort of. But mobilized people can make a difference. I know-I lived through the Vietnam protest era.

So the sooner people realize  when it comes to Nuclear Power it is the Waste-read my words: it is the Waste- the better off we will all be (But for a few billion lobbyists). Of course, the melt downs are no picnic and these occurrences make this source of power simply off the charts when it comes down to the real cost of it to Humanity.

Ben Franklin was a smart guy. He said it best:  “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Let’s shut down Nuclear power before it shut downs us as a people.




1) NO Child Left Behind( Bush JR.)


Every Child Left Behind!

2) I Am Not A crook( Nixon)


I’m Guilty and Will be Impeached.

3) I am for Smaller Government and for reducing the Federal Debt( Reagan)


I’ll TRIPLE  the Federal Debt and ENLARGE the Federal Government.

4) I did NOT have SEX with that woman(Clinton)


I didn’t know  Blow Jobs counted ?

5) I’m Watching Russia; I’m Protecting America! “You can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska” (Palin)


I’ll quit this important job as soon as I can for the possibility of getting another.

6) “Everyone involved with the job…was completely satisfied…”(OSC-National commission on the BP DeepWater Horizon spill)


Although BP has projected the Gulf of Mexico will recover from last year’s oil spill by the end of next year, a University of Georgia professor says a layer of oil and dead animals at the bottom of the gulf could devastate wildlife for years to come. “Filter-feeding organisms, invertebrate worms, corals, sea fans – all of those were substantially impacted – and by impacted, I mean essentially killed.” *a University of Georgia professor Georgia.

Or, another way of meaning:

Gulf spill’s effects ‘may not be seen for a decade’ [BBC) The BBC reports the layer *(of oil on the gulf bottom)*  could be as much as four inches thick.

7) “But obviously, we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies” (Palin)


There’s at least one  dumb ass in our U.S. politicial arena.(looking around for stuff to complain about I saw someone wrote that Sarah Palin should have actually received the Nobel Peace Prize—-for keeping McCain from becoming president!)

8) Yes We Can( Obama)


But Only if the Republicans aren’t Obstructionists like I know They Will Be.

9) America is number one! (main stream belief of American voters. “America’s military is the strongest; its economy the richest; its political ideas the most imitated; its language near-universal”-Harvard Business School)


America is 114th Internationally in Life expectancy for it’s people and 150th in line as a country when it comes to it’s people’s International Happiness rating* two different poll sources used. )

9) “We Need to Develop Alternative Energies like Solar Power and Better Banking Regulation” (Obama)


About 10 Trillion for the bankers and for their owners ought to do it and yes, gas will be 4 bucks plus some a gallon when the dust clears.

9) Protesters have caused “serious damage” to our state Capital. (Governor     Scott Walker)


The original estimate of this damage given to be 7.5 million dollars has now been reduces to 0.00 dollars-zero dollars.

9) “Oil rigs today generally don’t cause spills – they are technologically very advanced,” ( Obama)


I think DeepWater Horizon is going to blow big time.

9) We will create  “”universal health care.” (Obama)


I know my buddies in Congress will never pass this baby.

9) ‘We must bring the troops out of Iraq’ (Obama)


At the end of 2009,  a surge of 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, on top of the 21,000 soldiers he ordered there earlier that year. This brought the total number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan to nearly 100,000.

9) “I’m  a Maverick” ( McCain)


Not much- but, “I never said I was a Maverick,” anyway.

9) “I need Your Vote” (All politicians)


If I win, then I can be part of the club too!

9) ” NO new taxes” ( George H. Bush)


A lot more of the old ones.

9) “We are Leaders of the Free World”  (Everyone on American TV)


We don’t know where we are going either.

9) That this number will not change. (Franque23)


Nothing else will either…..

Maybe you want to “Refudiate” this?…Just let me know.

Got any more additions for my new Dictionary of Political Speak?  Leave them in the comments–I need a laugh right about now.,,,,maybe we all do.


One of hundreds of reasons I should not chunky dunk as often as I do in the lake

If the boat had just been ten feet closer to the dock. This is all I”m thinking. No way, I’m sure of it, if not for these miserable ten feet,  would I have ever stepped off the boat into the lake. Now look. There is something all so wet about this moment. And, as my clothing starts to weigh me down to a lake bottom I can’t touch, memories flood in between my ears.

Oh those days. How high my parents, siblings and cousins could toss me into the air before I splashed down into the lake! It was like a contest to see who could make who fly the highest. Sure, I couldn’t swim but one or two rescues later I soon learned to walk on the bottom of the lake until the water got shallow enough so my head would clear it’s surface. It’s true, back then, I thought everyone was trying to kill me. But now I see this and other attempts on my live long ago as just being varying degrees of tough love expressions, ones dished out to me in teaching sort of ways.

So I survived for this? I quickly realize my boat is still upright, bobbing over gentle lake waves.  My tackle, hundreds of lures  resting inside two fishing tackle boxes, my three fishing poles, two life jackets, flash light, horn, insect sprays, sun tan lotion, oars, gas can and motor are all safely on board. This is not to mention anything about the twenty bass I had on my stringer, the ones  I can now say got anyway during this incident.  No, I seem to be the only boat occupant who wanted to take a dip this morning. Fine. After all I’m the one who did all the work on today’s fishing trip.

Let me just tell you, even with everything in place a fishing trip is a work out. There’s plenty of casting to do. There’s plenty of eye searching for invisible fish trails in the water-some say these are just wind drifts on the water’s surface which is entirely stupid. You’ve got to drop anchor a million times as you move about the lake and hopefully successfully pull it up as many times. There’s all that rowing to do in between the stumps and when the motor won’t start. How about pulling that motor cord a few hundred times huh? We are talking chest development there fella, telling you. Catching  ten or twenty  bass in a day can get tiring too, even if thirty-one of them get away before you get them to the boat. It’s all a workout, like lifting beers, it’s all one job after another.

Working my butt off....

Oh sure. You think fishing is all about time-off, all about relaxing in the rain. Ha. Fishing is a sport-one full of activity and many bad decisions. None of it’s easy. I mean how do you get lost at night on the lake without working at it? How do you run out of gas when you have four gas cans? How do you forget your flashlight, or fishing tackle box, or the stringer, or bug spray. or hat, your rain coat, life jackets or anchor? None of this, as I say, is a walk off the dock. But most fishermen have accomplished all of these things one time or another during a fishing sport outing. During this fishing trip for me, however, I had remembered everything down to my  leather man tool and large Northern Pike pliers. Nice.

This is when I realize I can either  swim and pull my boat ten feet through the water to my dock or what else? Just as I’m thinking-it’s going to be easier to get back on board and row her in. So I tip over the boat. What? Like this hasn’t happened to you before? It’s really not that hard to do, having done this several times in my life before I can say without a doubt practice does make perfect. Grab the boat rail with your hand, hoist yourself up, and Wham!, Slam!, it’s a  flipped-over boat. Like I said-simple.

My sinkers prove they are lead, the oars miss my head, the gas can floats but why didn’t I shut my tackle boxes? You see some lures are floaters, some mid-depth runners while others are made to be sinkers. All of mine have been made just right. I’m now treading water, holding on to my upside down boat in a lake full of suspended, floating or sinking treble hooked lures. Ouch, several get me. But it’s all good-I’ve been to boy scout camp, gotten my swimming and boating  merit badge so I’m prepared for just this sort of happenstance. Maybe.

I do manage to flip the boat back upright, only filling it half with water. I begin to swim behind the boat, slowly pushing it through the water to our dock. A huge Northern slam dunks one of my floating surfaces lures to my left-of course this is not one of the lures tied on to one of my now sunken three fishing rods. Darn it!  There goes fish number thirty-two for the day! Though, to look at the bright side of it, I’m not skinny dipping right now. This fish could have added injury to my insult real fast.

Reaching the dock means a lot of bailing.  Next I have several hours of diving to do- my life jackets have not floated to far out into the lake. I  can’t say why I don’t think of using my boat to go and get them. I could be suffering from some sort of boat aversion which fishermen some times get after experiencing  a dunking episode like the one I just had. But no worries. This time of mental hardship syndrome vanishes the first time any fisherman is lying on his dock and hears a minnow jump in his  bay. Then it is sport  time on again my friend,  through rain, sleet or even through some of the first snowfalls of the year.

So when my alarm goes off the first thing I do is look for my leather man tool I keep in my dresser drawer. It’s there, not  a problem. In reality, I won’t be falling into the lake until at least this summer when I go back up North. For now it’s high and dry back to work. But I’ll tell you this: I will never, ever, not shut my tackle boxes again-no way-dreaming or not!  All the rest? Yeah-it could happen again.

You see? It is nice to be standing on the dock!

Fisherman Franque reporting.

(Avatar Magic, by Gerald Franquemont, is now on Kindle and it came be downloaded onto most computers and reading devices.)

It’s important to recognize that most often insanity is circular in its thinking-it doesn’t go from A to Z very well. This is why we say insanity makes no sense.  Unfortunately, like a bad penny, I’ve got a feeling  types of insanity show  up throughout the history of Man often enough to akin them to balls bouncing  back to us after we try to throw them away. The rubber of insanity may never break down-there just seems to be no place for Mankind to throw out the reason of insanity for good.

The idea that America today is a country divided is such an understatement uttering it risks sinking the ship the USA is sailing through time. Didn’t someone once say a divided country cannot stand? It seems a shame for a country like America  to fall down after it took so long, so many lives and so many efforts, to get our country moving forward.

We all know to turn the other cheek if we can. But to turn our backs on the basic constructs of Democracy at this point in time of America’s history is foolish. And this, I think, is a problem we here in America are having with many of our newly elected officials-they’re not educated well enough to understand the basic principles of Democracy.  So many citizens, politicians or not,  don’t know what makes Democracy valuable as well as the strong unifying principle of our society as it is.

It’s true to say many of today’s Tea Party supporters, Right Wing  Politicians as well as many Democrats or Liberal supporters live their lives within constructs established long ago by events and political movements they know nothing about. Where’s a history teacher when we need one right? But in some respects the fact  we don’t know as a voting body which end is up is not entirely the fault of the voters. There is enough mis-information being disseminated by our social networks, political high-jacked news shows and by lying politicians to blow a whole in our sky, dwarf Krakatoa and make Pompeii’s Mount Vesuvius’s eruption look like an inviting mud bath. The truth  in our society isn’t hiding-it’s on the lam.

But if there’s one thing I’m certain of it is that Americans live their lives today riding on the coat tails of great thinkers: upon our founding Fathers and upon others who helped develop this Nation into the Democracy it is supposed to be today. To be more current, it is  easy to point out how fool hearty it is for  anyone here in America to think they are against Unions. Oh I know, the air waves of the Political Right, the words of  Glenn Beck and the constant bashing from Rush  and others are all about getting rid of Unions today, -about how this would be good for America.  I’m asking, can we all take a step back here for a moment against the orchestrated chorus of Union Naysayers for a minute? Let’s look at the facts about Unions.

Factually it is true to say each of our lives here in America, our entire lives we  live right now, right today, are entirely dependent upon Workers Rights  procured for the American people solely by Unions and by Union power in the past. Should we list some of the Rights  Unions won for working class Americans  just to be sure? Ok-since I asked.

1)How about the 40 hour work week? Do you wish you were working that 70 work week the owners of America had the middle class working during the early 1900s? I didn’t think so.

2)How about having your children not working until they are young adults? Do you wish your eleven year old girl was  working in a clothing factory until eleven at night seven days a week? I didn’t think so.

3)How do you like your weekends off? Do you still wish you didn’t have to be bothered with taking any weekends off? I didn’t think so.

4)Is it a problem that women get to vote? Do you still wish no woman had the right to vote? I hope not.

5)How does your pay check look? Do you still wish there was no minimum wage law? Check on that right?

6) Are you too stressed about planning for retirement so you wish you didn’t get one? Ha.

7)Do you wish all your retirement money was tied up in the stock markets before the last 50% crash of its value under President Bush Jr.? See? Maybe that social Security idea Unions helped push wasn’t so bad after all? Or are you looking forward to full time work at 85?

8) Do you hate safety in the work place? So you wouldn’t mind a building or two collapsing around you as you worked in it after all? Head’s up-this is all I’m saying.

9) Do you wish there was no one to talk to when you have a legitimate grievance about your work place environment? Ladies-if you wear track shoes you chances of beating the boss around his desk improve! NO? You’d rather be hired and fired at will by the boss’s  son?

10)Do you live your life in a house built by Union won rights and still hope to dismantle the hard fought for right you have to negotiate every aspect of your life’s work place environment? Yes? You’d rather burn every bridge that ever took you and your family to where you are today than support the Unions that have structured your very everyday living circumstances?

Well, anyone can see, it is wrong to resent Unions today in America. They have created so much of what we all base our daily living on. Are there corrupt Unions? Absolutely! Are there problems associate with Unions. Of  Course! But to have any one suggest these are reasons to dismantle Unions is just plain stupid. I mean really–what about our own government? Has our own government failed us from time to time? Has our own government failed to regulate a banking system that brought the US to its knees and then bailed these same fellows out? Absolutely!!  Has our own government run an undeclared war illegally and kept all the costs of doing so off the books until the next President took over  so his new administration would appear to have a worse budget? Yes-this is exactly what the Republican Bush Administration did to  President Obama’s administration.!!!

<<<Our government, our unions, are essential parts of our society. These two structures steward out lives well as long as the people in them work honestly and work for the betterment of Mankind.>>>

But as I said  insanity, the red rubber ball of it, call it stupidity if  you like,  knows no ends to it’s rebound potential. Today this award, the one of being  apparently an uneducated fool when it comes to understanding basic democratic principles, goes to Wisconsin’s Governor, Scott Walker. Why do I say this? Well, to start, perhaps no body makes a better case for paying teachers better than he does by his most recent actions as Governor during the current Wisconsin Right to Collective Bargaining debate. I mean really. The governor closed access to the  Wisconsin Capital to the people who own it? You know-the tax payers own our National and State Houses right? So today Governor Walker says the owners, us the people, can’t come in to our own State Capital building? Odd, and like I say-this is just foolish, perhaps a product of Governor Walker being under educated or maybe even underhanded-take your pick.

I’m thinking we all should have wondered about this Governor the minute he proposed a two week old demonstration of middle class workers should be halted so the floors of the  Wisconsin Capital could be cleaned. How funny of an idea is this? Funny yes-smart, no.

Oh I could go on, and I will go on-but not now. For now let’s just agree Unions have done a lot for you and me, that we should not cut them off at the knees and weaken American worker’s rights to bargain in good faith through interest based bargaining. What? You don’t think owners and workers should talk on a meaningful basis? This would be an odd thing to think–no matter how often TV tells you to think so.


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