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It’s important to recognize that most often insanity is circular in its thinking-it doesn’t go from A to Z very well. This is why we say insanity makes no sense.  Unfortunately, like a bad penny, I’ve got a feeling  types of insanity show  up throughout the history of Man often enough to akin them to balls bouncing  back to us after we try to throw them away. The rubber of insanity may never break down-there just seems to be no place for Mankind to throw out the reason of insanity for good.

The idea that America today is a country divided is such an understatement uttering it risks sinking the ship the USA is sailing through time. Didn’t someone once say a divided country cannot stand? It seems a shame for a country like America  to fall down after it took so long, so many lives and so many efforts, to get our country moving forward.

We all know to turn the other cheek if we can. But to turn our backs on the basic constructs of Democracy at this point in time of America’s history is foolish. And this, I think, is a problem we here in America are having with many of our newly elected officials-they’re not educated well enough to understand the basic principles of Democracy.  So many citizens, politicians or not,  don’t know what makes Democracy valuable as well as the strong unifying principle of our society as it is.

It’s true to say many of today’s Tea Party supporters, Right Wing  Politicians as well as many Democrats or Liberal supporters live their lives within constructs established long ago by events and political movements they know nothing about. Where’s a history teacher when we need one right? But in some respects the fact  we don’t know as a voting body which end is up is not entirely the fault of the voters. There is enough mis-information being disseminated by our social networks, political high-jacked news shows and by lying politicians to blow a whole in our sky, dwarf Krakatoa and make Pompeii’s Mount Vesuvius’s eruption look like an inviting mud bath. The truth  in our society isn’t hiding-it’s on the lam.

But if there’s one thing I’m certain of it is that Americans live their lives today riding on the coat tails of great thinkers: upon our founding Fathers and upon others who helped develop this Nation into the Democracy it is supposed to be today. To be more current, it is  easy to point out how fool hearty it is for  anyone here in America to think they are against Unions. Oh I know, the air waves of the Political Right, the words of  Glenn Beck and the constant bashing from Rush  and others are all about getting rid of Unions today, -about how this would be good for America.  I’m asking, can we all take a step back here for a moment against the orchestrated chorus of Union Naysayers for a minute? Let’s look at the facts about Unions.

Factually it is true to say each of our lives here in America, our entire lives we  live right now, right today, are entirely dependent upon Workers Rights  procured for the American people solely by Unions and by Union power in the past. Should we list some of the Rights  Unions won for working class Americans  just to be sure? Ok-since I asked.

1)How about the 40 hour work week? Do you wish you were working that 70 work week the owners of America had the middle class working during the early 1900s? I didn’t think so.

2)How about having your children not working until they are young adults? Do you wish your eleven year old girl was  working in a clothing factory until eleven at night seven days a week? I didn’t think so.

3)How do you like your weekends off? Do you still wish you didn’t have to be bothered with taking any weekends off? I didn’t think so.

4)Is it a problem that women get to vote? Do you still wish no woman had the right to vote? I hope not.

5)How does your pay check look? Do you still wish there was no minimum wage law? Check on that right?

6) Are you too stressed about planning for retirement so you wish you didn’t get one? Ha.

7)Do you wish all your retirement money was tied up in the stock markets before the last 50% crash of its value under President Bush Jr.? See? Maybe that social Security idea Unions helped push wasn’t so bad after all? Or are you looking forward to full time work at 85?

8) Do you hate safety in the work place? So you wouldn’t mind a building or two collapsing around you as you worked in it after all? Head’s up-this is all I’m saying.

9) Do you wish there was no one to talk to when you have a legitimate grievance about your work place environment? Ladies-if you wear track shoes you chances of beating the boss around his desk improve! NO? You’d rather be hired and fired at will by the boss’s  son?

10)Do you live your life in a house built by Union won rights and still hope to dismantle the hard fought for right you have to negotiate every aspect of your life’s work place environment? Yes? You’d rather burn every bridge that ever took you and your family to where you are today than support the Unions that have structured your very everyday living circumstances?

Well, anyone can see, it is wrong to resent Unions today in America. They have created so much of what we all base our daily living on. Are there corrupt Unions? Absolutely! Are there problems associate with Unions. Of  Course! But to have any one suggest these are reasons to dismantle Unions is just plain stupid. I mean really–what about our own government? Has our own government failed us from time to time? Has our own government failed to regulate a banking system that brought the US to its knees and then bailed these same fellows out? Absolutely!!  Has our own government run an undeclared war illegally and kept all the costs of doing so off the books until the next President took over  so his new administration would appear to have a worse budget? Yes-this is exactly what the Republican Bush Administration did to  President Obama’s administration.!!!

<<<Our government, our unions, are essential parts of our society. These two structures steward out lives well as long as the people in them work honestly and work for the betterment of Mankind.>>>

But as I said  insanity, the red rubber ball of it, call it stupidity if  you like,  knows no ends to it’s rebound potential. Today this award, the one of being  apparently an uneducated fool when it comes to understanding basic democratic principles, goes to Wisconsin’s Governor, Scott Walker. Why do I say this? Well, to start, perhaps no body makes a better case for paying teachers better than he does by his most recent actions as Governor during the current Wisconsin Right to Collective Bargaining debate. I mean really. The governor closed access to the  Wisconsin Capital to the people who own it? You know-the tax payers own our National and State Houses right? So today Governor Walker says the owners, us the people, can’t come in to our own State Capital building? Odd, and like I say-this is just foolish, perhaps a product of Governor Walker being under educated or maybe even underhanded-take your pick.

I’m thinking we all should have wondered about this Governor the minute he proposed a two week old demonstration of middle class workers should be halted so the floors of the  Wisconsin Capital could be cleaned. How funny of an idea is this? Funny yes-smart, no.

Oh I could go on, and I will go on-but not now. For now let’s just agree Unions have done a lot for you and me, that we should not cut them off at the knees and weaken American worker’s rights to bargain in good faith through interest based bargaining. What? You don’t think owners and workers should talk on a meaningful basis? This would be an odd thing to think–no matter how often TV tells you to think so.