1) NO Child Left Behind( Bush JR.)


Every Child Left Behind!

2) I Am Not A crook( Nixon)


I’m Guilty and Will be Impeached.

3) I am for Smaller Government and for reducing the Federal Debt( Reagan)


I’ll TRIPLE  the Federal Debt and ENLARGE the Federal Government.

4) I did NOT have SEX with that woman(Clinton)


I didn’t know  Blow Jobs counted ?

5) I’m Watching Russia; I’m Protecting America! “You can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska” (Palin)


I’ll quit this important job as soon as I can for the possibility of getting another.

6) “Everyone involved with the job…was completely satisfied…”(OSC-National commission on the BP DeepWater Horizon spill)


Although BP has projected the Gulf of Mexico will recover from last year’s oil spill by the end of next year, a University of Georgia professor says a layer of oil and dead animals at the bottom of the gulf could devastate wildlife for years to come. “Filter-feeding organisms, invertebrate worms, corals, sea fans – all of those were substantially impacted – and by impacted, I mean essentially killed.” *a University of Georgia professor Georgia.

Or, another way of meaning:

Gulf spill’s effects ‘may not be seen for a decade’ [BBC) The BBC reports the layer *(of oil on the gulf bottom)*  could be as much as four inches thick.

7) “But obviously, we’ve got to stand with our North Korean allies” (Palin)


There’s at least one  dumb ass in our U.S. politicial arena.(looking around for stuff to complain about I saw someone wrote that Sarah Palin should have actually received the Nobel Peace Prize—-for keeping McCain from becoming president!)

8) Yes We Can( Obama)


But Only if the Republicans aren’t Obstructionists like I know They Will Be.

9) America is number one! (main stream belief of American voters. “America’s military is the strongest; its economy the richest; its political ideas the most imitated; its language near-universal”-Harvard Business School)


America is 114th Internationally in Life expectancy for it’s people and 150th in line as a country when it comes to it’s people’s International Happiness rating* two different poll sources used. )

9) “We Need to Develop Alternative Energies like Solar Power and Better Banking Regulation” (Obama)


About 10 Trillion for the bankers and for their owners ought to do it and yes, gas will be 4 bucks plus some a gallon when the dust clears.

9) Protesters have caused “serious damage” to our state Capital. (Governor     Scott Walker)


The original estimate of this damage given to be 7.5 million dollars has now been reduces to 0.00 dollars-zero dollars.

9) “Oil rigs today generally don’t cause spills – they are technologically very advanced,” ( Obama)


I think DeepWater Horizon is going to blow big time.

9) We will create  “”universal health care.” (Obama)


I know my buddies in Congress will never pass this baby.

9) ‘We must bring the troops out of Iraq’ (Obama)


At the end of 2009,  a surge of 30,000 more troops to Afghanistan, on top of the 21,000 soldiers he ordered there earlier that year. This brought the total number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan to nearly 100,000.

9) “I’m  a Maverick” ( McCain)


Not much- but, “I never said I was a Maverick,” anyway.

9) “I need Your Vote” (All politicians)


If I win, then I can be part of the club too!

9) ” NO new taxes” ( George H. Bush)


A lot more of the old ones.

9) “We are Leaders of the Free World”  (Everyone on American TV)


We don’t know where we are going either.

9) That this number will not change. (Franque23)


Nothing else will either…..

Maybe you want to “Refudiate” this?…Just let me know.

Got any more additions for my new Dictionary of Political Speak?  Leave them in the comments–I need a laugh right about now.,,,,maybe we all do.