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Ahhh,, the Springtime air is here

Well  I have to say Spring has arrived here in Florida. No bees are looking over their shoulders for signs of frost, ants and snakes are crawling out of the ground and our migratory feathered friends have made their way by us as they wing their way  up North.  Spring just has a way about it that gets everything moving doesn’t it? Even hearts seem to flutter more in the Spring.

Springtime has a special flair

My wife and I put together, even our best motivational speeches,  are no match for Spring when it comes to Spring’s  call to get moving. And you know, since it is the Season of being on the move,  hearing there is a possibility of a Nuclear meltdown in Japan means we both  have  to get going there.  We happily leave this Thursday for a quick fly-by of Tokyo before we train on down to Kyoto and Hiroshima,  eventually making our way to Kitsuki or even further South. We will be seeing our daughter who has taught English for the past five years  in Japan. Anyway, everyone knows the whole World needs a little Nukey right?

And BTW, did I ever tell you that as a young boy , I ‘m thinking I was around five , I was playing over at my friends house while his father Hal David was working on writing What the World Needs Now (Is love)? No joke-I remember Mr. David asking Jimmy and I if we liked a note to go up or down. Now as I recall Hal mostly wrote the lyrics as a team writer with Burt Bacharach, but I guess, in this instance he was working on the melody a bit too. Anyway, I digress, this whole story is for the Music Posts I have coming up in May, so forget everything about this Hal David stuff. Thanks.

There is no doubt while  I’m thanking you I should also include a big thanks to the 6000 plus reads you all have given this site since it’s inception.  You  know the 640 comments on this blog are the real reason I write these posts in the first place-I want you and others who read this blog to know how we think and feel about various issues as the group we are. Maybe this is what the world needs most of all:  constructive,  helpful,  supportive communication? Not, of course,  that I provide any of this here, but I still think this is what the world needs now.

Another way I enjoy communicating with people is through the presentation of bulletin boards here at work. I truly believe the arts, or crafts, around us have far greater affects on our psyches than most people think. This is one reason I love the art works done by readers Megan and the photographs of reader  Lach as well as all art work in general. Art speaks from and to the soul right? What better place for our world of people  to be talking to and  from?

So I hope you enjoy these pictures of my Spring Bulletin Board. It once again features the use of reflective Mylars and bright neon colored paper.  The flowers stand about three feet tall in all. I very much enjoy the reflections of these in the ‘sky’ above.

Everybuggy's Reading

People have often asked over the past sixteen years where the ideas for these bulletin boards come from. They just pop into my head as I need them so, honestly, I can’t say.  Except to say my Mom certainly coached me as a young boy about where the center of any art work or picture is, how to direct peoples attentions across any scene and how to coordinate colors effectively.  Beyond this I suppose 20 years of doing retail windows hasn’t hurt.

It may be hard to see perhaps in this bulletin Board but the  critters on this board are reading books. The titles of the books as well as the over head sign were adeptly  done with help from students of University of Florida-Kudo’s to both. Finally, thanks to Gail for taking these shots.

May you all have the best Spring! I’ll be back April 16th! And who knows? It’s possible with the help of a little radiation I might grow my hair back! That would be a kick….none of you with hair on your head knows what a rain drop feels like after it has fallen 6000 feet  or more and then landed on your head. It’s a wake up call for sure.