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Some news worthy items bear repeating. NO, I’m not the founder of my yesterday’s rude awakening but I do think it might help us all to break the facts of it down a bit. You see voting, hard working Democrats and Republicans alike have been had again. When oh when will people on either side of America’s  major political spectrum’s stop arguing long enough to hear the freight train of crap we are being handed coming down the track? It almost seems we as a society have been tied to this track so long we feel comfortable lying  down on it.

So what am I talking about? I have no clue either!  Nah, just joking.  It is this: two-thirds, 2/3, of American owned corporations pay no, not any, none, zip-zero  Federal Corporate Tax.  So all this continually piled higher than high BS we hear  from corporate CEOs, Congressmen and other business tycoons in America about the tax structure of America being the root of all business evil, the major cause for slow growth in America, the fix all change needed to what is really wrong with America today is a load of flying bat dung. And none of us, be you a  Republican or democrat, ducked.

We often hear America’s 35% corporate tax is just killing the dog out of business here in the US. Why it’s  an insane tax rate-the highest corporate tax rate in the world we keep hearing! What business wouldn’t want to leave our shores and put up shop in some other country right? Of course, like I just wrote, 2/3 of all corporations here in the US pay NO corporation tax. America is loop-hole city folks, the Disney world of profit land for corporations! This is because zero percent of a 35 % tax rate  is…let me see,, oh Yeah, nothing.

Here’s the butt of it: businesses here in America love to sell us products but they can get someone in any other country to do a job for a fraction of the cost an American worker might need to make here. So corporations sell here, but pay workers there.  This is the whole reason for America’s slow recovery, slow growth and loss of jobs. And,  if you wrap these out sourced jobs in with corporations typically not paying any corporate income tax back into America’s coffers to boot, this double screw job all adds up to  being a major contributor to America’s  expanding debt as well.


GE is an American owned corporation. GE  made 14 billion dollars of profit last year and paid America not one red cent of corporate taxes back for the privilege of working our market over like it was a buffet table at one of their highfalutin parties.  Yet this same corporation cut 1/5, 20%!!!, of its American jobs in just last year alone. They make tons of money, pay no corporate tax, and continue to holler about America’s tax structure?! You see? The American people have been buried alive by a pile of dung. We all need to buy really good gas masks-I think they are made in China.

Lastly, who allows these corporations to make off like bandits without paying any corporate tax? This would be our government. You know, it’s the guys who continue to bicker back and forth about America’s tax structure being a pro or con contributor towards the growth of our economy. All the while, our representatives don’t really change a thing about these massive tax loop holes that robs America’s tax coffers  blind each year. Does the corporate tax need to be 35 %? Heck I don’t know! But I do know it should be something more than nothing.

Meanwhile Democrats and Republicans alike continually  bark one another up some fairytale tree. Members of both parties run around the flag pole yelling foul when they all are part of a carte blanche system that’s helping to drive America to possible ruin. We have all heard the expression: no one rides for free. Man, doesn’t the middle class know this? If only this was at least somehow true for everybody right?

Now is the time to stop the bigwigs from riding the gravy train out of America and onto some yacht waiting for them off  some other country’s shoreline. The more American’s dicker back and forth about issues spoon fed us by medias of every persuasion the more money the fat cats make off with while we do. I think President Obama had it at least half right when he said it is time for change. But the question still remains:  how will the American people manage to get it?

Don’t forget!  We all get to pay our Federal Taxes a day or two late this year. I guess for Uncle Sam it’s better late than never? Maybe so. But don’t bother asking American Corporations or our Representatives about this-they have it all sewed up.

Snap! Double down Slap!!



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