I can’t figure out if it’s better to be a smart ass who’s calling people names, or be a dumb ass who’s hated for speaking their own point of view.  Anyway, a recent thread on my FB page had one guy complaining about President Obama’s intent to meet with the King of Saudi Arabia, while another was all about the meeting, praising President Obama for his détente efforts. Fart-head, numb-skull, stupid ass, shit-head, ignorant, nuts, crazy, worthless idiot, those were a few of the nicer names used during the exchange.

The discussion goes on.....

The discussion goes on…..

It all got me thinking…

The situation is complicated in the middle east. And, if I could only date a country, I wouldn’t pick Saudi Arabia. Still, this is a quick review of political affairs in Saudi-

2013 October – Saudi Arabia turns down a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, accusing the world body of double standards on account of what it sees as an international failure to act on Syria, where it staunchly backs the rebels.

2014 February – New anti-terrorism law introduced which activists say will further stifle dissent.

2014 March – Saudi Arabia designates several Islamist groups as terrorist organisations and bans funding or support for them. The groups include the Muslim Brotherhood, the Al-Nusra front and the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

2014 September – Saudi Arabia and four other Arab states take part together with the United States in air strikes against Islamic State militant strongholds in Syria.*

Here’s the thing, one thing, or a few things that some may not know. It’s true that the Saudi’s have a lot to consider when it comes to holding the price of oil below 50 dollars a barrel.** Getting a strong foothold in the rising Chinese market is one of them. Also, they’d like to slow down America’s investment in fracking. However, mainly, though it isn’t mainly printed, the Saudi’s are fed up with Assad, head of Syria, and also Iran, and Russia as well.

Of course, recent history-going back to 2000-reveals that 17 out of 19 hijackers of the planes involved in 9/11 were from Saudi. In truth, it wasn’t until about 2006 that the Saudi government began a systematic reversal of its look the other way policy when it came to terrorist, or extremist groups, that organized in their country. Today, things have changed.

As of 2006, the Saudi’s may not care so much about what happens in other places around the globe-I don’t know-but they want no terrorists in their land, period. Their current view is that the U.S., along with other powers, should invade, and destroy Syria and Iran. America, Russia and European nations have refused to do so. The Saudi’s have, in turn, come up with a plan of their own—

By keeping prices below 50 dollars per barrel, the Saudi’s have set a bench market price for crude that is below the cost production of oil in both Syria and Iran. This means Syria and Iran lose money with every barrel of oil they produce.  The Saudi goal in this endeavor is to bring Syria and Iran to their knees until those countries eradicate terrorist organizations from training and organizing in their land….they want  to put an end to those groups that jeopardize the Saudi oil fields and world-wide distribution of oil. That’s the simple face of it, though more extensive ends for the Saudis, like destroying their competitors on the world-wide market for oil production, can’t be over-looked.

How long can Iran and Syria go on losing money on crude? A vague answer is about three years for Iran, and then things get wishy-washy for Syria time-wise since Russia may print money forever to help Syria survive the Saudi’s economic invasion of their economy.

Americans are currently reaping the rewards from the Saudi’s plan to carry out their own economic war on terrorism  every time our citizens fill-up at the pump! Three cheers for them!!! Oddly, though, even lowly, upper middle-class Americans may be losing more in the value of their stock pro-folio by low oil prices than they’re gaining at the pump! But that’s another story,  like this one- low barrel oil prices that take profit out of fracking should(should) lessen interest in that kind of development here in the states and turn heads more toward renewables. I.E. Solar and wind….we’ll see.

Maybe, the dumb ass person on my FB thread who praised President Obama didn’t know this stuff? However, the smart ass name caller on the thread doesn’t know much, either. Why? Very few people, (and I’m not one of those), not smart ass, or even dumb ass can know much about who, when, or why the President of the US talks to any foreign King, Lord or country ambassador.  Basically, the smart ass name caller on my thread doesn’t know crap-not really-and along with the rest of us he can fit what he really does know about foreign affairs, the motives, maneuvering, or the wins and losses our foreign policy makers experience, on one, small sheet of toilet paper.

Name calling? That verbal flatulence is worthless.

Cheers for the Saudis! I think for now, at least…….maybe. The human rights issue and the plight of women in that society is just weird-right!?!?!.



** Some of this comes from a recent editorial posted in the New York Times, and further research into the subject.

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