Shadow is watching "TV"...there's something on!

Shadow is watching “TV”…there’s something on!(click on the pic for larger view.)

Shadow will run out our door as many times as there are squirrels on our feeder. That’s one of his jobs, to chase those darn squirrels* away. Usually, those rascals are up a distant pine tree j-u-s-t before Shadow gets to them. Thing is, the one time he actually caught up with a squirrel, and had him dead to right running full speed, all he did was smell the squirrel’s butt as they ran together…what’s up with that?

Today’s TV channel isn’t playing squirrels. Finches have come to town!

To my surprise, the finches had landed!

To my surprise, the finches have landed!

I love these little guys, the gold finch, and a few years ago I had as many as sixty at one time around our feeders! Then last year, I had none-only the house finch, or scarlet finch as some call them, seem to stay year round. It turns out, finches have disrupted migratory patterns, and often don’t return to exactly the same place they’d been the year before. It stays shockingly fun when they do arrive in bunches-yellow darting dots of color zing, zoom, here and there with a chatter clatter that can be heard a block away…

What's up with all these birds? We had a long talk.

What’s up with all these birds? Shadow and I had a long talk.

This is my dog’s best look of consternation-the straight out ears, tight lips, raised eye brows and slightly tilted head. We watched the flickering, flying, bright yellow birds for an hour. It was quite a show.

We went outside ot investigate, and loved seeing the flock zoom to nearby trees...

We went outside to investigate, and loved seeing the flock zoom to nearby trees…(looks like my pine apples made it through the winter-1/2 year old plant in foreground right.)

It seemed to take about ten minutes for the gold finches to return after we’d cleared the yard. I read that often 25 to 100 finches will visit a feeder during one day, so we may being seeing different birds from time to time and just not know it.

I'd picked up this yellow rose form Lowe's , the same day the gold finch arrived.

I’d picked up this yellow rose from Lowe’s the same day the gold finch arrived.(Oh look-it’s another pine apple.)

I wonder if the color of the roses attracted the gold finch to our nearby feeder–same colors flock together? I think birds must pay strict attention to the color of things in their environment.

You can see our neighborhood trees think it's spring-the new, leaves, all in their soft green, fresh looking color

You can see the neighborhood trees think it’s spring-the new leaves, all in their soft green, fresh looking color-

It’s a peaceful, beautiful day in Gainesville, Florida.

In this hustling, bustling word, it's great to find time to relax.

In this hustling, bustling world, it’s great to find time to relax.

Even Shadow had to smile about these wonderful birds, their tweeting filling our ears with tingling sounds of joy.

Shadow's happy face!

Shadow’s happy face!

Cheers to you!

Franque23 *don’t miss the great children’s book- Those Darn Squirrels….(

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