Trump is playing his hand again, laying his cards down showing he’s no joker. Seems the crux of his illegal immigrant policy will revolve around arresting illegals in the States and adding more, new improved miles to George Bush Jr.’s disaster of a border fence. Speaking of revolving, around and around, this spinning barrage of buffoonery over a border fence between the US and Mexico is just a boondoggle waste of tax payer’s money. How much money you might ask?

The cost of building a fence between Mexico and the US is staggering, call it the whole enchilada of huge, the sum of tons, a King-Kong price tag of global proportions……6(six) Billion…..

This is the actual boarder fence-people, Americans and Mexicans, playing volley ball across it.

This is the actual border fence-people, Americans and Mexicans, playing volley ball across it.

If the fence is gonna cost 6 billion to build, why not instead just hand out  money ten or twenty dollars at a time to Mexicans at the border who agree then to go back home for the day.

Here’s the thing, I’m not sure a stacked lined of six billion dollars couldn’t be the fence! Whatever, the last I read the break down cost of the fence Trump is gun-ho about, the one Bush Jr. initiated along with the help of congress, is one million per mile-that’s trump-change, right?err-chump.

There’s at least two problems I see with Trump’s solutions to our Mexican illegal immigrant problem. First off, they’re stupid; secondly we’re not going to round-up every Mexican living in the US illegally, and the cost of his useless fence idea will never make us good neighbors. One late night comedian noted that the architects of our 14 to 19 foot high border fence were shocked to learn the Mexicans had 20 foot high ladders!Who Knew!!

Worse news was to come!The 14 to 19 foot high boarder fence architects had just recovered from the news about twenty-foot long ladders when two spunky college co-eds armed with hands and feet scaled our million dollar per mile fence in less than eighteen seconds!*

The democrats laughed, howled, when the news about the climbers came out. Then, some Republican said not to worry, bad weather would easily slow the climbers down well beyond the twenty-second mark. That news stuffed the Democrats who then proposed a fifty-year long study on when, where and how much it rains along the fence line!** This study, clearly not finished, is why I wonder how Trump could be so eager to embellish this bomb of a fence idea now?!?!?

I’ve an idea! It all started today when I read someone offered Taylor Swift and her boyfriend ten million to pose in their underwear. Since we American’s have already lost our shirt on this stupid border line fence deal, how about we all do a hands across America in our underwear and see how much we get?

Thing is, we might lose our underwear next.....then what?

Thing is, we might lose our underwear next over this fence…..then what?

Trump wants to finish a six billion dollar fence that people can climb, tunnel under, fly over or walk around! I say his solution to our immigrant problem is one hell of an idea that belongs there. Here’s my counter idea! America should set up free taco and burritos stands all along the border between the US and Mexico. We catch the unarmed el banditos and force feed them tacos and burritos until they’re about to burst.(enchiladas would be too much)Then we simply roll the unwanted back home to their place. Vote for me!

I think offering to stuff full any illegal immigrant with tacos until they can’t move would be cheaper than spending 6 billion on a fence. Plus!!!! Think of all the jobs that would be created by running those chow houses along the border! The idea’s a win win.

Speaking of winning, the guy presently leading the Republican race for nomination thinks we should round-up all the Mexicans in America, deport them and then process those who want to come back, and build a big fence to keep the rest out. Ya know, I’m starting to wonder if we’re all living in a huge sand box with a play house. No one ever said I was the brightest candle, but even I can see Trump’s immigration policies haven’t a glimmer of chance of working.

Oy vey with hot sauce!

Thing is, non-sensible platforms or not, Trump or some other Republican is almost bound to be the next United States President. Why? History says so. Since American politics evolved into what we know as the current two-party system, seldom does the same party retain the Presidency after its had two terms. The American people have a propensity to flip-flop for one party to another every 8 years, or so.

John Fogerty once sang about the US needing a gun slinger, somebody tough to clean this town.(Washington, D.c.), But we already had Reagan-so I don’t know. One thing is for certain…If Trump is our next President, how can we make sure he’s operating with a full deck?

Will Trump ever fold?


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**Okay, I made this part up.