clinton-trump1Politics is more than dirty, it’s a murderous business–Shakespeare knew. We all should vote during this upcoming election, then duck for cover. Some good things–it doesn’t matter what happens now, the world will eventually(if we survive) become solar-powered; diets with much less meat will prevail(dang it- I love meat but , yeah, this will happen); bullet trains will cross America(built by the U.S. or China-it’s a given*).
One bad thing- the world of indiscriminate killing is here to stay, no matter who gets to be President of the U.S….

It will be semi-okay no matter who wins this election–I felt poorly (nice term) about Bush Jr.–especially Cheney —but I survived. Just remember our military is in charge of our foreign policy, and for now works mostly to gather as much oil and gas power as possible from other regions.sprite602


It doesn’t matter what the President says about military matters–unless they get in the way–then they get shot three times by one magical bullet. Again, the world’s eventual shift to solar power is certain…. the TPP by any name is certain.

TPP protest

TPP protest…

The discussion

The discussion


The middle class slide will continue-the Bank of England(Queen-)The Feds who set interest rates will continue to control our economy’s money supply- Vote as you will and speak your mind as you can! We are in a huge river of time, of humanity, and it only flows one way.


Here in America, and across the globe, we’re way past the debate about a ruling class. Police and military are out to enforce the decisions of the rulers, the owners, and workers fight back with sticks and stones.  tumblr_inline_oc2er0z9jr1qi01bi_1280

The Rockefeller commission(in the 1960’s) set out to organize a world economy, countries be damned, and  NAFTA and the TPP are just steps laid by that body. For us, the workers, there is no way out. We can only elect those who at least speak of our plight and say they’d like to help, or fight to the death.

A guaranteed income is really being discussed by those in power…What is AGI?.. It’s a check we, the displaced workers, get each month that is a set amount. Why? It’s simple. Rulers see that through computer technology and IT work that millions upon millions of workers world-wide will be laid off within the next twenty years….What to DO? If people have no buying power, laid off, without funds, how can any business profit? Worker’s laid off will have no purchasing power.  Yes, the answer is a world-wide guaranteed income…..odd, huh?


It’s all too weird for me to wrap my head around,, but know this: the FEDS-not at all an American group- has orchestrated America’s economy for like forever. Our interest rates and money supply has been solely controlled by this group-we don’t have a so-called, “free  market,” as so many of American’s believe.  Our interest rates, those lashes, are controlled by an agency outside the U.S.—we are under that thumb. In fact, to this date our economy dictates the world’s stability, everything we know is controlled by this group.


Depressing? Maybe. But them’s the facts,,,and has been for soooo long. You want a better life for yourself and for our children like I do. I know that. But so many things are beyond the reach of our efforts, and of our President. Still, I’d favor a President who at least speaks to the plight of the middle class… I don’t hear that from Trump…not at all. He’s stuck on the ‘Trickle down economics’ that amounts to the middle class getting pissed on. Me? I’m not into that.
Hillary is our only hope to make things a bit better for the working class at this point. Pull that lever, or mark your ballot for Hillary—we can’t fall back to business take all  while the middle class quickly falls into obscurity. Sometimes, slow is better.
The Republicans can try again in four years. The general economic forecast is for a tough three or so years ahead with a recovery around 2020ish..Who’s is President won’t change this…That might be an opportunity for the Republicans then, but not now.
Franque23 wants a chance for our children.