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I was driving home from work tonight and if I’d remembered to pick up my pants at the dry cleaners I wouldn’t have been in an accident. Thing is, I forgot, and I was.

How it all happened is clear as a bell in my head that is still ringing as I write this….now under Ibuprofen and a beer. My back also is recalling the accident with painful precision. I was on a busy four lane road, East University, the same one I take every night as I head home from work. It’d been a busy day at work..a puppet show day with two performances that were a kick to do, and tiring.

I stopped behind a Chevy Silverado that  had stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross the entrance to an Autozone store. I had a few seconds to observe the girl as she walked toward my car on her way across the entrance.

Wham!!! I got rear ended  by a car that hadn’t been behind me to my notion. It was a brutal impact; I was thrown forward and then violently back and then again before a second had eclipsed. Next,  I griped the steering wheel and pulled hard left to try to avoid hitting the truck in front of me as my vehicle was propelled forward by the car that had hit me. My left front clipped his rear fender and I think I drifted along side the truck’s side and went on until I finally came to a stop. In all, I must have been pushed forty feet.

It was shocking; at first I tried to assess if my neck was hurt…but I seemed okay. I got out in about  three minutes,,,stumbling a bit, and made my way to a driver who said “I was scratching my leg, so I didn’t see you.”

Thankful to be alive, I spoke with the driver of the Silverado who said, “I’m okay,” the man shook my hand.

I’ve no idea why it took the police over fifteen minutes to show up-it seems I see them everywhere as I travel this same route morning and night to and from work. I used the time to call Tina, a good friend-I couldn’t reach my wife- and then triple A and my insurance company. Of course, the woman who rear ended me was ticketed…careless driving…but I’ve got to tell you, the whole time we were waiting for the police to show up the woman who hit me was texting….and I’d bet anything she was texting when she hit me as well. Like I say, I was stopped behind the Silverado for at least a few seconds, long enough for any driver paying attention to stop  before hitting me, and I just don’t buy-scratching my leg? WTH? So you’re driving and then look down to scratch your leg–no, I don’t think so…you simply scratch what itches…no one has to watch that action.

So, maybe I’m sensitive since I never text-can’t even do it- but I suspect the action nearly cost me my life. BTW, my life is very important to me, more important-I would hope than someone’s text.

It’s all very disconcerting. All the immediate plans I have for the upcoming few days, not to mention the rest of my days here, could have been snuffed out in that instant. I know that’s true. It  feels as though I’d taken a step off a four thousand foot cliff but somehow landed in a safety net.

There are details to work out; insurance to hassle and then there’s a new car to buy. Dang it. I’d hope my 97 Toyota Corolla would go on forever…but it’s a dead goose now. Banged front to back, and all alone a side, the car I’d bought for my oldest daughter to get through college, and then bought back from her while she worked in Japan, has taken a hit for me. I loved this car..sturdy(thank God)and just ongoing…it was a gem.

Mostly, I’m glad to be writing this glob maybe more than any other one I’ve written. BTW this is my 501st blog/glob…and this blog site has been read during 2016 in 83 different countries so far! It all started back in 2009. Last year I had readers in 53 countries so the trend is up! I’m lovin’ it, and tonight I’m lovin’ life more than most nights. It’s so nice of you to be reading-thanks! There’s nothing like a close call with serious or fatal injury to bring it all home.

Life is like nothing else we know.

Dang; texting and driving-don’t do it.


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