Gator fan?-sure. But really I’m a fan of life. Hard to think of a season, place or person I haven’t at least tried to like. I’ve always loved music, the Ocean, forests, streams, mountains-cities not as much, though I wouldn’t trade my younger N.Y.C. experiences easily.  Results may follow but the experience of really trying in life is the  pay off. It’s the everyday stuff you accomplish and the integrity of your spirit you hold as you grapple with life’s ups and downs that matters. I once read, if a person keeps their intentions honest, then their life will be a good memory.

I’ve a BA from Gettysburg College. I owned a business for 14 years. Currently I’m working my 25th year as a Library Specialists. I held the elected position as Vice President of the CWA, local 3170, for ten years. Currently I’ve written 5 books. My first published book, Avatar Magic, book one of the Avatar Magic series, and the second book in the series, The Code of Avatar Magic, and the third and final book of the series are out on Kindle. They can be downloaded onto most reading devices.

As of 1/24/20 this blog has over 575 posts-I’ve tried to post every Tuesday since 2009. Please enjoy reading thru the posts as you like, and don’t miss the more than 1,730 comments people have made on them. The blog, I call a glob, has been read in eighty-one different countries as of 2019 though primarily in about ten. Fun. Hope to hear from you. Cheers!

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