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It’s not rocket science. The mother we all share is Mother Earth. It’s super that we have, Earth Day, but we all should remember the lump of clay beneath every travel is our Mother as well.

Mom is always a-round.

Mom is always a-round.

There is no life as we know it without our Earth.

Such beautiful life comes forth form our Mother Earth.

Such beautiful life comes forth from our Mother Earth.

Disney was right-most plants and animals of this earth are our friends if we only would let that be-

Life is happening all around us every second of every single day.

Life is happening all around us every second of every single day.

Earth. An immense montage of unimaginable beauty; a labyrinth of forests, streams, rivers, ravines, canyons, mountains, prairies, desserts and yes, cities.

I was amazed by discussions I witnessed during the 1970’s, my college years, that referred to things like-Man verses Nature…as though the two were not one and the same?!?!? Actually, as far back as 1864 people were writing about the lack of separation, or difference, between Man and Nature(Man and nature; or, Physical geography as modified by human action is a book written by George Perkins Marsh in 1864.)

Somehow, Mankind(Us) lost our way. Our logic failed us; our need for growth and power to further that growth over came or abilities to understand the Earth’s place in our lives.

Power companies don't get it. People have to mass together and demand renewable energies only as a goal in the foreseeable future.

(A fracking pit.)Power companies don’t get it. People have to mass together and demand renewable energy use only as a goal in the foreseeable future, or we don’t have one. One well placed bullet can kill an elephant. Our environment is like that elephant.

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Today’s random idea-

Please forward this blog to everyone you know....

Please forward this blog to everyone you know…. (Please forward.)

We have our Mother to hold.

We enjoy and need

We enjoy and need “Mom” night and day.

Our sun and its power is a gift. We should accept that gift, we should embrace that glory and light our future for all those who will follow to see.

Some famous artists, like, balh balh, use their work to remind people to celebrate Mother Earth's beauty.

Some famous artists, like Chihuly, and so many others use their work to remind people to celebrate Mother Earth’s beauty.*

If you get the chance, go see The Grand Canyon in person. The sight is a good reminder of how long the Earth has truly been in existence.

It would take one heck of a cosmic drip to do this in just 6000 years.....just saying.

It would take one heck of a cosmic drip to do this in just 6000 years…..just saying.

The Earth’s beauty shines as a light in the center of our eyes. That light mirrors the life around us, and in us. The Earth listens and supplies our needs, but we have to listen as well. We can do this. We can win the environmental wars for Mom. Then, our tables will be set, and our plates full-

Love to all Moms everywhere, and to the one beneath our feet.

If there's anyone we must keep in our corner-it's her.

If there’s anyone we must keep in our corner-it’s her.


I try to celebrate the Earth in my bulletins boards….

The wonder of the Earth.

The wonder of the Earth.


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Frank sings the blues

Frank sings the blues

Death never leaks its plans to the press, but it always leaves a calling card. It’s completely unwanted, but people flirt with it all the time.

“Hello, Gerald.” Frank had the friendliest way of saying hello, and he did it all by voice inflection.

“Everything okay?” Of course, I knew it was. I called Frank at least once a month since he rented one of our places, but over the nine years I’d known him we’d both come to know we were friends. He’d played at my house for two parties, and we’d jammed at his place and mine. No one had a stronger blues voice than Frank*.


“Sure. I’m playing this weekend. We’re a lead off band on a big concert and the chickens are layin'”.

Frank loved those chickens-he had about twenty-five and had named them all. Pets and eggs; it’s all good. I can’t help but cheer-up when thinking about his Colonel Sander’s look, his beard and smile.

the man's eyes twinkles and his soul glowed.

The man’s eyes twinkled and his soul glowed.

Some say they’d like to die in their sleep while all too many times I’ve heard people say that at least a terminal diagnosis gives people a chance to say goodbye. Either way, death is never good company-it’s most like a monkey on the back of the living no matter how distracted we keep ourselves as we go about our business.

Fallen soldiers, friends, family, random shootings in schools, movie theaters and malls, all serve as constant reminders that death doesn’t block the sun or cast a shadow. It just comes to all of us in good time, and at the worst of times.

Frank  Whitenack was a friend of mine**-a good man who died too soon like so many. I’d met him nine years ago after he’d gone through a recent divorce. His two children, a son and daughter, were so young then, maybe three and six. Then, as now, I’m so thankful we could help this man.

Thing is, Frank had his ups and downs, but he never let that affect how he treated others, or fathered his children. His cell phone always answered, “Hello, this is Frank Whitenack of Blues lightning. Please leave a message, and if this is Jonathan or Andrea, your daddy loves you.”

Frank rolled the blues out on the porch of the house I'd raised my family in, and I know those ol' house timbers loved the tunes.

This picture is taken in front of the house where Dale and I raised our family. Frank loved that house as we had. He rolled the blues most Sundays out on the porch of the house -practice time- and I know those ol’ house timbers loved the vibes.

“I don’t care if I have to play for free-I’m gonna play my music.” He made this promise to me eight years ago, and kept it. One thing I loved about this man is how he self-actualized his dreams. He stayed focused, and worked to make them come true.

No one worked harder at getting out there or being seen and heard than Frank. He’d play during a blue moon to mice on mars if he could book the date, and all for the money his hat might collect. His voice  was always on target from the get-go, and slowly, over the years, he emerged as a classic blues guitarist. The money started to come in; his first and only album was just the start. A serve case of hydro eczema on my finger tips eventually kept me from making music with him but we’d agreed on a course: I’d write books; he’d make albums. It was fun sharing our progress with one another. And, as bad as being robbed of my finger-tips is after playing guitar for forty years, losing Frank is as painful today. I just have to deal.

Frank never smoked; he didn’t drink. He had diabetes he managed well, but sometime four days ago things got complicated and after his short hospital stay, I got the news. Isn’t it odd how so much is going on all the time in our world with work, family, fun, or not, bills and appointments, but still this all can turn empty in an instant? Hollow time. Heavy air. Done and past. Over.

We’d made plans. Oh yeah, we were gonna lay down a few originals soon-no later than by the first of the year-that was our promise to each other.  Death has slapped us in the face with an abrupt end to a friendship that neither of us saw coming. It’s tough, this thing called life. You know, flat out Frank was a diamond of a man, and never in the rough, but always well polished.

Missing, hurting, plans turned sour, I hope Franks’ passing is worse for us than it is for him. I like to think there’s a peace to be found in death for those who pass, that there’s a light to follow when it happens to us, and that Heaven is now enjoying the best blues it’s ever heard. If that can be true, Frank will find a way to make it so.

Peace my Friend-I’m thinking an A chord works best, here. It’s the key  the universe makes as it hums along, and you fit in so well…Me? Rust is what I feel. Just when the world needs a tune-up, you leave us. Dang it, and worse.

Death, you have a crappy calling card.


** Dave Van Ronk, a classic Blues singer, recorded, He was a friend of Mine, around 1964. Frank’s voice had the same perfect blues quality-he would’ve killed killed this cover, hands down…

links for both of my books in the Avatar Magic Series:
Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are on kindle now.

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