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Moderate conservatives and moderate liberals will converge and form the most powerful, long lasting  political grouping ever congealed in America-that’s what’s coming next.


President Trump’s appointments are marking the demise of his voting base. True, this end might take years, but he has set that end in stone.  Had President Trump used sound judgement and appointed  moderate, easily accepted people for his appointments, his rise to power and ideologies may have gone on for ten, twenty years or longer.  As it is, he has siphoned the wave of populist reform he rode to the White House by straining it through ill-conceived radical selections for department heads.

President Trump is like a watchmaker whose time has come but the use of  inferior parts will unwind his work.

All guts; no gears.

All guts; no gears.


American voters really do know they can’t hunt in an oil field, ski over a pipeline, drink water that is combustible or exchange a pretty face for a gas mask.

Wait! I guess you can go underneath....

Wait! I guess you can go underneath….


It's healthy and good for the environment to bike to work when possilbe.

It’s healthy and good for the environment to bike to work when possible.

No joke-get out of lipstick stocks; this is a real runway fashion show in China.

No joke-get out of lipstick stocks; this is a real runway fashion show in China.

Many Americans realize that they may one day be included in the excluded.

Who will be part of the action?

Who will be part of the action?

American flags will come down when American’s realize Trump’s pick for the head of the department of labor supports low wages.*

Reform , yes! But not at such the high cost! Misaligned appointments, the unethical selection of partisans who plainly will not advance American values, have inherently laced within this truism: poor appointments will lead to bad decisions. Those bad decisions, in return, will lead to an eventual loss of power within the voting electorate.

Republican’s should take heed: what appears to be unifying forces today can be destructive tomorrow. When in a race, always go for the long run.

Moderate, wise appointments will lead to a secure tomorrow, solidify a voting base and ensure solidarity.

President Trump enjoys his image now, but he forgets there is a mirror behind him as well, and that image is still taking shape.

Real action happens behind the scene

Real action happens behind the scene  


*”In a July 2014 op-ed for CNBC, Puzder argued against a mandated minimum-wage increase on the grounds that they reduce entry-level job opportunities for young workers and minorities.” cnbc.

To list a few….



Give Me your tired and your poor

Women’s Rights to equal pay

Women’s right to have abortions in most cases

Current Social Security retirement age

Some amount of Social Security Check

A major part of the funding for the EPA

Emission controls for cars a business(The Clean Air Act)

A better, standard minimum wage

Wall street regulations

Union Rights to organize

Defined Pensions for Workers

National Park funding

Alaskan Pipeline resistance

Taxes on the Rich


What we get in return?

A President who is inexperienced in the field of World-Wide politics

A President who  seems unaware of people’s constitutional rights and the workings of the U.S. Government

The NRA ( A gun in every closet)

A President who has called some women pigs, dogs and worse.

A President who gloated after 9/11 since the event would make him money

A President who mused how the housing crash and economic crash in the U.S. several years ago would make him money.

A President who is against environmental protections

A President who has gone bankrupt numerous times.

A President who will soon address in court accusations of Fraud (Trump University) and rape charges.

There will be a Wall we will pay for

A First lady who has posed naked for tabloids. ( Not a crime, but is this appropriate considering the stature of the position?)

One more takeaway

You can only squeeze the middle class workers so much and for so long via both political party’s actions before that electorate is willing to shoot themselves in the foot rather than vote for an ongoing economic travesty. 

The day is done; our country’s course is set for the foreseeable future.

Advice for President Obama: 

Sign as many (a thousand or more) Executive Orders between now and January. This might slow that foreseeable future of a beast down.


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The day is done…for now.

It’s not rocket science. The mother we all share is Mother Earth. It’s super that we have, Earth Day, but we all should remember the lump of clay beneath every travel is our Mother as well.

Mom is always a-round.

Mom is always a-round.

There is no life as we know it without our Earth.

Such beautiful life comes forth form our Mother Earth.

Such beautiful life comes forth from our Mother Earth.

Disney was right-most plants and animals of this earth are our friends if we only would let that be-

Life is happening all around us every second of every single day.

Life is happening all around us every second of every single day.

Earth. An immense montage of unimaginable beauty; a labyrinth of forests, streams, rivers, ravines, canyons, mountains, prairies, desserts and yes, cities.

I was amazed by discussions I witnessed during the 1970’s, my college years, that referred to things like-Man verses Nature…as though the two were not one and the same?!?!? Actually, as far back as 1864 people were writing about the lack of separation, or difference, between Man and Nature(Man and nature; or, Physical geography as modified by human action is a book written by George Perkins Marsh in 1864.)

Somehow, Mankind(Us) lost our way. Our logic failed us; our need for growth and power to further that growth over came or abilities to understand the Earth’s place in our lives.

Power companies don't get it. People have to mass together and demand renewable energies only as a goal in the foreseeable future.

(A fracking pit.)Power companies don’t get it. People have to mass together and demand renewable energy use only as a goal in the foreseeable future, or we don’t have one. One well placed bullet can kill an elephant. Our environment is like that elephant.

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Today’s random idea-

Please forward this blog to everyone you know....

Please forward this blog to everyone you know…. (Please forward.)

We have our Mother to hold.

We enjoy and need

We enjoy and need “Mom” night and day.

Our sun and its power is a gift. We should accept that gift, we should embrace that glory and light our future for all those who will follow to see.

Some famous artists, like, balh balh, use their work to remind people to celebrate Mother Earth's beauty.

Some famous artists, like Chihuly, and so many others use their work to remind people to celebrate Mother Earth’s beauty.*

If you get the chance, go see The Grand Canyon in person. The sight is a good reminder of how long the Earth has truly been in existence.

It would take one heck of a cosmic drip to do this in just 6000 years.....just saying.

It would take one heck of a cosmic drip to do this in just 6000 years…..just saying.

The Earth’s beauty shines as a light in the center of our eyes. That light mirrors the life around us, and in us. The Earth listens and supplies our needs, but we have to listen as well. We can do this. We can win the environmental wars for Mom. Then, our tables will be set, and our plates full-

Love to all Moms everywhere, and to the one beneath our feet.

If there's anyone we must keep in our corner-it's her.

If there’s anyone we must keep in our corner-it’s her.


I try to celebrate the Earth in my bulletins boards….

The wonder of the Earth.

The wonder of the Earth.


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The ol’ swimming hole is an American tradition, if not a world-wide keepsake memory. Thing is, there’s a new kind of swimming pit in town….

Nearby neighborhood fracking pit. Swim anyone?

Nearby neighborhood fracking pit. Swim anyone?

Me neither. There’s something about these frackin’ radioactive, carcinogenic waters that have turned me off to diving into the hole, but not the story. I’d claim to be muckraking if I could, but that isn’t the case. The story of fracking isn’t a hidden unknown, waiting to be exposed in a column written by me. The truth is out there for all to read. Thing is, some proponents of fracking-i.e. everyone and only everyone who stand to make money off the deal- say the complaints about fracking wear no clothes. I guess, big oil doesn’t believe the naked truth.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned by living this long it’s this: nothing talks louder than money in a room.

There was an opinion posted on CNN last year that I’ve thought about ever since I first read the article. It was in favor of fracking.

The opinion is here if you’d like to read the entire thing:

And, since this article seems to be an iconic example of the stalwart thinking done by advocates of fracking, I thought it best to go thru some of the less than perfect building blocks of boondoggle disastrous thinking that are so eloquently presented in this work of fiction.

There are a few glaring holes in the arguments presented in this opinion piece that’s linked above. Unfortunately, those holes are almost as large as ones often found in the pipes depicted in the diagram below.

We should get people to put their fingers in these leaking pipes.

We should get people to put their fingers in these leaking pipes.

I must add—-the good news, as many pro fracking articles point out, is that government oversight can correct the constant leaking pipe syndrome associated with fracking that will end up poisoning our populace if it isn’t stopped. Oddly, I’d say most of those in favor of fracking also believe that government can’t do anything right……..but I digress. Back to the article of questionable value.

Point one(in the article): Fracking causes few problems, and this process is the major reason gas prices having fallen in the US.

Real Answer:  America is now the fourth largest producer of oil and gas due, at least in part, to Fracking in the US. However, Fracking is NOT the reason gas prices have fallen recently. Read this-

“A central factor in the sharp price drops, analysts say, is the continuing unwillingness of OPEC, a cartel of oil producers, to intervene to stabilize markets that are widely viewed as oversupplied. Prices of OPEC’s crude benchmark have fallen about 40 percent since the organization declined to cut production at a late Novembermeeting in Vienna.”

Why is OPEC willing to keep oil prices low? That’s in another blog I wrote( believe it or not, the low bench mark price on oil has to do with terrorism.(

Point Two( of the article in question): The air is cleaner now because we are fracking-

Answer: Ha-how-die and a ho ho ho….”Yet one study found that only one quarter of the four percent drop in U.S. CO2 emissions between 2011 and 2012 is attributable to shale gas. Efforts to increase energy efficiency had a more substantial impact, reported InsideClimate News.”

Yes, American’s air is cleaner than is has been in the past, but this is mostly due to lower emission standards set in place for power companies, and due to the expanded use of alternative car power. But don’t take my word for this:

“When it comes to air quality, the Environment America report estimates that drilling and fracking natural gas wells in the U.S. created 450,000 tons of air pollution in 2012……..”

Who will be next! Real estate speculators wanna know!

Who will be next! Real estate speculators wanna know!

Point Three: Again, frracking is worth the risk.

Answer: No, it isn’t.  Just saying, when the Earth starts swayin’, it ain’t dancing.

“The scientists, from the University of Miami, identified 77 earthquakes of varying size in the Poland Township of Ohio, all occurring between March 4 and March 12 and all located near a group of oil and gas wells. The quakes ranged between magnitudes of 1.0 and 3.0”

“According to study co-author Robert Skoumal, that magnitude 3.0 quake was “one the largest earthquakes ever induced by hydraulic fracturing in the United States.””

And you know what? There’s nothing like a good quake to make a person feel right at home.

Just ask the person in that car who was out for a spin........

Just ask the person in that car who was out for a spin……..

Point Four:  Fracking is not a threat to ground water.

Answer:  According to studies fracking in the US is something akin to America taking a huge Cosmic bucket of radioactive, highly toxic chemicals and dumping it on its head.

U.S. fracking operations produced an estimated 280 billion gallons of wastewater in 2012, the report notes. This is enough to flood all of Washington, D.C. in a “22-foot deep toxic lagoon,” according to the group.”

This is really someone's tape water.......

This is really someone’s tape water…….but very few explode.

“In Colorado alone, the amount of water used for fracking “was enough to meet the water needs of nearly 200,000 Denver households for a year,” according to the report.”

Despite the opinions of those who support fracking, and their belief that fracking has an upside that’s worth the environmental risk the process imposes upon the planet, entire countries and some US states disagree and they’ve ban the process from their land. Many people, states and countries speak out against fracking-join the chorus. We can bring our world back into harmony with Nature.

“The bottom line is this: The numbers on fracking add up to an environmental nightmare,” Environment America’s John Rumpler said in a press release. “If this dirty drilling continues unchecked, these numbers will only get worse…..”

This is a world-wide list of countries and states in America that have bans on fracking. Please get a cup of coco, curl up with a blankie-it’s a long read.

Fracking begins with an F, that’s appropriate, but it really should be a four letter word. It’s important to speak out continually against this mind-boggling threat to our lives, and to the lives of all those who follow us. Please tell your representatives to stop fracking now.

Franque23……..hmmmm..maybe I should change my name?

here are links for both of my books in the Avatar Magic Series:
Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are on kindle now.

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