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clinton-trump1Politics is more than dirty, it’s a murderous business–Shakespeare knew. We all should vote during this upcoming election, then duck for cover. Some good things–it doesn’t matter what happens now, the world will eventually(if we survive) become solar-powered; diets with much less meat will prevail(dang it- I love meat but , yeah, this will happen); bullet trains will cross America(built by the U.S. or China-it’s a given*).
One bad thing- the world of indiscriminate killing is here to stay, no matter who gets to be President of the U.S….

It will be semi-okay no matter who wins this election–I felt poorly (nice term) about Bush Jr.–especially Cheney —but I survived. Just remember our military is in charge of our foreign policy, and for now works mostly to gather as much oil and gas power as possible from other regions.sprite602


It doesn’t matter what the President says about military matters–unless they get in the way–then they get shot three times by one magical bullet. Again, the world’s eventual shift to solar power is certain…. the TPP by any name is certain.

TPP protest

TPP protest…

The discussion

The discussion


The middle class slide will continue-the Bank of England(Queen-)The Feds who set interest rates will continue to control our economy’s money supply- Vote as you will and speak your mind as you can! We are in a huge river of time, of humanity, and it only flows one way.


Here in America, and across the globe, we’re way past the debate about a ruling class. Police and military are out to enforce the decisions of the rulers, the owners, and workers fight back with sticks and stones.  tumblr_inline_oc2er0z9jr1qi01bi_1280

The Rockefeller commission(in the 1960’s) set out to organize a world economy, countries be damned, and  NAFTA and the TPP are just steps laid by that body. For us, the workers, there is no way out. We can only elect those who at least speak of our plight and say they’d like to help, or fight to the death.

A guaranteed income is really being discussed by those in power…What is AGI?.. It’s a check we, the displaced workers, get each month that is a set amount. Why? It’s simple. Rulers see that through computer technology and IT work that millions upon millions of workers world-wide will be laid off within the next twenty years….What to DO? If people have no buying power, laid off, without funds, how can any business profit? Worker’s laid off will have no purchasing power.  Yes, the answer is a world-wide guaranteed income…..odd, huh?


It’s all too weird for me to wrap my head around,, but know this: the FEDS-not at all an American group- has orchestrated America’s economy for like forever. Our interest rates and money supply has been solely controlled by this group-we don’t have a so-called, “free  market,” as so many of American’s believe.  Our interest rates, those lashes, are controlled by an agency outside the U.S.—we are under that thumb. In fact, to this date our economy dictates the world’s stability, everything we know is controlled by this group.


Depressing? Maybe. But them’s the facts,,,and has been for soooo long. You want a better life for yourself and for our children like I do. I know that. But so many things are beyond the reach of our efforts, and of our President. Still, I’d favor a President who at least speaks to the plight of the middle class… I don’t hear that from Trump…not at all. He’s stuck on the ‘Trickle down economics’ that amounts to the middle class getting pissed on. Me? I’m not into that.
Hillary is our only hope to make things a bit better for the working class at this point. Pull that lever, or mark your ballot for Hillary—we can’t fall back to business take all  while the middle class quickly falls into obscurity. Sometimes, slow is better.
The Republicans can try again in four years. The general economic forecast is for a tough three or so years ahead with a recovery around 2020ish..Who’s is President won’t change this…That might be an opportunity for the Republicans then, but not now.
Franque23 wants a chance for our children.

Some say you’ve done a lot of good during your terms as President,others not so much. But, you are letting the world down now. Drilling in the Arctic has to be the worst possible scenario in terms of environmental conservation, and pointless to boot.* Of course, As President, you know the ins and outs of drilling in the Arctic, that the arctic gas and oil fields are the largest left on earth, but they also reside where cleanup is impossible, human response time to disasters slow, and economically and culturally important species will be put at risk by drilling.

It’s simply not true that America needs to process the Arctic waters for oil production. It’s simply not true that drilling in the arctic ocean will help secure American’s future, or make a difference in our over all supply and demand of oil. The entire world is turning toward solar power development, and wind and water power-alternative energy. Why enforce a bad decision now and lead America away from the future?

The gain is little and the risk of environmental damage high.

Even America’s own watch dog agency ,The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, stated that there was an 75% chance that the world will suffer an environmental disaster brought on by off shore Arctic drilling. And, there’s more- “The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management released the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for Lease Sale 193 in the Chukchi Sea in Northwest Alaska. The federal government unlawfully sold the oil and gas lease to oil companies, including Shell, in 2008 when it underestimated the risks of a large oil spill. The revised analysis found a 75 percent chance that one or more large oil spills could occur and that many species of marine wildlife would face substantial injury and mortality in the face of an oil spill. Despite these risks, the federal government is prepared to offer 29.4 million acres, the entire Chukchi Sea Program Area, for oil and gas development. – See more at: Why then, Mr. President, are you willing to risk so much for so little?

Why would you risk so much.....

Why would you risk so much…..

Mr. President, if you closed your eyes today and envisioned the 400,000 people who attended your first inauguration, you’d see a huge crowd of cheering people. Thing is, you’d also be hard pressed to find one among that crowd who supports your decision to drill in the Arctic. How can you turn your back on the very people who gave birth to your power?

Money can’t be enough. We all know the situation is tenuous between the terrorists, Isis, and American’s need to remain as independent as possible from the rich oil-producing countries, but making huge environmental mistakes in this day and age is not a show of force, but folly.

Short term, risky goals and solutions will usher in nothing but old and new problems soon enough.

Mr. President, I’m asking, as so many, that you stand back from an earlier decision you made to allow drilling in the Arctic. I’m asking you to hear the hearts and minds of those who voted you into office, that you turn away from fear, from the what if’s and what could be, and see what is. There’s an urgent call from your supporters for you to stop the Shell arctic drilling that is currently in motion. You can do this.

Life as we know it and our environment are so much more important than any speculative policy decision. You have to stand up for us and do what we know is right.

Franque23 *

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It all started when my workmates returned from a LGBT* (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender)*  meeting and reported that there’d been a huge discussion about whether or not blacks could or should refer to themselves as Niggers. The point was taken, and seemingly accepted, that in today’s sensibilities blacks are empowered when they use this word.  The thinking went like this: Blacks gain ownership of the term, nigger, when they use it themselves, and speaking the word daily along with the word’s prolific usage in songs deflates the discriminatory nature of the word.


We’re all one happy name-calling family.

So, today the worst word lardass peckerwood, hick hillbillies and other honky’s could think to call a burrhead, boogie coon jigaboo(–nigger–)is used so often that it’s almost like saying, hello. It’s almost proper English-that’s the prevalent opinion in some circles. Nice. Thing is, and I merely speculate, this idea could be the result of some over thinking by four eyed book worms, and most of them curry muncher Paki’s no doubt.

Idea man wants to know…..

Why didn't the term, Mosshead, take hold?

Why didn’t the term, Mosshead, take hold?

Okay, so blacks can sing about niggers all they want since it makes them feel good. Thing is, I was wondering why spics, super wop guineas and tocohead wet backs hadn’t felt and thought the same about using the slang terms for their individual ethnicity? Limey! With how over achieving most nip faced Japs are, you’d think this bunch of slant eyes would have marketed the idea ions ago!

Here’s my bottom line: I think this whole idea that Blacks, African Americans or even  buffie buck bluegums should use this word has a super-sized fat wong choong chink in its armor. In fact, this whole movement, the sure, go ahead and call yourself derogatory names thing, may be the result of a stratagem of bovine, whalelike, roly-poly, butterball, pudgy proportion! I mean, is there a quicker way to erode a person’s sense of self worth than having them refer to their nig-nog golliwog selves in the worst of possible derogatory terms on a daily basis? Maybe only supplying people with super sized kraut-made Jim Crow whips so they might slash themselves would be more expedient, not sure.

In the basement of my thinking, as I meandered through the peat mire along with other Micks, Charlie’s and Lebo Brownies, and then pushed aside my skank garden hoes, I came to a realization. Who will explain to that beautifully faced, bright-eyed four year old black girl or boy(and every other child) that being called disgusting names is really okay? There’s a nineteen eighty-fourish laugher for ya.

What word do we use....

What word do we use….

Have a great day, even you Russkie, commie dauchebags. Sure, a rose by any name would smell as sweet but somehow this abhorrent word usage slop brain-ticks are dishing society nowadays leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. The idea that this trashy n-word is good for anyone to use belongs in the garbage.

That’s it for now from this white boy who can’t juke enough to cut a rug. Doo-whop, splat.


* should we add, SSCFL to this- Straight;Slightly Curved and Flat-lined?

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Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are on kindle now.

Baked Alaska has nothing on melting Florida this summer.

Welcome to the dog days of summer.....

Welcome to the dog days of summer…..

Ha! This state has put Hell out of business. Now, if a person lives a routinely horrid life, the Devil merely sends them to Florida to spend out their time as a sand flea.

It’s so hot in Florida even the bugs have slowed to a crawl…

Floridians go to indoor sauna’s to cool off.

Ya don't wanna get stuck in traffic.....

Ya don’t wanna get stuck in traffic…..

I’ll never think of a good lookin’ gal as being  hot any more…Ha! Not!! Anyway, the outside temps here in the land of the palms have given the word hot a scorching new threshold, a plethora of sizzling platitudes: way hot; fried and fired up; burned out; back draft day; blistering baby; no touch day and hell’s breath day to name a few.

Wanna lose weight? Blitzkrieg your way to Florida from up north. Stand outside a few hours then go back home. You’ll be amazed by what a difference few bazillion degrees can make. Then again, there’s an upside to the heat. Think of the money to be saved by cooking on the sidewalk, though who’ll be left alive to eat the food? As I get it, maybe only sharks.*

 more good news--Floridan roads haven't melted like they have in India-not yet.

more good news–Floridian roads haven’t melted like they have in India-not yet.

Nudist throw in the towel and run for cover.

Be sure to turn that door knob with your gloved hand and bring a diver’s oxygen tank into your car when driving.

Florida should change its name to IV central. The ants have burrowed to China; the roaches have flown to the Himalaya’s. KKK members have quit burning torches and decided to throw ice parties instead.  The last remaining umbrella in Florida was sold one hour and ten minutes ago. Sad.

So yeah, hitting forty below up at Lake Bonaparte, New York, during the winter is not perfect, but jumping over forty degrees above Hell heat in Florida during the summer is centrally unnerving as well. Freeze or fry, that’s the question McDonald employees ask as they hand out driving directions to the north into the hands of liquified tourist who dribble up alongside their window.

Idea man strikes again!

Idea man strikes again!

Come to think of it, the Floridian afternoon showers are such a blessing when they do come that they create the perfect time for state-wide wet tee shirts contests! Where or where is our state leadership in this one? At least the students at U of F have an idea.**

student skip the wet tee shirt idea and run for a fountain....

students skip the wet tee-shirt idea and run for a fountain in their undies….

Singing in the Rain should be Florida’s state song.

Check out a beach scene in Florida before AC hit the fan----thankfully, our society came to its senses for a bit before we went nuts-again.

Check out a beach scene in Florida before AC hit the fan—-thankfully, our society came to its senses for a bit before we went nuts-again.

Times have changed….

But I still miss the hats!

But I still miss the hats!

So yeah….Floirda cooks in the summer.-




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Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are on kindle now.

Though I may agree with some of Forbes’ top 25 picks for places to retire, I still think they’re trying to kill us. They just can’t decide if  retirees will look better stuffed in a refrigerator or buried in a sand box..  There’s at least three desert towns in the mix plus Pittsburgh is ranked 19-and Fargo is number 13!!!!

Someone caught this gal practicing for retirement .

She'll fit nicely.

She’ll fit nicely.

Home-sweet- home can't get much quieter !

Home-sweet- home can’t get much quieter ! And, apparently, there may be golf!

Really? Fargo! Where dead bodies roll like snowballs across the landscape-I mean, that movie was real, right? If not, then the winter temperatures out there are cold enough to kill thermometers. People? They’re the negative sense of toast.

freeze your whatevers off.

freeze your whatevers off.*

For me, the older I get the more guys sitting on park benches make sense.It’s not like those park benches will be there forever, and some one has got to use them.

Oh man–have I got an idea for retirement …..

images (23)

I can move up to Forbes # 13 on the list , Fargo ND,….and sit on a bench!

They write Fargo has cheap housing and low crime! No worries, mate!

They write Fargo has cheap housing and low crime! No worries, mate!

Retirement comes down to this-there’s no perfect list of places, dates to keep in mind or reason to retire ; it’s personal. Some want to ski tandem with the Abominable Snowman while others want to swim with sharks.

I just love the ocean...

I just love the ocean…

I figure life will catch up to me soon it's time to play, snorkel some, or paddle around in a kayak.

I figure life will catch up to me soon enough…now it’s time to play, snorkel some, or paddle around in a kayak..or not.

Thing is, the word retirement should really be spelled-you don’t have to hurry anymore-but Webster was too busy to write all that out. To me, it figures retirement is like walking out into a huge pasture filled with other people who don’t care if they’ve stepped in it.

who really knows what's been in that field?!?!

who really knows what’s been in that field?!?!

No one sees as well as they use to; no one hears or cares; smells are more like guesses and the muffled voices that belong to cartoon characters keep rasping from cracked faces that croak the sounds.

Speaking of croaking. Retirement is not the same as being dead.

It's time to wake up and smell the flowers-

It’s time to wake up and smell the flowers on that misnomer.

Heck, I know plenty of people who have lived days past their retirement date-a few even longer. But there are plenty of so-called guides to help people with retirement that are heck-bent on making sure that doesn’t happen for long. Everyone who’s ever thought about retiring has heard the adage: keep yourself busy. SAY What!?!?! Wait! That’s what I’ve done my whole life! Maybe, what those who spew this mockery of retirement’s real spelling-U don’t have 2 hurry anymore- mean for us to keep busy shoveling.

Keep in shape; you're almost there....

Keep in shape; you’re almost there….

Some guides even try to appeal to the frugal retirees…

My dad was from Iowa and saved even hte shadow of his money, so he might have thought this  a deal of a ,errrr,,lifetime....

My dad was from Iowa and saved even the shadow of his money, so he might have thought this a deal of a ,errrr,,lifetime….

Okay then, my bottom line and last-ditch effort to make this all up to snuff is I don’t think Forbes had a young guy writing this review..what old people need to move to where water’s running out and it’s 100 degrees in the shade? And who ever heard of retirees wanting to get comfy in blocks of ice for beds? Yeah, no

Franque.  I’m too busy to retire …..who’s got time for that?

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* Actually this is a a true reading from Upper New York State near our lake home…

1)I love the smell of the tomato plants as I tie them to the fence to help them grow tall. Fresh citrus has a strong smell. I picked several Valencia today and left them by the front door as I worked in the garden picking lettuce, green beans and herbs and peppers. I’d forgotten about them when I went to go inside. The smell was like a fragrant flower-my nose reminded me of their presence.  Cutting fresh oranges fills the room with the scent of orange.

2)The most important idea I can share with anyone, especially with those under forty, or not, is this: If you are thirty-threeish to 36(or younger) and you put $300.00 into a mutual fund per month FOR ONLY SEVEN  YEARS AND THEN STOPPED ENTIRELY, BUT NEVER TOUCHED THE MONEY,  you will have one million dollars in that fund when you turn 65. Just seven years of pain, or a second job. This assumes an 8% gain over the course of 35 years(stocks forever average). This is not based on an outlandish assumption rate-trust me. Sure, things could happen. The US may fall into the ocean, or the world may blow up. But if not, then the world and America will grow, so will the world economy, and even considering an inflation rate, you’d be set for life and maybe your children’s lives will be set as well. It comes down to making a pretend car payment for just seven years while you are still somewhat young. Start later on in life, say in your forties or older, then the effect is not as dramatic, but it still works to a degree.

If you only can put in 150.00 per month, do it. At sixty-five you will be so happy.

3)People are beginning, or continuing, to post stupid political stuff about Hillary. Screw the facts-the blasting goes on regardless. But what I learned(read) this week was about Katherine Harris…she absolutely forged the election return numbers in 2004, and no one to this day has called her out on that crime. (?) And there is this link for those who enjoy reading history about US elections that is laden with facts and truth.*

4)For the first time in nearly two years upon examination my eye occlusion has held its shape. Of course, I’ve developed a side effect from the treatment but, still, I may be coming out of the woods on this.

5)I loved watching the film, I Am, and realize that I’m the type of person who never stops loving someone-the years don’t matter; lack of contact, unseen ever again, beyond distance, my heart never does let go. It’s interesting that in the Japanese culture it is believed that people come and go throughout your life as they should, and there is no need to hang on to memories and wish life were different. I agree with that intellectually, but, emotionally I never let go. It’s a new week, with more to learn.



here are links for both of my books in the Avatar Magic Series:
Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are on kindle now.

Okay, let’s get down to it. Mother’s Day is really about Mom’s Incredible Expanding Center.

Twelve basketballs later, this mom was still eating!

Twelve basketballs later, this mom was still eating!

Women have this thing going on that can’t be normal. It’s called nature, but  I say it’s all freaky. There isn’t a guy on the planet that ever plans on expanding to twice their size to deliver-not gonna happen. Here’s why-it ain’t normal.

That’s right.  Somewhere way back during evolution Mother Nature got it wrong and decided children should be born.

Children grown on trees is a much better idea.

Random idea for this post:

Huge pegs don't fit thru small holes......

Huge pegs aren’t meant to go thru small holes……

See below? There’s a large glob of baby that’s hoping to fit through a small opening….

Look at the phyisics...nothing is working.

Look at the physics…nothing is working.

Heck, just ask any mom how that birthing process goes pain wise and you’ll know it’s all wrong. And what ever happened to the pleasure-pain principle of running or staying put!?!? You’d think women would never sleep after all this birthing history, at least not in beds. No, if evolution held true, women would all be track stars or astronauts by now. (Remember , there are also twins, heck even six-packs of newborn siblings come along sometimes).

Eons of not learning.

Eons of not learning.

It’s important to tell a pregnant woman how nice she looks, since everyone knows people were never meant to resemble bowling balls with feet.

“You look lovely.”

“Oh, thank you.”

“Just how many of you are there, anyway?” Asked no living guy.

There’s usually about fifty pounds of an expectant mother you just can’t miss. But it’s okay-very weird-if women want to be three times the size of any other living person. Whatever—this expand-o-max routine works especially well in plane seats, movie theaters, narrow hallways, cars and couches. Nature has it all planned, for elephants. Thing is, there’s an idea or two missing when it comes to women giving birth.

For one, everyone knows babies need nourishment but Nature has that screwed up for people, too…

Eat up mom!

Eat up mom!

Who ever said size doesn’t matter never gave birth or had to walk around a pregnant woman.

Try to stay off your feet until after the baby's born.

I keep thinking about those things society used to use called phone booths. “I’ve got to call the hospital; the baby’s coming!” How did that work?

It’s all a bit screwy. Other animals have this  worked out-they give birth to small things that triple in size almost over night once they’re down and out the shoot. Not people. No, people like to give birth to babies with huge heads, and that part comes out first! “Perfect!”, said no mother during delivery.

All this should be happening on a children tree.

All this should be happening on a children tree.

People, every one of us, are freaks of nature. Maybe, that’s the problem with Mankind. God, or the Gods, placed bets that none of us would ever happen. When we did, they just threw up their hands and began to drink heavily.

I guess we’re all miracles, and most of all-Mother’s.

I hope you have a huge, Happy Mother’s Day.


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Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are on kindle now.

It’s not rocket science. The mother we all share is Mother Earth. It’s super that we have, Earth Day, but we all should remember the lump of clay beneath every travel is our Mother as well.

Mom is always a-round.

Mom is always a-round.

There is no life as we know it without our Earth.

Such beautiful life comes forth form our Mother Earth.

Such beautiful life comes forth from our Mother Earth.

Disney was right-most plants and animals of this earth are our friends if we only would let that be-

Life is happening all around us every second of every single day.

Life is happening all around us every second of every single day.

Earth. An immense montage of unimaginable beauty; a labyrinth of forests, streams, rivers, ravines, canyons, mountains, prairies, desserts and yes, cities.

I was amazed by discussions I witnessed during the 1970’s, my college years, that referred to things like-Man verses Nature…as though the two were not one and the same?!?!? Actually, as far back as 1864 people were writing about the lack of separation, or difference, between Man and Nature(Man and nature; or, Physical geography as modified by human action is a book written by George Perkins Marsh in 1864.)

Somehow, Mankind(Us) lost our way. Our logic failed us; our need for growth and power to further that growth over came or abilities to understand the Earth’s place in our lives.

Power companies don't get it. People have to mass together and demand renewable energies only as a goal in the foreseeable future.

(A fracking pit.)Power companies don’t get it. People have to mass together and demand renewable energy use only as a goal in the foreseeable future, or we don’t have one. One well placed bullet can kill an elephant. Our environment is like that elephant.

images (23)

Today’s random idea-

Please forward this blog to everyone you know....

Please forward this blog to everyone you know…. (Please forward.)

We have our Mother to hold.

We enjoy and need

We enjoy and need “Mom” night and day.

Our sun and its power is a gift. We should accept that gift, we should embrace that glory and light our future for all those who will follow to see.

Some famous artists, like, balh balh, use their work to remind people to celebrate Mother Earth's beauty.

Some famous artists, like Chihuly, and so many others use their work to remind people to celebrate Mother Earth’s beauty.*

If you get the chance, go see The Grand Canyon in person. The sight is a good reminder of how long the Earth has truly been in existence.

It would take one heck of a cosmic drip to do this in just 6000 years.....just saying.

It would take one heck of a cosmic drip to do this in just 6000 years…..just saying.

The Earth’s beauty shines as a light in the center of our eyes. That light mirrors the life around us, and in us. The Earth listens and supplies our needs, but we have to listen as well. We can do this. We can win the environmental wars for Mom. Then, our tables will be set, and our plates full-

Love to all Moms everywhere, and to the one beneath our feet.

If there's anyone we must keep in our corner-it's her.

If there’s anyone we must keep in our corner-it’s her.


I try to celebrate the Earth in my bulletins boards….

The wonder of the Earth.

The wonder of the Earth.


here are links for both of my books in the Avatar Magic Series:
Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are on kindle now.

As I see it, no one remembers him, only the booze, the drunken swagger, and slow drawl that crept out from beneath his handle bar mustache. They remember him old, defeated, not so much more than a has been from a more than forgotten time.  Thing is, that time was our time.

We laughed together as kids maybe more than you ever will. That’s a fact I can’t prove but the words speak for themselves. Things got exciting when Grady came to the lake. We were young- there were a million boats to ride and hillsides to climb. Later on, when we got cool, there’d be booze, of course, but much more humor. Ideas would flow between us as my cousins, Robin and David, gazed with Grady and I at star light or the flickering flames of a fire that needed one more log. The heat from our fires back then was unreal, and it always dispelled any notion we might have had that good times could ever end, that things could ever change, and even be forgotten. Grady had the spark we’d  waited to see all day though few who are alive today could ever believe it, certainly never know it, or think that possible-he was a drunk. I suspect that’s what people will say, or think now.

Like my cousin Robin, or David, who bowed down to the power of booze, Grady was no different, but for his name, his life, and his spirit. Thing is, anyone who only reads the last chapters of a book and then claims to know what the entire story was about is wrong. Grady’s ending belies his life, a life attested to by so much that still stands today by our lake house,or, actually, inside it as well. His life stands inside my heart, too. You see, more than the painfully perfect rocks walls that Grady built along the road way to our camp, and those rock walls are a challenge to any who ever built one to try a do better, the dry wall of our camp loft and more were meticulously done by Grady. Forty-five years later, not a seam of tape is showing in those joints, and the fittings have always been perfect.

Grady, I owe you. Not just because my parents loved you so dearly, but because you gave so much when you could.

It gets down to this: I loved this guy. I loved hearing his unique voice, a raspy, deep woodmen’s sounding one, and the twinkle in his eye. When he spoke, people listened; and when he laughed the world did too. His rock walls at the lake will always be wonderful to see, a fond remembrance. Of course, only my cousin,Robin, may have drunk more, I don’t know. My cousin David may have taken a close third place. All are gone now. That is painful, but what really matters to me is that I will miss all three, and often hear their voices, their laughter, in the wind as it comes off the lake.

We had it all for a moment as we grew up together during our summer time spent at the lake camps-we were so young, and it was so much fun. Sunlight glimmered just for us.

Grady, I may be one of few who know how much you did for my parents, and for the beauty of the East Shore road up at Bonaparte. I may be one of the few left who remember you as a kid, with eyes shining bright and laughter so light. Thing is, I want you to know-I miss you already. You were honest, a friend during the years I wish I had back. I’d guess, most anyone who really knows you feels the same.

Goodbye Grady. I wish I could see you again. We’ll have to wait and see about that. We always wondered what would happen. Sometime, when I pass, we’ll know.


My New Year’s foolslution this year was to re-gain my six-pack. So, I went out and started buying them, but they turned into a keg-belly, not a ripped torso. Odd. It seemed the more I tried the worse it got!

My self image was growing.....

My self-image was growing…..

Thing is, I’d wrestled most of my earlier years, beginning in second grade with my first official match in sixth and then on through high school.  I was flexible then, muscular for my age and quite successful at the sport( my entire lifetime record was 62ish wins and 2 losses). I had a six-pack then, and I’d never drank a single one! Go figure.

Being young has it's advantages....

Being young has it’s advantages….(Not me pictured.then or now..)

It’s April, and I’ve officially started to do yoga again daily, kicking in leg lifts and fifty stair push-ups as well. Who’d want to start in January!?!?! Ha! Anyway, it’s a start-moving from round to fit, maybe. I play Lisa Lynn Harp music as I workout every morning-love that music- but I have to say this repetitive tune thing I have going on drives my wife nuts, and now my dog scoots up the stairs to escape the morning barrage of lets feel good music, too.  Let’s face it, Shadow’s in shape at 1 and 1/2, and he’d rather be listening to squirrels chomping up in his jaws than me huffing on a mat.

But it’s all good, and since there’s ten thousand things I’d like to recommend, doing Yoga is one of them.

This is me leading a yoga session up at our Lake House-about four years ago.....sigh.

This is me leading a yoga session up at our Lake House-about four years ago…..sigh.

I started yoga in earnest at age 55 and did it nearly daily for seven years. The routine made me feel ten years younger and much stronger than the 54-year-old me I’d been when I started. Do yourself a favor-start any yoga routine that suits your fancy and stick with it to see what happens.

Random note(and picture):

Idea! It's a miracle I survived......

Idea! It’s a miracle I survived……

Robin and I would be first out in the water at Alexander Springs back in 1970ish.  Not sure, but it seemd Gators were sleeping with their faces pointed toward the spring until we disturbed them-they'd swim on down river....

Robin(my cousin) and I would be first out in the water at Alexander Springs* back in 1970ish. Not sure, but it seemed the Gators we often swam over were sleeping with their faces pointed toward the spring until we disturbed them-they’d swim on down river….I never felt in danger–hahahah…..So there are also disadvantages to being young.

So why did I ever stop doing yoga? Well,  one-off day easily leads to the next, and what once was time to do the routine becomes time to do other stuff. Plus, there’s ice cream, cakes, chips, crackers, spreads, jams, barbecue, not soda fountains, parties and those six-packs.

Not soda bars....

Not soda fountains….

It's really very simple-a person can work out or pass out....and then dream he's working out!!!! Wowowowo/.

It’s really very simple-a person can work out or pass out….and then dream he’s working out!!!! Wowowowo/.

In fact, when you compare the few things yoga does for a person-makes them strong, more fit, happier, thinner-to all the other reasons not to do yoga, well, it’s a no-brainer. Did I mention Football season and beer? And ice-cream cakes….the choice is simple.

I'm thinkin' this guy watched a few too many games.....

I’m thinkin’ this guy watched a few too many games…..

Find some simple stretches you like doing, and remember to hold your positions for 30 seconds. Don’t worry about how far down your hands go, or knees bend, just do what you can. Bend don’t break, that’s the rule. Quickly, the body regains its elasticity and a person becomes more flexible.

I spent Saturday at Alexander Springs snorkeling at my favorite Florida spring.

Ah--Alexander Springs....I'd like my cousins, etc. to one day see this place.

Ah–Alexander Springs….I’d like my cousins, and readers to one day see this place.

But I completely missed this! Jeez/Geeez...

But I completely missed this! Jeez/Ge’ez…

It was crowded, being Easter Weekend, but I couldn’t help notice one well chiseled young man who walked into the water up to his waist. He stopped, turned to face the beach head and started cupping water in both hands and pouring the water over his head and, yes, letting the water drip down across his six-pack. “What an a-hole,” I thought. It was as if he was anointing his body with water for all to see.”Show off,” I scoffed.

Now, if I can only get to look like that guy! Many think I’ve already 1/2 of his routine down with only one body to go.

They say every successful endeavor starts with a workable plan...I be alone and must think-

They say every successful endeavor starts with a workable plan…I must be alone; I have to think-

Cheers and Beers, and yoga, too. Good luck. And really , I might not have started this whole thing again if my sister hadn’t noted during her recent visit that I looked like a half-dead, soggy donut of a snail. So go out and challenge someone(should be someone you know)-do them the favor. And no, I am not a snail. My sister’s so off:-)


* I wrote about this spring before—-please enjoy!

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