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You’ve heard the word: Antifa. It’s in the news today and has been predominately in America since 2017 but, still, WORD will try to correct the spelling. Isn’t it weird how something like WORD marks the relevance of any label? Thing is, WORD needs to catch up.

How Canada's 'antifa' groups are organizing to fight a growing far ...

Antifa at this point sounds more like a salad choice to me. “Please pass the Antifa and I’d like Russian dressing with that,” though , in this case, that choice of dressing may be a bad one. Anyway, yes, Antifa may not be a Salade niçoise, but no matter what dressing you choose the Antifa is on America’s table of events whether we like it or not. I must admit, until reading up on the group I was somewhat in the left out of the rally group when it comes to this icon’s meaningful movement.

Trump is declaring the Antifa a terrorist organization.

Well, this is awkward.

I learned that this so called, “terrorist organization,” is a bit unique in that it isn’t an organization at all!   Thing is, Trump and his low-‘barr’ are proclaiming the Antifa group a terrorist organization—this is as interesting as it is problematic. Go ahead, ask me why. Okay, if I must answer: it does seem difficult to name a group that doesn’t exist as a terrorist organization, but still, our current administration has proven anything might be possible.

Let’s clear the mud a bit when it comes to Antifa…

What Is Antifa? The Far-Left Group Staging Violent Protests ...

Antifa has no designated leader, no meeting place, no group rallies and no group fund raising. In fact, the feared Antifa has no group anything whatsoever of any kind in any way. So what is Antifa? Maybe, Antifa is a thought, or a bunch of thoughts, lots of people sitting on couches in lots of different places think correct.

In truth, the Antifa that we are being led to believe are a fearsome, down right disloyal, snot nosed, brainless rebel rousers with anti-American beliefs and slogans are not anything of this kind. The Antifa people who randomly show up at rallies and marches to protest those promoting bigotry are simply people who are fed up with the idea that Freedom of Speech can be used to mask one’s right to spew hate speech. Speeches full of lies that promote hatred of another are the clamp-down target here, not opinions, ‘what- ifs’, appeals for non-violent intervention or expression of well-thought out choices: this distinction is important to latch on to here.

Trump is declaring a thought a terrorist organization.

Antifa believe you can say anything you want as long as your words aren’t a hate filled, mosh-pits of lies and slander. Misleading blabber that labels anyone less than any other due to one’s beliefs, their color, their sexual preference, their political leanings or disdain for anyone different from themselves is a non-starter.

This is why people who march against the rights of women will meet Antifa members on the street.

This is why people who march against people of any color will meet Antifa members on the street.

This is why people who march against those with alternative sexual preferences of any sort will meet Antifa members on the street.

KKK will ALWAYS  meet Antifa members on the street.

Here’s the deal in a nut shell…though, again, this may be a poor choice of words… STILL

American’s want Freedom of speech but not at the cost of truth.

Antifa rise to prominence in Donald Trump′s United States ...

This is why the times are a changin’….in many ways, many people agree with many ideas promoted by Anfita.

Scott Crow, a former Antifa member says, “the “radical ideals” promoted by Antifas are starting to be adopted by liberals. They would never have looked at (those ideals) before, because they saw us as the enemy as much as the right-wingers.”

The majority of Antifa members don’t fall into a stereotype. Since the election of President Trump, however, most new Antifa members are young voters.

“The idea in Antifa is that we go where they (right-wingers) go. That hate speech is not free speech. That if you are endangering people with what you say and the actions that are behind them, then you do not have the right to do that…(We) believe that Nazis or fascists of any stripe should not have a mouthpiece.”)*


Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Eric Garcia @EricG1247 My grandfather was part of an Antifa organization. It was called the United States Army when he was in World War 2 and fought the fascists and Nazi in Europe for the freedom of the world. When did being anti fascist become a bad thing in the US? 5:17 PM 5/30/20 Twitter for Android 12.8K Retweets 50K Likes'

Listen, there’s enough propaganda out there to discredit Tinker Bell. But don’t let lies from Trump fog your vision when it comes to these folks who have had enough of the KKK. Trump refers to people who attack Governor houses with armed weapons or who rampage and threaten blacks, Jews and anyone not as white as them as good people. This is just wrong.

I think it important to note that although Antifa started perhaps around 1920, the group played a heavy hand in fighting against Hitler…Now, I ask—are you with them, or not?

I love America because of what we stand for. We may not meet those aspirations as much as we’d like, but we at least set the goals for Freedom of Speech, freedom of thought, of expression, for the right to choose and for life liberty and pursuit of Happiness. Millions of immigrants who have in the past made our country what it is today are now being jailed at our boarders, or kept out of our country. This is not our America; this is trump’s obscene vision of a land he wants to rule as a fascist or worse.

Call me Antifa, call me for dinner, I don’t care.  But, I know good ideas when I hear them. Trump dispersing peaceful protesters with mace and rubber bullets as he walks to a church he wouldn’t even go in just for a photo op can go to hell.

Please vote and help get our country back in November, 2020. And yes, please, pass the Antifa salad…I don’t care what you call it.

Franque23—I’ve added below my  response to a comment below

“It is an odd experience to be raised American and then realize later on some of your childhood impressions were at best tainted. The ideals are here; the theoretical goals noble. It’s greed and the power of smaller minds that have undercut the best of America. I knew one bullet did not strike President Kennedy four times and that Nam was a futile if not corrupt endeavor but then, as time passes, as one gets busy with the earning of a living, it’s easy to forget the mess America is in. I’ve thought FDR’s New Deal was America putting it’s best foot forward and now, oddly, The Green Deal may be America’s next best step, though even this correctness won’t solve an inherent stream of corruption among our elected officials.” Franque23


This is  my birthday weekend, so I spent today spreading red mulch that’s guaranteed to keep its color for 12 months or 12 days, whichever comes first.  It seems I’m always doing some sort of yard work on the days leading up to Memorial Day. Thing is, I love the work-gardening, squashing bugs, planting flowers that will need more water, mowing, trimming fence lines, hauling piles of debris to the front for collection, spookin’ snakes and still not losing weight. Well there’s nothing new these days.

I worked on.

It’s time to open up our pool, 60 days after we started using it, and it’s all very HUGE. The jungle in Florida has a way of either being cut back or eating people-so I cut. And while I toil, I always think of my Dad. He was a Full Colonel. I think of all those who have fallen during time of war and wish none of it was true. “War! Good G-D y’all. What’s it good for?” That’s what my generation sang. The tune went very well with wine and a pocket full of joints.

Of course, there are way too many flowers being left on graveyards this weekend.

For or against, war seems a necessary evil of our time,,,no wait, for all of Man’s history. So, as I work in the yard, enjoying the chickadee, the Cardinal and Red Tail Hawk above, I’m thankful for their music that helps me forget the horror of life, and remember the beauty. I bow my head and pray for all those who gave their lives in battle as I shovel, plant, pick, spread or cultivate my yard knowing , right or wrong, it’s safe to believe the soldiers who died in battle believed they were fighting and, sometimes, dying for us. The saying is- they died to keep us free.

Flowers have a way of reminding us  how short and sweet life can be.

So it seems Memorial Day always finding me messing with flowers, or trying to enhance the small area of the earth I own. Today, the wind blew, thoughts of Dad and other soldiers I know crossed my mind. President Obama praying at Hiroshima rattle my head, and I worked.  The day, the month, the memories will pass, but it all remains tied together no matter what we do. In the end, the more a person does to encourage growth and the beauty of life the better they sleep at night-it’s called inner peace.

My day:

This popped out yesterday, just underneath the bird bath out front

This popped out yesterday, just underneath the bird bath out front


Our gardenia by the bird feeder is in full bloom. I wonder, do birds like the fragrance?

I cut about ten per day to bring in to the house.....

I cut about ten per day to bring in to the house…..

This rascal orchid lasts about one day -and I was so happy to catch it today...

This rascal orchid lasts about one day -and I was so happy to catch it today…

the pathway in front is a riot of flowers now.

the pathway in front is a riot of flowers now.

The three Amigo's growing under the birdbath are wonderful to see.

The three Amigo’s growing under the birdbath are wonderful to see.

The yellow tea rose

The yellow tea rose

Mr. Tulip

Mr. Tulip…and

and a yellow Daisy face-three amigo' you know.

a yellow Daisy face-three Amigo’ you know.

It's great fun

It’s great fun

Today's evening silky wind blew this single Hibiscus a bit off shot.

Today’s evening silky wind blew this single Hibiscus a bit off shot.

Here's new one to us! (We don't know what it is of how it came to be)It will be about 6 inches across with many more petals at it's peak...but maybe it 's not so bad being young?

Here’s new one to us! (We don’t know what it is or how it came to be)It will be about 6 inches across with many more petals at it’s peak…but maybe it’s not so bad being young?

Not sure you can make it out, but this lavender and rose colored four o'clock is beautiful...This year , we are invaded with four o'clocks.

Not sure you can make it out, but this lavender and rose colored four o’clock is beautiful…This year, we are invaded with four o’clocks.

The garden grows

The garden grows

 as the Meyer lemons produce and flower at the same time

as the Meyer lemons produce and flower at the same time….

I’m so glad I got to help this life happen; I’m so thankful for that chance… Happy Memorial Day. Take time to smell the flowers if you can. It’s time to give thanks.

Thanks for stopping by.



I've got to say, I didn't know what to expect of this private beach.....

I’ve got to say, I didn’t know what to expect of this private beach…..

There’s a locked gate when you drive up, an out house,(oh-boy!), fresh water hand pump and a semi-private open air sort of Japanese  block structured changing place* inside  the gate. Some people tent overnight.

I hadn’t expected to see the true blue Caribbean color in the water, and figured most, if not all, Florida East coast beaches would be crowded on Memorial Day Wkend.  Two wrongs make a right, right? There’s no life guard, okay, there was no nothing, only sky, sand, wind and water.

The beach was crowded with sand and waves.....

The beach turned out to be crowded with sand and waves…..

Pictured below, our 7 month old Puppy, Shadow, meets the ocean for the first time. We started teaching Shadow the word, Ocean, a day before we went. He was terrified by a word he knew nothing about. Big eyes, lowered ears, crouching at the thought, Shadow seemed to think “Ocean” was the end of the universe or, possibly, a bath.



By the third day, Shadow wanted to ride waves-really….

I once stood (1972ish)chest deep in the surf at Coca Beach waiting to ride waves when the Blues were running south. Streams of  twelve-inch or longer fish darted by, moving left or right around me,  flashing  silver streaks beneath the water’s surface as their sides reflected the sun. There were tens of thousands, maybe more. It was amazing to see this underwater array of flicking fins, then it hit me. I was standing in the middle of tons of bait, wearing, bright come bite me orange and yellow swim trunks! Time to get out of the surf.  The fish swam past  for as long as we were there that day, hours and hours…


Jeezzzz…just how much of this do I have to take lying down!!!

This wkend, I just couldn’t get comfortable; I’d hoped to sleep on the beach, but I don’t think I got off my feet the whole time we were there! Jeezzzzz…..Plus, the beach got crowded with ten folks.  And then, there was that dog….some people and their dogs…!

Yes, this dog here,,,just when I might have caught a wink, wink, wink...

Yes, this dog here was the problem,,,just when I might have caught a wink, wink, wink…

securedownload (1)

Well, someone had to ride the waves. I hauled my butt into the ocean strictly out of duty to Mother Nature,  grumbling the whole time. I forced myself to ride, oh, about a hundred waves while swearing not to catch another after each ride. Then, I made my way back out….

This was the last time I went out.....

This was the last time I went out…..

Before this time-

Please, don't make me go out again, Well, maybe just one more time.....

Please, don’t make me go out again, Well, maybe just one more time…..

securedownload (4)

You can’t see it, but my leg is up, this my formal riding form to show off. Somehow it’s a bit like when a gal lifts her leg when she’s being kissed, but I don’t know in what regard any of that makes sense. Okay, it’s like this: look I can ride with one leg in the air……fancy me…..ha!


securedownload (3)

My name, Gerald Robinson Crusoe  Franquemont, for short. I’ve landed after yet another darn ride!

It took two days for Shadow to decide he at least wanted his feet wet most of the time.

It took one hour for Shadow to decide he at least wanted his feet wet most of the time.

I’d cradle Shadow in my arms until we were over the splash zone, wait for a wave , then let him go. By the second day we could tell he loved that lift he got from the wave as he swam ashore.

You can tell the beach was pure misery to Shadow, and you can also hear the music playing: Here I come to save the day Flying ears to our rescue.!

You can tell the beach was pure misery to Shadow, and you can also hear the music playing: Here I come to save the day!!! Flying ears to our rescue.!(Psst… his name is Shadow, and they’re both in the picture! Good job Dale!)


But what about the house in the distance? What if they had Binoculars? We could be being seen by other humans….This shot taken the Sunday, the day before Memorial Day.  And that darn Caribbean blue colored water! It haunted us all three days we were there! Where-oh-where are the familiar tar balls in the sand and surf, and grayish ship bilge colored ocean water that has taken over most the Florida’s east coast since 1970?

Sometimes, I guess, we have to take what we’re given.

Dang it! Another ride....

Dang it! Another ride….

Once, Dale was with an under privileged child when they saw the ocean for the first time. She said the child stared at the ocean, then asked, “Who put all that water in there?”

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day


* Hidden from view as long as people don’t look.

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