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Actually, I can’t lose. If Hillary wins I’ll be dancing. If not, I’ll be drinkin’. So what’s not to like…of course, there is this chart that explains in detail why I’d be so miserable if Trump won-


Trump is a garbage mess of bad ideas: build a wall that won’t work(there’s trains, planes, ladders and tunnels, one million boats, cars not to mention trucks); deport immigrants; end social security; give the rich more tax breaks cause the trickle down theory has worked so well in the past(not.); let all our enemies and the rest of the world have nukes-the more the merrier; if we all paid no taxes we’d all be smart; women can too be pigs-just look at what they do with men.

Give this man a nuke!

Give this man a nuke!


Supporters of Trump have slipped off the wheels of time, so unhinged it’s mind boggling.

Three cheers? to being a bit 'off'.

Three cheers? to being a bit ‘off’.

Some Democrats hope Republicans won’t find the voting polls-anything is possible. But, to be fair, these misguided, mistaken, emotionally over wrought voters are not all bad people. They don’t all love the KKK members, right wing obstructionist or feed on ill-fed facts from Fox-not-news. It’d be wrong to think every Republican is a blow-hard who hates Blacks, Latino’s, Mexicans-anyone different looking from them- or one who thinks women can take a back seat on wages and human rights issues. No, not every supporter of Trump believes we can put America in a protective bubble within walls no one can climb while we blow up our enemies-nuke em’.

No, somewhere, there’s a normal Trump supporter-there has to be!

Just maybe not here.....

Just maybe not here…..

It’s been theorized by studies that those who support the Republican side of politics are basically people who like to make decisions and stick to them, facts be damned. Now, I believe it. After all that has unfolded during and through Trump’s Presidential split-rail, first I said it now I didn’t, campaign there’s no other up-beat let’s take the high road explanation for those beings who still support Trump.

Why? Here’s why facts must not matter to those who stand by Trump.

Trump makes crapola proud, turds smell like roses and outright lies the highway to heaven. The man’s a flam-flaming, short dealin’, back stabbing business man who claims he could shoot someone and still get votes. Plus, he’s never said what he said from either side of his mouth.

Yeah-- a Meme!

Yay– a Meme!

Then again,-

The man’s so Huge, the best of the best, so clearly smart-it’s his genes. He’s so going to do the unimaginable, a leader Putin style, so perfect, it all will come back to America thru him. He’s the only one who can do this, forget any outside business interests, they’re huge, rightly so wrong for any President. It’s he with hands so beautiful who never said fighters who get caught, killed or have mental trauma’s about killing others are cowards, losers, and not worth a dung pile. Who on any planet in their right mind wouldn’t want all of that? Well, I have to say, sorry, but Trump does have small hands and his names rhymes with, Dump.

I say-dump Trump; the man’s not worthy of air time. He’s a shameful example of a cut-throat business man at best. A low life womanizing(and how young/) money grubbing double dealing man at worst. He could be President? Of what? A crap shoot in a cow patty field?

Oh no buddy, Pick another field....

Oh no buddy, Pick another field….

Yes, maybe he can manage that patty field and not lose another fortune.

Trump could help sell Cow Patty Clocks....

Trump could help sell Cow Patty Clocks….

Vote blue down the line this Novemeber-wouldn’t it be nice to have a Supreme court nomination at least voted on? Wouldn’t it be nice to have woman’s rights supported? How about keeping Social Security in place? And how nice it would be to pass the funding of programs already approved and put in place by congress! This group of right obstructionists in Washington need to go-go with Trump and build another bankruptcy. Thank the obstructionists for downgrading America’s credit rating; thanks for Trump-heck, Republicans, thanks for nothing. The right has been lousy with bigots and cheats for too long. I want the Gallant Ol’ Party back to at least some form of sanity,,, but not through Trump’s misdeals and pig-like thinking, no way on that.


“Look at Putin—what he’s doing with Russia—I mean, you know, what’s going on over there. I mean this guy has done—whether you like him or don’t like him—he’s doing a great job in rebuilding the image of Russia and also rebuilding Russia period.”-Trump on Larry King-

Wait!!! “Rebuilding the image of Russia!” In whose mind is Putin rebuilding Russia’s image? There’s a scary thought…


The chart of charts on the candidates positions..

The chart of charts on the candidates positions…


Over one million children gather to pray for World Peace this year in Thailand.

Over one million children gather to pray for World Peace this year in Thailand.(click on pics for bigger view.)

Let’s hope so, at least some of it. Yes, it’s easy to worry about radicals and think the catastrophes of WWII might be repeated, that millions of innocent men, women and children will be sacrificed by the unthinkable, the unholy, the greedy, or by the likes of madmen from our recent past. Thing is, while it’s important to make sure the atrocities of the World’s past are not repeated, there’s another whole world of history that we might want to give another go.

In our present times of doom, gloom, worry and warfare, it’s difficult to understand that once there were no wars. 

The Peace throughout Central Europe lasted nearly three hundred years in some places…The period of what was thought to be God’s Grace began in earnest around the tenth century, and lasted well into the thirteenth century. The peaceful ideologies and way of life was fully embraced by Church and State, and by those who toiled in the fields as well.

Try to imagine three hundred years of peaceful living throughout parts of our planet.

It's another no brainer.....a hoax head's up!

1776 to 2076 is three hundred years!

I’m thinking the Native Americans wished they’d had the time.

This hangs on our walls,,and we still talk form time to time.

The Civil War brother’s who fought for different sides might have enjoyed the Peace, too.

I walked across this field....

Thing is, there’s so many wars that have happened world-wide over the course of the past three hundred years that it’d be difficult to list them all.

Spanish-American War


Protestant Catholic Wars


Korean War

Vietnam WAR

the Middle East….on and on.

Meanwhile, over the same length of time, three hundred years, from approximately the 10th to 13th century,  there were no wars to speak of in Europe.  Of course, there were wars to be found, and heads to chop off if one felt like joining a Crusade or two, but generally, if a man wanted, he could stay home and live out his life along with his son’s, son’s, son’s, son’s in peace. (Daughter’s , too.)

Oil depicting city life in Europe, around 1338.

Oil depicting city life in Europe, around 1338. People are holding hands since they believed God had come and touched Earth with his Peaceful love and understanding.

From the tenth century on, civilized Europeans began to enter the High-Middle age period…Abundant food, the spread of knowledge had begun and religion was not doubted by many who lived to tell their tale.

the universities were just gaining a foot-hold.

The universities were just gaining a foot-hold.(1400).

Tables were set, and tapestries hung form walls.

Tables were set, and tapestries hung from walls.(12th century).

Imagine, nearly  six generations of a family living without suffering thru war! This might be an excellent time to listen to John Lennon’s , Imagine, again.*

The truth is, it is very hard to imagine a peace that reigned for so long. The trouble is it almost feels like those in power would rather have the people of the world accept War’s inevitability than realize that Peace can and once did happen.

Wars and rumors of war. What about Peace and rumor’s of Peace?

It’s up to us whether or not history will repeat itself and, if it does, what part will be repeated. Once, there were huge festivals , marches, town and city parties that celebrated crops, marriages, babies and happiness for three hundred years in Europe. The Kings and Church ruled over a prosperous peoples. We can, no, must, bring this history back into focus and then into reality. Our other war-torn histories are sheer madness, and it’s up to us, the people, to stop the crazies.

It's time for the real Adults of this world to stand behind our children and help them wrestle Peace from the hands of mayhem leaders...

It’s time for the real Adults of this world to stand behind our children and help them wrestle Peace from the hands of mayhem leaders…(Can one million children be wrong? Let’s hope not.)

A song comes to mind- This Little Light on Mine. Let it shine.




(There are no pictures-there are none any would want to see.)

I imagine Buddha, Gandhi or God might find that reading 30 people died was as painful as learning  six family members were killed. Otherwise, it’s difficult for most people to put a face on the dead they never knew. Maybe, that’s why the news that Isis has launched 20 attacks world-wide since 2014 that have killed 1200 people and wounded scores more doesn’t have many of us gnashing our teeth at a wailing wall.

But, what if, for just a moment, you and I imagined all 30 people killed today in Brussels were our direct family members(take a second or two-see their faces in death)….what then? Would we sit in our living room and listen to President hopefuls talk about the situation? Or, might we find ourselves banging fists through walls.

Sometimes, that bull-in-the-ring reaction seems well suited to charge ahead at any cost.

When does the talking stop and unified world-wide forces identify the enemy’s uniform and stomp those wearing it into beetle piss. A beautiful thing about life is that it holds so many truths, and here’s one of them: if no one is safe, then no one is safe. Simple.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is a major charge the American people ask of their government. Isis is putting a bad wrinkle on that chink of armor, and doing it across the globe. People of Ankara ask why the two bombings in Turkey that left scores dead this past week did not get the same main stream waving flag of coverage that Brussel’s earned in just one blast.* Their point is well taken, but I think the central point has moved past outrage, past coverage, past detente, way past no boots on the ground.

If Americans and good people all over look outside what they should see, no matter what the weather, is war clouds gathering on our horizon. Isis will not stop random bombings unless they are made to stop. And it only figures Isis will not leave  American football games, parades or Times Square out of their sights. Trouble is, can Isis be made to stop? There’s a gut check question for a knee jerk reaction. Queasy-the only word.

History has well proven that wars do happen, and for each war there has been a cause, a reason for the conflict that those willing to fight and die could not deny. When Fathers, Mothers and Children of all ages are randomly slaughtered as they go to catch a plane, can the reasons for war be too far off?

Maybe, not having a choice will make this ensuing war easier, but I think not. “We have nothing to fear but fear itself?” Well, there’s an early death; that can’t be perfect. Still, the time is here. It’s time some good sides march left to right while the other good sides march right to left and together, the two forces must squash everyone in between that is an enemy of free life, free travel, community safety and civilized people.

The deadly bombings are happening across the globe far more than most American’s know. It’s past time for complaining about what we have to do about this ideological menace to the civilized world- we have to stand up, stop apologizing for what may or may not have caused the problem to begin with, and stop the murderers now. No one can change history, but many can stop these random bombings.

Isis can end, but only with a world-wide effort. Sadly, words will never be enough.


“ANKARA — For the fifth time since October, another bomb has rocked one of Turkey’s two biggest cities — Istanbul and Ankara — pushing the overall death toll in recent months to nearly 200 with hundreds more injured.”



Life is bigger than any of us.

My foot falls beat a rhythm upon wet leaves strewn along the path, or through dusty sands dried by a rain-less week. Wind rattles leaves as though chimes hang from every branch; the Florida panther, Jaguarundi, bison, wild horse, fearsome gator and grunting bore live nearby. The massive Pileated Woodpecker laughs from high above as the mid-size tanager hangs perpendicular from a massive oak trunk, its expansive call echoing through the woodland. Nature’s music owns the air.

The long-eared owl silently watches, its large eyes blinking, it’s head swiveling left and right. This is no time to feel alone, but a great moment for recalling the past and looking ahead to the future while so intensely immersed in the present. Time ticks on another clock, not here with the scurrying ants, buzzing insects, the birds, trees, land and running rabbits.


This moment owns forever.


There’s a bluff that Chief Micanopy had walked so long ago, before he was overcome, conquered. The prairie below this bluff, now an expansive grassland traversed by creeks and dotted by ponds, had once been a sizable lake crossed only by boat, and then prairie once again, or rain flooded marsh; change the only constant. In this order, the majestic clouds, or severe blue skies, the morning mists full of rainbows and ever vast starlit sky follow along with the prairie as calendar pages turn, as the years pass. The changes come year in, year out, life moving forward or gone.

It seems the true measure of a person may be the shadow they leave behind, one they’ll never see.

The shadow we make lingers, stretches, expands through others that follow our lifetime. The winds will always blow-the sailor knows this as sure as the winged will balance by claw and the black bear smell a man’s breath from twenty miles off. Nature has its way of surviving. The true nature of us will survive, too. A life lived full of good intention will be a peaceful memory as all of us take a last breath, a last look around, and then say goodbye to all of it, the hurry, bustle, stress, the appointments we’ve kept and those we’ve missed. In the end, I’m certain what we have most is who we have really been. As true as the wind blows, that truth will rush through our senses with an undeniable rigidity in our last moments.

This is why I walk. I want to think about who I am, and what I’ve really done. Life is long, but never long enough-ends will be left hanging, but that doesn’t mean there could ever be a turn-down day, a reason to lose focus, to give up. Somehow, I feel the life around me, us, is always calling for us as a society to do better, to make the ends meet, and to find peace with our place on the planet.

I think of Isis, and how in my mind’s eye I’d like to hug each member and tell them I feel their pain, but it’d be foolish not to realize those same people would cut my head off. The world faces a difficult, blood soaked time ahead, but has it ever been any different? So many more civilians were killed in WWII than were soldiers, and when we speak of the deaths, we seldom think of the wounded, the transformed forever by the blasts of war, the loss of limb, or parents or siblings. My feet hit the earth as if each one is recording a massacre of life that has happened in our history on the planet.

That’s when the owl in all its wisdom hoots. How? Why? What is all this for? Walking-

Even the sperm race to battle and penetrate the egg. Is life then just a battle from its beginning, one we are meant to endure? Of course, I don’t know. I only know I love the woods, the life it holds, the life I see around me, and I want the killing to stop.


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America came through for those who needed help in WW 11...we can again.

America came through for those who needed help during WWII-we can do it again.


133 million x 25 dollars =

three billion three hundred twenty-five million dollars.

That’s how many people voted in the US 2012 election-133 million people. If those people could all unite behind one idea, what would that idea be, and what could they do?

The answer to those questions are the ones that point to who will be our next President. Winston Churchill would attest, times of trouble can bring forth great leadership opportunities. Now is the time in America, and in the World, for a leader to emerge as the one who can have vision, unite all those who hate terrorism, and forge a forceful front to defeat that beast. But how?

I’ve a plan that just might work. Refuges the world over are hungry, displaced, starving.

Step one.) America, it’s leader-whoever that might be now and in the near future should initiate a collection of funds from all voters, my selected amount would be 25 dollars per person, and arrange that every dollar, without question, or crime, be allocated to the sole purpose of funding huge, massive international airlifts of food to those in need due to the killing Isis rebels.  This would be a non-partisan, unilaterally funded organization bent on beating back the hell terrorists are using to lash our world-wide citizens.  This fund from just those who bothered to vote here in America would yeild….three billion three hundred twenty-five million dollars. This does not factor in any other countries that may want to join in this effort.

Step two) We food drop tons of food, but leaflets as well*. We take a page from American efforts in WWII to alert the Japanese of a coming  disastrous bomb and use those same methods to alert people to the efforts world-wide being taken to restore their lives, to supply food. We use those leaflets to infuse the populace with information about the World’s side on this issue of  Isis murder.
Step three) We use Japan’s Tokyo Rose idea, one they used in WW 11 to disseminate Pr disgracing our place in the war effort, and broadcast night and day the truth of the matter on as many frequencies as we can . That people world-wide hate the Isis murderous tactics.



Step four) We use every up-tempo computer link technology to alert all those on-line about what the air lifts are doing, why the World Leaders are doing them, and how the radical Isis group is hated World-wide, and should be defeated….


To me, asking Americans to  sacrifice for the good of humanity is a no brainer—-just research all the sacrifices American’s made during World War 11 to help defeat the enemy.  I’m just saying-Americans have always been game when it comes to doing what’s right.We do have the resources to defeat Isis in their own world-wide game of terror. America does have the power, the means and the will. We only need now for someone to direct us, to take the reins. Hillary, anyone running, should hear this plea and lead our mega nation into absolute action. Indecision has never been the American way….we can finance air lifts, mobilize PR units up the kazoo, and vitalize a populace that’s had enough.  Who will be the leader to see we are waiting-and all about winning this war to restore peace throughout the World?


I’m asking a Democrat to answer the call, but I’ll follow any American who has the chops to take the lead.

The silence during the last Republican and Democratic debates about what to do about Isis has been deafening….I hope they hear my answer.




*Aircrews from the United States Air Force, the BritishRoyal Air Force, the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal New Zealand Air Force, and the South African Air Force[3]:338 flew over 200,000 flights in one year, providing to the West Berliners up to 8,893 tons of necessities each day, such as fuel and food.[4] The Soviets did not disrupt the airlift for fear this might lead to open conflict.[5]

By the spring of 1949, the airlift was clearly succeeding, and by April it was delivering more cargo than had previously been transported into the city by rail. On 12 May 1949, the USSR lifted the blockade of West Berlin. The Berlin Blockade served to highlight the competing ideological and economic visions for postwar Europe.” Common knowledge.

Here’s  my synopsis of the Republican party candidates to this point.

If Trump were to meet the Chinese over international policy, he’d walk out with a signed negotiated deal, the table and all the chairs in the room, plus a life time pass to re-visit when he liked pro bono. Jeb Bush would walk out with a sore ass and no agreement, and all the others would suffer from gag reflux for the rest of their lives….
DCF 1.0

Trump’s the Leader of the PAC….

ON a brighter note for the Republican politicians at this point there’s an old saying-sometimes, dicks come in handy. The party seems to have a wad of them. It did seem last night that the Republican candidates-but for Trump and one other- were afraid of their own shadow, afraid to say the wrong thing, always well framed by party agenda with little get-up-and-go guts.
Oh, the things I might say....

Oh, the things I might say….

But what about that one other candidate? It’s all about the gal running for the ticket.
Chair of the American Conservative Union Foundation and former CEO of Hewlett-Packard Carly Fiorina speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Oxon Hill, Maryland, March 8, 2014. CPAC closes after 3 days where thousands of conservative activists, Republicans and Tea Party Patriots gathered to hear politicians, presidential hopefuls, and business leaders speak, lobby and network for a conservative agenda, looking to Congressional gains in 2014 and a Republican president in 2016.     REUTERS/Mike Theiler   (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS) - RTR3G9EM

She can make a ;point-but I hate the ones she makes….

I  liked Carly Fiorina, sorta-not really.  That is, she was well spoken, and seemed knowledgeable…i.e.= no chance, and that’s the good news.  Thing is, I’m opposed to everything she stands by…here’s a run down on her points: “She opposes abortion, is critical of fears over climate change, and worries that proposed efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions – particularly the controversial “cap and trade” system – would be prohibitively costly in the amount of jobs that stand to be lost. She has stated that she herself voted for a measure in California to legally define marriage as a heterosexual union between one man and one woman, a measure which passed at the ballot box but was subsequently ruled unconstitutional by a federal court.”
Her talking points have sailed on-out with the tide from American shores.

Fiorina’s  talking points have sailed on-out with the tide from American shores.

See? She’s not my kind of gal at all. I’m for women’s right to choose, at least up to a point; I think green house emissions have to be regulated, sharply reduced; And we should leave the gays, etc. alone. What matter is it to me if gays want to call themselves legally married? It doesn’t interfere with my marriage. And, if a person has a well-defined opinion about god and his judgment, as I suspect most people who stand against gay marriage do, then they should take comfort in the belief that there will be a final judgement. They should realize that America, with 70% of adults professing to be Christian, is hardly in danger of suffering a fate akin to Sodom and Gomorrah. Nah, Fiorina, for all her well dressed words, is not in the ball park of reason-not in my mind.
Is it just me, or does our Republican party have a propensity for putting forth wack-o women who wear short skirts?

Is it just me, or does our Republican party have a propensity for putting forth wack-o women who wear short skirts?

So there you have it. The Republican party has a business man blow hard leading the pack, and he’s the last one Id’ like to have to debate of the group. Still,  “They call me Jeb in Florida,” Bush seems the likely pick.

If you've ever been in film, or TV ads, you'd know this photo took work---chin up, lighting all around, but the nose shadow is still a bit off.

If you’ve ever been in film, or TV ads, you’d know this photo took work—chin up, lighting all around, but the nose shadow is still a bit off.

 Regardless of who runs on either ticket,,,I think these two could make a third party ticket that might make a run for the money…..this link is a must see if you haven’t.
Trump is on first.....

Turns out, Trump is on first…..

What e-mails?

What e-mails?

One last thought- Hillary may have written herself off her sides ticket, but there’s something  nagging me about those personal e-mails she sent.  Why? Why would an intelligent, savvy person, one who’s well schooled in politics. use her personal e-mail account instead of her government e-mail?  Could it be she didn’t trust the government e-mail site she had? That seems to be a logical conclusion, and one she’d never be able to discuss with the American people….
-there’s so much more to come.
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Some say you’ve done a lot of good during your terms as President,others not so much. But, you are letting the world down now. Drilling in the Arctic has to be the worst possible scenario in terms of environmental conservation, and pointless to boot.* Of course, As President, you know the ins and outs of drilling in the Arctic, that the arctic gas and oil fields are the largest left on earth, but they also reside where cleanup is impossible, human response time to disasters slow, and economically and culturally important species will be put at risk by drilling.

It’s simply not true that America needs to process the Arctic waters for oil production. It’s simply not true that drilling in the arctic ocean will help secure American’s future, or make a difference in our over all supply and demand of oil. The entire world is turning toward solar power development, and wind and water power-alternative energy. Why enforce a bad decision now and lead America away from the future?

The gain is little and the risk of environmental damage high.

Even America’s own watch dog agency ,The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, stated that there was an 75% chance that the world will suffer an environmental disaster brought on by off shore Arctic drilling. And, there’s more- “The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management released the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for Lease Sale 193 in the Chukchi Sea in Northwest Alaska. The federal government unlawfully sold the oil and gas lease to oil companies, including Shell, in 2008 when it underestimated the risks of a large oil spill. The revised analysis found a 75 percent chance that one or more large oil spills could occur and that many species of marine wildlife would face substantial injury and mortality in the face of an oil spill. Despite these risks, the federal government is prepared to offer 29.4 million acres, the entire Chukchi Sea Program Area, for oil and gas development. – See more at: Why then, Mr. President, are you willing to risk so much for so little?

Why would you risk so much.....

Why would you risk so much…..

Mr. President, if you closed your eyes today and envisioned the 400,000 people who attended your first inauguration, you’d see a huge crowd of cheering people. Thing is, you’d also be hard pressed to find one among that crowd who supports your decision to drill in the Arctic. How can you turn your back on the very people who gave birth to your power?

Money can’t be enough. We all know the situation is tenuous between the terrorists, Isis, and American’s need to remain as independent as possible from the rich oil-producing countries, but making huge environmental mistakes in this day and age is not a show of force, but folly.

Short term, risky goals and solutions will usher in nothing but old and new problems soon enough.

Mr. President, I’m asking, as so many, that you stand back from an earlier decision you made to allow drilling in the Arctic. I’m asking you to hear the hearts and minds of those who voted you into office, that you turn away from fear, from the what if’s and what could be, and see what is. There’s an urgent call from your supporters for you to stop the Shell arctic drilling that is currently in motion. You can do this.

Life as we know it and our environment are so much more important than any speculative policy decision. You have to stand up for us and do what we know is right.

Franque23 *

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Snollygoster is here to stay. America doesn’t need a right-wing or left-wing party. What we need is one, huge nut-wing party! That would fit us better.

Logo of the wing-nut party.

Logo of the nut-wing party. They could wear them as hats!

Misleading coverage, backhanded deals, slide of mouth and misdirection are the better aspects of American Politics today. Sexual misconduct,

this representative plead guilty to toe-tapping in a men's bathroom for sex....

this representative plead guilty to toe-tapping in a men’s bathroom for sex….

illegal gains, convoluted politic speak, blackmail-

ex- speaker of the house charged with invasion and lying  to the FBI

the ex-speaker of the house was charged with invasion and lying to the FBI-he paid blackmail for over thirty years to keep a young boy-friend/ victim quiet.

-and nut-house crazy. What a mess of trouble. These qualities are so commonly listed as our representatives best attributes that the terms have begun to make Americans feel comfy cozy inside. Here’s a perfect example of nut-house crazy–a new word for congress….

Good ol' Anthony  Wiener,,, ooops, I mena Weiner showings us he has what it takes to actually be disqualified for office by the American people. That's quite an accomplishment.

Good ol’ Anthony Wiener,,, ooops, I mean Weiner showing us he has what it takes to actually be disqualified for office by the American people. That’s quite an accomplishment.

The good news is our future all comes down to education.


This conversation could be over heard in living rooms all across America!

“Honey.”(It’s time for a beer.) “Can you believe some representative guy hounded a high school wrestler and then paid blackmail for forty years to keep it quiet. He could’ve still become our President!” Gulp. “That’s the beauty of our country!” Gulp, gulp, fart.

American's should love it; foreigners should leave it.

American’s should love it; foreigners should leave it.

“Yes, Tony, dear-it’s a free country! Anyone could be president.”

“That’s it exactly! And a little toe-tapping in the loo never hurt anyone’s foot. Plus, that makes shoeshine boys money.” Gulp, gulp, slurp.”Dang, my beer’s running on empty.”

Equal commitment matters...

Equal commitment matters…Plus, (secret)she has the chance to spill the coffee!

“Ha! You’re right. Boys will be boys! Call me one housewife who thinks people get riled up over the silliest stuff….Don’t worry Tony-bony…I’ve another cold brewsky coming your way. You know, sometimes I do think all this climate change bull crapola is just to distract us from the more important issues at hand, like homo’s, devil worshipers and illegals.”

‘Ocean Acidification to Hit 300-Million-Year Max’—March 2, 2012;

‘Atmospheric CO2 Levels Hit 800,000-year High’ABC News Australia—March 14, 2012;

‘No Polar Bears Within a Few Decades, Russian Expert Predicts’—Oct. 11, 2012;

‘Unprecedented Warming in Antarctica Causes Worst Melting in 1,000 Years’Al-Jazeera English—April 15, 2013…..

….It’s all trickery….at least high heels are here to stay!”

“Ya, gotta love them banks, honey. They just paid the largest fines ever for admitting they’d rigged the international markets for years! They sure know how to make money, don’t they!” Slurp, gulp, burp. “I told you we could depend on those guys-why regulate them to death?” Burp. “Dang! Did I just spill my beer? Don’t you wonder why they make coasters so much narrower than they used to?”

“Oh Tony-bony. I’ll get you another beer. It’s the illegal  immigrants that wrecked those coasters, dear.

Who gets the better half?

Who gets the better half?

They take away good jobs in America that no one can live off of and then force our companies to go overseas to pillage the juvenile workers over there. Damn immigrants. They’re no Noah’s Ark-“There no Noah's Ark

“That’s it in a nut shell, honey! Do you realize how much America spends keeping us safe for those barefoot, border crossing criminals?”

“Wait, my muffins are burning-someone must be talkin’ about me”

Slurp. “I can’t believe I spilled that beer. Anyway, I bet America spends, at least, the equivalent of two percent of our total NON-war military budget on stopping the border seepage!* No wonder this border thing is all the rage in Washington! They need to make us look at that closely-forget the rest.”

” Sweetie, God intended that wasted money to be used to arm another drone, I’m sure.”

“Yeah, you’re right. It all gets confusing….Ya know what, honey! The beer on my shirt is drying and it looks good with last night’s spaghetti stains.”

“Oh bony-head, your the best! Just have faith and things will work out. Our enemies and troubles will fry like potato chips!”

Performance reviews in Hell.

“Ha! That’s right honey. What we need is to start a new party, maybe run for President. Now, what would we call that party………?”

“America Central!”

“Nah, how about the Wing-it Party, honey?”

“I like Sling -it Party, Tony.”

“Bring-It Party.”

“The Deciding Party! Now doesn’t that sound right, baby face?”

“The One-Way Party! That’s it. The party’s name should sound like a charge; like we’re going to war with them pot smokin’ tree huggers, and college idiots.”

'Took longer than I thought it would.'

Franque23 has an idea. Please pass the nuts when you vote next time.

Bonus picture…..

'I'm beginning to think that Glen's sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.'

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* This is true….America spends12 billion to stop cross-overs, and 598.5 billion on its military budget, excluding costs of any and all wars. Plus—more to read on this-

I can’t figure out if it’s better to be a smart ass who’s calling people names, or be a dumb ass who’s hated for speaking their own point of view.  Anyway, a recent thread on my FB page had one guy complaining about President Obama’s intent to meet with the King of Saudi Arabia, while another was all about the meeting, praising President Obama for his détente efforts. Fart-head, numb-skull, stupid ass, shit-head, ignorant, nuts, crazy, worthless idiot, those were a few of the nicer names used during the exchange.

The discussion goes on.....

The discussion goes on…..

It all got me thinking…

The situation is complicated in the middle east. And, if I could only date a country, I wouldn’t pick Saudi Arabia. Still, this is a quick review of political affairs in Saudi-

2013 October – Saudi Arabia turns down a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, accusing the world body of double standards on account of what it sees as an international failure to act on Syria, where it staunchly backs the rebels.

2014 February – New anti-terrorism law introduced which activists say will further stifle dissent.

2014 March – Saudi Arabia designates several Islamist groups as terrorist organisations and bans funding or support for them. The groups include the Muslim Brotherhood, the Al-Nusra front and the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

2014 September – Saudi Arabia and four other Arab states take part together with the United States in air strikes against Islamic State militant strongholds in Syria.*

Here’s the thing, one thing, or a few things that some may not know. It’s true that the Saudi’s have a lot to consider when it comes to holding the price of oil below 50 dollars a barrel.** Getting a strong foothold in the rising Chinese market is one of them. Also, they’d like to slow down America’s investment in fracking. However, mainly, though it isn’t mainly printed, the Saudi’s are fed up with Assad, head of Syria, and also Iran, and Russia as well.

Of course, recent history-going back to 2000-reveals that 17 out of 19 hijackers of the planes involved in 9/11 were from Saudi. In truth, it wasn’t until about 2006 that the Saudi government began a systematic reversal of its look the other way policy when it came to terrorist, or extremist groups, that organized in their country. Today, things have changed.

As of 2006, the Saudi’s may not care so much about what happens in other places around the globe-I don’t know-but they want no terrorists in their land, period. Their current view is that the U.S., along with other powers, should invade, and destroy Syria and Iran. America, Russia and European nations have refused to do so. The Saudi’s have, in turn, come up with a plan of their own—

By keeping prices below 50 dollars per barrel, the Saudi’s have set a bench market price for crude that is below the cost production of oil in both Syria and Iran. This means Syria and Iran lose money with every barrel of oil they produce.  The Saudi goal in this endeavor is to bring Syria and Iran to their knees until those countries eradicate terrorist organizations from training and organizing in their land….they want  to put an end to those groups that jeopardize the Saudi oil fields and world-wide distribution of oil. That’s the simple face of it, though more extensive ends for the Saudis, like destroying their competitors on the world-wide market for oil production, can’t be over-looked.

How long can Iran and Syria go on losing money on crude? A vague answer is about three years for Iran, and then things get wishy-washy for Syria time-wise since Russia may print money forever to help Syria survive the Saudi’s economic invasion of their economy.

Americans are currently reaping the rewards from the Saudi’s plan to carry out their own economic war on terrorism  every time our citizens fill-up at the pump! Three cheers for them!!! Oddly, though, even lowly, upper middle-class Americans may be losing more in the value of their stock pro-folio by low oil prices than they’re gaining at the pump! But that’s another story,  like this one- low barrel oil prices that take profit out of fracking should(should) lessen interest in that kind of development here in the states and turn heads more toward renewables. I.E. Solar and wind….we’ll see.

Maybe, the dumb ass person on my FB thread who praised President Obama didn’t know this stuff? However, the smart ass name caller on the thread doesn’t know much, either. Why? Very few people, (and I’m not one of those), not smart ass, or even dumb ass can know much about who, when, or why the President of the US talks to any foreign King, Lord or country ambassador.  Basically, the smart ass name caller on my thread doesn’t know crap-not really-and along with the rest of us he can fit what he really does know about foreign affairs, the motives, maneuvering, or the wins and losses our foreign policy makers experience, on one, small sheet of toilet paper.

Name calling? That verbal flatulence is worthless.

Cheers for the Saudis! I think for now, at least…….maybe. The human rights issue and the plight of women in that society is just weird-right!?!?!.



** Some of this comes from a recent editorial posted in the New York Times, and further research into the subject.

here are links for both of my books in the Avatar Magic Series:
Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are on kindle now.

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