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Some memes do things well, but I doubt any I choose to use here will fit that bill…..

-The Memes say that Cruz is either a Nazi or he has a small penis-so he’s out. Too bad, he’s got a catchy name-Cruz- who wouldn’t want to take one? I can’t believe there isn’t a meme about Cruz taking a cruise-it’s all so wrong!

oy vey

oy vey

Meanwhile, when it comes to dirty laundry-Hillary knows where it all hangs out on the Capital Hill, but she may be hiring illegals to do her own. Who knows, right?

oh, I know Bush Jr and Cheney erased ten thousdan plus more e-mails than you did--something like 23 thousand,,,but really? Why follow that lead?

oh, I know Bush Jr and Cheney erased ten thousand plus more e-mails than Hillary did–something like 23 thousand,,,but really? Why follow that lead?

Cleaning dirty laundry take a knack

It takes a knack to clean dirty laundry

Chris Christie has bridge issues and should see a dentist. His rash behavior at the cost of workers and other commuters alike regarding ,’Bridgegate,’ raises serious concerns about his sense of fair play, or giving a shit about people.

I absolutely believe this.

I absolutely believe this.

When Purina left–i.e. was forced out– of her CEO position she left her corporate headquarters smelling like tuna fish. Later, we all learned that was just the smell of all her corporation’s money that had gone bad under her leadership.

People who support Jeb Bush say they’d hate to see another dynasty in the house via Clinton? Butttt wait? Wouldn’t Jeb be the third Bush to… whatever.

If Trump isn’t wearing a wig..I say, Why not! There’s something dreadfully wrong there. And he talks about how other people look?

Corn ,hands down.

Corn ,hands down.

The Miami guy does have his own hair-I suspect and I hate that….but there’s another thing I don’t like about Marco-Polo Rubio. He claimed his parents left Cuba to escape from Castro, but really they left before Castro took power. When confronted with his lie for sympathy story Rubio was quick to point out that the real story was Why his parents came to America. Well, to me, the real story is Why did Rubio lie in the first place. To me, the truth is always the real story, and for Marco-polo Rubio that may be hard thing to find.

I’m waiting to see who runs before I throw my hat on any marker.

-I haven’t heard Bernie say anything I disagreed with, but maybe his stance of the gun issue is wobbly…And he’s a Socialist. Don’t Socialists eat people for dinner? Just asking.

Time to eat.

Time to eat.

Hillary? Maybe she’s a tad more experience but more of a two-sided pancake by most accounts and fact checked flip-flops.

Here’s the good news: Ben Carson may not have tried to kill someone, or beat someone’s brains out with a rock in like forty years! There’s a resume’ starter. But heads up-the man’s moved on to dissecting brains for a living, so that’s something. It’s just a bit eerie.

My request is very simple as well. Come on Republicans, give America something to think about the next time around. Dig up Eisenhower, or some other successful guy you have lying around. Change! Heck Trump trumpets change but does he really offer anything to U.S. voters but that the rich will get richer and the middle class poorer?

Bottom line: our money has been devalued too many times not to be noticed at the kitchen table.

Plus, there’s still enough of us alive who remember when maybe America was great, and we’ve seen Reagan and worse, Bush Jr. tank our way of life–and about those on going attacks on Unions? The answer to that is our Republican party blowing in the wind, or pissing into it. NAFTA gets to sit on Mr. Clinton’s lap and lean on Al Gores shoulders, but the real tacks get pinned on regain my ass “I don’t recall” Reagan and the decider, Bush Jr., who made all the wrong decisions. What a pair–and I don’t mean that in a good way, let’s get that straight. Oh gosh, this whole thing is going down a hole.

I realize right off wiht my own children that using leashes was a bad idea since one day they'd use them on me.....see? Ya gotta think ahead.

I’ve a great idea! Let’s stick to the bare facts.

According ot reports, Donald Trumps current wife wanted to show how sexy of a first lady she'd make....Some trophies need polishing, others, not so much.

Donald Trumps current wife is courting the political right to line up those conservative votes for hubby and dollar. This makes ‘cents’, Right? I mean ,really? This is the wife of the conservative leader so far for the Presidency?

In the end, I want a Democrat in the White House….or at this stage, I think we’re screwed. Why, you yell! It’s simple: the Republican trickle down economics has been a HUGE disaster for the middle class working family. The mind-blowing thing is the party still hangs on to that principal when they slather on about what will make this Country great again. It’s a HUGE lie and a worse than that blunder for the Republican party.

Two elections later and the Republican party still can’t learn-that’s scary.  Almost as scary as Trump not wearing a hair piece.

Believe it or not, I’d love for the political Right to come around and start making sense with their platforms, and not cents off the backs of the America workers. Have you ever seen a one-sided penny? Me neither-and the lunacy coming out of the party to the right makes me nervous. Major Tom, where are you?

Forget who’s running for President. Maybe, we all need to just run away? But okay, right now, my hat hangs on Hillary. And for the polls that shout how Bernie is closing in on Hillary, well at least some of that is bullshit coming from the Right who’d rather run against , “The Socialist.”  But the nominations will come, and then we’ll know who’s really in the ring.







The gloves are coming off. Republicans, Democrats will box it out. Those caught in the middle will be streaking to make their points and dishing political Memes left and right.

SEE? Sans clothes and ready to box it out

SEE? Two boxers sans clothing ready to fight.

Me? My New Year’s resolution is to read strictly memes to see if my head will explode.

Shadow will guide me through this nightmare.

Shadow will guide me through this nightmare.

Should all Memes come with warning labels? memes-on-facebook1

Thought for the day-

I realize right off wiht my own children that using leashes was a bad idea since one day they'd use them on me.....see? Ya gotta think ahead.

Chairs should definitely come with warning labels


Personally, I don’t mind the memes and prefer FB to watching the evening At least on FB about 1/2 of the posts are uplifting soul cure-alls, cute animals snuggling or playing, plus funny, stupid, flat out odd statements or thought provoking mind warping facts while 90% of the TV news is about, well, heads exploding in one way or another. The news is just another take on South Park’s killing Kenny routine written in a variety of ways so the deaths take place around the globe in every imaginable way, but oh so real. Or, the news is a hodgepodge of fear mongering.

Fear is an act of Life

Fear is an act of Life, in a way a self-contained death.

So I was wondering why so many Americans have high blood pressure and hypertension?

Anyway, my wife is a blog-glob looking to happen with feet. Really, I might as well re-name this blog site as, “Dale says….” Anyway, her New Year’s resolution rolled across her lips at the top of the New Year:  “I will eat more chocolate!”

Yes, more chocolate!

Yes, more chocolate!

See, eating more chocolate seems totally wrong for a New Year resolution, but I can’t find the rules about these resolutions written down anywhere. I just always assumed resolutions had to be about stuff a person wouldn’t keep doing, or be about something  a person could do better.  Eating chocolate? At least she didn’t pick eating more licorice- THAT would be impossible-she’d never make it.

My wife mused about some of her fellow employees right after announcing her New Year’s commitment. It seems some were upset about the prospect of having to take mental exams to buy guns so they ran out and bought a bunch before those exams could become law. “What?” My wife proclaimed. “Are my friends worried about passing mental exams?”

I could’ve answered my wife, hashed out a long laundry list of, “Well, actually…”, but it turned out remaining quiet until the dog farted was my best plan of action.

So yeah–it’s an election year and all the praying in the world will not change this fact. Does the suicide rate in America increase during election years? Curious.  There should be a law allowing voters to charge candidates with airing brain draining commercials. It turns out, most of America’s mental disorders can be traced back to political advertising. All of us have seen wayyyy too many political ads, and many Americans are brain dead-the sole reason zombies don’t and won’t attack the U.S.

Okay, it’s a nude year since everyone will find a way to claim that one candidate or another is wearing no clothes! Here’s an idea,,,,Americans should spend the entire year dressed funny, ya know, like WalMart shoppers*. to expose the lies, misdirection, slippery tongues and the BS our candidates will be spewing over the next 12 months. The politicians wear no clothes, why should we bother to look decent?



To get it over with, for my New Year I make the following observations. Oranges to apples is not a bad thing-variation is nice, but the two don’t mix well in drinks unless you use way too much vodka. memes-what-you-think-it-memes-princess-bride

So, yeah, it’s an election year and the gloves will come off. Those of differing opinions will press hard to make their points through conversation; some friendships will be lost and others made. The political climate will run hot and heavy throughout the year, and for me that’s just cheeky!

? Whether or not you vote, the debate will shine through one zillion polls and forecasts.

? Whether or not you vote, the debate will shine through one zillion polls and forecasts full of if’s, and’s, and butts-not to mention, Memes…

Cheers, and good luck this year. My 2016 resolution is to watch more weather forecasts.


*I couldn’t help myselfFunny-Walmart-Meme


We can help a young South African school aged child by donating as little as ten dollars to this link:

This post is about helping school age children who live in South Africa.  47% of the schools in many

districts have no (5)


Kelly Shiohira is organizing this effort through seeking donations from family and friends. Me? I wanted to tell you, my glob-blog readers, about this task at hand … and why I believe that with your help the effort will succeed.

But who is Kelly Shiohira?

Kelly Shiohira is organizing an effort to help students of South Africa. Kelly is dedicated to improving International Education by finding  teaching methods that might better help students assimilate knowledge. I’d imagine there’s nothing like asking a child who speaks the “clicking language” to learn from a text-book printed in English or in any other language as well!

Kelly has her hands full of challenges, but that’s always how she has liked life to be. I know.

Kelly is my  daughter.

Kelly has been in South Africa for over three years now, and before this time she taught English in a Japanese High School for five years. She’s a keen knack for devising well thought out plans and effective ways that might bring vision and intention into action.

As a young child, Kelly took an interest in music.


I rocked with my first-born at an early age. At 17, Kelly’s classical playing abilities earned her the highest rating given by an international review board


Kelly has thought big from the get-go, and has always seemed to be a bit larger than life…

While in college, Kelly continued her childhood fascination and love for  horseback riding by winning a U.S. Southeastern Hunt Seat Championship, and ran an entire stable of horses, giving lessons , etc., while earning her BA at the University of Florida.

One with her horse, Toby.

One with her horse, Toby.

Soon, her quest to learn the hardest language she could think to learn while at University of Florida  led her to go abroad to Japan.

Whle teaching in Japan, Kelly decided she'd like to wander around in the Himalayas with one other person....she did-

and, oh yeah, Kelly passed the official, Japanese government run test to show fluency in the Japanese language while teaching English to Japanese children…

During her time teaching English in Japan, Kelly decided she’d take a trip to the Himalayas with one other person.”Is this safe? Love, Dad.” She went-

And then there’s that annoying trait of hers to always want to be on top of things-the very top.

Really, Kelly? Love , Dad.

Really, Kelly? Love , Dad.

This inner drive is also what landed Kelly earning her black belt in Japan with the guys, breaking this bone or that in the process.293311_10151109849187020_138221013_n

Then came that one year at U of Penn where she was invited to join the Philomathean* Society founded in 1813 for the purpose of founding a society for the advancement of learning. Kelly soon landed a husband and then the two of them packed off for Africa after she’d earned a Masters in International Education, .

That’s really where this post starts and where you and I come into the story.

Why should we donate?

Working in Jo-burg, South Africa, for an educational firm was an eye opener for Kelly. She traveled the bush-land, Swaziland, and other remote places seeing first hand how the rubber meets the dirt roads of education in South Africa. Now, several years later, she is working in absolutely rural areas outside of Cape Town. For many, what Kelly has encountered along her way in this new region might make looking away or closing those opened eyes a reasonable choice, but not for Kelly. She opened her eyes wider, and took a hard look at the logistics and needs of the educational system in the region.

Somethings Kelly has seen there are difficult to read about, and nearly impossible to imagine if you are like me, a working American. I hate to add–in the past 30 days within Kelly’s working region, a 4-year-old child and a 6-year-old child, both in different schools, drowned in toilets that gave way while the children were using them. See? It’s all hard to imagine.

Kelly’s note is below, it explains more, and posts links to where you might help her endeavor to create healthy, working, learning environments for the children in her region. She’s asking for as little as ten-dollar donations….Two links are below, and I note that Kelly thinks the  PayPal  link is a bit harder to use, especially if you don’t have a PayPal account, where the second link is easy.

(the easy link to use to learn more and donate, )

If you know anyone who might help her in this regard……please forward the post…and I hope you now have a good idea of why and how I think this effort will succeed-Kelly’s in the driver seat.

From Kelly Shiohira:

“Hi everyone,

After a long year of working in the most rural of rural schools in South Africa, a friend and I are working hard to set up a charity that will address some of the challenges the children we interact with routinely face. While they are struggling to improve their circumstances and move out of poverty through investing time and energy in education, their lives are endangered by poor school infrastructure and their future success stymied by lack of quality education.

Our plan is to set up a charity in early 2016 with the following objectives:
1. Placing USA and UK Mathematics and Science teachers and students in rural schools in South Africa during their holidays as part of a culture and knowledge exchange.
2. Periodically engaging in community-based development projects such as maths and science Olympiads, local festivals, etc.
3. Helping the schools build safe, eco-friendly toilets and other infrastructure supports desperately needed.
We hope to have our first batch of teachers in place during the Northern Hemisphere Summer holidays, so more about that later. But in the meantime, we thought that we would start with objective 3 and try to raise money over the Christmas period amongst our friends and family to help some schools build safer, cleaner toilets. We would like to ask that instead of sending a Christmas card (I know you are all rushing to the Post Office to send me one!) you might be interested in donating money through  this link….. This is an easy link to use for donations.

We have calculated that £250 / $380 will be enough to build an eco-friendly toilet. The communities will assist in the building but require the material.

To contribute: Please follow this link if you want to use PayPal!

or this one if not….

We will ensure that the money we receive will be placed in a bank under the charity name (which…ideas and suggestions welcome!) and you will have access to the balance, and we will supply you with the details of how/what we purchase and how it is used.

We hope you will join us!” Kelly Shiohira.

So this is it in a nut shell.

I bought a fast food hamburger combo this past week that cost about $6.50. It’s odd to think about how so little of all that we have here in America can do so much in another country.

Cheers, and please help Kelly help the students she’s come to know and love. Help her make it over this next hurdle in her life. If you do, her vision and dream for a better education for African children will come true.

The children are counting on us, and don't even know it.

The children are counting on us, and they don’t even know it.



Finally, and in my lifetime, a glimmer of the truth about JFK’S assassination comes forth.

It’s reported today that newly released documents reveal that CIA people had not only failed to disclose what they knew about Lee Harvey Oswald’s involvement with their agency but also lied to the Warren Commission about so much more. He’d worked hand-in-hand with the CIA on assassination plots.

The lone gunman was never alone. No, he had rubbed shoulders for a long time with the CIA , working on several plots to kill Castro, even handing out CIA pressed literature upon the streets of Dallas that put the Cuban Leader in a bad light. It’s called, friends in high places.

How high did Oswald’s connections go? So high that the CIA instructed its witnesses to lie to the Warren Commission about his ties to the agency even though, they now admit, the truth would have led the Warren Commission’s investigations down a different path. It’s fair to conclude that never traveled pathway would have led right back to the CIA, to their people, the ones who knew more about the killing of our President than they told.

So now, years later, almost lifetimes later, we’re told by reporting agencies that the CIA testimony  to the Warren Commission was a lie, and that their witnesses were lying about the Oswald connection to the CIA, but  in any event the agency is still telling the truth about the actual assassination.(This is the main line reporting angle.)

What we have after this revelation is a lying agency who’s telling the truth?!?!?

It remains a mystery why someone would kill Oswald while in custody, or why the two cops were holding the only man who might spill the beans about the CIA in place so Ruby could accurately shoot him right in the gut.

Many who witnessed the Kennedy assassination say shots were fired from the grassy knoll on that tragic day in Dallas. Many specialists say Oswald could never have fired so many bullets in such a short amount of time. Many reports indicate several exit wounds were found on the President’s dead body. The CIA has said those claims are rumors, mistakes, not true. That’s an easy way to dump stuff under a bazillion pages of the Warren Report. Now, the CIA has dumped itself right into that same pit-they lied; they covered up the murder of President Kennedy.

Some say, follow the money if you want to find out who took it. Johnson became the next President. On the plane from Dallas, as he was sworn in, Lyndon Johnson shed no tears, but did take time to smile at the man winking his way….

Who wouldn't wink just after the president has been assassinated, right?

Who wouldn’t wink just after the president has been assassinated, right?

jfkwink (1)

The winking man is Albert Thomas, a Texas politician and at the time Chairman of the House Appropriations of Defense….

It's another no brainer.....

It’s another no brainer…..Wink; Wink;Wink…..

Everyone winks when they’re sad!!!

Everything's in hand...very cool, boss.

Everything’s in hand…very cool, boss. I’m soooo sad.

In fact, with President Kennedy’s brains still stuck to he vehicle he’d been riding,,, the plane ride back to Washington must have been a regular riot for Lyndon Johnson and his buddy Albert! And just think-so many more assassinations were yet to come!

Okay. I’ve mentioned this mysterious wink once before, the blog link is below. BUT, whatever you do, don’t miss Lyndon Johnson’s mistress saying Lyndon had told her that Kennedy would be finished, done, in a few days…just before the killing.

The CIA, the ones we trust-to spread that hogwash thinner…..?


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Book one:
Book two:

Link to older post.

The bugaboos in America’s health care system are unexpected expenses, catastrophic loss and/or cost as we age, plus the way our health care industry separates the haves from the have-nots in our society. Inherently, by design, our health care system creates another way for us to hate one another, or think of ourselves as better or worse than the rest.*

But, I  should start from the beginning, from a conversation we had in small waves…

We hit Cocoa Beach early this past Saturday just before the crowd arrived. It was a calm morning; no waves, no wind, the heat index would be high later on for sure.

The beach we prefer in Cocoa is one filled with tourists from all around the world-and you see people doing about everything on the sand.

The beach we prefer in Cocoa is filled with tourists from all around the world-and you see people doing about everything. We did have someone doing hand stands in front us, but  I’d no idea that I’d hear something this day that would turn me on my head as well.

My wife had already struck up a conversation with a Canadian by the time I’d waded out to her side, standing in ripples of waves beneath clear blue skies, the ocean horizon so easily seen.

People could stand anywhere they wanted, while big shrimp boats, cruise lines and others tanked their way well off shore...

People could stand about while big shrimp boats, cruise lines and others tanked well off shore…

It's a casual beach where people wear what they want-but mostly the college crowd goes further south to Coconuts...

People wear, or not, what they want-but mostly the college less-dressed crowd goes further south in Cocoa to Coconuts…Here, the beach is somewhat conservative, but internationally accepting of fashion and preference…I like the meeting of diverging cultures.

The surf made it easy for people of all ages to stand around in chest deep water, others did crawl strokes, or paddled a surf board. Beginners road there first ripple.

Calm waters have the advantage of teaching the young or novice how to ride out those waves.....

Calm waters can help the young or novice to learn how to ride out those waves…..

With no big swells to  body-surf, I was all ears as my wife stood in the sea and talked to her new-found Canadian friend. The man hailed from Toronto, a ‘coincidink‘ since that is the only Canadian city my wife and I have ever spent time visiting. In his late fifties, a business man, the Canadian talked about the guns in America as opposed to those not often carried in his country, but what I wanted most to hear about was his take on his country’s National health care system…

He pays a lot in taxes, but stressed what a relief it was to not worry about end of life expenditures that are bound to come, and those costs related to being a father of two and an aging man.  He remembered various family health issues, ER visits, broken limbs etc.(his son plays Hockey) that were taken care of quickly and at no additional, unexpected cost to his pocket-book! He added, Canadians have a prepaid world-wide health care system! Canadian citizens can seek health care anywhere in the world for treatments not given in his country, or for those procedures attended to better by other providers world-wide, and Canada pays for  it ALL  but for the airfare it cost Canadian citizens to get to where ever they need to go.

He poo-pooed the idea that there were long waiting periods or waiting lines for health care in his country, but he’d heard that was the rumor. I decided that anyone could come up with thousands of examples of people dying in U.S. waiting rooms if they wanted, anecdotal experiences, but that wasn’t the norm in the U.S.  And, I guessed rumors in our country were the same when it came the truth about the Canadian health care system-just anecdotal crapola.

They have secrets......American health providers, and one is that they spread endless rumors, fear, into the hearts of Americans that national health care doesn't work...especially for them, that is. Think about, where are there lines of Canadians dying to get into America????Not.

They have secrets……American health providers I mean. Their industry spreads endless rumors, fear, into the hearts of Americans that National health care doesn’t work…especially for them.

Not that I draw my conclusions from one conversation, but from many readings on the subject and simple observation. Think about it, where are there lines of Canadians dying to get into America for health care, or for any other reason????Not-!

Thing is, it gets worse, for the U.S. workers……

The man’s job, like most professional business jobs in Canada, has a paid for non contributory pension. As listed, his employer pays one-half each month of his pension cost, and then his employer also pays the other half of his liability which he can claim as a tax deduction! (In effect, he pays nothing, but gets to claim 1/2 of his pension contribution cost on his taxes as a deduction as if he had paid it! )This is routine in Canada-a working man’s benefit.

The small ocean waves rolled by as I thought this over. The man has paid for life health care for his entire family, no worries there, and a routine, run-of-the-mill pension in Canada that ensures his well-being in retirement. I started to think about the Canadians’ I’d met while in Toronto and how relaxed they all seemed-happy. No wonder.

To be fair, housing in Canada is something like California’s housing market on steroids, but those snow hounds can afford the prices, and sit back as their pensions add up, and the people are covered for every medical emergency. This is a far cry from what it’s like to be a working American. Sad, for us.

So about those waves that eased on by-I thought I’d glide with one for about ten feet to get the nothing of a thrill.

No one was worried about the big waves coming, but bobbed about in the easy up and down drift of the day's ocean current.

No one was worried about the big waves coming as we all bobbed up and down in the easy drift.

I launched off my feet to hit the top of a two footer when something completely unexpected happened!  I hit some sort of vortex, not a rip tide mind you, but a weirdness that sunk my relaxed body straight down through the water and smashed me face-first along the ocean’s bottom. The non-wave then pushed me along the sand, scraping my nose and, actually, I’d thought I’d possibly broken it. I stood up in calm waist-deep water where children played nearby and couldn’t fathom what had just happened. It was all too shocking, and that small wave made me totally get the power of the ocean-it all starts with small waves.

The thing is, society usually starts to bring about powerful change with small conversations that build between people as waves do in the ocean, as one small wave builds to the next. Eventually, those conversations can become a roar that is heard nation wide, one that can’t be ignored by the leaders anymore. The Vietnam protests are a perfect example of a powerful wave of change. That protest didn’t start with hundreds of thousands of people in Washington, D.C. It started with small, connected conversations. Maybe, like this one.

Start or keep talking about the wave of changes you think America needs to go through in the coming years. Voices have ways of echoing, expanding, and if we continue talking, eventually our leaders will have to listen.


*Result of listening to my wife think out loud…..

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Trump is playing his hand again, laying his cards down showing he’s no joker. Seems the crux of his illegal immigrant policy will revolve around arresting illegals in the States and adding more, new improved miles to George Bush Jr.’s disaster of a border fence. Speaking of revolving, around and around, this spinning barrage of buffoonery over a border fence between the US and Mexico is just a boondoggle waste of tax payer’s money. How much money you might ask?

The cost of building a fence between Mexico and the US is staggering, call it the whole enchilada of huge, the sum of tons, a King-Kong price tag of global proportions……6(six) Billion…..

This is the actual boarder fence-people, Americans and Mexicans, playing volley ball across it.

This is the actual border fence-people, Americans and Mexicans, playing volley ball across it.

If the fence is gonna cost 6 billion to build, why not instead just hand out  money ten or twenty dollars at a time to Mexicans at the border who agree then to go back home for the day.

Here’s the thing, I’m not sure a stacked lined of six billion dollars couldn’t be the fence! Whatever, the last I read the break down cost of the fence Trump is gun-ho about, the one Bush Jr. initiated along with the help of congress, is one million per mile-that’s trump-change, right?err-chump.

There’s at least two problems I see with Trump’s solutions to our Mexican illegal immigrant problem. First off, they’re stupid; secondly we’re not going to round-up every Mexican living in the US illegally, and the cost of his useless fence idea will never make us good neighbors. One late night comedian noted that the architects of our 14 to 19 foot high border fence were shocked to learn the Mexicans had 20 foot high ladders!Who Knew!!

Worse news was to come!The 14 to 19 foot high boarder fence architects had just recovered from the news about twenty-foot long ladders when two spunky college co-eds armed with hands and feet scaled our million dollar per mile fence in less than eighteen seconds!*

The democrats laughed, howled, when the news about the climbers came out. Then, some Republican said not to worry, bad weather would easily slow the climbers down well beyond the twenty-second mark. That news stuffed the Democrats who then proposed a fifty-year long study on when, where and how much it rains along the fence line!** This study, clearly not finished, is why I wonder how Trump could be so eager to embellish this bomb of a fence idea now?!?!?

I’ve an idea! It all started today when I read someone offered Taylor Swift and her boyfriend ten million to pose in their underwear. Since we American’s have already lost our shirt on this stupid border line fence deal, how about we all do a hands across America in our underwear and see how much we get?

Thing is, we might lose our underwear next.....then what?

Thing is, we might lose our underwear next over this fence…..then what?

Trump wants to finish a six billion dollar fence that people can climb, tunnel under, fly over or walk around! I say his solution to our immigrant problem is one hell of an idea that belongs there. Here’s my counter idea! America should set up free taco and burritos stands all along the border between the US and Mexico. We catch the unarmed el banditos and force feed them tacos and burritos until they’re about to burst.(enchiladas would be too much)Then we simply roll the unwanted back home to their place. Vote for me!

I think offering to stuff full any illegal immigrant with tacos until they can’t move would be cheaper than spending 6 billion on a fence. Plus!!!! Think of all the jobs that would be created by running those chow houses along the border! The idea’s a win win.

Speaking of winning, the guy presently leading the Republican race for nomination thinks we should round-up all the Mexicans in America, deport them and then process those who want to come back, and build a big fence to keep the rest out. Ya know, I’m starting to wonder if we’re all living in a huge sand box with a play house. No one ever said I was the brightest candle, but even I can see Trump’s immigration policies haven’t a glimmer of chance of working.

Oy vey with hot sauce!

Thing is, non-sensible platforms or not, Trump or some other Republican is almost bound to be the next United States President. Why? History says so. Since American politics evolved into what we know as the current two-party system, seldom does the same party retain the Presidency after its had two terms. The American people have a propensity to flip-flop for one party to another every 8 years, or so.

John Fogerty once sang about the US needing a gun slinger, somebody tough to clean this town.(Washington, D.c.), But we already had Reagan-so I don’t know. One thing is for certain…If Trump is our next President, how can we make sure he’s operating with a full deck?

Will Trump ever fold?


Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are on kindle now.


**Okay, I made this part up.

1)If I had back all the time I spent getting my three children buckled in their car seats when they were young, I’d be young now.

2) A recent anthropological discovery places a new found ruins in Africa at 200,000 to 300,000 thousand years old*, so put all the history books about man’s beginning here on Earth away…we haven’t a clue, but maybe those rare crystal skulls that have been found around the globe are making more sense?**(Note-this article notes they may be fakes.) This means when Columbus sailed the ocean blue, mankind had most likely done the same thing about 200,000 years before, if they weren’t riding in space ships.

3) Greece, the Euro does matter. It means more than like who wins dancing of the stars this month, but still most American’s don’t know much about the so called Grexit crisis. If Greece goes belly up on the Euro it will default on a 357.7 billion debt (in US dollars)that it owes to the International Monetary Fund. Of thirty companies listed in the Dow Jones Industrial average, twenty-seven deal heavily in the European market. If Greece tanks, we all might need some sort of diving gear if we hope to financially weather the economic storm Grexit could cause around the globe.

4) Europe’s financial crisis in 2007 was worlds worse than American’s great Depression of 1929— I hadn’t realized that as I flipped channels around that news coverage

5)America owes the International Monetary fund approximately 86% of it’s yearly Gross National Product. But not to worry, right? Greece, Singapore a few other name brand countries have the US well beat in terms of carrying a disastrous debt ratio. But the shocker to me was Japan-their debt per year is 200% of their Gross National Product at this time. I figure this may be due to Fukushimas’ Nuclear power plant melt down, so there’s another point to consider when we allow the power industry to build plants that can hose our entire future-more than just end life on the planet as we know it.

Franque23 is having fun learning, and I want those buckling up seat belts years back…..

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Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are on kindle now.




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But, maybe not long enough. Long haired freaks, lunatics, insomniacs, heavy drinkers(with cause) and intelligent people have all been shouting the truth since the 1980’s: America has lost its Democracy. Now, Jimmy Carter recites the writing on the wall:

“It(the 2010 Citizens United decision and the 2014 McCutcheon decision, both decisions by the five Republican judges on the U.S. Supreme Court.) violate(s) the essence of what made America a great country in its political system. Now it’s just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or being elected president. And the same thing applies to governors, and U.S. Senators and congress members. So, now we’ve just seen a subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors, who want and expect, and sometimes get, favors for themselves after the election is over. … At the present time the incumbents, Democrats and Republicans, look upon this unlimited money as a great benefit to themselves. Somebody that is already in Congress has a great deal more to sell.”*Jimmy Carter, July 28th, 2015.

Leave it to a peanut farmer to crack the nutty truth so we all understand.

We herd without listening......

We ‘herd’ without listening……

Truthfully, the idea that unlimited, as well as secret, monies should be contributed to political campaigns is not so difficult to diagnosis. It’s a shameful sleight-of-hand stint, a death spear sent into the heart of Democracy, a mockery of American Justice and its electoral process. The smoke screen used to bolster the dumb-ass opinion that foreign despots should be able to donate to American elections because American Unions could donate to campaigns is just stupid. Ignorant butt heads who have business interests and even foreign nations contribute to our National Elections-should they be allowed to control our elections?  These people in mass who support this idea- including the five Republican Supreme Court judges- are a special kind of ignoramus. A rare breed of people hell-bent on destroying American Democracy.

American's must find a way out from this disastrous Court ruling...

American’s must find a way out from under this disastrous Court ruling…

Don’t be fooled by the title, Supreme Court Justice. These five Justices who voted for Citizens United( code for handing over US Elections to well-moneyed interests world-wide) and the McCutcheon decision are powerful corrupt individuals of the worst kind. The security, happiness and prosperity of the American people are the last interests these five court jesters represent. They are nothing more than scoundrels in robes who should be defrocked of their power.

Justice Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scallea picture here  after a night out celerbrating...

Justice Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scallea(this piece was written before his passing) pictured here after a night out celebrating…

What can be done to America’s electoral process when it spends 1.7 billion dollars on one presidential race? Very little, that seems to be the answer. And, mind you, America’s Presidential race stretches to almost time ad infinitum while the U.K. election held this past May lasted thirty days and no more than 33 million was allowed to be spent.

The national election in the U.K. should be a wake-up call to Americans.

Leadership to what, that's the question......

Leadership to what, that’s the question……

The good news, maybe, is that money doesn’t count as votes. The bad news question is about how votes are now tabulated in America. Diebold hackers and computer IT experts testified before a Senate committee that the actual votes recorded by Diebold machines could be manipulated from several blocks away, or manually altered by voters right at the booth within minutes.**(You can watch and hear the testimony..)Or, you can read more…***

America has foreign interests and secret super PAC’S funding its elections that take place on tabulating machines not worth a hoot. The jig is rigged and the joint stinks. It could well be the entire world is run by rulers who collaborate to maintain power at all costs, regardless of elections, the will of the people or political fallout. Think not? Read these  articles linked to below or others about the subject.

The freedom train has been derailed in America by a series of bad Supreme Court jack-ass decisions, and by greedy, corrupt people-politicians and business men alike. Write your representatives. Who knows, there may still be some honest men or women among them who might listen to our plea.

When I think about all this election muck America’s in, I keep hearing the voice of my Grandfather, Leslie Johnson, a man who was a Baptist preacher and missionary for over fifty years. I can hear him saying as he bows his head at the dinner table, “Time to pray.” America, it is.





If only the correction was a simple fix.....

If only the correction was a simple fix…..(sharing link below* FAct check finds this graph 1/2 true, though in each case, the other countries do have higher minimum wages after considering every possible worm hole.)

Workers in US are getting screwed ….and in part this is due to workers not effectively unionizing. It’s simple enough to understand–the work forces needs to be organized efficiently, and to be able to tie the hands of owners to the bargaining table until they agree to pay meaningful wages. Well led unions with large numbers bring some clout to the negotiating table. I’ve been there, seen the CWA in action, and know this is true. Achieving a higher wage scale would not be an act of greed on the part of  US workers, but an act that would reestablish a just balance between the workers and the rich who stuff their pockets with the fruits of labor.

Thing is, raising the pay scale in America is not as simple as adjusting the hourly wage, though this is the place to start-it has to be. Though the questions about raising the minimum wage are little different for large businesses than they are for small businesses, it’s easier to understand the implications of higher wages when a small business is used as an example. Plus, I owned a business in America for fourteen years, sporting three locations and as many as nine employees, so I know a bit about gross and net profit, over head, costs of having employees, running red until Black Friday and working seventy-two hours per week on a weekly basis.

Here’s the deal. If I had to raise the wages I paid in my leather shops, I’d first have to calculate exactly how many items I sold, of what type, and which could be marketed well at a higher price. The consumer(you) would bear the full brunt of the wage increases in one way or another and, most likely, in every way-everything to eat, buy or use would have to cost more.So, in the immediate run, raising wages will not feel so much like a snap of the finger, but a slap in the face for the average worker.

Just as the free enterprise health care industry bankrupt the working class health by charging more than most people could afford to pay, the owners and wealthy of America are undercutting the workers ability to buy products and services, and eroding the worker’s will to support America’s gross National wealth. It’s all a big circle, and immensely rich owners, operators, lobbyists and politicians have stopped the wheel of prosperity from turning in America. And what doesn’t go around, doesn’t.

It’s time, no, more than time, for owners to fork over the dough they reap in profits to the workers. It seemed easy enough for owners to increase the work loads of employees, now it’s time for them to once again perform their magic and pay workers their fair share. Stock holders will bite the bullet a bit, too; it all won’t be rosy for a while. Eventually, workers in America will be able to hold their heads up, buy products, expand their livelihood and America’s economy.

Changes by way of higher wages has to come to working class Americans. We do have, and hope to keep, a free enterprise system in America, one that is just, and prosperous for all.  The upper 1% of Americans have taken too much and given too little to the workers-that has to stop. Every American should understand the middle class, the working class, needs more buying power than their wages allow them to have at this point. In this case, the owners, rulers, the rich of America need to know that what’s good for all is good for them, too.



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