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It’s too late for Trump to shut his barn door mouth…..

Trump paying 25 million to escape(settle) charges on Fraud is not a little or insignificant thing….the BS that Trump’s too busy to fight this charge is a load of crap-you know it, I know it, and all his supporters know it…The entire world knows it. His supporters should care. Just how many times has he paid to escape rape charges? This is disgusting…and having to sleep in the White House is all too much for him to handle? There’s his respect for American history and to his electors! White House be dammed! That’s his motto.* His disdain for the White House quarters speaks to his true lack of interest and commitment to America. Zip, zero, the man couldn’t care less about past Presidents and that he’s about to be one. Come on electorate,…jack these donkeys —Pence is a madman, but he might at least have the dignity to stay in the most hallowed house in our land. It’s the White House for goodness sake! The man and his wife are worse than crazy-they have no empathy, no feeling for this great land and it’s people. None.

Trump is a mad man who’s appointments mirrors his insanity.  My entire life fighting to save our natural resources and  environment are in the balance, in this man’s hands who couldn’t care one iota for the Earth, not to mention people.

Oh, and the great save America money President is gonna cost us  one million dollars per day at Trump Towers to protect his wife while charging us, the tax payers. one and one half million dollars per year for the secret service to rent a floor in the same building?

Trump: Screw and worse you, but in other words that are not so offensive to the middle class you are working over as you laugh through your champagne.

Your wife makes a nice pin-up naked model I suppose,,but she hasn’t got a lick of sense… she’s a numb nut who copied Michelle’s Obama’s speech for her own… how dumb is that?

When will people care that Trump and his wife are phonies? Complete liars, fakes, fools?

You know what? My Republican friends, you have crossed the line of reason every time you say, “Wait and see.” Or, “It might not be so bad.”

Bull dung extremists, KKK, radical right, so-called centralist’s, crusading evangelists and  whack jobs-we don’t have to wait to see what a disaster you have elected as President===this man is a lunatic…and you know It! This election is the most disgusting turn of events I’ve ever seen in America…

Few claimed to have liked hearing Trump say that when it comes to women, “I grab them by the pus?y.” Thing is, without any checks and balances left in the Congress, Trump’s got us by the ‘balls,’ too.

Dump Trump,,,then can Pence. America and the World can only hope.


*To be fair, some of this post was written a few weeks ago, and Trump may have since softened on the idea of at least occasionally gracing our White House with his presence. Imagine: an American President who stays in the White House! Since when has that happened?

Tonight is the last debate, and I’m wondering just how ‘BIG’ it will be? Will the discussion be about policy and new ideas, or will it sink into the muck of He/She said this or did that? I’d like Trump to stop saying “Trust Me” and tell me why I should.

You know what? I Don’t trust Trump.

I’m for Hillary but I’ve got a question. Of all the claims Trump made about her that were found to be untrue by fact checkers, why didn’t anyone fact check Trump’s claim that Hillary was the Devil?!?!? Oh bother. You’d think someone would look that one over first—seems important.

Maybe for Halloween....

Maybe for Halloween….

No, in the end the discussion about Hillary’s morals and the past charges against her, no matter how vetted, play to Trump’s advantage.

Maybe the bottom line of the muck is Bill got off and Trump may not.

Personally, though,  I wouldn’t have smoked that cigar with Bill even though Monica was a consenting adult at the time, and people have done much worse with consenting adults.

This year’s election muck  is smeared anyway you look at it: Trump’s constituency will not go away after this election….they may still hold over 35% of the votes….this group, parts of it, are a bit off in my estimation-maybe way scary radical. Still, they represent a segment of society other Americans will have to deal with; we’ll have to find some sort of middle ground where we can all stand together and work side-by-side after this election.

I’m thinking after Hillary gets in we will have a few tough years of contraction as many have suggested, and then a recovery. Things could be worse.  
Trump put his foot in his mouth, period. Palin could see Russia from her porch and there was Howard Dean’s whoop…These are the phrases that etch the paths of history. Sometimes, the words make the, ‘Man.’
It's too late to close that barn-door mouth.

For Donald Trump, it’s too late to close that barn-door mouth.

I am proud of anyone for wobbling a bit off Trump after hearing the tapes. Some are getting on the Trump Train Dump. Honestly, I think being born so rich has kept Trump from being able, or needing to, mature past a Jr. High school locker room level. I’m sad for him. I know he’s lived the life of a king, but the best part of life is trying to mature as a  spirit. It seems Trump will never use the chance.

Maybe I’m overboard, but I’m starting to feel bad about squashing centipedes. So I feel like I’m hearing the verbosity of a lost soul, a wasted life, when I listen to Trump rant and rage on so many people and topics. Again, it’s a downer.

My mom would say he's catching flies....My locker room friends would say-er never mind.

My mom would say he’s catching flies….My locker room friends would say-er never mind.

Trump is running for President. This is to his credit. The trouble is he needs a shrink not the Oval Office.

I’ve one more question(for now).

Will vulgar become vogue? The Italian parliament ruled just this year that it’s legal to publicly masturbate as long as children aren’t watching…odd. But, it’s another useless law. What good does that law do a guy after he’s gone blind? Yes, I’m assuming it will be the men who take ‘advantage’ of this new law in Italy-go figure.

Words can set precedent, Donald! And oddly, that word sounds like….?*

She’s climbed the hill and soon Hillary will be President. Then, she can toot her horn(s)-as if.



* Hint: Presi****.

Actually, I can’t lose. If Hillary wins I’ll be dancing. If not, I’ll be drinkin’. So what’s not to like…of course, there is this chart that explains in detail why I’d be so miserable if Trump won-


Trump is a garbage mess of bad ideas: build a wall that won’t work(there’s trains, planes, ladders and tunnels, one million boats, cars not to mention trucks); deport immigrants; end social security; give the rich more tax breaks cause the trickle down theory has worked so well in the past(not.); let all our enemies and the rest of the world have nukes-the more the merrier; if we all paid no taxes we’d all be smart; women can too be pigs-just look at what they do with men.

Give this man a nuke!

Give this man a nuke!


Supporters of Trump have slipped off the wheels of time, so unhinged it’s mind boggling.

Three cheers? to being a bit 'off'.

Three cheers? to being a bit ‘off’.

Some Democrats hope Republicans won’t find the voting polls-anything is possible. But, to be fair, these misguided, mistaken, emotionally over wrought voters are not all bad people. They don’t all love the KKK members, right wing obstructionist or feed on ill-fed facts from Fox-not-news. It’d be wrong to think every Republican is a blow-hard who hates Blacks, Latino’s, Mexicans-anyone different looking from them- or one who thinks women can take a back seat on wages and human rights issues. No, not every supporter of Trump believes we can put America in a protective bubble within walls no one can climb while we blow up our enemies-nuke em’.

No, somewhere, there’s a normal Trump supporter-there has to be!

Just maybe not here.....

Just maybe not here…..

It’s been theorized by studies that those who support the Republican side of politics are basically people who like to make decisions and stick to them, facts be damned. Now, I believe it. After all that has unfolded during and through Trump’s Presidential split-rail, first I said it now I didn’t, campaign there’s no other up-beat let’s take the high road explanation for those beings who still support Trump.

Why? Here’s why facts must not matter to those who stand by Trump.

Trump makes crapola proud, turds smell like roses and outright lies the highway to heaven. The man’s a flam-flaming, short dealin’, back stabbing business man who claims he could shoot someone and still get votes. Plus, he’s never said what he said from either side of his mouth.

Yeah-- a Meme!

Yay– a Meme!

Then again,-

The man’s so Huge, the best of the best, so clearly smart-it’s his genes. He’s so going to do the unimaginable, a leader Putin style, so perfect, it all will come back to America thru him. He’s the only one who can do this, forget any outside business interests, they’re huge, rightly so wrong for any President. It’s he with hands so beautiful who never said fighters who get caught, killed or have mental trauma’s about killing others are cowards, losers, and not worth a dung pile. Who on any planet in their right mind wouldn’t want all of that? Well, I have to say, sorry, but Trump does have small hands and his names rhymes with, Dump.

I say-dump Trump; the man’s not worthy of air time. He’s a shameful example of a cut-throat business man at best. A low life womanizing(and how young/) money grubbing double dealing man at worst. He could be President? Of what? A crap shoot in a cow patty field?

Oh no buddy, Pick another field....

Oh no buddy, Pick another field….

Yes, maybe he can manage that patty field and not lose another fortune.

Trump could help sell Cow Patty Clocks....

Trump could help sell Cow Patty Clocks….

Vote blue down the line this Novemeber-wouldn’t it be nice to have a Supreme court nomination at least voted on? Wouldn’t it be nice to have woman’s rights supported? How about keeping Social Security in place? And how nice it would be to pass the funding of programs already approved and put in place by congress! This group of right obstructionists in Washington need to go-go with Trump and build another bankruptcy. Thank the obstructionists for downgrading America’s credit rating; thanks for Trump-heck, Republicans, thanks for nothing. The right has been lousy with bigots and cheats for too long. I want the Gallant Ol’ Party back to at least some form of sanity,,, but not through Trump’s misdeals and pig-like thinking, no way on that.


“Look at Putin—what he’s doing with Russia—I mean, you know, what’s going on over there. I mean this guy has done—whether you like him or don’t like him—he’s doing a great job in rebuilding the image of Russia and also rebuilding Russia period.”-Trump on Larry King-

Wait!!! “Rebuilding the image of Russia!” In whose mind is Putin rebuilding Russia’s image? There’s a scary thought…


The chart of charts on the candidates positions..

The chart of charts on the candidates positions…

Strange times are a foot, and it isn’t just ex-Senator  Larry Craig toe-tapping for men in a rest room.

Hi, I'm Larry Craig and I'm against Gays...not being in the rest room with me.

Hi, I’m Larry Craig and I’m against Gays…not being in the rest room with me.

To be clear, I don’t care if a person is straight, twisted, circular, flat lined, up, down, sideways, standing on their head or tip-toeing through tulips, just don’t make me do someone else’s  self-appointed so-called machination of living. Me? I’m so-called normal, always have been, but the thing is, the MOST important thing is, NORMAL is a passe’ word. It’s gone kaput, fini, done, flash-fried and over easy in the new, improved world. Here’s my thought-okay, one of them, the word normal will become an obsolete term in twenty -five years. Let’s face it. Normal is a prejudice word by today’s standards.

Behavior that once stayed in the closet(BTW-how did so many gay guys do it in a closet?) is now openly paraded down  main street USA  by people wearin’ pink spandex shorties.

Hmmm maybe try the spandex after all.

Hmm, if only he’d chosen the spandex.

Whatever. Thing is, facts are coming to light that show many of our leaders who most fought against the gay communities in the past were gay themselves. Perverse, that’s the word that comes to mind.

Thought for the day…..

Huge pegs don't fit thru small holes......

Huge pegs don’t fit thru small holes……and the changes we are seeing today in standard living profiles is a hard fit into obsolete, small-minded people. So what ever happened to love the one you’re with?

Woodstock led the way when it came to the freedom to love one another---if only more had followed.

Woodstock led the way when it came to the freedom to love one another—if only more had followed.

American’s today still fight for the right to love–isn’t that odd? Generations that followed mine often complain about my generation, that we didn’t do enough–well, I say the following generations didn’t fight to make our dreams come true, but instead got swallowed alive by technology and dungeons and dragons. Which ever point is true-this is true.


the French parade for the right to keep the 35 hours work week

Today, 400,000 French parade for the right to keep the 35 hours work week…

While, at the same time, Americans are still parading for the right to have sex with someone?

Have to say-the outfits rock

Have to say-the outfits rock!

To this day the FBI insists no one can prove the first director of the FBI, Edgar Hoover, was gay. Of course,  Hoover lived with his male friend, Clyde Tolson, for forty years, ate lunch with him every day, went on vacations with him and left most of his estate to the man in his will–all the while Hoover led the charge against gays publicly. “In public, Hoover waged a vendetta against homosexuals and kept “confidential and secret” files on the sex lives of congressmen and presidents. But privately, according to some biographers, he had numerous trysts with men, including a lifelong affair with Tolson.”

Hoover with Tolson

Hoover with Tolson

They liked to wear matching suits

matching suits for kicks.

matching suits for kicks.

your average day quirky friendship-that's all.

your average day quirky friendship-that’s all.

In fact, the FBI warned Clint Eastwood to not portray Hoover as gay in a movie he made about the man. I think this says plenty about where the FBI still stands on the gay issue–“Oh no, this can’t be..It’s the worst thing ever!” Right…. Hey, FBI, grow up,,,meet 2016 and chill about Hoover being gay. WE don’t care!!! In the end of the day, I’ll never forget how mad my Dad got when he first heard the term , gay, being used over TV by a reporter to refer to Homosexuals… Wheweee. My dad shouted how that term meant happy! In his day, I guess it did.

 I don’t care who’s gay or not, who wears spandex or not-wait-maybe I do, dang! Each to his own! How long has that phrase been well-known, but never learned?

No, what bothers me is when gay guys, in this case, paraded as our Representatives who led charges against gay rights while they were  hold up in the moldy, secret, gay closets they loved so much! Here’s a link to a current true story that’s worth a hoot and a holler…. Basically, these representative guys have more than one screw loose; they must have degrees from a 101 course on how to hate yourself!

Of course, since our society will study, tear apart and rename anything under the sun so no one gets hurt by a label, the CDC–Center of Disease Control,  has determined that there is a disease where men make love to men but still are not ‘Gay’. Yeah, nice.  Okay, if that makes someone feel better.  And the HUGE bull frog I found hiding from my dog under my hose today is really a bird, or maybe a singing rabbit-not sure.  Can we just say,  it’s okay to be gay, but don’t go around showing your ass by crucifying gays from public office or any other place, be you gay or not?

Jeez is the idea of tolerance soup yet? Or, will acceptance of those who are different from us take another hundred years to finally rise to our consciousness?

One other thought after establishing the fact that some politicians, preachers and whatnot’s have had the balls to call out gay’s while they themselves are gay incognito, (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a glob)- I’ve a question… does this mean it’s correct to extrapolate that Trump has all his chips down on Isis and Muslims? It’s sorta like our whole society is looking into a fun house funny mirror-the guy who hates Muslims and who has gone bankrupt soooo many times should be President? Our gay leaders lead the charge against gays!  Peeeerfecto. Okay, it’s screw ball soup…American style.

We can ride this out together

We can ride this out together…

As a Christian minister in the Western world, I’d like to mention that Jesus’ message was hope, help, healing and above all, love. Stop the hate; join 2016, a new, brighter world. Love the next gay person you meet- you don’t have to kiss…

the sun will set on stupid ideas(Lake Bonaparte form out porch)

The sun will set on stupid ideas(Lake Bonaparte from our porch)

Franque23 wants everyone to have a gay ol’ time…and forget the lingo and the life style of others when no harm is done.




Some memes do things well, but I doubt any I choose to use here will fit that bill…..

-The Memes say that Cruz is either a Nazi or he has a small penis-so he’s out. Too bad, he’s got a catchy name-Cruz- who wouldn’t want to take one? I can’t believe there isn’t a meme about Cruz taking a cruise-it’s all so wrong!

oy vey

oy vey

Meanwhile, when it comes to dirty laundry-Hillary knows where it all hangs out on the Capital Hill, but she may be hiring illegals to do her own. Who knows, right?

oh, I know Bush Jr and Cheney erased ten thousdan plus more e-mails than you did--something like 23 thousand,,,but really? Why follow that lead?

oh, I know Bush Jr and Cheney erased ten thousand plus more e-mails than Hillary did–something like 23 thousand,,,but really? Why follow that lead?

Cleaning dirty laundry take a knack

It takes a knack to clean dirty laundry

Chris Christie has bridge issues and should see a dentist. His rash behavior at the cost of workers and other commuters alike regarding ,’Bridgegate,’ raises serious concerns about his sense of fair play, or giving a shit about people.

I absolutely believe this.

I absolutely believe this.

When Purina left–i.e. was forced out– of her CEO position she left her corporate headquarters smelling like tuna fish. Later, we all learned that was just the smell of all her corporation’s money that had gone bad under her leadership.

People who support Jeb Bush say they’d hate to see another dynasty in the house via Clinton? Butttt wait? Wouldn’t Jeb be the third Bush to… whatever.

If Trump isn’t wearing a wig..I say, Why not! There’s something dreadfully wrong there. And he talks about how other people look?

Corn ,hands down.

Corn ,hands down.

The Miami guy does have his own hair-I suspect and I hate that….but there’s another thing I don’t like about Marco-Polo Rubio. He claimed his parents left Cuba to escape from Castro, but really they left before Castro took power. When confronted with his lie for sympathy story Rubio was quick to point out that the real story was Why his parents came to America. Well, to me, the real story is Why did Rubio lie in the first place. To me, the truth is always the real story, and for Marco-polo Rubio that may be hard thing to find.

I’m waiting to see who runs before I throw my hat on any marker.

-I haven’t heard Bernie say anything I disagreed with, but maybe his stance of the gun issue is wobbly…And he’s a Socialist. Don’t Socialists eat people for dinner? Just asking.

Time to eat.

Time to eat.

Hillary? Maybe she’s a tad more experience but more of a two-sided pancake by most accounts and fact checked flip-flops.

Here’s the good news: Ben Carson may not have tried to kill someone, or beat someone’s brains out with a rock in like forty years! There’s a resume’ starter. But heads up-the man’s moved on to dissecting brains for a living, so that’s something. It’s just a bit eerie.

My request is very simple as well. Come on Republicans, give America something to think about the next time around. Dig up Eisenhower, or some other successful guy you have lying around. Change! Heck Trump trumpets change but does he really offer anything to U.S. voters but that the rich will get richer and the middle class poorer?

Bottom line: our money has been devalued too many times not to be noticed at the kitchen table.

Plus, there’s still enough of us alive who remember when maybe America was great, and we’ve seen Reagan and worse, Bush Jr. tank our way of life–and about those on going attacks on Unions? The answer to that is our Republican party blowing in the wind, or pissing into it. NAFTA gets to sit on Mr. Clinton’s lap and lean on Al Gores shoulders, but the real tacks get pinned on regain my ass “I don’t recall” Reagan and the decider, Bush Jr., who made all the wrong decisions. What a pair–and I don’t mean that in a good way, let’s get that straight. Oh gosh, this whole thing is going down a hole.

I realize right off wiht my own children that using leashes was a bad idea since one day they'd use them on me.....see? Ya gotta think ahead.

I’ve a great idea! Let’s stick to the bare facts.

According ot reports, Donald Trumps current wife wanted to show how sexy of a first lady she'd make....Some trophies need polishing, others, not so much.

Donald Trumps current wife is courting the political right to line up those conservative votes for hubby and dollar. This makes ‘cents’, Right? I mean ,really? This is the wife of the conservative leader so far for the Presidency?

In the end, I want a Democrat in the White House….or at this stage, I think we’re screwed. Why, you yell! It’s simple: the Republican trickle down economics has been a HUGE disaster for the middle class working family. The mind-blowing thing is the party still hangs on to that principal when they slather on about what will make this Country great again. It’s a HUGE lie and a worse than that blunder for the Republican party.

Two elections later and the Republican party still can’t learn-that’s scary.  Almost as scary as Trump not wearing a hair piece.

Believe it or not, I’d love for the political Right to come around and start making sense with their platforms, and not cents off the backs of the America workers. Have you ever seen a one-sided penny? Me neither-and the lunacy coming out of the party to the right makes me nervous. Major Tom, where are you?

Forget who’s running for President. Maybe, we all need to just run away? But okay, right now, my hat hangs on Hillary. And for the polls that shout how Bernie is closing in on Hillary, well at least some of that is bullshit coming from the Right who’d rather run against , “The Socialist.”  But the nominations will come, and then we’ll know who’s really in the ring.






The gloves are coming off. Republicans, Democrats will box it out. Those caught in the middle will be streaking to make their points and dishing political Memes left and right.

SEE? Sans clothes and ready to box it out

SEE? Two boxers sans clothing ready to fight.

Me? My New Year’s resolution is to read strictly memes to see if my head will explode.

Shadow will guide me through this nightmare.

Shadow will guide me through this nightmare.

Should all Memes come with warning labels? memes-on-facebook1

Thought for the day-

I realize right off wiht my own children that using leashes was a bad idea since one day they'd use them on me.....see? Ya gotta think ahead.

Chairs should definitely come with warning labels


Personally, I don’t mind the memes and prefer FB to watching the evening At least on FB about 1/2 of the posts are uplifting soul cure-alls, cute animals snuggling or playing, plus funny, stupid, flat out odd statements or thought provoking mind warping facts while 90% of the TV news is about, well, heads exploding in one way or another. The news is just another take on South Park’s killing Kenny routine written in a variety of ways so the deaths take place around the globe in every imaginable way, but oh so real. Or, the news is a hodgepodge of fear mongering.

Fear is an act of Life

Fear is an act of Life, in a way a self-contained death.

So I was wondering why so many Americans have high blood pressure and hypertension?

Anyway, my wife is a blog-glob looking to happen with feet. Really, I might as well re-name this blog site as, “Dale says….” Anyway, her New Year’s resolution rolled across her lips at the top of the New Year:  “I will eat more chocolate!”

Yes, more chocolate!

Yes, more chocolate!

See, eating more chocolate seems totally wrong for a New Year resolution, but I can’t find the rules about these resolutions written down anywhere. I just always assumed resolutions had to be about stuff a person wouldn’t keep doing, or be about something  a person could do better.  Eating chocolate? At least she didn’t pick eating more licorice- THAT would be impossible-she’d never make it.

My wife mused about some of her fellow employees right after announcing her New Year’s commitment. It seems some were upset about the prospect of having to take mental exams to buy guns so they ran out and bought a bunch before those exams could become law. “What?” My wife proclaimed. “Are my friends worried about passing mental exams?”

I could’ve answered my wife, hashed out a long laundry list of, “Well, actually…”, but it turned out remaining quiet until the dog farted was my best plan of action.

So yeah–it’s an election year and all the praying in the world will not change this fact. Does the suicide rate in America increase during election years? Curious.  There should be a law allowing voters to charge candidates with airing brain draining commercials. It turns out, most of America’s mental disorders can be traced back to political advertising. All of us have seen wayyyy too many political ads, and many Americans are brain dead-the sole reason zombies don’t and won’t attack the U.S.

Okay, it’s a nude year since everyone will find a way to claim that one candidate or another is wearing no clothes! Here’s an idea,,,,Americans should spend the entire year dressed funny, ya know, like WalMart shoppers*. to expose the lies, misdirection, slippery tongues and the BS our candidates will be spewing over the next 12 months. The politicians wear no clothes, why should we bother to look decent?



To get it over with, for my New Year I make the following observations. Oranges to apples is not a bad thing-variation is nice, but the two don’t mix well in drinks unless you use way too much vodka. memes-what-you-think-it-memes-princess-bride

So, yeah, it’s an election year and the gloves will come off. Those of differing opinions will press hard to make their points through conversation; some friendships will be lost and others made. The political climate will run hot and heavy throughout the year, and for me that’s just cheeky!

? Whether or not you vote, the debate will shine through one zillion polls and forecasts.

? Whether or not you vote, the debate will shine through one zillion polls and forecasts full of if’s, and’s, and butts-not to mention, Memes…

Cheers, and good luck this year. My 2016 resolution is to watch more weather forecasts.


*I couldn’t help myselfFunny-Walmart-Meme


It all started when my workmates returned from a LGBT* (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender)*  meeting and reported that there’d been a huge discussion about whether or not blacks could or should refer to themselves as Niggers. The point was taken, and seemingly accepted, that in today’s sensibilities blacks are empowered when they use this word.  The thinking went like this: Blacks gain ownership of the term, nigger, when they use it themselves, and speaking the word daily along with the word’s prolific usage in songs deflates the discriminatory nature of the word.


We’re all one happy name-calling family.

So, today the worst word lardass peckerwood, hick hillbillies and other honky’s could think to call a burrhead, boogie coon jigaboo(–nigger–)is used so often that it’s almost like saying, hello. It’s almost proper English-that’s the prevalent opinion in some circles. Nice. Thing is, and I merely speculate, this idea could be the result of some over thinking by four eyed book worms, and most of them curry muncher Paki’s no doubt.

Idea man wants to know…..

Why didn't the term, Mosshead, take hold?

Why didn’t the term, Mosshead, take hold?

Okay, so blacks can sing about niggers all they want since it makes them feel good. Thing is, I was wondering why spics, super wop guineas and tocohead wet backs hadn’t felt and thought the same about using the slang terms for their individual ethnicity? Limey! With how over achieving most nip faced Japs are, you’d think this bunch of slant eyes would have marketed the idea ions ago!

Here’s my bottom line: I think this whole idea that Blacks, African Americans or even  buffie buck bluegums should use this word has a super-sized fat wong choong chink in its armor. In fact, this whole movement, the sure, go ahead and call yourself derogatory names thing, may be the result of a stratagem of bovine, whalelike, roly-poly, butterball, pudgy proportion! I mean, is there a quicker way to erode a person’s sense of self worth than having them refer to their nig-nog golliwog selves in the worst of possible derogatory terms on a daily basis? Maybe only supplying people with super sized kraut-made Jim Crow whips so they might slash themselves would be more expedient, not sure.

In the basement of my thinking, as I meandered through the peat mire along with other Micks, Charlie’s and Lebo Brownies, and then pushed aside my skank garden hoes, I came to a realization. Who will explain to that beautifully faced, bright-eyed four year old black girl or boy(and every other child) that being called disgusting names is really okay? There’s a nineteen eighty-fourish laugher for ya.

What word do we use....

What word do we use….

Have a great day, even you Russkie, commie dauchebags. Sure, a rose by any name would smell as sweet but somehow this abhorrent word usage slop brain-ticks are dishing society nowadays leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. The idea that this trashy n-word is good for anyone to use belongs in the garbage.

That’s it for now from this white boy who can’t juke enough to cut a rug. Doo-whop, splat.


* should we add, SSCFL to this- Straight;Slightly Curved and Flat-lined?

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I can’t figure out if it’s better to be a smart ass who’s calling people names, or be a dumb ass who’s hated for speaking their own point of view.  Anyway, a recent thread on my FB page had one guy complaining about President Obama’s intent to meet with the King of Saudi Arabia, while another was all about the meeting, praising President Obama for his détente efforts. Fart-head, numb-skull, stupid ass, shit-head, ignorant, nuts, crazy, worthless idiot, those were a few of the nicer names used during the exchange.

The discussion goes on.....

The discussion goes on…..

It all got me thinking…

The situation is complicated in the middle east. And, if I could only date a country, I wouldn’t pick Saudi Arabia. Still, this is a quick review of political affairs in Saudi-

2013 October – Saudi Arabia turns down a non-permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council, accusing the world body of double standards on account of what it sees as an international failure to act on Syria, where it staunchly backs the rebels.

2014 February – New anti-terrorism law introduced which activists say will further stifle dissent.

2014 March – Saudi Arabia designates several Islamist groups as terrorist organisations and bans funding or support for them. The groups include the Muslim Brotherhood, the Al-Nusra front and the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

2014 September – Saudi Arabia and four other Arab states take part together with the United States in air strikes against Islamic State militant strongholds in Syria.*

Here’s the thing, one thing, or a few things that some may not know. It’s true that the Saudi’s have a lot to consider when it comes to holding the price of oil below 50 dollars a barrel.** Getting a strong foothold in the rising Chinese market is one of them. Also, they’d like to slow down America’s investment in fracking. However, mainly, though it isn’t mainly printed, the Saudi’s are fed up with Assad, head of Syria, and also Iran, and Russia as well.

Of course, recent history-going back to 2000-reveals that 17 out of 19 hijackers of the planes involved in 9/11 were from Saudi. In truth, it wasn’t until about 2006 that the Saudi government began a systematic reversal of its look the other way policy when it came to terrorist, or extremist groups, that organized in their country. Today, things have changed.

As of 2006, the Saudi’s may not care so much about what happens in other places around the globe-I don’t know-but they want no terrorists in their land, period. Their current view is that the U.S., along with other powers, should invade, and destroy Syria and Iran. America, Russia and European nations have refused to do so. The Saudi’s have, in turn, come up with a plan of their own—

By keeping prices below 50 dollars per barrel, the Saudi’s have set a bench market price for crude that is below the cost production of oil in both Syria and Iran. This means Syria and Iran lose money with every barrel of oil they produce.  The Saudi goal in this endeavor is to bring Syria and Iran to their knees until those countries eradicate terrorist organizations from training and organizing in their land….they want  to put an end to those groups that jeopardize the Saudi oil fields and world-wide distribution of oil. That’s the simple face of it, though more extensive ends for the Saudis, like destroying their competitors on the world-wide market for oil production, can’t be over-looked.

How long can Iran and Syria go on losing money on crude? A vague answer is about three years for Iran, and then things get wishy-washy for Syria time-wise since Russia may print money forever to help Syria survive the Saudi’s economic invasion of their economy.

Americans are currently reaping the rewards from the Saudi’s plan to carry out their own economic war on terrorism  every time our citizens fill-up at the pump! Three cheers for them!!! Oddly, though, even lowly, upper middle-class Americans may be losing more in the value of their stock pro-folio by low oil prices than they’re gaining at the pump! But that’s another story,  like this one- low barrel oil prices that take profit out of fracking should(should) lessen interest in that kind of development here in the states and turn heads more toward renewables. I.E. Solar and wind….we’ll see.

Maybe, the dumb ass person on my FB thread who praised President Obama didn’t know this stuff? However, the smart ass name caller on the thread doesn’t know much, either. Why? Very few people, (and I’m not one of those), not smart ass, or even dumb ass can know much about who, when, or why the President of the US talks to any foreign King, Lord or country ambassador.  Basically, the smart ass name caller on my thread doesn’t know crap-not really-and along with the rest of us he can fit what he really does know about foreign affairs, the motives, maneuvering, or the wins and losses our foreign policy makers experience, on one, small sheet of toilet paper.

Name calling? That verbal flatulence is worthless.

Cheers for the Saudis! I think for now, at least…….maybe. The human rights issue and the plight of women in that society is just weird-right!?!?!.



** Some of this comes from a recent editorial posted in the New York Times, and further research into the subject.

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