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ya know…..The Standing Rock protest is super important…

At Woodstock, my friends and I were young, not yet strapped by so much obligation–we could go there at the drop of a hat to speak our minds, to express ourselves.

The vocals held the message,

The vocals held the message, “Purple Haze, run in my mind..”

we wanted freedom; to make love, not war, and to roll baby roll

we wanted freedom; to make love, not war, and to roll baby roll

Thing is, people who are about my age today are most likely wrapped in bills and a job they can’t afford to skip out on for a few days-a week-and lose.  Or, we’re just too dang old. Plus, we’ve already been cracked over the head, jailed, spit on and frowned upon during the ever-changing 1960’s. Yes, I’d guess my generation’s spirits haven’t changed but it does seem it’s the younger generation’s turn to make a difference, to take one for the team, to band together to right this wrong that is taking place at Standing Rock.

Maybe, the younger generations don’t really know how much effort it took for my generation to turn Nam around and to end that bloody mess. It took plenty.

One day while attending Gettysburg college I joined about eight of my classmates and gathered in two cars to drive to Washington D. C. for what we’d heard was to be a massive protest against the Vietnam war. It was-maybe one hundred thousand gathered to march in D.C. that day. If tear gas, clubs and charging horses is peaceful, then this was a Peaceful demonstration.

Here’s my point: if two sides meet with opposing views and one side is peaceful while the other isn’t, is that a peaceful demonstration? Ask the supporters of Standing rock who are being dragged down, beaten, gassed, arrested and striped searched if this is a ‘peaceful ‘ demonstration.

It takes two to tango; two to talk.

No, the Nam years were battle years both abroad and here at home. Three of the group I went to Washington with didn’t make it back to campus until they’d been released from jail (I think we went to D.C.  on a Saturday and we didn’t see these three again until the following Wednesday-one had been clubbed on the head.)  One college friend had flunked out by Christmas our Freshman year and gone to Vietnam. Three months later, by late Spring, he returned to visit missing a leg. It was horrifying; I spent at least a week smoking my brains out trying to forget John’s fate.

My whole generation fought the Nam war one way or another. We didn’t send Memes. We got in the streets and marched as an unarmed army of what was right and good.

At first, protesters tried flower power.

At first, protesters tried flower power.

It was a peaceful demonstration, so the National Guard of Ohio took a knee and.....

It was a peaceful demonstration, so the National Guard of Ohio took a knee and…..



these four dead, randomly killing them and wounding nine others

these four dead, randomly killing them and wounding nine others

All across the nation members of my generation fought and were bloodied , even killed, for what we thought was right.

My generation served our time. And we learned, Love has a down side.

bullets doesn't.

bullets kill…love doesn’t.

So, I’m wondering…why aren’t the 18 to 21 year old’s going to Standing Rock to stop this pipeline? You have the ability-some of you-like maybe 500 thousand, right? And yet, you aren’t joining our Native American people to fight for your right to live in a clean, healthy environment. Somewhere, somehow, between the protests of the Nam Era and the rattle, smoke, shake, rock-in-roll days of Woodstock my generation’s spirit to join in mass to fight what’s wrong for what is right has gotten lost; the ball got dropped.

Maybe the environmental movement just isn’t fun enough? I don’t know…


In the rub lies the ointment, and in there are the flies. Sometime, somewhere, I feel certain the next generation will have had enough, and chose to fight  in the streets rather than type on a computer as I am. Both are good; both actions can bear results-but getting out in the streets in mass has worked before. It can work again.


It’s still not too late to join the protester’s at Standing Rock. In the end, Life becomes a memory. You’ll want to know you did what’s right. Good luck.

Here’s a Drone video and update on Standing rock


Here’s the dirt on the proposed pipeline and how and why it was redirected….581a0640150000b9005313f6.png

Mr. Rogers, where are you?!?!? Dale and Gerry, to Ground Control. Boom! Last Thursday was an unusual day for us, though it hadn’t started out unlike any other. Perhaps, the most remarkable thing about the day was that it wasn’t supposed to rain! The summer rains haven’t let up here in Florida so,  with a good weather report in hand, my wife and I had put off leaving to go out of town until later in the afternoon. Shakespeare would love the twist.

I had a few hours to weed my garden, the one where most seeds didn’t sprout this Fall since I used old seed, that in line with my cheap ass self. Thing is, with all the rain, few leaves have yet to fall during this UN-Fall season, so I’ve little to use as mulch to keep weeds down. This seasonal anomaly , and the weather forecast  for the day  is what  helped me footfall my way out to our front yard garden-I hadn’t a clue as to what was coming!

The sky was deep blue; the birds sang to my right, buzzing around our bird feeding station. I found the grassy weeds easy to  pull up, and the hawks overhead called in familiar fashion: music to my soul. I rocked on my knees catching a cooler breeze than normal. Shadow, our Catahoula puppy, had already given up on pulling weeds with me, raided the neighbor’s trash, but slyly, without much noise or to-do, and then gone in the backyard to check on Dale. I was alone-just me and my weeds having a good ol’ time.

That’s when it happened.

My dead end street gets little traffic, only two houses past mine the road forms a circle that sends cars back down our hillside and on their way. But what to my wondering eyes should appear–but an armored car with eight not tiny cops in full riot gear.

The house that  was surrounded is behind me in this shot.

The house that was surrounded is behind me in this shot.

The sight was more than alarming!

This is what the first truck that pulled up looked like. The engine purred, almost without sound.

This is what the first truck that pulled up looked like. The engine purred, almost without sound.

I didn't know it, but this is what was inside the truck.....

I didn’t know it, but this is what was inside the truck…..

Before I could stand, another two police cars, a Forensic vehicle, some other sort of paneled police equipment truck, along with several police cars carrying dogs inside, and two other police cars had all parked in front of our yard, and all along the street. In less than a minute, eight riot gear laden police complete with Roman looking type shields, (with neat windows in the upper half so the guards behind them could see where they were going),  six other cops, all with automatic weapons or strange looking handguns-looked to have silencers on their end- had emerged and encircled the house across the street.

Eight twins to these guys jumped out of the vehicle.

Eight twins to these guys jumped out of the vehicle.

“Come outwith your hands up; we have the house surrounded,” blared a loud speaker. I hadn’t even made it off my knees yet-not that I was in shock, but that this action happened so quickly. About now, I went into shock.  Seeing the machine guns drawn made me realize I was about to be cross-fire fodder…a swiss cheese version of my old self; garden fertilizer.

This post’s random picture!-

Just cut hte top of you r pineapple oo, plant it, water it occasionally, ait two years and eat....We've gotten three so far this year..hmmmm.

Pardon my Pineapple. Just cut the top off your pineapple, plant it in decent soil, water it occasionally, wait two years and eat….We’ve gotten three so far this year..hmmmm.(picked this AM.)

I ran into the house, yelling”Save the Pineapples!” Okay=-not.  Calling for my wife, who’d been in the back yard. Her version of this military-type bombardment is funny: she thought at first the loud-speaker was for some political candidate, and her thoughts had gone along these lines: “If that’s some dummy politician mucking up our neighborhood….”BTW–our Catahoula puppy started this whole mess by alerting us last week that this same house across the street was being robbed in broad daylight–he had no visual of the house from our living room, but knew…My wife had called the cops who missed the guys by minutes. That investigation must have led to this raid.

Shadow's nose knows what happening  even if it's out of sight, and an acre and 1/2 away.......

Shadow’s nose knows what happening even if it’s out of sight, and an acre and 1/2 away……Dogs  are one-hundred percent amazing.

After several loud-speaker warnings later, and the neighbor’s house door being magically opened, along with a large side building, and the privacy fence gate swung wide, Dale and I found ourselves peering out our windows at eight or more police dressed in full armor body suits plus many other armed policemen. There were AK-47 looking weapons and a slew of others.

There was no one in the house, or on the property; no arrests were made at the time.

Two hours later, all that was left were investigators taking pictures, and cars being searched.  Why the ‘army’ had beached  across our street still isn’t clear. But, we’ve heard from another neighbor that one gal from the raided house said, “I think we’ll get off!?!!?” This wasn’t the exact phrase I was hoping to hear from my neighbors. They’ve been living here for almost three years, and though we don’t interact much, they’ve gator parties, cookouts, enjoy our dog Shadow* and have some fine-looking children. Thing is-somethings up, but what?

We left headed to our beach house three hours after  the whole debacle had started..leaving behind  a different weeding experience for me and a new-found appreciation of the slick swat team in Gainesville, Florida.

a month ago I saw this site form our beach--two Right whales!! A far different scene form Swat team USA.

I saw this sight from our beach a month ago –two Right whales!! A far different scene from Swat team USA.

And I’m thinking, if this type of Swat team is here-they’re everywhere. I know, I know, some people hate the armed police forces throughout our country, think them over kill, maybe even enemies of the people-too armed is the buzz on them. Regardless, I can say without a doubt that IF we ever needed a Swat team in Gainesville, we have one who can pull up, and up set up in full gear in less than two minutes-all without a sound, but for the loudspeaker.

Duck n’ cover….


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