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Yes, I’ll admit, I’ve always wanted to play the Mad-Hatter in a puppet show. This is why it is the Mad Hatter’s tea party that s-l-o-w-s down the Hare as I wrote the puppet show adaptations of The Tortoise and the Hare. Well for that, but also because I couldn’t think of how watching a Hare sleep under and tree or romp through flowers could be made into an interesting, entertaining script…..Voila–the Mad Hatter’s tea party was born again, sorta.

We were ready-----(Tina, Odette and Ann-she signed the show- line up with me wishing they could run away

We were ready—–(Tina Bushnell, Odette Hinson and Ann Lozotte(-she signed the show-) line up with me wishing they could run away…

It can be painful learning a show...and sometimes you just gotta laugh since there's no way any of it will work out.

It can be painful learning a show…and sometimes you just gotta laugh since there’s no way any of it will work out.(practice while thinking of calling in sick on the day of the show)

It’s quite an ordeal to pre-plan the adaptation, write the script, order needed  items, build the set and props, practice, direct and then perform the puppet show. In all, we had over 100 hours of time put into this production…and I was sorry that 50 or so children who hadn’t pre–signed up and reserved a spot in the audiences for either one of two “Sold-out” free shows had to be turned away.

The script was full of puns: “Do you have money for Hare-fare?”; “Here’s a Hare-brush”;”Let’s not split, Hares”; and “Hare today; gone tomorrow” These were just  a few-

The Hatter meant it when he said, "Let's look OVER the menu."

The Hatter meant it when he said, “Let’s look OVER the menu.”

Hare: “But I can’t read what’s on the menu!”(by just looking over it)

Hatter: “Excellent idea; we’ll eat what ‘s on the menu!”

In one of the funnier parts, the waiter uses a sight gag of large portions for the Hatter and small portions for the Hare.

Large lettuce leaf and tomato for me

First a large carrot for me and a five CARAT ring for the starving Hare. Then, a large lettuce leaf and tomato for me


small tomato with bite out of it for the Hare

Small tomato with bite out of it for the Hare

The bit here ends when the Hatter pretends to eat his menu, now folded around the food items as if it were a sandwich-er, on the menu.

Hatter: Bon Appetit

Hare: Wait, I can’t eat this! ( The menu as a sandwich)

Hatter: But people always eat what’s on the Menu!

The waiter-played by Odette, changes into four or more nationalities as she returns with food to put”On” the menu, or delivers a large carrot for me and a five Carat diamond ring for the starving Hare etc. In all, I think Odette changed costumes about 8 times within a 35 minute program–that’s work.

In the beginning, the set was ready and quiet.

In the beginning, the set was ready and quiet.

Wait–in the beginning the people who’d be doing the play were determined,,,their talents came into play and helped define the roles they might do well.

Random thought:

Why didn't the term, Mosshead, take hold?  That all got me thinking -I guess it’s the same for Fox News Producers…they have to dice out who can do what for their shows.

So they had to decide what roll Megyn Kelly might best be suited for on their TV show....

So they had to decide what roll, Megyn Kelly, might best be suited for on their TV show….then make her toast, I mean host.

Maybe,  we all buy into what puppets tells us?

Anyway, for us the first act was all puppets….

Children buy into puppets ,,always.....

Children buy into puppets ,,always…..(Ann Lezotte signs)


Everything was set behind stage

lots of lines to keep track of

lots of lines to keep track of…

We always have a rocking time of it…

I first looked over the Hairy Hare name Harry and thought her a bit fuzzy-she explained she was hairy all over, which I thought an odd name...Then she said , "No I'm only Hairy." That name seemed no better.... "No" The Hare said. "I'm just Harry." This is why I called the Medic- obviously Hairy all over and Only Hairy were missing,, maybe in trouble,,,maybe hurt....

I first looked over  Hairy Hare name Harry and thought her a bit fuzzy-she explained she was hairy all over, which I thought an odd name…Then she said , “No I’m only Hairy.” That name seemed no better…. “No” The Hare said. “I’m just Harry.” This is why I called the Medic- obviously Hairy all over and Only Hairy had gone missing,, they could’ve been in trouble,,,maybe hurt….missing for sure

We kept the pace of puns going on throughout and  you can’t flip a phrase into humor if the first one isn’t said just right. That put pressure on us to remember the subtle twists of the script.

Of course we had a safety net made of endless confetti and horn blowers for each child.....

Of course we had a safety net made of endless confetti and horn blowers for each child at the play’s end…

In the end, it was. I found myself back stage with bending head realizing that after 21 years of doing puppet shows, I wouldn’t be doing them forever. Plus, one cast member had mentioned that maybe this was her last hurrah(the position in the puppet shows so filled with huge work is voluntary.) It all set me back- back to twenty years ago when I was 47 and new to the Library District.., young, limber, full of energy and so willing to go for it.  Then, I thought about how much I would miss doing these shows with the current cast members, how much they’d given to me, to the shows, and how wonderful they are. It was a moment of triumphant filled with a sense of loss for me.

“Are you alright?”

Tina’s sweet voice called from my left, startling me,  catching me in my retrospective moment-

“Yes.” I smiled. “I’m alright.”  I couldn’t go into how much Odette and Tina had meant to my efforts, our efforts, and how much I’d never forget the puppet shows, the laughter, or either of them. I owe them so much. I kept my thoughts private, until now.

I'' never forget the scenes

I’ll never forget the scenes–how about the tea cup?

But most of all, I’ll never forget the children’s faces, the laughter and joy we’ve managed to bring to them.

I know it a small thing-but this troupe has worked wonders...and I'm so proud of them.

I know it’s a small thing-but this troupe has worked wonders…and I’m so proud of them.


Cheers, and I’ve a few more shows left in me as long as the ‘creek don’t rise’…

Franque23 loves his troupe.


I agree that term limits sounds reasonable—of course the argument is this: with term limits, no matter how long the term, there comes a time when the representative knows they will not be held responsible for anything during, say, their last year or 6 months of service.

So, the idea against term limits is that representatives will run amok once they know they can’t be re-elected again no matter what they do!

BUT, there’s this-

,,,…..meanwhile, I once knew two people who worked very high up in government; one in Washington D.C during the Reagan administration, the other during the same time as a government inspector administrator for the power industry-both women. They told me representatives were snorting coke left and right, all the time, and people were screwing in their offices as well as taking bribes on a daily basis….they had no reason to lie about this, and without knowing what is going on now, I believed them at the time. They each told me more graphically about the where, when’s and hows of the sex, the drugs and the payoffs, but I’m not going into that on this post but to add-it sounded bad.

Ooh, and one more thing—-I had a relative, now deceased, who’s dad was a representative from Texas and that man served in Washington for about 40 years(I believe) …Well, as his son, our relative, was elected to replace his dad–he served one or two terms and then left, telling me personally and other family members that Washington D.C. was a den of thieves and he just didn’t have the stomach for it.

Hmmm,and all this with no term limits.

After thought: I suppose our family representative could’ve been exaggerating, or maybe he felt he had to defend his decision to leave office? The two women, one worked in D.C. over twenty years while the other in the Administration’s inspection unit for about 8 years, maybe they were just claiming to know? All I know is I heard this all first hand, not as a rumor.

Lately, it was reported that one representative was filmed by accident as he watched porn on his lap top while listening to a speaker on the floor of congress.* Other times, speakers rattle on to a room full of empty chairs.Empty_Chamber_Congress_500I’m thinking this is actually Bernie talking in Washington back in 1991 on the dangers of the Persian gulf…the listener(s) were on the edge of their seats/!

It has circulated on FB how many crimes representatives have been found guilty of or been accused of committing.

The bottom line is America needs a correction-not just in our economy, a boost for the middle class and workers, not just for our infrastructure and our power source systems, not just in our educational methods or in our Wall Street high finance and international banks, many who had to pay 4.25 billion dollars in fines recently for price-fixing international markets**, but inside the soul of Americans and leaders world-wide we need a re-boot, a clean up, a straightening of the core fibers of our being.

Now? Representatives toe-tap in bathrooms for sex and become millionaires while serving as elective officials whose salaried positions could never bring them such wealth. The writing is not on the wall for American’s to read, its smeared on our faces. Many high ranking, elected officials are stealing money, making money driven decisions and wrecking lives in the process. Around the globe things may not be much better. What’s to be done?




April showers have already brought April flowers-(Click on the pics for a much better view)

The red single Hibiscus is a simple reliable bloomer---I find the different varieties of this plant amazing.

The single red Hibiscus is a simple reliable bloomer—I find the different varieties of this plant amazing. The petal is extremely soft to the touch.

With American’s declaring war on about everything, drugs, immigrants, poverty, crime, being fat, too thin, a commie, cop, black man, social security recipient, slacker, rapper or street walker, etc….I thought a reconnaissance of my yard this spring was in order.

Our Hibiscus flanks a walkway now surrounded by twenty foot high Oranges trees, a Valencia, a red seedless navel plus one grapefruit.  I bought these on the same day about 8 years ago….at the time, they all fit nicely in my back seat.

We've nine oranges trees of differing variities but only six are yeilding-three more have to age a bit more.

We’ve nine oranges trees of differing varieties but only six are yielding-three more have to age a bit more.(Shadow stands in for a size comparison.)

I open the front door and love this sight.

The path less taken steps by the bird bath, roses and our Old Man's Beard Tree...currently in full bloom.

The path less taken steps by the bird bath, roses and our Old Man’s Beard Tree…currently in full bloom.

I remember this rose as being a Tea Rose, but the size of this year’s blooms have me scratching my head…..

The not Tea Rose plant?!?!

The not Tea Rose plant?!?!


A handful for a Tea Rose.

A handful for a Tea Rose.

Nearby, underneath the Old Man’s Beard Tree, we have a number of pineapples growing. This year’s warm winter seems to have started the pineapples bearing about 6 months early…

I've nine pineapples coming, but I suspect they may be on the small size-we'll see!

I’ve nine pineapples coming, but I suspect they may be on the small size-we’ll see!

See last years pineapple came in large, and of course, I planted the tops.

See? Last year’s pineapple came in large, and of course, I planted the tops.

Over all yard view….

a bit of trimming and upkeep, but I like the feel. It's a reason to get out and listen to the birds and Hawks above.

It takes a bit of trimming and upkeep. Thing is, I like the feel. Landscaping, planting gardens for food or flowers and random trees to flower or fruit, it’s a reason to get out and listen to the birds and Hawks above.

Our “Victory Garden”* is located to the left of shot above. Beans, tomatoes, egg plants, herbs, yellow squash, zucchini, lettuce. peppers-yellow, green, red-and banana peppers, everything is coming along fine.340

My buddy stays close at hand and helps me routinely patrol the yard for squirrels…

Shadow is my backup,,or am I his,,not certain.

Shadow is my backup,,or am I his,,not certain.

Shadow reminds me each morning to check the pool for snakes or unwanted stray cats.

Shadow reminds me each morning to check the pool for snakes or unwanted stray cats.

Speaking of monring....our yard has several spots where lovely Mexican Juniper blooms appear anew each day,,dropping most pedals by night only to burst forth more blooms by morning.

Speaking of morning….our yard has several spots where lovely Mexican Petunia blooms appear anew each day,,dropping most pedals by night only to burst forth more blooms by morning.(drought resistant)

 I love these, though they last only a few days…the Amaryllis Belladonna, or Naked Lady plant…Great thru droughts, a delicate bloom in clusters. And, at the risk of turning this into a drought resistant plant blog, I have to add the wonderful Plumbago-

Just breaking out in bloom

Just breaking out in bloom


It's another no brainer.....a hoax head's up!

It’s another no brainer…..we should ask politicians running for any office not how a subway card works or how well the know how to eat pizza, but what they  know about growing stuff-just saying…

Just the idea of politicians planting more than BS got Shadow running in circles!

Actually, Shadow does this-if we don't run him, he runs himself like a madman/dog

Actually, Shadow does this-if we don’t run him, he runs himself like a madman/dog


We've three Myer's lemons planted, and they seem to bloom nearly year round, and yeild often. Plus, we have one Ponderosa Lemon,,,the kind that gives fruit as large as a person's face!

We’ve three Meyers’s lemons planted, and they seem to bloom nearly year round, and yield often. Plus, we have one Ponderosa Lemon,,,the kind that gives fruit as large as a person’s face!

The place would be perfect is I could just keep those roadsters from buzzin' the joint.

The place would be perfect if I could just keep those roadsters from buzzin’ the joint.

three children, all grown up1

My three roadsters long ago.

Now, more about the Ponderosa….

My grandson standing next to a few Ponderosa Lemons

My grandson standing next to a few Ponderosa Lemons

A meyrs next to Ponderosa

Our Meyers’ next to our Ponderosa Lemon

caught my eye this morning.

This caught my eye this morning.

It’s true, I’ve left out a lot, like the Indigenous Jasmine that towers by our front door each year( fifteen feet or higher) to scent the entire yard for months only to die back to the ground every winter,

This unusual clumping bamboo-type Jasmine blasts fragrance over at least a 1/2 acre each night.

This unusual clumping bamboo-type Jasmine blasts fragrance over at least a 1/2 acre each night.

The Mulberry and fig trees,,,you’re welcome, squirrels are very important to us.

We've two figs-the one I water regularly is twice the size of the other....

We’ve two figs-the one I water regularly is twice the size of the other….a huge Mineola Tangelo is in background(honey bell)

The side 1/2 acre features three types of orange trees, a blueberry and several invasive lantana’s the butterflies love.

a look at Shadow's 1/2 acre run, petunia's and a Chinese mandarin and Satsuma in the background.

a look at Shadow’s 1/2 acre run, petunia’s and a Chinese mandarin and Satsuma in the background.

Invasively neat.

Invasively neat. (Can’t leave the mailman out of the fun)

The beauty of Florida is not just the weather, the ocean, springs, lakes and rivers, but what a person can grow  in the smallest of yards if they would like. It’s a jungle out there, and we can nurture it so it nurtures us.

Cheers during Spring in Northern Florida.




(There are no pictures-there are none any would want to see.)

I imagine Buddha, Gandhi or God might find that reading 30 people died was as painful as learning  six family members were killed. Otherwise, it’s difficult for most people to put a face on the dead they never knew. Maybe, that’s why the news that Isis has launched 20 attacks world-wide since 2014 that have killed 1200 people and wounded scores more doesn’t have many of us gnashing our teeth at a wailing wall.

But, what if, for just a moment, you and I imagined all 30 people killed today in Brussels were our direct family members(take a second or two-see their faces in death)….what then? Would we sit in our living room and listen to President hopefuls talk about the situation? Or, might we find ourselves banging fists through walls.

Sometimes, that bull-in-the-ring reaction seems well suited to charge ahead at any cost.

When does the talking stop and unified world-wide forces identify the enemy’s uniform and stomp those wearing it into beetle piss. A beautiful thing about life is that it holds so many truths, and here’s one of them: if no one is safe, then no one is safe. Simple.

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is a major charge the American people ask of their government. Isis is putting a bad wrinkle on that chink of armor, and doing it across the globe. People of Ankara ask why the two bombings in Turkey that left scores dead this past week did not get the same main stream waving flag of coverage that Brussel’s earned in just one blast.* Their point is well taken, but I think the central point has moved past outrage, past coverage, past detente, way past no boots on the ground.

If Americans and good people all over look outside what they should see, no matter what the weather, is war clouds gathering on our horizon. Isis will not stop random bombings unless they are made to stop. And it only figures Isis will not leave  American football games, parades or Times Square out of their sights. Trouble is, can Isis be made to stop? There’s a gut check question for a knee jerk reaction. Queasy-the only word.

History has well proven that wars do happen, and for each war there has been a cause, a reason for the conflict that those willing to fight and die could not deny. When Fathers, Mothers and Children of all ages are randomly slaughtered as they go to catch a plane, can the reasons for war be too far off?

Maybe, not having a choice will make this ensuing war easier, but I think not. “We have nothing to fear but fear itself?” Well, there’s an early death; that can’t be perfect. Still, the time is here. It’s time some good sides march left to right while the other good sides march right to left and together, the two forces must squash everyone in between that is an enemy of free life, free travel, community safety and civilized people.

The deadly bombings are happening across the globe far more than most American’s know. It’s past time for complaining about what we have to do about this ideological menace to the civilized world- we have to stand up, stop apologizing for what may or may not have caused the problem to begin with, and stop the murderers now. No one can change history, but many can stop these random bombings.

Isis can end, but only with a world-wide effort. Sadly, words will never be enough.


“ANKARA — For the fifth time since October, another bomb has rocked one of Turkey’s two biggest cities — Istanbul and Ankara — pushing the overall death toll in recent months to nearly 200 with hundreds more injured.”

Often, learning a bit of history can teach an ear -full.

Often, learning a bit of history can teach us an ear -full.

Henry Ford wanted a car in every garage and cranked up production to make that possible for most, as long as they had a job, garage and home. Thing is, a lot is being discussed today about  what color of life matters and Americans’ are slinging their prejudices around as if those thoughts were snow balls, or water balloons or bastions of truth. No one cares who has a garage, house, or job.

After World War II, not much was different.

Troops came home to waiting wives and began in earnest to create the baby boomer generation. Children sprung from bedrooms within cheap housing as if they were flowers blooming in May. But this time in American history wasn’t a spring time in the life of many Americans, even for those who had fought in the war and returned home victorious. The trouble was, many of our returning Vets were Black, and in truth they did matter but it was how they mattered that really was the point and poison of Life in America. The attitudes and actions taken back then have created so much of the radical tensions American’s feel today throughout our society.

The housing plans marketed and sold by Bill Levitt back in the 1940’s, community systems known as Levitttown developments, had much to do with the segregation that exists in American communities today.

The need for housing was urgent after the war and the plan was simple.

FDR had established much earlier (about 1930ish)a government sponsored mortgage lending company that would enable vets to buy homes with little down and affordable mortgages. Later on, massive Levittown building sites could make the American dream of owning a home come true for all those who wanted to take that golden step up in society. Of course, by Levittown specific purchase agreements only Whites could buy into any of their homes-the Levittown’s were segregated for Whites Only, a widely celebrated fact among the White middle class. Even though segregation in housing had been outlawed as far aback as 1917, still the Levittown , White only, purchase agreements stood in court when challenged in 1955.*

This Levittown was built in Pa just after the war.....

This Levittown was built in Pa just after the war…..

Oddly, I have personal experience with this, “No Blacks  in our community,” law. 

I was born and raised in Roslyn Heights, South Park, a Levitt built community. The first Black family moved in around 1964. My dad had been one of the lucky soldiers to buy into the community and we along with our neighbors  were all as happy as claims living in our white shelled housing.

My fmaily in our South Park, Levitt built home,,about he year the Black family moved in-1965ish

My family in our South Park, Levitt built home,,about the year the Black family moved in-1965ish

A community meeting was held to try to stop the action when news broke about the first  Blacks buying one house in South Park. I can still hear my dad complaining that by strict deed he’d bought into a White only neighborhood. But times had changed since 1955 and the courts were now trumping those segregated agreements-but only for those Blacks lucky enough to have risen high within the earning structure. Beside the Levittown restrictions, Blacks also had to fight against rating mortgage systems that gave White only communities the toughest standards for approval, while Black districts were rated very low making easy to get mortgages plentiful for those areas. As I recall, this Black man who did move in was a doctor….The scuttlebutt over this Black family moving into South Park dissipated once fears of too many cars, an unkempt lawn, run down shutters and street garbage proved to be unfounded-that, however, took awhile.

Basically, Levittown’s all over the Northeast created 70,000 home communities that stood for thirty years or longer as icons of White only, safe,  well-kept neighborhoods-White only areas where middle class families could prosper and live the American Dream. For Blacks? The hard to get mortgages and outright segregated communities helped to  create the Ghetto, mostly Black housing areas many Americans now point to and exclaim how shameful those developments are today.

In truth, most of the trash talk about Black Ghettos started after WW ll with the government mortgage restrictions and Levittown’s exclusive White Only purchasing policies….

Yes all lives matter, but back in 1945, at least, the lives of Blacks and their families, even the lives of Black vets mattered less than their White counterpart’s lives-and most White people back then thought this fair. Exclusion of Blacks into White communities after the War helped lead to feelings of contempt for Blacks at the time. Those feelings of contempt for a race branded as not good enough has , at least in part, bred the ever-present hatred for Blacks that is so prevalent within American White society today. Those long ago cast feelings are an anchor to progress for American society today, and we must as a people break those chains and move on.



*From a google article on Levittown history…..

Originally, the Levitts’ racist policy was enshrined in the lease itself, which stipulated that “the tenant agrees not to permit the premises to be sued or occupied by any person other than members of the Caucasian race.” 10 That provision was later struck down in court as unconstitutional, but Bill Levitt continued to enforce racial homogeneity in practice by rejecting would-be black buyers.
Activist groups across the U.S. and even individuals within Levittown, who united under the Committee to End Discrimination in Levittown, protested the Levitts’ racist policies. In 1955, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) sued federal mortgage agencies which had helped future homeowners finance the purchase of homes in the community, basing the suit on the denial of six black veterans from purchasing homes. Thurgood Marshall, the lawyer who had successfully argued Brown v. Board of Education, represented the plaintiffs, but a Philadelphia court dismissed the suit after ruling that the federal agencies were not responsible for preventing housing discrimination.
Though the Levitts made it an unofficial policy not to sell homes to minorities, they could not legally prevent an existing homeowner from reselling their home to black buyers.

Recently, a FB post caught my eye. It featured a Silver Back Gorilla signing as he expressed his feelings and thoughts about the Paris Climate Talks. It’s clear this animal has a certain degree of intelligence not thought possible by sooo many.  But what about Koko?  Just watch-

Koko signs, Earth

Koko signs, Earth

Koko signs a whole bunch of stuff….

"I am Gorilla"

“I am Gorilla”

And then, also this-

"But Man stupid."

“But Man stupid.”

See? It’s freaky to realize this Gorilla knows what he’s talking about and has strong opinions on the subject matter. This video illustrates why I think hunters of Gorilla’s and all exotic animals must be stopped, and maybe what’s freakier than a signing gorilla is that many humans would hunt this animal down and kill him if they could.

In the end, for many of us there’s nothing like having a trophy-trophy wives,

According ot reports, Donald Trumps current wife wanted to show how sexy of a first lady she'd make....Some trophies need polishing, others, not so much.

(According to reports, Donald Trump’s current wife wanted to show how sexy of a first lady she’d make….Some trophies need polishing, others, not so much.)

or having a trophy husband,



or a slew of trophy animal heads plastered on walls. All over the world there are groups of people who like killing someone’s spirit, or purpose, or gutting an animal that didn’t see the bullet coming.

Cecil the lion- how in god's name is killing this animal called sport?

Cecil the lion- how in god’s name is killing this animal called sport?

Much of the world was horrified by the slaughter of the great African lion, Cecil, but somehow that killer slipped through the knot of justice and danced his way to a future. He has much too much company in that regard.

This is dick-wade dentist Palmer who killed Cecil...this pic, however, is of another murder his proud to have committed.

This is the dick-wad dentist, Palmer, who killed Cecil…this picture, however, is of another murder he’s proud to have committed.

Bluntly, these animals who mankind allows to be slaughtered every day have intelligence,(that’s why they hide and run from humans-duh!)  Here’s a chance to watch Koko learning sign–fun.

All kinds of animals deserve so much better than to be hunted down by people in planes, boats, trucks, cars or on foot. Have you ever noticed how almost any animal you see crossing a road is running for their life? They have a concept of death, and a desire to live. This is why America should have a HUGE( i.e. in Donald Trump’s voice) building project to provide either overhead or underground animal passage ways across major roads and roads that traverse wildlife areas. Mostly, even our National Parks don’t provide this added protection for the life those authorities purport to value so much-

animals are intelligent, and they use these to live.

Animals are intelligent, and they use these to live.

Animals either know about the passes and use them , or they are taught to us them.

Animals either know about the passes and use them , or they are taught to use them.

Safe form traffic-now if we could only stop killing them.

Safe from traffic-now if we could only stop killing them.

But heck, we can’t even stop people from killing people, why would I expect we would care about the vanishing wildlife, the ones who can think well enough to survive if it wasn’t for us.

Thing is, we might lose our underwear next.....then what?

I’ve been thinking about people, and it’s occurred to me there’s a test we forget to take in school.

Intelligence is a bit of a nebulous term. Here we are, people with so-called intelligence who have built enough nuclear bombs to blow up our only world a zillion times over, and people routinely think nuclear power plants are a good idea even after the horrors those plant melt downs have already caused to our planet.

Fukushima still smokes today-do not inhale.

Fukushima still smokes today-do not inhale.

My mind keeps asking: so what's the lesson here?

My mind keeps asking: so what’s the lesson here?

I say there’s some sort of intelligence test people are missing; the human race needs to re-think things. Perhaps the biggest test for humanity is how we show mercy to the things we could otherwise kill. Do we just kill, or do we try to help.

As a kid, I loved seeing Theodore Roosevelt’s Sagamore Hill Estate-went maybe 50 times- with all the dead animal heads staring at me from their perch on the walls.

Dead heads, and not music lovers.

Dead heads, and not music lovers.

Now, the thought of Roosevelt killing all those animals for sport and me enjoying seeing the heads makes me want to throw-up, barf a bag full and then puke. Of course, times have changed, I’ve grown up, read, cared, so my thoughts on the matter of dead animal heads have changed. Why can’t Mankind grow up and learn as well?

When will we learn that the life around us has intelligence and should not be hunted, destroyed, but managed for the prosperity of the World. That answer is the correct one to seek for what should be Humanity’s next, new improved test.

Koko hopes we will pass…..

EXC PRINT BEFORE WEB / Help Koko be the "Voice of Nature." - Koko responds to a request to represent the "Voice of Nature" in a scripted PSA at the Paris Climate Summit (COP21). Koko is currently one of the only non-human great apes in the world who can "talk" to humans, and serve as an ambassador for endangered species source: The Gorilla Foundation / / 1733 Woodside Rd., Suite 330, Redwood City, CA 94061 1 800-ME-GO-APE (1 800-634-6273)

EXC PRINT BEFORE WEB / Help Koko be the “Voice of Nature.” – Koko responds to a request to represent the “Voice of Nature” in a scripted PSA at the Paris Climate Summit (COP21). Koko is currently one of the only non-human great apes in the world who can “talk” to humans, and serve as an ambassador for endangered species source: The Gorilla Foundation / / 1733 Woodside Rd., Suite 330, Redwood City, CA 94061 1 800-ME-GO-APE (1 800-634-6273)




Life is bigger than any of us.

My foot falls beat a rhythm upon wet leaves strewn along the path, or through dusty sands dried by a rain-less week. Wind rattles leaves as though chimes hang from every branch; the Florida panther, Jaguarundi, bison, wild horse, fearsome gator and grunting bore live nearby. The massive Pileated Woodpecker laughs from high above as the mid-size tanager hangs perpendicular from a massive oak trunk, its expansive call echoing through the woodland. Nature’s music owns the air.

The long-eared owl silently watches, its large eyes blinking, it’s head swiveling left and right. This is no time to feel alone, but a great moment for recalling the past and looking ahead to the future while so intensely immersed in the present. Time ticks on another clock, not here with the scurrying ants, buzzing insects, the birds, trees, land and running rabbits.


This moment owns forever.


There’s a bluff that Chief Micanopy had walked so long ago, before he was overcome, conquered. The prairie below this bluff, now an expansive grassland traversed by creeks and dotted by ponds, had once been a sizable lake crossed only by boat, and then prairie once again, or rain flooded marsh; change the only constant. In this order, the majestic clouds, or severe blue skies, the morning mists full of rainbows and ever vast starlit sky follow along with the prairie as calendar pages turn, as the years pass. The changes come year in, year out, life moving forward or gone.

It seems the true measure of a person may be the shadow they leave behind, one they’ll never see.

The shadow we make lingers, stretches, expands through others that follow our lifetime. The winds will always blow-the sailor knows this as sure as the winged will balance by claw and the black bear smell a man’s breath from twenty miles off. Nature has its way of surviving. The true nature of us will survive, too. A life lived full of good intention will be a peaceful memory as all of us take a last breath, a last look around, and then say goodbye to all of it, the hurry, bustle, stress, the appointments we’ve kept and those we’ve missed. In the end, I’m certain what we have most is who we have really been. As true as the wind blows, that truth will rush through our senses with an undeniable rigidity in our last moments.

This is why I walk. I want to think about who I am, and what I’ve really done. Life is long, but never long enough-ends will be left hanging, but that doesn’t mean there could ever be a turn-down day, a reason to lose focus, to give up. Somehow, I feel the life around me, us, is always calling for us as a society to do better, to make the ends meet, and to find peace with our place on the planet.

I think of Isis, and how in my mind’s eye I’d like to hug each member and tell them I feel their pain, but it’d be foolish not to realize those same people would cut my head off. The world faces a difficult, blood soaked time ahead, but has it ever been any different? So many more civilians were killed in WWII than were soldiers, and when we speak of the deaths, we seldom think of the wounded, the transformed forever by the blasts of war, the loss of limb, or parents or siblings. My feet hit the earth as if each one is recording a massacre of life that has happened in our history on the planet.

That’s when the owl in all its wisdom hoots. How? Why? What is all this for? Walking-

Even the sperm race to battle and penetrate the egg. Is life then just a battle from its beginning, one we are meant to endure? Of course, I don’t know. I only know I love the woods, the life it holds, the life I see around me, and I want the killing to stop.


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Finally, and in my lifetime, a glimmer of the truth about JFK’S assassination comes forth.

It’s reported today that newly released documents reveal that CIA people had not only failed to disclose what they knew about Lee Harvey Oswald’s involvement with their agency but also lied to the Warren Commission about so much more. He’d worked hand-in-hand with the CIA on assassination plots.

The lone gunman was never alone. No, he had rubbed shoulders for a long time with the CIA , working on several plots to kill Castro, even handing out CIA pressed literature upon the streets of Dallas that put the Cuban Leader in a bad light. It’s called, friends in high places.

How high did Oswald’s connections go? So high that the CIA instructed its witnesses to lie to the Warren Commission about his ties to the agency even though, they now admit, the truth would have led the Warren Commission’s investigations down a different path. It’s fair to conclude that never traveled pathway would have led right back to the CIA, to their people, the ones who knew more about the killing of our President than they told.

So now, years later, almost lifetimes later, we’re told by reporting agencies that the CIA testimony  to the Warren Commission was a lie, and that their witnesses were lying about the Oswald connection to the CIA, but  in any event the agency is still telling the truth about the actual assassination.(This is the main line reporting angle.)

What we have after this revelation is a lying agency who’s telling the truth?!?!?

It remains a mystery why someone would kill Oswald while in custody, or why the two cops were holding the only man who might spill the beans about the CIA in place so Ruby could accurately shoot him right in the gut.

Many who witnessed the Kennedy assassination say shots were fired from the grassy knoll on that tragic day in Dallas. Many specialists say Oswald could never have fired so many bullets in such a short amount of time. Many reports indicate several exit wounds were found on the President’s dead body. The CIA has said those claims are rumors, mistakes, not true. That’s an easy way to dump stuff under a bazillion pages of the Warren Report. Now, the CIA has dumped itself right into that same pit-they lied; they covered up the murder of President Kennedy.

Some say, follow the money if you want to find out who took it. Johnson became the next President. On the plane from Dallas, as he was sworn in, Lyndon Johnson shed no tears, but did take time to smile at the man winking his way….

Who wouldn't wink just after the president has been assassinated, right?

Who wouldn’t wink just after the president has been assassinated, right?

jfkwink (1)

The winking man is Albert Thomas, a Texas politician and at the time Chairman of the House Appropriations of Defense….

It's another no brainer.....

It’s another no brainer…..Wink; Wink;Wink…..

Everyone winks when they’re sad!!!

Everything's in hand...very cool, boss.

Everything’s in hand…very cool, boss. I’m soooo sad.

In fact, with President Kennedy’s brains still stuck to he vehicle he’d been riding,,, the plane ride back to Washington must have been a regular riot for Lyndon Johnson and his buddy Albert! And just think-so many more assassinations were yet to come!

Okay. I’ve mentioned this mysterious wink once before, the blog link is below. BUT, whatever you do, don’t miss Lyndon Johnson’s mistress saying Lyndon had told her that Kennedy would be finished, done, in a few days…just before the killing.

The CIA, the ones we trust-to spread that hogwash thinner…..?


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I’ve been lurking about the crumpled pages of the gun debate.

I have to admit, Guns don’t kill people, people do, has a certain ring to it. It’s sorta how tooth brushes don’t brush teeth, people do!–NOT.

WPD’S= Weapons of People Destruction.

not your run-of-the mill linen closet....

not your run-of-the mill linen closet….

Recently, I heard Donald Trump remark that the latest killing in Oregon was a matter of Mental Health, the words inferring the issue is not so much one of gun control, but mental health. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this distinction slide from the mouths of people, gun lobbyists and NRA members. Here’s the point: the fact that a nut job who killed random people with a gun needed a mental health intervention before the act does not preclude the fact that having guns so prevalent in our society is a nightmare scenario that must be addressed. Twisting the two thoughts apart as though one negates the other is a sleight-of-thought maneuver well-greased with manure.

Yes, any person should be able to sit in a room with a loaded gun and not kill their friends over what tv channel to watch, flirtations, break ups, getting laid off, not laid, or just plain having a bad day while deciding they’re a super hero. So, it does appear in view of the scattered carnage that’s taking place in malls, schools, movie houses, homes, places of business and on our streets across the US that many American’s need some form of Mental counseling. Thing is, no one should be sitting in a living room that houses armor piecing bullets, automatic machine guns, bazookas, one million rounds of ammo, instructions on how to drive the tank out back, use the rocket launchers in the basement, or wear the bullet proof armor that’s stashed in the closet, either. To uncloud the issue, if a warmongering Armageddon is coming, none of these WPD’S will help anyone.

Getting back to the saying: guns don’t kill people, people do….Well, yes, people with guns kill people…and never ever, I’m gonna take this leap of faith, has a gun stood up and shot a person. See, the people do have a part in the killing, but if they had no gun, and merely pointed a finger and said, really loudly, BANG, not much would happen.  So yeah, guns are the killing point of the issue.

“But bad guys won’t obey the gun laws put in place!” Oy Vey, how many times have I heard this convoluted piece of illogical nonsense.

Again, everyday in every way and for every sort of reason, people drive through stop signs without stopping but, still, our country puts up stop signs-over 8 hundred million stops signs, 856,373,373 to be exact by the end of 2009, even though it’s well-known people will disobey that law. So yeah,  it’s foolish to think that a law shouldn’t be enacted because people will break it, or disregard the law. Laws stands for what we as a society thinks best.

It’s nice to debate-a huge part of the beauty of America is the freedom we enjoy to discuss the issues as loudly as we like- but at some point in time, the debating needs to end, the bell has to ring, and a winner declared.  Enough. Even an NRA enthusiast if they’d buried their college bound child this past weekend due to a madman shooting would agree, we need to clamp down on  weapons of people destruction here in America in every way possible by any available means.

One last thought,,, as an American you have the right to join state-run militias, and to do so , you have the right to own a gun…not stock pile an arsenal onto your kitchen shelves.* Please enjoy reading the 2nd Amendment.  “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The second part of this statement simply defines a condition that’s inherently necessary if one is to be a member of an actively run, STATE MILITIA…..Don’t think so? Find your view, or not, in the article linked….

Franque23 wants the US to stop, drop and roll. I want the murders to stop, or drop in number and to roll those weapons away.


a part…from the link above-

The Argument for “Militia-Only” Gun Ownership

So well-worn is this argument that Justice John Paul Stevens used it in his dissent in District of Columbia vs. Heller ​(emphasis added):

The Second Amendment was adopted to protect the right of the people of each of the several States to maintain a well-regulated militia. It was a response to concerns raised during the ratification of the Constitution that the power of Congress to disarm the state militias and create a national standing army posed an intolerable threat to the sovereignty of the several States. Neither the text of the Amendment nor the arguments advanced by its proponents evidenced the slightest interest in limiting any legislature’s authority to regulate private civilian uses of firearms. Specifically, there is no indication that the Framers of the Amendment intended to enshrine the common-law right of self-defense in the Constitution.

As did Justice Stephen Breyer in the same case (emphasis added):

 The majority’s conclusion is wrong for two independent reasons. The first reason is that set forth by Justice Stevens—namely, that the Second Amendment protects militia-related, not self-defense-related, interests. These two interests are sometimes intertwined. To assure 18th-century citizens that they could keep arms for militia purposes would necessarily have allowed them to keep arms that they could have used for self-defense as well. But self-defense alone, detached from any militia-related objective, is not the Amendment’s concern.


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