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 As my dear friends, Marc and Ali, named it, today is Blursday. It’s not a day like another, it is the other day.

It’s all about retirement in a locked down Nation full of people equipped with the skill of the steel ball that’s trapped in a pin-ball machine.

A Pinball Language Glossary - The Morning Call

Work life stopped and America went on tilt. Yikes, “Mask or ventilator; mask or ventilator… hmmmm, so many choices.”

coronavirus, COVID-19, ventilators | National Post

Thing is retirement can bring many things but time is not one of them! Heck, I’m retired and don’t have much time left! My fuse is burning fast as the clock ticks double time while I dribble on my shirt what food doesn’t manage to get down my sporting turkey neck.

Vultures wear stop watches as they circle above.

Vincent van Gogh - Wikiquote

Something’s flying overhead so I’m wearing my hat….

Mail persons knock to see if they still need to deliver to my address.

Creepy Door Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

The good news is a Wednesday morning can feel like a Saturday and a Monday like Friday. Tuesday usually sucks retired or not. Tuesday has very little to say about anything; it’s not Friday, no better than a Monday and  not related to any weekend at all whether you’re moth balled or under the work master’s lash. Nope, I’m telling ya, I’ve looked at Tuesday from both side now and Tuesday’s a dump of a wannabe day. Maybe this is why I picked Tuesday to post this glob—what could go wrong? Or worse….actually, it’s Blursday.

Adam Lupton's paintings show the passing of time as a disorienting ...


While working, I never answered the home phone when at home. I told people to text me because, well, I don’t text.

Now? I answer so many calls from travel agents offering deals that might kill me if I go on them I feel I know the solicitors personally. “Hey, you’re the person who offered me that trip to see Head Hunters last week aren’t you? Well, hows the kids?” Okay, honestly, I feel sorry for anyone calling trying to sell travel packages right now… “Hey! We have a great deal for you driving from Gainesville to  Orlando in your own car! Free coupons on the interstate at the interstate stop!!!”

Holiday From Hell Cartoons and Comics - funny pictures from ...

Okay, no ones going anywhere if you live in Florida unless you’re extremely suicidal or just count on your co-pilot, God, a bit much.

Life couldn’t be better for me. Telemarketers call all day long and some campaigning phone calls are starting to light up our dial. Everyone is so sweet. The Fed Ex man rings the bell and stares as I answer wondering if I’m dead or alive. My dog sounds viscous and I swear the delivery people look like they’d rather be attacked than to have to stand near me for another minute.

I stopped by a take out window and the food nearly flew in my face as I signed the receipt  Alfred E. and drove off.

Seriously, I have a friend who is a grave digger part time. Does Randy think this might be some sort of bonanza year?

Argentine city digs hundreds of graves amid pandemic even as curve ...

I mean, I guess there’s a bright side to even in the worst happenstance. Like I’m on the track and that train’s coming but my wife divorced me, I’m about to lose my house, I have covid-19 , syphilis and I think a coral snake just bit me, the Sahara dust full of pathogens is upon us and the hurricane season is here…maybe, just sit tight and wait for that train? BTW, why are trains in America never on time? In Japan, where they outlawed suicide, the trains are always on time? So, what’s up with that?

Here’s to the Blursday’s of retirement and frankly, my dear, I’m hoping for a hell of a lot more of them. I don’t care how blurry.

Franque23 is retired and continually never bored. In truth.. I’m Lovin it… Cheers.


(some picture enlarge when clicked , others don’t) ..working on this.

Hippies, who needs them? Imagine, all stoned and thinking we shouldn’t hate anyone for their color of skin, that pot should be legal and that war should end—a bunch of crazy losers, right?

And Hippies believed women were equal to men, and if they didn’t want to wear a bra, okay…. just crazy stuff…right?

I was home on Christmas break about 1970 watching the Nixon/Nam reports with long hair that reached my shoulders or more. I was a musician at heart and singing the protest songs when I could, but my dad was a staunch Nixon supporter…basically, I was an alien in my own home ideologically, but Dad never leaned on me; Dad gave me space.

As lost I was in those struggles to right the wrongs of humanity I felt sure were the savior of mankind, I never once noticed how much my dad had given me without the back of his hand. No, Dad, to my unsuspecting delight had given the love of flowers, the birds, the trees and love of life to me.  I never knew…

I’d hauled in a gardenia bush for Dad from outside and in upon the season while we lived on Long Island because Dad was crazy. Oh my gosh…that planter got to be a hundred pounds and the plant filled a ten by 8 high room on the window side….What on earth…?

Likewise, Dad had those mysterious asparagus patches…those were poison if eaten—I knew.

His basic replica of mid west apple orchards stood in our 1/4 acre back yard to torture me with the picking… but, I admit, I ate about 4 apples per day at least.

Now, of course, Dad is long gone. The last time I held his hand was in 2001…He passed as I sat near by laughing about old times with my sister and mom. In a second, he died.


Now, I grow a gardenia we inherited when we bought our home in 2000. The bush is a monster… about ten feet long and 6 feet high, at least… this year we have had over 300 blooms on it…

I’ve no secret about this bush…it just grows,,, but maybe our neighbor’s friendly chicken, Lucy , who loves to live underneath it can’t hurt?

It makes a great way to reach our front door…I always say “hello” to this bush because, yeah, I love the plant.

In fact, Dad taught me to not only notice flowers, the roses and planting he had around our yard on Long Island, he taught me to love them as he loved me. There was something huge about my Dad I never really understood but somehow took inside.

I’d like to think that all the prejudices that passed so easily among white Americans born in 1911 as he was have not stuck to me. Times have to change. I think I’ve shed those bad marks and raced ahead with the good points. Certainly, the love of flowers has bloomed within me…Go ahead, ask the flowers in our yard who I say hello to as they bloom…they will tell you.

The shrimp plant will spread and fall to the ground unless you stake it—butterflies of all kinds and hummingbirds love it.

There’s nothing like taking a early spring drive out to Alachua north of Gainesville to see the roadside flowers the county hasn’t insanely mowed down:-0

This year, Alachua didn’t mow roadside flowers and as a result there was about 5 miles of beautiful flowers along 331 north see as we drove by…

Here, at home, I plant marigolds along our garden fence line and in the garden to help with aphids…but dang, if the birds didn’t help me plant this beautiful Sunflower!

We just love flowers here.  And the red, single hibiscus, though not as flashy as other hibiscus, is a strong, reliable and hearty bloomer.

There’s nothing like having a papaya volunteer out of the compost we spread in our garden launch twenty five feet high…

yummmm papaya…

I really don’t know if Dad liked papaya… but he would have loved all of this…

Thanks to Dad, I do know how to garden. It was a torturous lesson back then while 14 years of age,,,, but how could I know it would lead me all my life? Dad’s can give us so much when they just do take the time.

It’s been a great year here in North Florida for growing a garden. I think we have seen normal weather patterns for our area for the first time in ten years! Odd.

I have to go; Shadow wants to run after the ball.

And then swim in the pool

You know, energies, knowledge and love, all of it transfers many times in ways we don’t know. Dad, thanks for everything…and for those living in Alachua county who want to grow food, I will come help you do it…

It’s about loving life. So thanks Dad, for all that you hated, you taught me how to love so much more. Born in my time, you would’ve been a hippie. I feel certian.







It’s always been true that some nursery rhymes are also riddles to solve. Jack and Jill went up the hill but what made Jack fall down?

Jack and Jill went up the hill - Drawception

There’s only one suspect mentioned and Jack left her in a heap at the bottom of the hill to get his head repaired. But, we just don’t know if Jill is guilty for sure.

Oh Dear, What can the matter be is certainly a question as well as a nursery rhyme.  Me? I’m think Johnny was stepping out at the fair and never meant to bring the flowers home to his gal-a-waiting.

Oh Dear! What Can the Matter Be Nursery Rhyme With Lyrics - YouTube

“See ya..later.”

Just maybe, North Carolina got it right when they started referring to police as ,’Johnnys.’

It’s at least time to ask what our friendly neighborhood police are doing in full riot gear? I don’t think they are bringing us baskets of posies.

Police Riot Gear Stock Photos & Police Riot Gear Stock Images - Alamy

But, let’s step back a moment.

Police are being attacked all over our country during this period of rioting. It’s easy to imagine this is the result of a conglomerate of knee-jerk reactions to the behaviors of one or a few, ‘bad-apples,’ among our police force. Those dang bad apples—you know the kind: you’ve been eating apples all week out the same bag when you reach in for another and it squishes in your fingers. You look into the bag like you’d wished you hadn’t done many times before during your life and realize, “Hey, this bag smells like a bag full of farts!” It amazes me how many times I’ve had this experience with anything rotten, not just apples, but still know I’ll do it again in the future.

It can be so hard to spot the bad apples.

Bad Apples | New Homes Solutions

Sad.  Anyway, it all got me thinking the problem with America’s police force really starts with too many ‘bad-apples.’ Those bad apples are stinking up the place. Yes, I think too many bad apple cops has been our problem here in America and it’s one that we may be able to help fix.

There should be, has got to be, a International data base (or at least, for now, national data base) that ‘travels’ with anyone working in law enforcement. Basically, this would be an on-line, easy to access data base that shows the complete record of anyone who has ever worked in law enforcement as it pertains to violations of police code of conduct. More, this same data base would list all charges brought up against any individual employed in law enforcement throughout their career whether or not those charges ‘stuck.’

Any new hire should be well vetted through this data base before being considered for any job in law enforcement.

Witch Apple Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

We need to know a bad apple when we see one.

There is another skeleton in the closet of our present national police enforcement web that needs to be hung out to dry, rot and disappear: internal police review boards. People all over America will continue to have to collect those garlands of roses, baskets of posies and ribbons any ‘Johnny’ failed to  bring from the fair since he died on the way home if this process of using police run reviews boards is not changed.

MSU starts scholarship in memory of George Floyd, David Dorn

The police internal review boards used all across our country are not working well enough.

Any violation of the law by law enforcement should go before a judge or jury as any other offense by the public would face due process. Police can continue to orchestrate their own reviews of any situation, but cops at any level need to face the people who pay their salary if they are accused of breaking the law.

End police run review boards: they don’t work.

Imagine, police run review boards get to decide if a cop is guilty or not of what they are accused of by the public—what could go wrong, right? Just wow! I can’t think of a better example of the fox guarding the hen house.

Many findings by police internal review boards are tainted by police preferences; many offenses are ‘swept under the rug.’ The ‘bad-apples’ all too often get to stick around to only commit further crimes.


Can One Bad Apple Spoil the Bunch? | Wonderopolis

It’s all about those bad apples, the mysterious fall Jack took on that hill, the Johnny who never returned from the fair and the justice American victims of police violence have never realized. There will always be questions, but some riddles are easily solved. Currently our American police profile needs to change; we need to weed out what’s making so many bad apples in our force. It’s not fair to all those millions of cops who truly are good cops.

America and our police force needs to change the tune.







You’ve heard the word: Antifa. It’s in the news today and has been predominately in America since 2017 but, still, WORD will try to correct the spelling. Isn’t it weird how something like WORD marks the relevance of any label? Thing is, WORD needs to catch up.

How Canada's 'antifa' groups are organizing to fight a growing far ...

Antifa at this point sounds more like a salad choice to me. “Please pass the Antifa and I’d like Russian dressing with that,” though , in this case, that choice of dressing may be a bad one. Anyway, yes, Antifa may not be a Salade niçoise, but no matter what dressing you choose the Antifa is on America’s table of events whether we like it or not. I must admit, until reading up on the group I was somewhat in the left out of the rally group when it comes to this icon’s meaningful movement.

Trump is declaring the Antifa a terrorist organization.

Well, this is awkward.

I learned that this so called, “terrorist organization,” is a bit unique in that it isn’t an organization at all!   Thing is, Trump and his low-‘barr’ are proclaiming the Antifa group a terrorist organization—this is as interesting as it is problematic. Go ahead, ask me why. Okay, if I must answer: it does seem difficult to name a group that doesn’t exist as a terrorist organization, but still, our current administration has proven anything might be possible.

Let’s clear the mud a bit when it comes to Antifa…

What Is Antifa? The Far-Left Group Staging Violent Protests ...

Antifa has no designated leader, no meeting place, no group rallies and no group fund raising. In fact, the feared Antifa has no group anything whatsoever of any kind in any way. So what is Antifa? Maybe, Antifa is a thought, or a bunch of thoughts, lots of people sitting on couches in lots of different places think correct.

In truth, the Antifa that we are being led to believe are a fearsome, down right disloyal, snot nosed, brainless rebel rousers with anti-American beliefs and slogans are not anything of this kind. The Antifa people who randomly show up at rallies and marches to protest those promoting bigotry are simply people who are fed up with the idea that Freedom of Speech can be used to mask one’s right to spew hate speech. Speeches full of lies that promote hatred of another are the clamp-down target here, not opinions, ‘what- ifs’, appeals for non-violent intervention or expression of well-thought out choices: this distinction is important to latch on to here.

Trump is declaring a thought a terrorist organization.

Antifa believe you can say anything you want as long as your words aren’t a hate filled, mosh-pits of lies and slander. Misleading blabber that labels anyone less than any other due to one’s beliefs, their color, their sexual preference, their political leanings or disdain for anyone different from themselves is a non-starter.

This is why people who march against the rights of women will meet Antifa members on the street.

This is why people who march against people of any color will meet Antifa members on the street.

This is why people who march against those with alternative sexual preferences of any sort will meet Antifa members on the street.

KKK will ALWAYS  meet Antifa members on the street.

Here’s the deal in a nut shell…though, again, this may be a poor choice of words… STILL

American’s want Freedom of speech but not at the cost of truth.

Antifa rise to prominence in Donald Trump′s United States ...

This is why the times are a changin’….in many ways, many people agree with many ideas promoted by Anfita.

Scott Crow, a former Antifa member says, “the “radical ideals” promoted by Antifas are starting to be adopted by liberals. They would never have looked at (those ideals) before, because they saw us as the enemy as much as the right-wingers.”

The majority of Antifa members don’t fall into a stereotype. Since the election of President Trump, however, most new Antifa members are young voters.

“The idea in Antifa is that we go where they (right-wingers) go. That hate speech is not free speech. That if you are endangering people with what you say and the actions that are behind them, then you do not have the right to do that…(We) believe that Nazis or fascists of any stripe should not have a mouthpiece.”)*


Image may contain: 1 person, text that says 'Eric Garcia @EricG1247 My grandfather was part of an Antifa organization. It was called the United States Army when he was in World War 2 and fought the fascists and Nazi in Europe for the freedom of the world. When did being anti fascist become a bad thing in the US? 5:17 PM 5/30/20 Twitter for Android 12.8K Retweets 50K Likes'

Listen, there’s enough propaganda out there to discredit Tinker Bell. But don’t let lies from Trump fog your vision when it comes to these folks who have had enough of the KKK. Trump refers to people who attack Governor houses with armed weapons or who rampage and threaten blacks, Jews and anyone not as white as them as good people. This is just wrong.

I think it important to note that although Antifa started perhaps around 1920, the group played a heavy hand in fighting against Hitler…Now, I ask—are you with them, or not?

I love America because of what we stand for. We may not meet those aspirations as much as we’d like, but we at least set the goals for Freedom of Speech, freedom of thought, of expression, for the right to choose and for life liberty and pursuit of Happiness. Millions of immigrants who have in the past made our country what it is today are now being jailed at our boarders, or kept out of our country. This is not our America; this is trump’s obscene vision of a land he wants to rule as a fascist or worse.

Call me Antifa, call me for dinner, I don’t care.  But, I know good ideas when I hear them. Trump dispersing peaceful protesters with mace and rubber bullets as he walks to a church he wouldn’t even go in just for a photo op can go to hell.

Please vote and help get our country back in November, 2020. And yes, please, pass the Antifa salad…I don’t care what you call it.

Franque23—I’ve added below my  response to a comment below

“It is an odd experience to be raised American and then realize later on some of your childhood impressions were at best tainted. The ideals are here; the theoretical goals noble. It’s greed and the power of smaller minds that have undercut the best of America. I knew one bullet did not strike President Kennedy four times and that Nam was a futile if not corrupt endeavor but then, as time passes, as one gets busy with the earning of a living, it’s easy to forget the mess America is in. I’ve thought FDR’s New Deal was America putting it’s best foot forward and now, oddly, The Green Deal may be America’s next best step, though even this correctness won’t solve an inherent stream of corruption among our elected officials.” Franque23


And there’s more—so much more.

America and our allies were the ‘Good Guys’ who had dropped more than 2.3 million tons of food during the Berlin-airlift.

We’d beaten back an army of huge proportions.

My grandpa with four soldier sons.

And, when this generation went to war their lives were not only routed from the routine but full of uncertainty.

My dad,( Far left) his brothers and all his friends became soldiers

Of course, his sister married a soldier.

It was long ago, after WW II had ended, when my family lived in South Park (yes, really ) Long Island, a Levitt built neighborhood full of soldier survivors who teamed and beamed with confidence and pride. Weekend house parties were routine in my neighborhood and kitchen tables that abound in liquor bottles, if not a focal point, were at least always present. Laughter and celebration ruled the hours; these were the victors of a great emancipating War: these were the ones who defeated Hitler, the Nazi’s and an ideology of hate, division and  prejudice.  What could be better than that?

These were days of economic expansion in America, days to relax in or to go fishing.

Thing is, my Harvard graduating, South American traveling brother, Ed Franquemont, was at home for one of these rip-roaring party events. Bluntly, I can’t imagine a worse match: heavy drinking, WW II soldiers and my brother.

Ed (this picture long after the party in question) had just started growing a beard that he would sport the rest of his life—none of this change in how a person looked was acceptable back then.

Anyway, before long at this party, Ed had taken note of drinkin’ Denny’s slobbering denunciation of minorities and other spineless ne’er- do-wells… Tension mounted as Ed slipped in a few facts on how America was undercutting sovereign rulers in South America so U.S. companies might collect minerals, oil and other products for themselves.  Well, the roof didn’t come off our home that night, but certainly a few friendships and feelings of regard for those present slipped out our windows. That regard never came back.

On May Forth, 1970, Ohio State’s National Guard took a knee and fired upon war protesters…In a way, the clouds of this shooting were gathering in our kitchen that night..

Thing is, there’s more….

It’s been well over 60 years since the fight that night in our kitchen took place, and in retrospect I do believe much of what my liberal Harvard educated brother said was true. Listen, I always loved my dad and do to this day, though he is long gone. He was a great dad, a flower growing, hard working, happy, successful man; he’d was a Full Colonel, one who Fort Drum in New York State FLEW A MISSING MAN FORMATION for when he died. He was an honored soldier. So, I’ve been thinking a lot about my dad and the fight that night.

Dad going to war….

With all the good qualities my dad held within his nature, he also had a few blemishes.

Dad hated blacks; lets just get that out there. In fact, our entire community tried to stop the first black family from moving into South Park. But, he also warned me, accepted but didn’t like, anything about Jews. (He took me out to dinner before I went to Gettysburg College and advised me to never marry a Jew. My objection was over heard by a waiter who came to our table side and backed me up. Thinking, that waiter got no tip.) Flat out, Dad didn’t like minorities, those down-and-out, he didn’t like Mexicans or Latino’s. IN FACT, MY DAD, LIKE EVERY MAN AT THAT WW ll PARTY LONG AGO, DIDN’T LIKE ANYONE WHO DIDN’T LOOK EXACTLY LIKE HIM.  So where did all this hate and lack of acceptance come from? Well, all I can say is my dad was born and raised in Des Moine, Iowa, and his mom used to say: “Iowa would have great weather if it weren’t for the neighboring states that stir up the storms.” Go figure–grandma, like my Dad, was a college grad.

Grandma: “Bad weather comes from other states.”

Much of our returning WW II soldiers were staunch Americans who viewed anyone but a white, American born man with suspicion at best.  They didn’t care for other countries; they didn’t want minorities cluttering-up the work place. Yes, it’s an odd realization to have; an odd way to hug the past. BUT, when you get right down to it, many Americans at the time of WW II really held much the same values purported and believed by the Nazi’s they fought! And far too many American’s still do to this day.

Of course, America was slow to get involved in WW II. Perhaps, it wasn’t the advent of Jewish concentration camps but rather the movement of Hitler’s forces toward the Middle East Oil fields that spurred the U.S. into action. I get that. But, the thought that American soldiers shared so much in common with the evil Nazi ideology makes for an uncomfortable companion today.

Today, here in America, every ideology ‘hat’ is still in the ring.

In what ring would my father’s hat fall today—I would so like to know?

And there’s more—so much more.

Hating minorities and those different looking or different thinking is still all the rage in much of America. That long ago war of killing stopped, but the war of WW II ideologies never ended.  Not ever.





  1. I actually do like pea(not pee, but as in garden pea) soup.*
  2. My dog owns me.
  3. We’re in this together no matter how far apart we are.
  4. Bad movies can be fun to watch on T.V.
  5. Pro-Wrestling is an essential service fact of life in Florida…**
  6. Governor DeSantis IS a Florida Man.
  7. Previous End of Time movies left a lot out.
  8. Maybe this ‘mask’ thing is attractive?
  9. I do like this social distancing thingy but, then again, I like to hug so, yeah, I’m weird.
  10. How many people in this world am I willing to risk my life to see?
  11. The hardest decision trump has ever made is one he doesn’t get to make.
  12. Some colleges are considering not opening up again until 2021, but did any of them cancel spring break?
  13. The list of jobs to do at home as I worked full time figured to be about 3 months of work—so I thought. It turns out, I’ve about 5 years of stuff to do here and this doesn’t include my wife’s suggestion to paint the inside and outside of our house.
  14. Life is a wonderful thing to have.
  15. A 30′ by 30′ garden can grow lots of food.
  16. I can’t count.
  17. Or, stop writing.

Please drop me a note here about what you have learned this past month…


That’s paint on my garden/painting hat, not bird poop!

Birds here only poop on my car, so it’s all good…sorta. The trouble started when rather than driving my indestructible 1997 Toyota with a paint finish on it that resembled a tank’s outer shield, I’m now driving a 2017 Hyundai. You see, the rougher back side of a sponge was ideal for ‘cleaning up’ my 1997 car in terms of bird-poop. This one? It’s gonna cost a chunk-of-change to get those scratches in my 2017’s paint job fixed.

*These days you can’t be too careful or too clear about your meaning.

**Okay explanation: DeSantis included Pro Wrestling as an essential service in Florida so those shows are exempt from some Covid-19 restrictions. Added thought: isn’t there a video of trump in his younger years watching a pro wrestling match and getting up and body slamming a guy outside the ring? Yes, there is!    ( skip ads twice to see trump)

Has anyone else seen that little chicken-looking type fellow running around in their neighborhood lately?  I think so. He’s the guy yelling for us to duck and cover as the Covid-19 virus heads our way.  Yep! He’s another fine quilled  friend who wants to lead the way, and versions of this feathered fowl, “go back more than 25 centuries; (and)continues to be referenced in a variety of media.”* Chicken Little’s tale is nothing new—true or not.

circa, 1916

Thing is, there’s also a new chicken in town who is advising us to spread our wings, fly, and let the good times rip. Who’s right in this fluid mess of economic stats and death? The ramping up of “Fake Media” charges from both Left and Right here in America hasn’t made it any easier to decide who to believe and follow. Do we as a country lay low for an extended period of time to ensure the safe return for our citizens to work, or is the Covid-19 curve flattening a good enough sign to start our economic engines humming again?

Just wow! 102 years ago America was taught a lesson I hope we learned. If not, as they say, we’re doomed to repeat history.

And just what is the history lesson America suffered through back in 1918?

1918 emergency hospital set up by the army to handle Spanish Influenza victims….

Well, oddly, it started here for our country with our military under reporting or NOT reporting an early wave of influenza in it’s military camps. I can’t help but think this ‘non-reporting’ sounds familiar; a bit like the silent treatment the world got from the Wuhan district in China when Covid-19 first broke out there.

Here’s America’s history lesson:

“However, a first wave of influenza appeared early in the spring of 1918 in Kansas and in military camps throughout the US. Few noticed the epidemic in the midst of the war. Wilson had just given his 14 point address. There was virtually no response or acknowledgment to the epidemics in March and April in the military camps. It was unfortunate that no steps were taken to prepare for the usual recrudescence of the virulent influenza strain in the winter. The lack of action was later criticized when the epidemic could not be ignored in the winter of 1918 (BMJ, 1918). These first epidemics at training camps were a sign of what was coming in greater magnitude in the fall and winter of 1918 to the entire world.”

This lesson is once again upon us but, unlike 1918, it is not brought to our political lime-light by euphoria over the end of WW I but rather by the indifference of large corporations and powerful individuals who emphasize productivity over safety.

To set the scene in 1918:

1918 flu also affected Charlottesville-area churches, businesses ...

The Spanish Influenza had ravaged the world and American society for months and killed nearly 200,00 in October of 1918 alone!  American workers and businesses were put on strict distance guide lines and told not to gather in groups of more than ten people. As we know now, this can get old; boring to many. Indeed, when the 1st World War came to an end the restrictions placed upon our citizens  were lifted so huge celebrations over the end of the War could take place….

New York city streets were packed  with happy people celebrating Armistice Day.

Minnesota joined in the celebration as did most cities and rural areas of America.

The war had ended but little did anyone know the Spanish Influenza that had already killed many had, in fact, just begun. In all, 765,000 Americans  who may have participated in these celebrations were dead within a year of the Spanish Influenza.

The party goers were soon either digging graves or in them.

In Philly! 1918.

Fact: ten times more people died from the Spanish Influenza than died in the entire war while celebrations held over WW I ending took place! Rebounds are always so dangerous, right? Sometimes, too soon is too late.

“As they (soldiers) came together, they brought the virus with them and to those they contacted… In November 11 of 1918 the end of the war enabled a resurgence. As people celebrated Armistice Day with parades and large parties, a complete disaster from the public health standpoint, a rebirth of the epidemic occurred in some cities. The flu that winter was beyond imagination as millions were infected and thousands died. Just as the war had effected the course of influenza, influenza affected the war. Entire fleets were ill with the disease and men on the front were too sick to fight. The flu was devastating to both sides, killing more men than their own weapons could.” Here’s the link:

Today, there’s a debate taking place between those that advise Trump to reopen America for the good of us all and those who warn opening up our society too soon could be too late, fast. Over all, our governors and other elected officials will make the call.  Don’t you just hope some of them were history majors? Yikes! So much of life as we know it hangs in the balance when it comes to whether or not our leaders will play ‘chicken’ with Covid-19 or not. Me? I’m thinking we should keep the brakes on returning to work for as long as possible. Americans shouldn’t circulate until mid-June if the numbers look right, but this won’t happen.  This is what’s happening:

“The debate isn’t necessarily falling along predictable lines. Some of Trump’s longtime political advisers — both inside and outside the White House — are concerned about opening the country too soon, fearing a resurgence of infections and more calamity, people familiar with the matter said.”

So this is the gist of America today. If we open too soon it may be too late by September to hope to turn around  a more wide-spread, deadly second wave of Covid-19.  Hundreds of thousands of Americans may die if we open up too soon. And, isn’t it amazing with all that is uncertain about Covid-19, how many people claim to know what’s best?

Chicken Little was not right, but some believed him.

Maybe, this is all just too much. I don’t know, but for me—I’m listening to history. Why dig our own grave?





Why the hell do we Americans have to put up with a lying President? I’ve never heard much of our President lying in public, not ever, not since 1960 when I became somewhat interested in who the President was. Perhaps, the Bush Jr campaign to invade Iraq due to “‘Weapons of mass destruction”(which did not exist) is the only other time I can remember the news and some people thinking the president was lying.

I can tell you first hand: it used to be the President of America was thought of as someone you could trust and look up to.  Is this the reversal trump was talking about when he pushed Americans to drain the swamp for change? Now, our president lies so much in so-called ‘News briefings” that he resembles a fake orange tanned clown full of bad jokes.

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Don’t you just love his tan lies…err, lines.

Did the White House Delete an Unflattering 'Orange Face' Photo of ...

Oh please, don’t defend your support for this man. It has even been suggested that this president can’t tell the truth, that he has a psychological disorder that causes him to lie. Remember: during the  Impeachment process it was mentioned that trump wasn’t going to testify to Robert Mueller because some GOP ranking members feared trump would lie under oath.(It’s reported trump may have lied over 16,000 times to the American public since taking office…)*

Why the Media Can't Tell the Truth About Donald Trump's Lies

It takes a  while to read one report in today’s news because it’s so lengthy in its discovery of the lies trump said just yesterday…Yikes…! In the beginning of trump’s presidency, news reporters never called him a liar but, rather, that he had been inaccurate, perhaps wrong, misled or even off the mark. Now? Reporters just note the president is lying and move on because his lying is ‘old hat’ and there seems to be no end to his litany of lies.

Today’s true report—

From this report…”

“The other administration, (this is trump referring to President Obama’s administration), they didn’t even know — it was like they didn’t even know it (H1N1) was here,” he(trump) said.

Facts First: It’s not true that the Obama administration did not notice H1N1 or take significant action to fight the pandemic.

On April 26, 2009, less than two weeks after the first US cases of H1N1 were confirmed, the Obama administration declared a public health emergency. Two days later, the Obama administration made an initial $1.5 billion funding request to Congress. (Congress ultimately allocated $7.7 billion.) On that same day, the Food and Drug Administration approved the CDC’s test; the CDC began distributing the tests domestically and internationally on May 1, 2009.”


I’ve two major questions here: 1) Why the heck is trump still talking about President Obama and almost four years ago now? And, 2) I have to laugh when trump claims he inherited a mess in terms of medical supplies. You see, Trump has been president since 2016 and If his claims are true (they’re not) about the state of our medical supplies, why didn’t he do anything ABOUT IT!!! Gee… he blames and points fingers at the 2015 administration.. how odd after being president over three years….whoops, I guess trump didn’t think about that as he has been standing up crying foul about the medical supplies in our country that he’s been in charge of for three years… duh….trump loves to call people out as nasty, point fingers and rant and yell, and that’s fine if that’s what he and his followers like to hear and do, but he should stand in front of a mirror when he does it.

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Trump has special mirrors…

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trump is a pawn in Putin’s pocket but thinks he’s King….

But, now that trump mentions it, why did it take him so long to respond to the threat corona-virus presented to America? There’s an outside chance trump had 1.2** million dollars worth of reason and others to claim the virus was a hoax made up by the Democrats as he delayed taking any action to prepare for the worst.

Why did trump call the virus a hoax and then go golfing many times? He did nothing about our medical stock pile needs or our need for distribution of medical supplies when he should have. Is trump JUST a fool who is to blame for our government not preparing for this virus? Well, maybe not. While trump called the corona-virus a hoax, his CEO cronies had time to resign as CEO’s and sell their stocks that would be severely affected by the virus… huh? Yes. There’s a long list of CEO’s who resigned their position around the two week window trump allowed to stay open as he stalled America’s response to the corona-virus and declared the virus a hoax. Why? You see, by law CEO’s can not sell the shares they hold in the company they work for but they can once they’ve resigned.

Bingo; ding, ding, ding…

Here’s a brief list of all the CEO’s of major companies that resigned as CEO during trumps ‘stalling window’ so they could unload their shares of stock for real cash while trump told American’s the virus was a hoax.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ decision, announced March 13, 2020, to step down from the company’s board

The CEO’s of :








Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge (Match Group)

Luca de Meo, who stepped down as CEO of Seat, part of Volkswagen group, on January 7, 2020

Fernando Mercé, who stepped down as CEO of Nestle Waters North America (claimed ‘personal reasons)

Jason Droege, who was heading UberEats within Uber (though not technically classified as ‘CEO’ of Uber)

This list is much longer and, unfortunately, you can add the names of many politicians in Washington who also frantically sold their stocks with insider information about the coming virus while trump called the coronavirus a Democratic Hoax. (This part of the corrupt story is too long to get into here—you just have to google it.)

Well, trump may have drained the swamp but what he added back into it ain’t nothin’ like ‘Honest Abe!’ Trump is a mess; his administration is a mess; his mind is a mess; his history of bankruptcies is a mess; his attitude towards women is a mess; and his regard for the lives of anyone but himself and, maybe, his family is a mess. Someone should have put soap in that boy’s mouth long ago. Actually, I think he should gargle it.

Chicken-Fried News: Slur talker | Commentary | Oklahoma City ...

Just yuck on trump.


*google the question to read various news agencies figures on how many times trump has lied while in office…


**Critics also pointed out Novartis, which manufactures a generic version of the drug (trump is recommending), previously paid Trump’s then-personal lawyer Michael Cohen $1.2 million for consulting on healthcare policy back in 2018. Trump owes them big time, so he tries to slough off their product on dying Americans.


So, I’m good until April 13th as the library I work for will remain on Administrative leave until this date—this is the latest update on our work schedule. I realize this puts me and my fellow workmates in a good place, for now. But, the discussion as to a possible start date to return to work is troubling at best. It’s all a social matter of time and life.

There is a plotting graph of projected deaths from the corona-virus based on return to work dates that is revealing and horrifying.* (take some time to look this graph over and fool with the sliding projector button in it…this reveals a bunch of info as we wait to return to work and the projected death rate..)

Looking at the death rate possibility (and this is only the best that can be done with a projection) if our society generally goes back to work around Easter we will likely have 115 million deaths by Oct. in America…. BUT, if the owners and our leaders kept things closed for 80 more days from now, the curve would about flatten to a death rate seen with normal cold/virus activity thru Oct, 2020….

It seems a simple choice but somehow it isn’t.  Social distancing may take too darn much time?!?!?!

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Those who want to open up again soon say it must be done to save our economy….These people say soldiers have given their lives for battle and this is like a battle to them. Construction workers have died for over two hundred years building America. So many have sacrificed limb or life to make America what She is now. They say it’s time for all of us to go back to work and for some workers to die doing so.

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Those who would like to live take issue with the thought of so many dying for our economy within this calendar year. Another interesting side was this: how would 115 million deaths by Oct. in America affect our economy? Can we lose up to 115 million by Oct. without suffering some economic upheaval?

Then there’s the sap-suckers who exclaim, “But I love Grandpa!” And other’s yell back, “But we all need the money!”

Then again,  there’s this little guy in the back of the room wearing a business hat mentioning that if 115 million older folks died that would be a boost to our health care system and Social Security layout; it’d be like sweeping out the gutters after fall so things could start flowing smoothly again.  But who made anything work smoothly in the first place?

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Hmmmm, I hate thinking I’m cluttering up the gutters.

I mean, I’ve spent my life working for a country I was taught to love thinking this country loved me back. Really, Kennedy getting shot in four places by one bullet was a bit of a shocker, but this let-em-die deal has this seventy year-old who has Asthma (note: 25 million Americans do) thinking this is personal. It’s one thing to know,’ Hey, they shot the President,’ but a whole other thing when its, ‘they don’t give a rats ass about me!’

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So yeah, this last thought can get deep, like why did I go to school? Why obey driving laws? Why not shop lift whenever possible if I can get away with it? Why not cheat on my taxes?, Ah hell, just don’t pay them and keep moving. The more you think, the more Antarctica sounds like a lovely place to live.

yes you can even sunbathe in winter :) | Meanwhile in canada ...

Middle-aged couple man and woman sunbathing in a winter resort

But then again, to be fair, honest, it is noteworthy that more than one person who thought the Coronavirus a hoax has died from it soon after the virus was first spread in America. Some people think God has a sense of humor—I don’t know, but I do believe a life has a way of balancing itself out.

The rich want the workers back as soon as possible at all costs and are willing to risk throwing the lives of so many to a bad fate. Me?  I’m hoping a reasonable leader will shed some light on the meaning of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…

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I think the unions should get a very loud voice when it comes to the start back date for workers in this country. Yep, Unions might save the day, again, here in America. So, as you get those socialistic checks that congress will send in the mail to save your ass, remember how Unions helped save the workers here soooo many times as well throughout our history.  Science, unions and social programs we have here in America make us great…not greed, not hats, not wrong headed politicians or stupid ideas.

Be smart; stay home if you can…it would be for the good of us all; it might be a sacrifice like those fighting soldiers in WW II gave. People are right, fighting this virus is like a war, but the virus is not all that this war is about. It’s about the workers lives and our right to live them.

I think Joe Biden may have said it best this week: trump should stop talking and do some listening to the scientists who know better. There is little doubt, this return to work date debate is a social matter of time and life verses profit!

Franque23 check out this moving graph below…it’s just amazing.

It’s interesting to note that Bill Gates could give 206 million adults in America one million dollars each and be out only 3.4 % of one of his yearly incomes.* So really, would you do it if you were Bill Gates and what would be the outcome? Two tough questions, maybe.  Now before I answer for myself, I want to clarify that there are more than 206 million adults in America over 18 years of age, but those people are already millionaires! So Gates wouldn’t be giving these self-made millionaires another million.

Yep, only 206 million adults in America are not millionaires already…This I find amazing in of itself! What the hell have I been doing all my life! I’m thinking daily naps have cost me plenty. I mean, I’m a guy who picks up coins off the ground and saves them in a jar! There’s some trick to this millionaire thingy that I missed while passing the joint, jumpin’ off cliffs at lime pits naked and sitting in the Ocala National Forest like a blade of grass for three years. No, I’ve been fishing with the wrong attitude and the wrong bait. This whole, I’m-not-a-millionaire disaster is making me think twice about dumpster diving for discarded winning lotto tickets!

Okay, to answer: Yes I would one-time spend 3.4 % of my yearly income if that would give 206 million people a million dollars. But would that really help people? I already hear that don’t give a man a fish but teach him how to fish bull-shit story echoing off this post. See? The guy who just starved to death for want of a fish to eat doesn’t really need that fishing rod.

Image result for picture of a skeleton fishing

Anyway, If  Bill Gates or some other more-money-than-fall-leaves person did spread the wealth for free, the world would be a beautiful thing. Go ahead and scoff billionaire rich folks, but I know this for a fact because, in a way, someone has already done this, but not in America.

This success story of those who help others help themselves started in 2001 with a 100 dollar interest free loan.

Dr. Amjad Saqibis is currently the head of an interest free loaning company in Pakistan named, AKHUWWAT.**

This business that now has lent millions and millions of loans interest free to hard working people in need of money to get a leg up has an astonishing 99.97% full pay-back record. And, it all started with a few friends wondering if the one hundred dollars might be lent interest free to a woman with the promise that she’d return the money once she got on her feet. Well, the women returned 6 months later with money in her bank account and the 100 dollars. A few others made donations to Akhuwwat thinking this was a wonderful idea. Soon, more loans proved more people just needed that head start to make it and more donations came in. Then the loan amount became up to $10,000.00 with the expectation the money would be returned in time % free.

Image result for picture of Dr. Amjad Saqib

What has become of Akhuwwat? Currently, AKhuwwat has 110 million loans out in small or large amounts and it’s all interest free. If the past is any indication of this company’s future, the money will all be returned to use again as well. Meanwhile, more donations keep pouring into the company’s coffers.

So yes, some billionaire could give money to all Americans and make life better for everyone in this country… Just read the article linked below to realize it can be done; things could be different for us all.

There really could be a rainbow in our future…

Thing is, money isn’t wealth. Wealth is a state of being, a state of mind—the true essence of value. America has made so many people rich beyond belief to those of us who struggle to get by. Maybe, just maybe, there’s one to two of them who have both Money and Wealth. We’ll see.



**”Akhuwat gave its first loan of $100 USD to a widow who was striving to earn a decent living through honorable means. She wasn’t looking for charity; she was only seeking a helping hand. By utilizing and returning that loan within a period of six months, she reinforced the belief that when we help the poor with trust and respect, they exhibit unshakable integrity.

The success of that first loan brought in more donations, and that group of friends became convinced that their venture into interest-free microfinance was viable. And so, Akhuwat was born, with these friends forming the first Board of Governors and Dr. Amjad Saqib serving as the first Executive Director.”


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