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To list a few….



Give Me your tired and your poor

Women’s Rights to equal pay

Women’s right to have abortions in most cases

Current Social Security retirement age

Some amount of Social Security Check

A major part of the funding for the EPA

Emission controls for cars a business(The Clean Air Act)

A better, standard minimum wage

Wall street regulations

Union Rights to organize

Defined Pensions for Workers

National Park funding

Alaskan Pipeline resistance

Taxes on the Rich


What we get in return?

A President who is inexperienced in the field of World-Wide politics

A President who  seems unaware of people’s constitutional rights and the workings of the U.S. Government

The NRA ( A gun in every closet)

A President who has called some women pigs, dogs and worse.

A President who gloated after 9/11 since the event would make him money

A President who mused how the housing crash and economic crash in the U.S. several years ago would make him money.

A President who is against environmental protections

A President who has gone bankrupt numerous times.

A President who will soon address in court accusations of Fraud (Trump University) and rape charges.

There will be a Wall we will pay for

A First lady who has posed naked for tabloids. ( Not a crime, but is this appropriate considering the stature of the position?)

One more takeaway

You can only squeeze the middle class workers so much and for so long via both political party’s actions before that electorate is willing to shoot themselves in the foot rather than vote for an ongoing economic travesty. 

The day is done; our country’s course is set for the foreseeable future.

Advice for President Obama: 

Sign as many (a thousand or more) Executive Orders between now and January. This might slow that foreseeable future of a beast down.


239 (2)

The day is done…for now.

“You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.”  Donald Trump.

Recently, a series of articles are claiming that Donald Trump may have had sex with an under age girl or girls. Of course, at this point, the question has to be asked: is this true? And it has to be noted that being charged of  crimes in America does not presume guilt-we stand as a society upon the presumption of innocence.

Does the, "look'" say a thousand words?

Does the, “look'” say a thousand words?

But what are the charges at hand? This is from an article published today and  linked below…..

A brief precis: ‘Jane Doe’, the plaintiff, alleges that in 1994 she was held as a sex slave in an apartment belonging to Jeffrey Epstein (the second defendant in the case). ‘Jane Doe’ alleges that on one occasion, Trump tied her to a bed, exposed himself and then “proceeded to forcibly rape” her. When she pleaded with him to stop, she says he struck her in the face and yelled that he would do what he wanted. ‘Jane Doe’ also alleges that Epstein vaginally and anally raped her following the assault by Trump, physically striking her in the head at one point while screaming at Trump that it was he, rather than Trump, who should have been the one to “take her virginity”.

For the record, Trump’s lawyer has dismissed the allegations as “categorically untrue, completely fabricated and politically motivated.” But as Bloom points out, there are compelling reasons for the mainstream media to at least consider them worthy of reporting. First, there’s the fact that Jeffrey Epstein is a convicted pedophile and Level 3 registered sex offender with a preference for underage girls. There is also the matter of his ongoing, documented friendship with Trump – just prior to Epstein’s conviction, Trump had this to say about the man he had known for 15 years: “Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side. No doubt about it, Jeffrey enjoys his social life.”

But more concerning even than that is the fact that ‘Jane Doe’ claims to have a witness. ‘Tiffany Doe’ (both women have, with the court’s approval, exercised their right to anonymity for fear of retaliation given the high-profile nature of the case) worked for a number of years for Epstein, and says part of her job was to lure underage girls to these aforementioned parties. In documents filed to the court, ‘Tiffany Doe’ says, “I personally witnessed four sexual encounters that the Plaintiff was forced to have with Mr. Trump during this period, including the fourth of these encounters where Mr. Trump forcibly raped her despite her pleas to stop.” She says she continues to live in “mortal fear” of Trump.

Untested though they may be, the allegations are damning. That by itself should be enough to have the mainstream media at least somewhat interested in reporting on them, never mind the fact they are being leveled against a person who may soon become the leader of the free world. Keeping in mind the fact that Trump, like anyone, is entitled to a presumption of innocence when facing criminal allegations, the media still has an obligation to report on such matters. Why the silence? Is this just another form of the protection given to people with power, and powerful men in particular?”

I watch a film of an interveiwer asking Trump what he most shared with his daughter. His response was, "SEX." I presume he meant sax appeal-we can only hope.

I watched a film of an interviewer asking Trump what he most shared with his daughter. His response was, “SEX.” I presume he meant sex appeal-we can only hope.

As powerful as these charges seem, I’m a bit more fascinated, call it stuck, on the trumped up charges Trump has laid at the feet of the American voters. His first main call to fame and leadership during this election cycle has been to, “Make America Great Again!”  Say what? I say America is still great in sooo many ways. Or, is it the contention of Trump supporters that America is the arm pit of the world? The freedom to chose, protest, lead or not, work, our huge GNP, own a home, our union won 40 hour work weeks, vacations, Holidays,  schools, a National road network, our military might, voting rights, the freedom of speech and to dress and act in a huge variety of ways are just some of the ways America is Great, and has been for so long. So just who, or what, is Trump going to “make great again?” There’s a question I’d like directly answered.

Trump is supported by a fringe element in our society that truly makes no sense when their ideologies are tied down to the facts they protest. The entire Trump movement has been scammed by , “Trumped up Charges,” full of slippery rhetoric, emotional pleas laced with violent tendencies, outrageous name calling and bogus facts.

I’d say the bottom line of this election cycle is that Hillary wins by a landslide. My prediction lies upon a belief that 99% of Black voters don’t like Trump; 99% of women voters should hate the man; All immigrants must puke at the man’s image; all democrats will not vote for Trump; and, like it or not, Hillary is better looking than Trump. It is my firm belief that racists, lunatics, gun nuts and dim-wits combined with die-hard Republicans and the religious ‘right’ do not out number the people contained in the list above.

To the rich and powerful who may salivate over the possibility of Trump’s election I offer this- yes, Trump will do whatever business wants like a puppy who begs for a bone, but the ruling class has simply not given the working class citizens enough cash over the course of the last forty years to make a radical change attractive. The economic squeeze from the top tier of American wealth has drained the juice out of any base support those in power may hope to get from the free thinking working class.

To this end, the rich and powerful will continue to try to erode the educational systems in our country until they have enough voters who are willing to swallow the Trumped up Charges…..For now, those numbers don’t add up to a victory in November. Plus, the recent charges laid against Trump may not be Trumped up? Time will tell….

Wait; What? I thought we "Loved America, right or wrong?" I guess not, huh?

Wait; What? I thought we “Loved America, right or wrong?” I guess not, huh?





I agree that term limits sounds reasonable—of course the argument is this: with term limits, no matter how long the term, there comes a time when the representative knows they will not be held responsible for anything during, say, their last year or 6 months of service.

So, the idea against term limits is that representatives will run amok once they know they can’t be re-elected again no matter what they do!

BUT, there’s this-

,,,…..meanwhile, I once knew two people who worked very high up in government; one in Washington D.C during the Reagan administration, the other during the same time as a government inspector administrator for the power industry-both women. They told me representatives were snorting coke left and right, all the time, and people were screwing in their offices as well as taking bribes on a daily basis….they had no reason to lie about this, and without knowing what is going on now, I believed them at the time. They each told me more graphically about the where, when’s and hows of the sex, the drugs and the payoffs, but I’m not going into that on this post but to add-it sounded bad.

Ooh, and one more thing—-I had a relative, now deceased, who’s dad was a representative from Texas and that man served in Washington for about 40 years(I believe) …Well, as his son, our relative, was elected to replace his dad–he served one or two terms and then left, telling me personally and other family members that Washington D.C. was a den of thieves and he just didn’t have the stomach for it.

Hmmm,and all this with no term limits.

After thought: I suppose our family representative could’ve been exaggerating, or maybe he felt he had to defend his decision to leave office? The two women, one worked in D.C. over twenty years while the other in the Administration’s inspection unit for about 8 years, maybe they were just claiming to know? All I know is I heard this all first hand, not as a rumor.

Lately, it was reported that one representative was filmed by accident as he watched porn on his lap top while listening to a speaker on the floor of congress.* Other times, speakers rattle on to a room full of empty chairs.Empty_Chamber_Congress_500I’m thinking this is actually Bernie talking in Washington back in 1991 on the dangers of the Persian gulf…the listener(s) were on the edge of their seats/!

It has circulated on FB how many crimes representatives have been found guilty of or been accused of committing.

The bottom line is America needs a correction-not just in our economy, a boost for the middle class and workers, not just for our infrastructure and our power source systems, not just in our educational methods or in our Wall Street high finance and international banks, many who had to pay 4.25 billion dollars in fines recently for price-fixing international markets**, but inside the soul of Americans and leaders world-wide we need a re-boot, a clean up, a straightening of the core fibers of our being.

Now? Representatives toe-tap in bathrooms for sex and become millionaires while serving as elective officials whose salaried positions could never bring them such wealth. The writing is not on the wall for American’s to read, its smeared on our faces. Many high ranking, elected officials are stealing money, making money driven decisions and wrecking lives in the process. Around the globe things may not be much better. What’s to be done?




Used-Car-SalesmanThing is, Trump uses a tactic throughout his speeches that is near and dear to my heart. It’s called, 101 Retail, or, How To Sell. The basic principles of selling came to me by way of observation, first hand experience and lesson.  The steps that lead to the transfer of another’s energy to yours are basically always the same.

The first thing any good salesman does is size up his target buyer. Their age, do they have money, do they seem intelligent, emotional, in need, disinterested, distracted, focused, determine, in a hurry or not. This may seem involved, but it’s all about observation, and if a seller pays attention they’ll get most of these answers right after a five-minute discussion with the prospective buyer. Once the target is identified, the seller claims to have the same thoughts, needs, problems and desires. “We are rowing the same boat, friend.”4341670_f260

The next thing to do in 101 Retail is identify everything that may challenge what you are about to sell and then tear that thing to shreds immediately and continually throughout the sale. It’s sorta along the premise that a Hero or Heroine can only be as great as the villain is bad in any story. A seller has to vet out any idea the buyer has about what they want if it isn’t what he hopes to sell. Slander, lies, storytelling, misdirection, dangers associated with the cursed item, nothing is too much when establishing the dregs of anything that might compete with the item being sold–this is called foundation work. “I think that item is in recall?”

Once the dire destruction building blocks of any  competitive product are in place, the salesman focuses on the attributes of what he’s selling. So much better, superior in every way, the comparisons are easy to see, the price is a no brainer once you see the difference.  A smile, some humor, maybe a glance or soft pat on the back makes us all trusted friends. “Why, I’d never mislead you.”

If, for some rare reason, the buyer does know something,”I know a thing or two”, that conflicts with what has been said it’s easy to note—I meant to say, what I mean,  the truth is, the facts don’t change, in the long run, or, some say that, but most, the majority of people and articles disagree.

1)Trump is a business man and has approached the primaries in 101 sales pitch fashion. He’s one of us…How rich is he? “I am very, very rich.” He claims this because he knows deep in the heart  most American’s want to be rich, too. The money bragging then works as a weird, I am like you though only through your dreams while I live the life. As for sizing up his electorate, that had been well documented by countless polls and articles about the far right before Trump started to run.

2)What were Trump’s challenges? It amazes me how many Republicans complain about name calling or semi-slanderous Meme’s when their candidate of choice is Trump? Has there ever been a looser lipped Presidential candidate than Trump? Answer: no. Every Republican in the primary has been given a trash term by Trump!!! Any one who challenged him was bleeding from places unknown, a cripple, or a loser of epic proportions.(BTW–Trump has gone bankrupt how many times?/)

3) The Republican field has been shredded successfully and now Trump is busy claiming he never said that, didn’t meant that, forgets, it was so long ago, he’s been misrepresented , misunderstood, disrespected by the media?(hahahha), he’s only telling the truth, and he’s the only product left standing. The last thought-true.

I’m watching Republicans circle their wagons around a huge misstep for the party that is named, Trump. Fortunately for Americans, Trump has assured us. “I’m not stupid!” he said. Odd, that a possible candidate for presidency the United States would have to say the words?!?!? Worse, why did a politician from London make the claim? Actually, I don’t want to get into that in this glob—there are too many reasons; too much to discuss.

“I’m not Stupid!” That’s from the Gettysburg Address, right? No, wait! Reagan said that! Actually, only Trump….figures.70-rebel-machine-parts-car-desert-2


On the street, that is. The French work force is boiling mad and marching on the street. It’s true, these protests have been quietly covered by some US media, but for the most part the  big news has remained the terrorist’s attacks, especially those in France and Brussels. Thing is,  terrorism remains a threat full of horrendous attacks that end lives, but the threat French workers are marching against this week isn’t coming from Isis. No, the young, the middle-aged and the old are marching in force against their government’s plan to change the labor laws.

We're not gonna take it....we sing it, the French mean it.

We’re not gonna take it….we sing it, the French mean it.

April 6th, 2016....Every worker should know about this threat...

April 6th, 2016….Every worker should know about this threat…

It may be well-known that by law the French full-time work week is currently 35 hours. In truth, this law has only benefited about 30% of the work force. From the get-go, around 2000 when this 35 work week law was put in place, owners, politicians and back room deals have worked to avoid this law, to skew and bury those parameters under a thinly veiled montage of exceptions.

So why then, if the French truly average about a 40.5 hour work week under the 35 hour work week law, do the French workers care so much about changes in the labor laws? It really comes down to the “Foot in the door” syndrome. The French hear their government saying what the German government had said a while back, that a longer work week is needed for the economy, that the longer hours will lessen unemployment and make rainbows appear in the sky. Trouble is, those rainbows in Germany now hang above a work week that averages 48 to 60 hours per week in that country. The fat cats feast while the workers strain under long work weeks with little protection from being fired, laid-off or given reduced hours should demand of goods require the change.

People gather on the Place de la Republique in Paris, France, Friday, April 8, 2016. Thousands of protesters have been camping out, holding night-time demonstrations since last week at a symbolic rallying point on the Place de la Republique, to express anger at a proposed labor law and social conditions in France. The social media-driven movement, called "Nuit Debout" or "Rise up at Night," sprang from nationwide strikes and protests last week. (AP Photo/Michel Euler)

“People gather on the Place de la Republique in Paris, France, Friday, April 8, 2016. Thousands of protesters have been camping out, holding night-time demonstrations since last week at a symbolic rallying point on the Place de la Republique, to express anger at a proposed labor law and social conditions in France. The social media-driven movement, called “Nuit Debout” or “Rise up at Night,” sprang from nationwide strikes and protests last week. (AP Photo/Michel Euler)”

The French workers know their way of life is under attack, and they are fighting back. Reports on the issue backed by the French government and business owners are sometimes laughable.

This is from the owner’s PR point of view, fully backed by the Socialist government (more on that-it’s an odd twist that has socialist supporters scratching their heads.).

“There is probably no longer any need to keep the 35-hour week law on the books. It has helped lower-income women in France find more time for their families, it may have contributed to cutting unemployment at some point, and it may have shifted some of the work burden to people who were able to dispatch it more rationally. It has, however, failed to establish a universal social norm as strong as the five-day, 40-hour week.”

Here’s what I get from the above….”There is probably….” “It has helped…women…more time for their families” Blah, Blah, Blah, right? And… “It may have contributed to cutting unemployment…” So what? We want at least a forty hour work week out of our workers. Period.

The real problem, as PR reports from the government stress is this…””France is still one of the world’s most productive economies,  way ahead of Germany, the U.K. and most other European countries, but others could catch up.” (Watch out-there might be ghosts in the closet!-my add.)The report continues…..”The political answer is that French voters have constantly supported the 35-hour week. So now that the government has recognized the law might be bad for the economy…” Really, “Might be bad for the economy?”  Maybe, in some twisted way of thinking…as twisted as the report above that reveals workers want a 35 hour work week so the government has decided it might be bad…..blah blah splat, fart, poop on the people, what France needs is leadership! Please pass the caviar.

Power knows how to fight back, and tell the workers what’s good for them.

French rulers don't want to talk about the changes in labor laws.

French rulers don’t want to talk about the changes in labor laws.

Has there ever been a time when workers didn't have to fight for their rights....

Has there ever been a time when workers didn’t have to fight for their rights….(last week in France- a discussion about the change in labor laws.)

It comes down to owners and rulers wanting the people to work longer hours so they can make more money,,,,and the French workers know it. They see they are out producing neighboring countries that work up to a 60 hour work week while working under a 35 hour per work week law and call these proposed changes in their way of life a load of BS.

Students march during a protest in Paris, Wednesday, March 9, 2016. Angry unions and youth have entered a show of force with French President Francois Hollande in a day of protests against the government's effort to tamper with the country's 35-hour workweek to create new jobs. Several union and student organizations called protests across France on Wednesday to try to kill the bill which has even divided Hollande's Socialists. The banner reads: " No to the law". (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)

“Students march during a protest in Paris, Wednesday, March 9, 2016. Angry unions and youth have entered a show of force with French President Francois Hollande in a day of protests against the government’s effort to tamper with the country’s 35-hour workweek to create new jobs. Several union and student organizations called protests across France on Wednesday to try to kill the bill which has even divided Hollande’s Socialists. The banner reads: ” No to the law”. (AP Photo/Christophe Ena)”

Yes, Isis is a threat, but maybe, just maybe, a government in the pocket of Big Business is even worse. The last attack in Paris and then in Brussels is still new history, but look what the French are marching against?

The 35 hour work week has created tremendous productivity, given women more time to be home, boasted morale and cut unemployment. Still, the back room dealers in France call it a bad deal.

I say, Vive La France. Workers unite for a better way of life. As for the French  President, Hollande and the muscle that pushes for these so-called Labor reform laws? Give them baked beans.


Okay, from time to time I type in Franque23 into google to see what that search engine is featuring about my glob for the day. That’s what led me to read that my glob is ranked the 19 millionth and some change most read on the world-wide Alexia Traffic Ranking scale-I’d never heard of it either. I figured this called for a good rope with little stretch. After seven years of slogging through blogs almost weekly, there’s over 425 of them now on my site, I wouldn’t think ranking 19 millionth in traffic among all internet sites was equal to anything less than about nothing.

I started looking into this 19 millionth ranking the Alexia group dumped on my head. It turns out that world-wide there are over a billion internet sites, with 644 million actively posting! Whoa!??! And there’s over 160 billion clicks per day.

It's another no brainer.....

It’s another no brainer…..

I predict the next big world-wide health crisis will be tired, burned out fingers.

goodnight fingers....

goodnight fingers….

It's all good...

It’s all good…

Here in America, where most of my readers live, there are 413,862  web sites actively posting. I started thinking there was no reason for me to take a long walk on a narrow, short limb after all.

Here’s something I read on this website thingy–internet usage has gone up 800% since 2000. I’m thinkin’ this internet thing may catch on after all.

But about those American readers of mine…

God Bless my American readers....

God Bless you one and all!

I’d thought for a year or so that this glob was being read in about 12 plus countries. It turns out, as displayed on some random stats page within the  configuration, this blog-glob of mine was read in 56 countries so far this year, albeit many times only once per country, and that by result of a mistaken click no doubt.

I have a kingdom of sorts after all....

Still, it turns out I have a kingdom of sorts after all….

One more thing about readership: how many times does  the CIA, FBI or XYZ group click on the glob to keep track of me?!?!?! Hmmmm….my numbers may be less than accurate.

In truth, I do curtail what I write about certain subjects (I know that’s hard for some of you to believe) due to a deeply seated, profound respect I have for authorities who might step on my head as if I were a bug for writing what I think. This is sad, but this is also America in 2015. Plus, I’ve noticed some who have spoken out against militant groups around the globe have been chopped up, beheaded, shot full of holes or paraded around city streets as disembodied rag dolls while others who speak out are merely arrested, tested, followed, receive IRS notices and, BTW, we all have out lines tapped.

It’s time for a completely unrelated picture….

Life is all around us, even under our feet and smiling about it.

Life is all around us, even under our feet and smiling about it.

Actually, I shouldn’t worry too much about being tagged as a misfit by local authorities. I’m on the terrorist list already-union membership is a qualifier(check it out on google). Our Union President told me and our other four vice-presidents never to discuss union business over the phone, not ever, way back in 1996.

Them's the facts.....

Them’s the facts…..

To extend the thought, maybe this world-wide surge in internet usage does provide that ol’ cliche-safety in numbers-with a bit of clout. Then I think about the buffalo-there were a heck of a bunch of them in the States at one time, err 50 million, and they were almost wiped out by a wave of human stupidity. Anything is possible when it comes to the dangers of society for those swimming upstream.

How big is our world when being ranked as the 19 millionth of bloggers isn’t so bad? Ha! I’d take worse anywho’s or how. I write because I want to, and the 1700 comments I’ve received from readers gives me joy. Oh, I know I can be annoying, but that’s because you aren’t me, and you have your own opinions so different from mine that are all wrong. I only try to help:-) And by way of helping, I thought I might include my profile picture for those agencies currently hoping to get on my tail.

I'm a Gemini, so sometimes my two halves look a bit different.

I’m a Gemini, so sometimes my two halves look a bit different.**

One more thing—I’ve absolutely, positively, beyond a smidgen of a doubt, without wavering under any circumstance finished the last book of the Avatar Magic trilogy! It’s called, Survival. Even the credits are done!! Now, if I’d only upload it onto Kindle you might read it.  I’ll be offering the first two books for free to correspond to the publish date that’s coming soon. The three books will take readers to the New York city hood, Hawaii, Japan and Cambodia. In all, I think the trilogy is an interesting Sci-fi romance of sorts, but that’s just me. If you get the time, please tell me what you think of the work.



  • random dot is here.

** This is me as seen through a two-way mirror in a fun house, or it’s my daughter and son-in-law at their Japanese wedding.

Book one, Avatar Magic, and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are on kindle now. Please enjoy this Sci-fi romance.

Book one:
Book two:

But, maybe not long enough. Long haired freaks, lunatics, insomniacs, heavy drinkers(with cause) and intelligent people have all been shouting the truth since the 1980’s: America has lost its Democracy. Now, Jimmy Carter recites the writing on the wall:

“It(the 2010 Citizens United decision and the 2014 McCutcheon decision, both decisions by the five Republican judges on the U.S. Supreme Court.) violate(s) the essence of what made America a great country in its political system. Now it’s just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or being elected president. And the same thing applies to governors, and U.S. Senators and congress members. So, now we’ve just seen a subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors, who want and expect, and sometimes get, favors for themselves after the election is over. … At the present time the incumbents, Democrats and Republicans, look upon this unlimited money as a great benefit to themselves. Somebody that is already in Congress has a great deal more to sell.”*Jimmy Carter, July 28th, 2015.

Leave it to a peanut farmer to crack the nutty truth so we all understand.

We herd without listening......

We ‘herd’ without listening……

Truthfully, the idea that unlimited, as well as secret, monies should be contributed to political campaigns is not so difficult to diagnosis. It’s a shameful sleight-of-hand stint, a death spear sent into the heart of Democracy, a mockery of American Justice and its electoral process. The smoke screen used to bolster the dumb-ass opinion that foreign despots should be able to donate to American elections because American Unions could donate to campaigns is just stupid. Ignorant butt heads who have business interests and even foreign nations contribute to our National Elections-should they be allowed to control our elections?  These people in mass who support this idea- including the five Republican Supreme Court judges- are a special kind of ignoramus. A rare breed of people hell-bent on destroying American Democracy.

American's must find a way out from this disastrous Court ruling...

American’s must find a way out from under this disastrous Court ruling…

Don’t be fooled by the title, Supreme Court Justice. These five Justices who voted for Citizens United( code for handing over US Elections to well-moneyed interests world-wide) and the McCutcheon decision are powerful corrupt individuals of the worst kind. The security, happiness and prosperity of the American people are the last interests these five court jesters represent. They are nothing more than scoundrels in robes who should be defrocked of their power.

Justice Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scallea picture here  after a night out celerbrating...

Justice Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scallea(this piece was written before his passing) pictured here after a night out celebrating…

What can be done to America’s electoral process when it spends 1.7 billion dollars on one presidential race? Very little, that seems to be the answer. And, mind you, America’s Presidential race stretches to almost time ad infinitum while the U.K. election held this past May lasted thirty days and no more than 33 million was allowed to be spent.

The national election in the U.K. should be a wake-up call to Americans.

Leadership to what, that's the question......

Leadership to what, that’s the question……

The good news, maybe, is that money doesn’t count as votes. The bad news question is about how votes are now tabulated in America. Diebold hackers and computer IT experts testified before a Senate committee that the actual votes recorded by Diebold machines could be manipulated from several blocks away, or manually altered by voters right at the booth within minutes.**(You can watch and hear the testimony..)Or, you can read more…***

America has foreign interests and secret super PAC’S funding its elections that take place on tabulating machines not worth a hoot. The jig is rigged and the joint stinks. It could well be the entire world is run by rulers who collaborate to maintain power at all costs, regardless of elections, the will of the people or political fallout. Think not? Read these  articles linked to below or others about the subject.

The freedom train has been derailed in America by a series of bad Supreme Court jack-ass decisions, and by greedy, corrupt people-politicians and business men alike. Write your representatives. Who knows, there may still be some honest men or women among them who might listen to our plea.

When I think about all this election muck America’s in, I keep hearing the voice of my Grandfather, Leslie Johnson, a man who was a Baptist preacher and missionary for over fifty years. I can hear him saying as he bows his head at the dinner table, “Time to pray.” America, it is.





If only the correction was a simple fix.....

If only the correction was a simple fix…..(sharing link below* FAct check finds this graph 1/2 true, though in each case, the other countries do have higher minimum wages after considering every possible worm hole.)

Workers in US are getting screwed ….and in part this is due to workers not effectively unionizing. It’s simple enough to understand–the work forces needs to be organized efficiently, and to be able to tie the hands of owners to the bargaining table until they agree to pay meaningful wages. Well led unions with large numbers bring some clout to the negotiating table. I’ve been there, seen the CWA in action, and know this is true. Achieving a higher wage scale would not be an act of greed on the part of  US workers, but an act that would reestablish a just balance between the workers and the rich who stuff their pockets with the fruits of labor.

Thing is, raising the pay scale in America is not as simple as adjusting the hourly wage, though this is the place to start-it has to be. Though the questions about raising the minimum wage are little different for large businesses than they are for small businesses, it’s easier to understand the implications of higher wages when a small business is used as an example. Plus, I owned a business in America for fourteen years, sporting three locations and as many as nine employees, so I know a bit about gross and net profit, over head, costs of having employees, running red until Black Friday and working seventy-two hours per week on a weekly basis.

Here’s the deal. If I had to raise the wages I paid in my leather shops, I’d first have to calculate exactly how many items I sold, of what type, and which could be marketed well at a higher price. The consumer(you) would bear the full brunt of the wage increases in one way or another and, most likely, in every way-everything to eat, buy or use would have to cost more.So, in the immediate run, raising wages will not feel so much like a snap of the finger, but a slap in the face for the average worker.

Just as the free enterprise health care industry bankrupt the working class health by charging more than most people could afford to pay, the owners and wealthy of America are undercutting the workers ability to buy products and services, and eroding the worker’s will to support America’s gross National wealth. It’s all a big circle, and immensely rich owners, operators, lobbyists and politicians have stopped the wheel of prosperity from turning in America. And what doesn’t go around, doesn’t.

It’s time, no, more than time, for owners to fork over the dough they reap in profits to the workers. It seemed easy enough for owners to increase the work loads of employees, now it’s time for them to once again perform their magic and pay workers their fair share. Stock holders will bite the bullet a bit, too; it all won’t be rosy for a while. Eventually, workers in America will be able to hold their heads up, buy products, expand their livelihood and America’s economy.

Changes by way of higher wages has to come to working class Americans. We do have, and hope to keep, a free enterprise system in America, one that is just, and prosperous for all.  The upper 1% of Americans have taken too much and given too little to the workers-that has to stop. Every American should understand the middle class, the working class, needs more buying power than their wages allow them to have at this point. In this case, the owners, rulers, the rich of America need to know that what’s good for all is good for them, too.



The votes will be counted?

The votes will be counted?

Quote from Facebook: “So under Obama we have the best private jobs creation in history, best stock markets in history, record exports, and shrinking deficits. In every econometric category on markets, jobs, trade, energy, healthcare, Obama destroys Reagan and Bush. Yet the media calls Obama a failure?” Mindy Fischer-writer…..

I’ve done a lot of thinking with the mid-terms coming up. I’ve noticed that, for the most part, the Right seems to have toned down their rhetoric, realizing their platforms are not acceptable to the majority of voters. I imagine the Republican party  may hope that  by not making too much noise, the people running on their tickets might slide by as personalities of their own-don’t know. In any event, this is what I’ve decided:, I’ll vote for Democrats by any name-and more than once if possible*-until the Republicans stop trying to squash the middle class and end the American Dream, and continue to seek to establish a ruling corporate monarchy in America.

Republicans know the last two Presidential elections have clearly outlined their central agenda as a heap of trash talk, but still they harbor policies dangerous enough to vote against. Believe me-I wish this wasn’t the case. I wish the Republican Party Platforms were  infused with vibrant, worthwhile ideas that might help promote America’s standing in the world and improve the lot of our own less fortunate. Thing is, they don’t.

       Remember: a fence that keeps foreigners out  fences us in as well. A corporation isn’t like a person, and everyone knows this. The heralded  horror consequences of President Obama’s National Health Care program have not turned out to be true, and now, everyone knows this , too. The President’s economic policies were said to be sure to rain down mind-blowing disasters on the heads of working American’s but, instead, those same policies have turned our economy around-life for the workers in America is much better now than it was under the past Republican, Bush Jr., administration.

Forecasts of doom always come home to roost one way or another. The Republican six-year old promise, one the Right still keeps,  to work against President Obama at all costs has slammed down on the head of Tea Party and other Right-wing politicians over the past two Presidential elections. So we have a relatively quiet posture being taken by the Right as we approach the mid-term elections. What’s next? It may well be that the Right will take over congress, but most likely not by enough seats to rule entirely without conscience. The voting battles, the filibusters and lack of majority tallies will continue.

Thing is, stagnation in Congressional leadership breeds despondency among the voting public and that outcome is a sort of victory for the Right. As it has been for so long, the less people who vote, the better it is for Republican candidates.

The Mid-terms….an odd bird in terms of America’s election cycle-so important and yet so often overlooked by the voters. Think on  your philosophies about justice, truth, the working class and world-wide leadership. Then, you should vote.


* tongue in cheek…..of course.

Blink-o and Nuttily

Blink-o and Nuttily

Up at the Lake in the Adirondacks. These two nut cases think they live in the house in the background, but really they live in our hearts. My cousin’s daughter’s children make them what to me? Err… neat kids, cousins removed whatever, and oh,  we look forward to stuffing them full of cookies. ( The all important water pump is far back on left-a quintessential strength test all our kids take as a right of passage.).

long ago

long ago

Like really long, long ago. If my head serves me right,,, the baby is my Dad who was born in 1911.His mom, my grandma, and then my great-grandma stand next to him. Baby boys wore dresses back then. It wasn’t until about he 1940s when baby boys were starting to get dressed differently from baby girls.

Grandpa Franque

Grandpa Franque

I grew up in a reading family. My Grandpa Franque died young, a victim of a drunk driver. He’s reading, maybe, the Presidential something….-he was an outspoken man, active in labor and politics. It figures I get this part of my being from this guy. Plus, no one can break their nose on a table top like he could.

Grandma Franque

Grandma Franque

Grandma Franque-she survived having four boys serving during WWll-so did they. She wrote the Rubber Fairy Tales and read them to all her grandchildren. They’ve never been published, but should have been. I hope to have better luck with my books, two of them are currently out on Kindle*. Of course, my sister, Sharon Franquemont, has had a book, You Already Know What to Do, published in eight languages that sold world-wide.  Other’s from this side of my family have been published as well. So yeah, reading and writing runs in the family.

Mom....natural blonde

Mom….natural blonde

I remember a day, I must have been about six. My mom had plopped me up on the new washing machine to examine a bee sting I’d gotten while running barefoot  thru the clover. I stared at her hair; this hair. I told her how beautiful she was( I knew even then, and my friends had mentioned this fact, also). I can see her smiling back, telling me my foot would be okay.

Dale in her sunday best

Dale in her sunday best

Everyone agrees, my wife could only make it with me by having the best of humor….she does. No one makes me laugh harder.

We love the sea. I couldn't resist adding this photo of my wife-

We love the sea. I couldn’t resist adding this photo of my wife-

Mom and Dad on their wedding day

Mom and Dad on their wedding day

This was an important day for me:-)!

Kelly's a Mom; Maya.

Kelly’s a Mom; Maya.

Kelly is our first daughter, a strong, good hearted person. She’s an achiever, a go getter. My dad always woke me up saying, “Up an at em!” Kelly took those words to heart. This is all great news for her first child; Kelly just about makes a good anything, especially a mom.

Ed carrying Joey Sherman on his back.

My brother, Ed, carrying Mary? Sherman on his back.

Is it 1956? Maybe. Hard to tell if this is Joey, or Mary, sisters and both our friends. Thing is, I’d try to carry Dave, my cousin, around on my back too, but sometimes I’d fall down. We were much younger. This horse-back ride thing was all the rage at the time. Lake days for my family; bonding days forever.

completely understandable wink????

completely understandable wink????

President John Kennedy had just been shot in the head. Lyndon Johnson, VP, walks along with Jacquelyn Kennedy just after the shooting and takes a moment to share a wink with Congressman Albert Thomas. Odd timing, huh? Recently this was published in a book:

“Lyndon Johnson’s mistress Madeleine Duncan Brown, on LBJ telling her on the day before JFK’s assassination “after tomorrow those SOB’s will never embarrass me again – that’s no threat – that’s a promise.”**

I think this one photo says more than the entire Warren Report  ever did.

The two of us enjoying Nagasaki at night during one of our visits to Japan.

The two of us enjoying Nagasaki at night during one of our visits to Japan.

My wife and I over look the city.  A glass window catches our reflection-a favorite moment and photo of mine.

Everyone who knows me knows I love the Lake. This shot I have to call prime time me. Young, strong, I had it all then.

Everyone who knows me knows I love the Lake. This shot I have to call prime time me. Young, strong, I had it all then.


gotta love it!

gotta love it!

I’m a nut case for animals. If truth be known, I love people , too, or, the world in general. I never met a rainy day I didn’t like. Thing is, I’ve thought for a long time that when Disney gave life to trees, birds, bees, all sorts of things, even broom sticks, that he was, at least, partially right. I’m most akin to Native American belief when it comes to Nature. We’re only a part of the big picture, only a result of everything and everyone who’s come before us, not the end product…

Cheers-and I’ve lots more pictures to share later on.


*links for both books in the Avatar Magic Series:

Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are both on kindle now.



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