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1)It would take a massive over-haul of our educational system and the passing of at least two generations before most US drivers could learn how to drive in and thru a round-a-bout.

Believe it or not-there is a traffic accident down there somewhere.

Believe it or not-there is a traffic accident down there somewhere.

It's called a circle of jerk,,or something like that

It’s called a circle of jerk,,or something like that

2) The word, Yield, has been regulated to porn sites or sadomasochistic internet sites and has no meaning on the road ways

The sign say's Yield, but it doesn't say when?

The sign say’s Yield, but it doesn’t say when?

3) Turn signals in cars are soon to become obsolete…you know, the blinker thingys.


Here’s this post’s boner thought, no, that’s wrong…I mean bonus thought for the day…..

I realize right off wiht my own children that using leashes was a bad idea since one day they'd use them on me.....see? Ya gotta think ahead.

I got this proof of global warming from a friend a few weeks back and thought this  example worth ‘ad’-dressing………

It's all so plain to see!

It’s all so plain to see!

4)Sometimes we have police who wait with speed guns to catch people doing 45 in a 35 zone to protect society, but we can’t afford to have any in our schools to safeguard our children…ours is a value driven society.

This is vital to National security and to the well-being of our community

This is vital to National security and to the well-being of our community

Another lunatic doing 45 gets apprehended....

Another lunatic doing 45 gets apprehended….

5)I finally realized the knight in Monty Python’s Search for The Holy Grail who still wanted to fight after losing both legs and arms was a man fighting for the right to “bare” arms. If an entire town stood up and shot themselves in a massive gun shoot it still would be, ” Ya know, guns don’t kill people.”

I'll do anything to bear arms

I’ll do anything to bear (bare)arms…

It's time to fight for arms!

It’s time to fight for arms!


6)Apparently, I can’t count to only five, but this is the same number of times I’ve asked for a coffee roll at a certain Dunkin Donut and been told, “We’re out of coffee rolls.” I mean, come on, they’re a donut shop that sells coffee, right?

Okay, here's the thing--Dunkin Donuts sells coffee-famous for it, as well as donuts so you'd think, a donut called a coffee roll might be one they'd keep on hand--it's all about the word-Coffee- in the name, Coffee roll. Do they need a CEO

Okay, here’s the thing–Dunkin Donuts sells coffee-famous for it, as well as donuts so you’d think, a donut called a coffee roll might be one they’d keep on hand–it’s all about the word-Coffee- in the name, Coffee Roll, for gosh sakes!! Do they need a CEO??? I’m willin’ to take the position for a few million per year, and a coffee roll.


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America came through for those who needed help in WW 11...we can again.

America came through for those who needed help during WWII-we can do it again.


133 million x 25 dollars =

three billion three hundred twenty-five million dollars.

That’s how many people voted in the US 2012 election-133 million people. If those people could all unite behind one idea, what would that idea be, and what could they do?

The answer to those questions are the ones that point to who will be our next President. Winston Churchill would attest, times of trouble can bring forth great leadership opportunities. Now is the time in America, and in the World, for a leader to emerge as the one who can have vision, unite all those who hate terrorism, and forge a forceful front to defeat that beast. But how?

I’ve a plan that just might work. Refuges the world over are hungry, displaced, starving.

Step one.) America, it’s leader-whoever that might be now and in the near future should initiate a collection of funds from all voters, my selected amount would be 25 dollars per person, and arrange that every dollar, without question, or crime, be allocated to the sole purpose of funding huge, massive international airlifts of food to those in need due to the killing Isis rebels.  This would be a non-partisan, unilaterally funded organization bent on beating back the hell terrorists are using to lash our world-wide citizens.  This fund from just those who bothered to vote here in America would yeild….three billion three hundred twenty-five million dollars. This does not factor in any other countries that may want to join in this effort.

Step two) We food drop tons of food, but leaflets as well*. We take a page from American efforts in WWII to alert the Japanese of a coming  disastrous bomb and use those same methods to alert people to the efforts world-wide being taken to restore their lives, to supply food. We use those leaflets to infuse the populace with information about the World’s side on this issue of  Isis murder.
Step three) We use Japan’s Tokyo Rose idea, one they used in WW 11 to disseminate Pr disgracing our place in the war effort, and broadcast night and day the truth of the matter on as many frequencies as we can . That people world-wide hate the Isis murderous tactics.



Step four) We use every up-tempo computer link technology to alert all those on-line about what the air lifts are doing, why the World Leaders are doing them, and how the radical Isis group is hated World-wide, and should be defeated….


To me, asking Americans to  sacrifice for the good of humanity is a no brainer—-just research all the sacrifices American’s made during World War 11 to help defeat the enemy.  I’m just saying-Americans have always been game when it comes to doing what’s right.We do have the resources to defeat Isis in their own world-wide game of terror. America does have the power, the means and the will. We only need now for someone to direct us, to take the reins. Hillary, anyone running, should hear this plea and lead our mega nation into absolute action. Indecision has never been the American way….we can finance air lifts, mobilize PR units up the kazoo, and vitalize a populace that’s had enough.  Who will be the leader to see we are waiting-and all about winning this war to restore peace throughout the World?


I’m asking a Democrat to answer the call, but I’ll follow any American who has the chops to take the lead.

The silence during the last Republican and Democratic debates about what to do about Isis has been deafening….I hope they hear my answer.




*Aircrews from the United States Air Force, the BritishRoyal Air Force, the Royal Canadian Air Force, the Royal Australian Air Force, the Royal New Zealand Air Force, and the South African Air Force[3]:338 flew over 200,000 flights in one year, providing to the West Berliners up to 8,893 tons of necessities each day, such as fuel and food.[4] The Soviets did not disrupt the airlift for fear this might lead to open conflict.[5]

By the spring of 1949, the airlift was clearly succeeding, and by April it was delivering more cargo than had previously been transported into the city by rail. On 12 May 1949, the USSR lifted the blockade of West Berlin. The Berlin Blockade served to highlight the competing ideological and economic visions for postwar Europe.” Common knowledge.

(Please don’t miss yesterday’s post: Pro choice; Pro abortion.)

I’ve been lurking about the crumpled pages of the gun debate.

I have to admit, Guns don’t kill people, people do, has a certain ring to it. It’s sorta how tooth brushes don’t brush teeth, people do!–NOT.

WPD’S= Weapons of People Destruction.

not your run-of-the mill linen closet....

not your run-of-the mill linen closet….

Recently, I heard Donald Trump remark that the latest killing in Oregon was a matter of Mental Health, the words inferring the issue is not so much one of gun control, but mental health. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard this distinction slide from the mouths of people, gun lobbyists and NRA members. Here’s the point: the fact that a nut job who killed random people with a gun needed a mental health intervention before the act does not preclude the fact that having guns so prevalent in our society is a nightmare scenario that must be addressed. Twisting the two thoughts apart as though one negates the other is a sleight-of-thought maneuver well-greased with manure.

Yes, any person should be able to sit in a room with a loaded gun and not kill their friends over what tv channel to watch, flirtations, break ups, getting laid off, not laid, or just plain having a bad day while deciding they’re a super hero. So, it does appear in view of the scattered carnage that’s taking place in malls, schools, movie houses, homes, places of business and on our streets across the US that many American’s need some form of Mental counseling. Thing is, no one should be sitting in a living room that houses armor piecing bullets, automatic machine guns, bazookas, one million rounds of ammo, instructions on how to drive the tank out back, use the rocket launchers in the basement, or wear the bullet proof armor that’s stashed in the closet, either. To uncloud the issue, if a warmongering Armageddon is coming, none of these WPD’S will help anyone.

Getting back to the saying: guns don’t kill people, people do….Well, yes, people with guns kill people…and never ever, I’m gonna take this leap of faith, has a gun stood up and shot a person. See, the people do have a part in the killing, but if they had no gun, and merely pointed a finger and said, really loudly, BANG, not much would happen.  So yeah, guns are the killing point of the issue.

“But bad guys won’t obey the gun laws put in place!” Oy Vey, how many times have I heard this convoluted piece of illogical nonsense.

Again, everyday in every way and for every sort of reason, people drive through stop signs without stopping but, still, our country puts up stop signs-over 8 hundred million stops signs, 856,373,373 to be exact by the end of 2009, even though it’s well-known people will disobey that law. So yeah,  it’s foolish to think that a law shouldn’t be enacted because people will break it, or disregard the law. Laws stands for what we as a society thinks best.

It’s nice to debate-a huge part of the beauty of America is the freedom we enjoy to discuss the issues as loudly as we like- but at some point in time, the debating needs to end, the bell has to ring, and a winner declared.  Enough. Even an NRA enthusiast if they’d buried their college bound child this past weekend due to a madman shooting would agree, we need to clamp down on  weapons of people destruction here in America in every way possible by any available means.

One last thought,,, as an American you have the right to join state-run militias, and to do so , you have the right to own a gun…not stock pile an arsenal onto your kitchen shelves.* Please enjoy reading the 2nd Amendment.  “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” The second part of this statement simply defines a condition that’s inherently necessary if one is to be a member of an actively run, STATE MILITIA…..Don’t think so? Find your view, or not, in the article linked….

Franque23 wants the US to stop, drop and roll. I want the murders to stop, or drop in number and to roll those weapons away.


a part…from the link above-

The Argument for “Militia-Only” Gun Ownership

So well-worn is this argument that Justice John Paul Stevens used it in his dissent in District of Columbia vs. Heller ​(emphasis added):

The Second Amendment was adopted to protect the right of the people of each of the several States to maintain a well-regulated militia. It was a response to concerns raised during the ratification of the Constitution that the power of Congress to disarm the state militias and create a national standing army posed an intolerable threat to the sovereignty of the several States. Neither the text of the Amendment nor the arguments advanced by its proponents evidenced the slightest interest in limiting any legislature’s authority to regulate private civilian uses of firearms. Specifically, there is no indication that the Framers of the Amendment intended to enshrine the common-law right of self-defense in the Constitution.

As did Justice Stephen Breyer in the same case (emphasis added):

 The majority’s conclusion is wrong for two independent reasons. The first reason is that set forth by Justice Stevens—namely, that the Second Amendment protects militia-related, not self-defense-related, interests. These two interests are sometimes intertwined. To assure 18th-century citizens that they could keep arms for militia purposes would necessarily have allowed them to keep arms that they could have used for self-defense as well. But self-defense alone, detached from any militia-related objective, is not the Amendment’s concern.

The bugaboos in America’s health care system are unexpected expenses, catastrophic loss and/or cost as we age, plus the way our health care industry separates the haves from the have-nots in our society. Inherently, by design, our health care system creates another way for us to hate one another, or think of ourselves as better or worse than the rest.*

But, I  should start from the beginning, from a conversation we had in small waves…

We hit Cocoa Beach early this past Saturday just before the crowd arrived. It was a calm morning; no waves, no wind, the heat index would be high later on for sure.

The beach we prefer in Cocoa is one filled with tourists from all around the world-and you see people doing about everything on the sand.

The beach we prefer in Cocoa is filled with tourists from all around the world-and you see people doing about everything. We did have someone doing hand stands in front us, but  I’d no idea that I’d hear something this day that would turn me on my head as well.

My wife had already struck up a conversation with a Canadian by the time I’d waded out to her side, standing in ripples of waves beneath clear blue skies, the ocean horizon so easily seen.

People could stand anywhere they wanted, while big shrimp boats, cruise lines and others tanked their way well off shore...

People could stand about while big shrimp boats, cruise lines and others tanked well off shore…

It's a casual beach where people wear what they want-but mostly the college crowd goes further south to Coconuts...

People wear, or not, what they want-but mostly the college less-dressed crowd goes further south in Cocoa to Coconuts…Here, the beach is somewhat conservative, but internationally accepting of fashion and preference…I like the meeting of diverging cultures.

The surf made it easy for people of all ages to stand around in chest deep water, others did crawl strokes, or paddled a surf board. Beginners road there first ripple.

Calm waters have the advantage of teaching the young or novice how to ride out those waves.....

Calm waters can help the young or novice to learn how to ride out those waves…..

With no big swells to  body-surf, I was all ears as my wife stood in the sea and talked to her new-found Canadian friend. The man hailed from Toronto, a ‘coincidink‘ since that is the only Canadian city my wife and I have ever spent time visiting. In his late fifties, a business man, the Canadian talked about the guns in America as opposed to those not often carried in his country, but what I wanted most to hear about was his take on his country’s National health care system…

He pays a lot in taxes, but stressed what a relief it was to not worry about end of life expenditures that are bound to come, and those costs related to being a father of two and an aging man.  He remembered various family health issues, ER visits, broken limbs etc.(his son plays Hockey) that were taken care of quickly and at no additional, unexpected cost to his pocket-book! He added, Canadians have a prepaid world-wide health care system! Canadian citizens can seek health care anywhere in the world for treatments not given in his country, or for those procedures attended to better by other providers world-wide, and Canada pays for  it ALL  but for the airfare it cost Canadian citizens to get to where ever they need to go.

He poo-pooed the idea that there were long waiting periods or waiting lines for health care in his country, but he’d heard that was the rumor. I decided that anyone could come up with thousands of examples of people dying in U.S. waiting rooms if they wanted, anecdotal experiences, but that wasn’t the norm in the U.S.  And, I guessed rumors in our country were the same when it came the truth about the Canadian health care system-just anecdotal crapola.

They have secrets......American health providers, and one is that they spread endless rumors, fear, into the hearts of Americans that national health care doesn't work...especially for them, that is. Think about, where are there lines of Canadians dying to get into America????Not.

They have secrets……American health providers I mean. Their industry spreads endless rumors, fear, into the hearts of Americans that National health care doesn’t work…especially for them.

Not that I draw my conclusions from one conversation, but from many readings on the subject and simple observation. Think about it, where are there lines of Canadians dying to get into America for health care, or for any other reason????Not-!

Thing is, it gets worse, for the U.S. workers……

The man’s job, like most professional business jobs in Canada, has a paid for non contributory pension. As listed, his employer pays one-half each month of his pension cost, and then his employer also pays the other half of his liability which he can claim as a tax deduction! (In effect, he pays nothing, but gets to claim 1/2 of his pension contribution cost on his taxes as a deduction as if he had paid it! )This is routine in Canada-a working man’s benefit.

The small ocean waves rolled by as I thought this over. The man has paid for life health care for his entire family, no worries there, and a routine, run-of-the-mill pension in Canada that ensures his well-being in retirement. I started to think about the Canadians’ I’d met while in Toronto and how relaxed they all seemed-happy. No wonder.

To be fair, housing in Canada is something like California’s housing market on steroids, but those snow hounds can afford the prices, and sit back as their pensions add up, and the people are covered for every medical emergency. This is a far cry from what it’s like to be a working American. Sad, for us.

So about those waves that eased on by-I thought I’d glide with one for about ten feet to get the nothing of a thrill.

No one was worried about the big waves coming, but bobbed about in the easy up and down drift of the day's ocean current.

No one was worried about the big waves coming as we all bobbed up and down in the easy drift.

I launched off my feet to hit the top of a two footer when something completely unexpected happened!  I hit some sort of vortex, not a rip tide mind you, but a weirdness that sunk my relaxed body straight down through the water and smashed me face-first along the ocean’s bottom. The non-wave then pushed me along the sand, scraping my nose and, actually, I’d thought I’d possibly broken it. I stood up in calm waist-deep water where children played nearby and couldn’t fathom what had just happened. It was all too shocking, and that small wave made me totally get the power of the ocean-it all starts with small waves.

The thing is, society usually starts to bring about powerful change with small conversations that build between people as waves do in the ocean, as one small wave builds to the next. Eventually, those conversations can become a roar that is heard nation wide, one that can’t be ignored by the leaders anymore. The Vietnam protests are a perfect example of a powerful wave of change. That protest didn’t start with hundreds of thousands of people in Washington, D.C. It started with small, connected conversations. Maybe, like this one.

Start or keep talking about the wave of changes you think America needs to go through in the coming years. Voices have ways of echoing, expanding, and if we continue talking, eventually our leaders will have to listen.


*Result of listening to my wife think out loud…..

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Here’s  my synopsis of the Republican party candidates to this point.

If Trump were to meet the Chinese over international policy, he’d walk out with a signed negotiated deal, the table and all the chairs in the room, plus a life time pass to re-visit when he liked pro bono. Jeb Bush would walk out with a sore ass and no agreement, and all the others would suffer from gag reflux for the rest of their lives….
DCF 1.0

Trump’s the Leader of the PAC….

ON a brighter note for the Republican politicians at this point there’s an old saying-sometimes, dicks come in handy. The party seems to have a wad of them. It did seem last night that the Republican candidates-but for Trump and one other- were afraid of their own shadow, afraid to say the wrong thing, always well framed by party agenda with little get-up-and-go guts.
Oh, the things I might say....

Oh, the things I might say….

But what about that one other candidate? It’s all about the gal running for the ticket.
Chair of the American Conservative Union Foundation and former CEO of Hewlett-Packard Carly Fiorina speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Oxon Hill, Maryland, March 8, 2014. CPAC closes after 3 days where thousands of conservative activists, Republicans and Tea Party Patriots gathered to hear politicians, presidential hopefuls, and business leaders speak, lobby and network for a conservative agenda, looking to Congressional gains in 2014 and a Republican president in 2016.     REUTERS/Mike Theiler   (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS) - RTR3G9EM

She can make a ;point-but I hate the ones she makes….

I  liked Carly Fiorina, sorta-not really.  That is, she was well spoken, and seemed knowledgeable…i.e.= no chance, and that’s the good news.  Thing is, I’m opposed to everything she stands by…here’s a run down on her points: “She opposes abortion, is critical of fears over climate change, and worries that proposed efforts to limit greenhouse gas emissions – particularly the controversial “cap and trade” system – would be prohibitively costly in the amount of jobs that stand to be lost. She has stated that she herself voted for a measure in California to legally define marriage as a heterosexual union between one man and one woman, a measure which passed at the ballot box but was subsequently ruled unconstitutional by a federal court.”
Her talking points have sailed on-out with the tide from American shores.

Fiorina’s  talking points have sailed on-out with the tide from American shores.

See? She’s not my kind of gal at all. I’m for women’s right to choose, at least up to a point; I think green house emissions have to be regulated, sharply reduced; And we should leave the gays, etc. alone. What matter is it to me if gays want to call themselves legally married? It doesn’t interfere with my marriage. And, if a person has a well-defined opinion about god and his judgment, as I suspect most people who stand against gay marriage do, then they should take comfort in the belief that there will be a final judgement. They should realize that America, with 70% of adults professing to be Christian, is hardly in danger of suffering a fate akin to Sodom and Gomorrah. Nah, Fiorina, for all her well dressed words, is not in the ball park of reason-not in my mind.
Is it just me, or does our Republican party have a propensity for putting forth wack-o women who wear short skirts?

Is it just me, or does our Republican party have a propensity for putting forth wack-o women who wear short skirts?

So there you have it. The Republican party has a business man blow hard leading the pack, and he’s the last one Id’ like to have to debate of the group. Still,  “They call me Jeb in Florida,” Bush seems the likely pick.

If you've ever been in film, or TV ads, you'd know this photo took work---chin up, lighting all around, but the nose shadow is still a bit off.

If you’ve ever been in film, or TV ads, you’d know this photo took work—chin up, lighting all around, but the nose shadow is still a bit off.

 Regardless of who runs on either ticket,,,I think these two could make a third party ticket that might make a run for the money…..this link is a must see if you haven’t.
Trump is on first.....

Turns out, Trump is on first…..

What e-mails?

What e-mails?

One last thought- Hillary may have written herself off her sides ticket, but there’s something  nagging me about those personal e-mails she sent.  Why? Why would an intelligent, savvy person, one who’s well schooled in politics. use her personal e-mail account instead of her government e-mail?  Could it be she didn’t trust the government e-mail site she had? That seems to be a logical conclusion, and one she’d never be able to discuss with the American people….
-there’s so much more to come.
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But, maybe not long enough. Long haired freaks, lunatics, insomniacs, heavy drinkers(with cause) and intelligent people have all been shouting the truth since the 1980’s: America has lost its Democracy. Now, Jimmy Carter recites the writing on the wall:

“It(the 2010 Citizens United decision and the 2014 McCutcheon decision, both decisions by the five Republican judges on the U.S. Supreme Court.) violate(s) the essence of what made America a great country in its political system. Now it’s just an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery being the essence of getting the nominations for president or being elected president. And the same thing applies to governors, and U.S. Senators and congress members. So, now we’ve just seen a subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors, who want and expect, and sometimes get, favors for themselves after the election is over. … At the present time the incumbents, Democrats and Republicans, look upon this unlimited money as a great benefit to themselves. Somebody that is already in Congress has a great deal more to sell.”*Jimmy Carter, July 28th, 2015.

Leave it to a peanut farmer to crack the nutty truth so we all understand.

We herd without listening......

We ‘herd’ without listening……

Truthfully, the idea that unlimited, as well as secret, monies should be contributed to political campaigns is not so difficult to diagnosis. It’s a shameful sleight-of-hand stint, a death spear sent into the heart of Democracy, a mockery of American Justice and its electoral process. The smoke screen used to bolster the dumb-ass opinion that foreign despots should be able to donate to American elections because American Unions could donate to campaigns is just stupid. Ignorant butt heads who have business interests and even foreign nations contribute to our National Elections-should they be allowed to control our elections?  These people in mass who support this idea- including the five Republican Supreme Court judges- are a special kind of ignoramus. A rare breed of people hell-bent on destroying American Democracy.

American's must find a way out from this disastrous Court ruling...

American’s must find a way out from under this disastrous Court ruling…

Don’t be fooled by the title, Supreme Court Justice. These five Justices who voted for Citizens United( code for handing over US Elections to well-moneyed interests world-wide) and the McCutcheon decision are powerful corrupt individuals of the worst kind. The security, happiness and prosperity of the American people are the last interests these five court jesters represent. They are nothing more than scoundrels in robes who should be defrocked of their power.

Justice Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scallea picture here  after a night out celerbrating...

Justice Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scallea(this piece was written before his passing) pictured here after a night out celebrating…

What can be done to America’s electoral process when it spends 1.7 billion dollars on one presidential race? Very little, that seems to be the answer. And, mind you, America’s Presidential race stretches to almost time ad infinitum while the U.K. election held this past May lasted thirty days and no more than 33 million was allowed to be spent.

The national election in the U.K. should be a wake-up call to Americans.

Leadership to what, that's the question......

Leadership to what, that’s the question……

The good news, maybe, is that money doesn’t count as votes. The bad news question is about how votes are now tabulated in America. Diebold hackers and computer IT experts testified before a Senate committee that the actual votes recorded by Diebold machines could be manipulated from several blocks away, or manually altered by voters right at the booth within minutes.**(You can watch and hear the testimony..)Or, you can read more…***

America has foreign interests and secret super PAC’S funding its elections that take place on tabulating machines not worth a hoot. The jig is rigged and the joint stinks. It could well be the entire world is run by rulers who collaborate to maintain power at all costs, regardless of elections, the will of the people or political fallout. Think not? Read these  articles linked to below or others about the subject.

The freedom train has been derailed in America by a series of bad Supreme Court jack-ass decisions, and by greedy, corrupt people-politicians and business men alike. Write your representatives. Who knows, there may still be some honest men or women among them who might listen to our plea.

When I think about all this election muck America’s in, I keep hearing the voice of my Grandfather, Leslie Johnson, a man who was a Baptist preacher and missionary for over fifty years. I can hear him saying as he bows his head at the dinner table, “Time to pray.” America, it is.





Snollygoster is here to stay. America doesn’t need a right-wing or left-wing party. What we need is one, huge nut-wing party! That would fit us better.

Logo of the wing-nut party.

Logo of the nut-wing party. They could wear them as hats!

Misleading coverage, backhanded deals, slide of mouth and misdirection are the better aspects of American Politics today. Sexual misconduct,

this representative plead guilty to toe-tapping in a men's bathroom for sex....

this representative plead guilty to toe-tapping in a men’s bathroom for sex….

illegal gains, convoluted politic speak, blackmail-

ex- speaker of the house charged with invasion and lying  to the FBI

the ex-speaker of the house was charged with invasion and lying to the FBI-he paid blackmail for over thirty years to keep a young boy-friend/ victim quiet.

-and nut-house crazy. What a mess of trouble. These qualities are so commonly listed as our representatives best attributes that the terms have begun to make Americans feel comfy cozy inside. Here’s a perfect example of nut-house crazy–a new word for congress….

Good ol' Anthony  Wiener,,, ooops, I mena Weiner showings us he has what it takes to actually be disqualified for office by the American people. That's quite an accomplishment.

Good ol’ Anthony Wiener,,, ooops, I mean Weiner showing us he has what it takes to actually be disqualified for office by the American people. That’s quite an accomplishment.

The good news is our future all comes down to education.


This conversation could be over heard in living rooms all across America!

“Honey.”(It’s time for a beer.) “Can you believe some representative guy hounded a high school wrestler and then paid blackmail for forty years to keep it quiet. He could’ve still become our President!” Gulp. “That’s the beauty of our country!” Gulp, gulp, fart.

American's should love it; foreigners should leave it.

American’s should love it; foreigners should leave it.

“Yes, Tony, dear-it’s a free country! Anyone could be president.”

“That’s it exactly! And a little toe-tapping in the loo never hurt anyone’s foot. Plus, that makes shoeshine boys money.” Gulp, gulp, slurp.”Dang, my beer’s running on empty.”

Equal commitment matters...

Equal commitment matters…Plus, (secret)she has the chance to spill the coffee!

“Ha! You’re right. Boys will be boys! Call me one housewife who thinks people get riled up over the silliest stuff….Don’t worry Tony-bony…I’ve another cold brewsky coming your way. You know, sometimes I do think all this climate change bull crapola is just to distract us from the more important issues at hand, like homo’s, devil worshipers and illegals.”

‘Ocean Acidification to Hit 300-Million-Year Max’—March 2, 2012;

‘Atmospheric CO2 Levels Hit 800,000-year High’ABC News Australia—March 14, 2012;

‘No Polar Bears Within a Few Decades, Russian Expert Predicts’—Oct. 11, 2012;

‘Unprecedented Warming in Antarctica Causes Worst Melting in 1,000 Years’Al-Jazeera English—April 15, 2013…..

….It’s all trickery….at least high heels are here to stay!”

“Ya, gotta love them banks, honey. They just paid the largest fines ever for admitting they’d rigged the international markets for years! They sure know how to make money, don’t they!” Slurp, gulp, burp. “I told you we could depend on those guys-why regulate them to death?” Burp. “Dang! Did I just spill my beer? Don’t you wonder why they make coasters so much narrower than they used to?”

“Oh Tony-bony. I’ll get you another beer. It’s the illegal  immigrants that wrecked those coasters, dear.

Who gets the better half?

Who gets the better half?

They take away good jobs in America that no one can live off of and then force our companies to go overseas to pillage the juvenile workers over there. Damn immigrants. They’re no Noah’s Ark-“There no Noah's Ark

“That’s it in a nut shell, honey! Do you realize how much America spends keeping us safe for those barefoot, border crossing criminals?”

“Wait, my muffins are burning-someone must be talkin’ about me”

Slurp. “I can’t believe I spilled that beer. Anyway, I bet America spends, at least, the equivalent of two percent of our total NON-war military budget on stopping the border seepage!* No wonder this border thing is all the rage in Washington! They need to make us look at that closely-forget the rest.”

” Sweetie, God intended that wasted money to be used to arm another drone, I’m sure.”

“Yeah, you’re right. It all gets confusing….Ya know what, honey! The beer on my shirt is drying and it looks good with last night’s spaghetti stains.”

“Oh bony-head, your the best! Just have faith and things will work out. Our enemies and troubles will fry like potato chips!”

Performance reviews in Hell.

“Ha! That’s right honey. What we need is to start a new party, maybe run for President. Now, what would we call that party………?”

“America Central!”

“Nah, how about the Wing-it Party, honey?”

“I like Sling -it Party, Tony.”

“Bring-It Party.”

“The Deciding Party! Now doesn’t that sound right, baby face?”

“The One-Way Party! That’s it. The party’s name should sound like a charge; like we’re going to war with them pot smokin’ tree huggers, and college idiots.”

'Took longer than I thought it would.'

Franque23 has an idea. Please pass the nuts when you vote next time.

Bonus picture…..

'I'm beginning to think that Glen's sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.'

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* This is true….America spends12 billion to stop cross-overs, and 598.5 billion on its military budget, excluding costs of any and all wars. Plus—more to read on this-

I may be getting old and grumpy-okay, I am. I may go around mumbling curses under my breath, smashing walls(who saw that corner coming? Not me.), breaking dishes that slip through my fingers, kicking defenseless sticks, raking leaves-sometimes I burn them-and I’ve stepped on more than a few ants in my artsy- ol’ fartsy years(don’t ask), but these are the good things I do.

But really, I'm just concerned....

But really, I’m just concerned….

About being irritated…..I’m starting to think the city of Gainesville and Alachua County leadership is a bit screwy.

Gainesville had a reputation of being the Berkeley of the South back in 1970’s South.*  It wasn’t just the daylight nude block parties or the clothing optional Halloween Ball that earned the city it’s reputation. The leaders seemed progressive-they planned stuff like Farmers Markets,bike lanes, city beautification(once earning Gainesville a top ten tree city award in the USA), and tolerance was promoted when it came to casual pot smoking or large outside gatherings of like-minds. (Omit Gainesville eight here**).

Gainesville used to rock.

I’m one to think that the over-all Laissez-faire attitude put forth by city and county commissioners and authorities alike gave birth to some of the greatest rock musicians of all time…Don Felder; Bo Diddley; Tom Petty; Minnie Reperton; Stephen Stills and Bernie Leaden, to name a few. All either came from Gainesville or lived in the vicinity-and nearly all at the same time! Think about that list of creative souls-amazing.

Freedom bares creativity, happiness, an energetic populace and a true spirit of cooperation. That truth is exemplified by Gainesville’s past, but that past is history, too…

Now, Gainesville and the County are being directed- or maybe controlled- by a bunch of numb-nuts.

Drat! That's the problem in a nut shell!

Drat! That’s the problem in a nut shell!

Why do I think this? The advent of a disastrous Bio-Mass plant has been found by an independent firm to not be in the best interest of the county citizens. It turns out, the Bio Mass plant is a polluting smoke machine that will not lower energy prices and worse, one that will cost those living here hundreds of millions of dollars. Hence, the name calling is a good place to start. But, what exactly did that independent panel write about the plant? Read on-

“Navigant’s report affirms the view that the commission’s biomass decision was made mostly for ideological reasons rather than being based on a good assessment and risk analysis of the benefits outweighing the costs.

The report makes it clear that the commission should’ve walked away from the contract with GREC.

There’s more in this report about how wrong Gainesville’s commissioners were to build the plant under the changing contractual terms they finally accepted-but you get the point-name calling is an appropriate response for citizens to take when faced with elected officials who refuse to bend to the will of the people, read the facts, change course when that is best, or read the hand-writing on the wall.

From another finding….”Burning wood and other biological materials for energy emits as much or more pollution than burning fossil fuels, including coal.” Read it and weep Gainesvillians!

Of course, the same money it cost to build a stupid bio-mass plant would have been better spent on solar power development. This would have been in the best interest of Alachua County citizens, the ones who pay the bills, but the politicians here now choose to lag behind, follow others who can’t see the sunshine. It seems they’re afraid to lead, or they’ve been coerced by big money to make poor decisions.

It’s brain drain time in Alachua County/City of Gainesville….I think this calls for an idea…

images (23)Wait! Why stop with crazy ass power decisions  when there’s more to do? The aesthetic view of the clouds, sun and stars can be obliterated as well!

Recently, it was proposed that a large, twelve story commercial(money-making) property be built downtown. This is all the rage in the local paper-what a great idea-it’s the way to go! No, it’s not a good idea, but another example of outrageous lack of leadership. Here’s what’s wrong with this idea. Long ago(2009, in those ancient times) faithful representatives of citizens of Gainesville directed-by a vote of 7:0- that no buildings over six stories be built downtown since we enjoy seeing the sky! Imagine! Some people want to see beyond a block! (here’s the ordinance)

Type: Ordinance Status: Adopted
File created: 4/2/2009 In control: City Attorney
On agenda: Final action: 4/16/2009
Title: URBAN MIXED-USE 1 BUILDING HEIGHTS (B) Ordinance No. 0-09-01; Petition No. 34TCH-07 PB An ordinance of the City of Gainesville, Florida, relating to density and building height in the Urban Mixed-Use 1 zoning district (UMU-1: up to 75 units/acre); amending subsection 30-65.1(d)(4) of the Land Development Code by deleting redundant references to density and building height; amending subsection 30-65.1(d)(5) by imposing a maximum overall building height with a minimum of two stories and a maximum of six stories and by deleting the option of seeking additional stories by special use permit; providing a severability clause; providing a repealing clause; and providing an immediate effective date.

As noted, this ordinance passed with a 7;0 vote, a tally that had been well pushed by public opinion. But, alas, that was 6 longs years ago-a lifetime or two for butterflies, and maybe maggots. Now, it seems Gainesville’s elected officials can’t wait to make our town look like Miami.  Developers drool at the thought.

Recently, a vast woodland within the city limits was bush whacked and chain sawed down.  The area ran a muck with wild growth,(think forest) full of annoying birds, rabbits, every type of small animal on up to an often spotted bob cat. First, all the underbrush was bulldozed away, and then all trees but sand pine, maybe an oak or two, were destroyed in the name of “restoration.” Wowoow–there’s a laugher! Of course, this is all part of a 100 year-long plan, so when it fails to improve our environment citizens can hold those who made this scourge of our forest accountable-we’ll be here to do that, right?

Since one bad land raping decision deserve another, it’s said county officials plan to use a poisonous defoliant upon whats left of the acreage to help. eradicate all unwanted growth. There’s just nothing like killing everything in sight, when you have no insight, no sense, no environmental concern but for a bogus one hundred year plan. Bah!

You might guess, I have another question about this massive killing of forest land we need to do now in order to restore our environment 100 years later: does that stuff we removed burn well in, like, Bio-Mass plants?

So yeah-call me grumpy, but I’m right.

1)The bio mass plant is not a good idea-It’s a wrong way turn for power development in Alachua County. Elected officials refused to read the stop sign on that. The independent review states there was no blatant wrong-doing by elected officials,(meaning they didn’t actually go out and shoot people), but it’s clear in the report that they were hardly less than corrupt in their decision to force this project though. Back room deals, off the books conferences/agreements, difficult postings of meeting times meant to hear public views, and a willy nilly decision to own not just a % of the plant, but take on all of it’s liability makes this whole fiasco seem like a Gainesville tea-pot doom hoe-down.

2) Bulldozing woodland for a 100 year plan is not enforceable, and allows for no direct accountability . It’s a sham that appears more like a pine planting that can be used in the bio mass plant within 20 years time that’s hidden under the guise of environmental development. Wildlife and forest be damned.

3)Building up in downtown Gainesville is expressly against the people’s will and that of the elected officials who voted 7;0 against high-rise development as recently as 2009. Still, all the PR I read states Gainesvillians can’t wait to be hemmed in by city canyon-like buildings.

Hmmm,,lets review the term I used for those responsible for our local  leadership’s IQ  downturn: Numb-nuts-….. yeah, it fits, though I could think of worse terms to use…believe me, others have.

The worst news? There’s so much more to talk about.




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Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are on kindle now.


( I include allllll the links for those readers who want to  know.)

The ol’ swimming hole is an American tradition, if not a world-wide keepsake memory. Thing is, there’s a new kind of swimming pit in town….

Nearby neighborhood fracking pit. Swim anyone?

Nearby neighborhood fracking pit. Swim anyone?

Me neither. There’s something about these frackin’ radioactive, carcinogenic waters that have turned me off to diving into the hole, but not the story. I’d claim to be muckraking if I could, but that isn’t the case. The story of fracking isn’t a hidden unknown, waiting to be exposed in a column written by me. The truth is out there for all to read. Thing is, some proponents of fracking-i.e. everyone and only everyone who stand to make money off the deal- say the complaints about fracking wear no clothes. I guess, big oil doesn’t believe the naked truth.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned by living this long it’s this: nothing talks louder than money in a room.

There was an opinion posted on CNN last year that I’ve thought about ever since I first read the article. It was in favor of fracking.

The opinion is here if you’d like to read the entire thing:

And, since this article seems to be an iconic example of the stalwart thinking done by advocates of fracking, I thought it best to go thru some of the less than perfect building blocks of boondoggle disastrous thinking that are so eloquently presented in this work of fiction.

There are a few glaring holes in the arguments presented in this opinion piece that’s linked above. Unfortunately, those holes are almost as large as ones often found in the pipes depicted in the diagram below.

We should get people to put their fingers in these leaking pipes.

We should get people to put their fingers in these leaking pipes.

I must add—-the good news, as many pro fracking articles point out, is that government oversight can correct the constant leaking pipe syndrome associated with fracking that will end up poisoning our populace if it isn’t stopped. Oddly, I’d say most of those in favor of fracking also believe that government can’t do anything right……..but I digress. Back to the article of questionable value.

Point one(in the article): Fracking causes few problems, and this process is the major reason gas prices having fallen in the US.

Real Answer:  America is now the fourth largest producer of oil and gas due, at least in part, to Fracking in the US. However, Fracking is NOT the reason gas prices have fallen recently. Read this-

“A central factor in the sharp price drops, analysts say, is the continuing unwillingness of OPEC, a cartel of oil producers, to intervene to stabilize markets that are widely viewed as oversupplied. Prices of OPEC’s crude benchmark have fallen about 40 percent since the organization declined to cut production at a late Novembermeeting in Vienna.”

Why is OPEC willing to keep oil prices low? That’s in another blog I wrote( believe it or not, the low bench mark price on oil has to do with terrorism.(

Point Two( of the article in question): The air is cleaner now because we are fracking-

Answer: Ha-how-die and a ho ho ho….”Yet one study found that only one quarter of the four percent drop in U.S. CO2 emissions between 2011 and 2012 is attributable to shale gas. Efforts to increase energy efficiency had a more substantial impact, reported InsideClimate News.”

Yes, American’s air is cleaner than is has been in the past, but this is mostly due to lower emission standards set in place for power companies, and due to the expanded use of alternative car power. But don’t take my word for this:

“When it comes to air quality, the Environment America report estimates that drilling and fracking natural gas wells in the U.S. created 450,000 tons of air pollution in 2012……..”

Who will be next! Real estate speculators wanna know!

Who will be next! Real estate speculators wanna know!

Point Three: Again, frracking is worth the risk.

Answer: No, it isn’t.  Just saying, when the Earth starts swayin’, it ain’t dancing.

“The scientists, from the University of Miami, identified 77 earthquakes of varying size in the Poland Township of Ohio, all occurring between March 4 and March 12 and all located near a group of oil and gas wells. The quakes ranged between magnitudes of 1.0 and 3.0”

“According to study co-author Robert Skoumal, that magnitude 3.0 quake was “one the largest earthquakes ever induced by hydraulic fracturing in the United States.””

And you know what? There’s nothing like a good quake to make a person feel right at home.

Just ask the person in that car who was out for a spin........

Just ask the person in that car who was out for a spin……..

Point Four:  Fracking is not a threat to ground water.

Answer:  According to studies fracking in the US is something akin to America taking a huge Cosmic bucket of radioactive, highly toxic chemicals and dumping it on its head.

U.S. fracking operations produced an estimated 280 billion gallons of wastewater in 2012, the report notes. This is enough to flood all of Washington, D.C. in a “22-foot deep toxic lagoon,” according to the group.”

This is really someone's tape water.......

This is really someone’s tape water…….but very few explode.

“In Colorado alone, the amount of water used for fracking “was enough to meet the water needs of nearly 200,000 Denver households for a year,” according to the report.”

Despite the opinions of those who support fracking, and their belief that fracking has an upside that’s worth the environmental risk the process imposes upon the planet, entire countries and some US states disagree and they’ve ban the process from their land. Many people, states and countries speak out against fracking-join the chorus. We can bring our world back into harmony with Nature.

“The bottom line is this: The numbers on fracking add up to an environmental nightmare,” Environment America’s John Rumpler said in a press release. “If this dirty drilling continues unchecked, these numbers will only get worse…..”

This is a world-wide list of countries and states in America that have bans on fracking. Please get a cup of coco, curl up with a blankie-it’s a long read.

Fracking begins with an F, that’s appropriate, but it really should be a four letter word. It’s important to speak out continually against this mind-boggling threat to our lives, and to the lives of all those who follow us. Please tell your representatives to stop fracking now.

Franque23……..hmmmm..maybe I should change my name?

here are links for both of my books in the Avatar Magic Series:
Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are on kindle now.

Tooth brushes don’t brush teeth–people do.

Anyway this whole ruckus about the Right to Bear Arms is a simple misunderstanding.

These are the arms our Founding Father's were talking about.

These are the arms our Founding Father’s were talking about.

You have to get into the mind-set of the people who wrote that phrase-then interpreting the phrase comes easily. More, our tough-as-nails Forefather’s also meant these arms-

They were all about strength of will, courage and fortitude.

They were all about strength of will, courage and fortitude.

But, as usual in America, there’s a debate about this issue. Some say, intelligentsia four eyes insist, that the problem we’re having today about murderous people with innocent guns was brought about by a simple spelling mistake….

Our forefather's felt it each person's right to bare their arms...

Our Forefather’s felt it was each person’s right to bare their arms…they were, after all, roll up your sleeves and get the job done kind of folks.

They didn’t give a squat about totting around heavy weapons….as if.

Remember-our Founding Fathers were visionaries.

Remember-our Founding Fathers were visionaries.

images (23) images (23)Here’s the idea. Maybe, two ideas. We could expand the right to bare arms….

(Picture, or google , a nude beach in Europe…and no, I can’t post that here. Thing is, those Europeans knew what our Forefather’s were talkin’ about, and got it right the first time!)

And bar arms in bars…..

Drinking and shooting people don't mix...just ask Dick Chaney.

Drinking and shooting people don’t mix…just ask Dick Cheney.*

So yeah, no, guns have little to do with the issue.

Likewise,  poisoned food is not a problem,  it’s the loony’s who make it, or serve it, or spread it out by the billion tons who cause the problem. Root those nasty’s out, or educated them so they’ll give up making fortunes, and we’ll be left with nothing but a few gazillion mountains of chemicals.  We can dump all of this in the ocean or put it in the same holes we use to store Nuclear waste!

Nuclear waste is not a problem–people just don’t know how to handle the 81 million tons of highly radioactive waste nuclear power plants generate world-wide per year.

Just don't lie in the stuff...follow directions...

Just don’t lie in the stuff…follow directions…

(See? I’m learning!)If people could only be trained about nuclear waste, educated, then the toxic stuff would become harmless-as safe as a purring kitten.

Fukushima is still purring.

Fukushima is still purring.

Of course, it all follows that guns don’t kill people–people do. Shoot, here in the U.S. only 10,000 children per year go to the ER suffering from gunshot wounds! Better yet, only 3,000 of those children die per year from their injuries. If we just educated that three-year old how to properly hold a gun, things would turn up roses in Gunville of America.

Thing is, some people don’t think education will stop people from using tooth brushes on their teeth. Some say, getting A’s in class won’t make poison less lethal, nuclear waste a good companion or guns friendly in the hands of people. Take this downer of a guy, Daniel Webster, as an example.

“Daniel Webster, the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, told NBC News. “We have an extraordinary health burden in our youth associated with firearms injuries.” Webster pointed out that the United States’ rate of mortality from firearms is about ten times higher than the rates in other wealthy Nations.”

Look, America’s a free country, and if I want fifteen loaded Uzi  in my pantry, twelve thousand pounds of leaking poisons in my garage, really big tooth brushes and a stock pile of nuclear waste in my backyard I should be allowed to have it! And, if some God Fearing company wants to frack my land until my drinking water rots my teeth-I don’t want some big government fella complaining about that-this is a free, open, no holds barred economy.

this saves on hot water bills , too.

Fracking saves people money on their hot water bills , too.

No holds bared and the right to bare arms are both easy to grasp.

No holds barred and the right to bare arms are both easy concepts to grasp. What in the freakin’ heck happened?!?!

Heck, it’s all about education. Even a dumb-ol’ bear knows that!

Bye-bye and may your guns always be loaded and your home fires burning....


May your guns always be loaded, and your home fires keep burning….

If I remember right, God said to go forth and multiply your gun collection until the earth tilts….or was that, gum collection-I forget.


*Our then Vice president, Dick Cheney, of these US of A gun loving land shot a fellow hunting pal while on the prowl for game….he wouldn’t see investigators for 24 hours. Rumor is Dickie was toasted, liquored up, howling at the moon, dead topsy drunk at the time of the accidental shooting.

here are links for both of my books in the Avatar Magic Series:
Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are on kindle now.

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