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r there dyslexic birds?

I’ve always been dyslexic, but because I was born one million years ago I only learned of the condition while in Clolege.  So here’s to putting hte cool in shcool. No wonder phonics wasn’t my best sujbect! It was a great relief to get to know how my head worked, and once I did my grade average went from a sub pair 2.0 to a 3.7!  All I had to do then is what I od now—question how I see things, realize when it’s backwards and correct my understanding of whatever it is I’m erading, looking at, or writing. I can convert anything-right or wrong:-)…

I write books that are on Kindle that make editors spell for me….I have to laugh, one editor once asked, ‘Why are yoru sentences always inverted?’

So tell me, how does it change dyslexics to take a light bulb?*

Thing is, really, my body just hasn’t gotten the message about this,’let’s not be so dyslexic,’-ont at all. No, my bodsy’ backwards from ear-hair to navel fuzz. Here I am, clearly a twenty-ish type pushing some other galaxy of age so why the bursitis in the left knee, or slow moving knees, why the left-eye occlusion and the turkey neck that makes me dihe through all of Thanksgiving tmie? Why can I talk to my jingling ellby? And Asthma inhalers are not the death of fresh air they’re meant to be but, man, they take the pharmaceutical’s money right!  See? My entire obdy is going dyslexic on me!

I’m younger than a bean sprout but my face has age wrinkles, weird, my head is missing my hair, astoundingly bizarre, and my get-up-and-go is beating me to some place I can’t seem to find. What I need here is a good walyer. I’ll sue my odby and win whatever’s left of it. Vey, oh, why bother!

still, some people think they are beavers…so maybe i’m koya

Of course, some things still work fine: (I can’t believe you thought that-that’s just wrong, like really young of you.) I mean I can snap my fingers, wait, not so much; at least I can see, sorta, using a different set of glasses for every kind of seeing distance; I can whistle, no, actually I never could; I can do the tiswt, though I’d never try it again; I can talk about times I lived through but never knew; and I’ve got lots of stories to yell cause I’m still dancin’ inside, byba.

this is actually Billy the kid’s friend who shot him..but this has nothing to do with this post… ceehrs**

Yep, I’ve got my head turned around so it works but this body thing is a feakin’ dumb-ass diesitter. Yoga helps, but I’ve lost my mat and I can’t find the floor. Bending over to see things upside down seems all too familiar to me while breathing heavy while working out means some of that god hair I find under the couch is actually going into me instead of under the conch. I know it’s good to rush blood to my head while bending over but does it ever leaf my skull? No, this entire upside down workout cesspro may be why my ears and head aer twice the size they were ounce, gone lgoa.

Let’s ace ti: I don’t know my bowel from my elbow, but is there really umch of a difference?

the Cliffs of Moher never shave…

When you get right up on it, being dyslexic isn’t much the same as anything that’s so different. So hwy lla teh kalt about it…?

It’s odd , but spell check just isn’t ehlping.


  • Slopped from aonther tighs.
  • **for some other glob.

*** “Body Language worth noting” (Translation)



(Note—now through Dec. 3rd book one and book two are free to download from Kindle.)

This is a total rush, a step for me. So many have helped me along the writing way of this book, a sci-fi romance story. Lenard, the protagonist, has been in my head so long I see his face when I look in the mirror. And, if I ever get my hands on the evil Rudark, I’ll be doin’ hard time!

I still remember the day I out lined the story to a work mate, Jennifer Mitts, and she said, “Oh my God! You have to write that!” Then, another work mate, John Jack, mused about how the Magic Avatar computer would do in battle. The story began to take on real form.

I was lucky enough to find an editor for book one, John Nelson, who actually lives in Hawaii-he flavored that location with his real time knowledge of the Islands. Book two and three followed in form by getting great editing help from Kelly Shiohira who had lived in Japan and spent time in Cambodia. Linda Stefanelli’s keen eye and editing helped hone the stories of book two and book three as well. Of course, I used what I’d learned on my own travels to Japan to help set the scene in that country. Oh those temples, and the Emperor’s gardens-wow, what a place Japan is!

I'll never forget seeing the Sakura trees in full bloom in Japan.....but it's the people that make that place like heaven.

I’ll never forget seeing the Sakura trees in full bloom in Japan…..but it’s the people that make that place like heaven.*

Anyone who knows me knows I love a good joke, and I guarantee that you will laugh your ass off while reading this trilogy, especially in the developing, slower moving book one, Avatar Magic. Humor is my style, but not my point-those are woven throughout the trilogy as spoken by a number of the characters who weave their way within the action.

Mystery, espionage, love, heartbreak, sex, violence, action and humor, they all had to fit. I hope you like the mix.

I love the three illustrator’s individual work on the three separate covers-Megan Carlock’s wheel design fit for the cover of book one and snared the essence of the Magic Avatar computer perfectly.

Book one-

Book one-kindle link-

Dan Horak couldn’t have captured the transitory nature of book two, The Code of Avatar Magic, any better-his mysterious lines that seemingly warp as they travel from space to space fit the book.

Book two develops the characters, defines their motives and worth, and moves the plot onward to Book three-the final book is now in editing.

Book two develops the characters, defines their motives and worth, and moves the plot onward to Book three.

Book two kindle link-

Erik Solfvin brings back the cover of book one to form the background for the cover of book three, Survival, and nails the plot movement on the head, or bird on the computer-you’ll see.

Swim, anyone?

Swim, anyone?

Book three Kindle link-

I do hope you’ll dive into these books and enjoy the travel, action and thoughts presented throughout the pages. I’ve thrilled to tell the tale.

I’ve a fourth book written, The Case of the Perpetually Missing Key, that’s now in editing. It’s a completely different kind of story from the Avatar Magic trilogy. It’s full of espionage, of course, and the escapades of three close friends, two girls and a guy, plus a dragon who you’ll grow to love.  Another book I’ve already written, The Baker’s Four, follow’s the tripping of a married man who must pay the devil his due. It will need editing, no doubt. There are two more books I’m working on currently. One, a historical novel based upon the life of a person I know, a timely story that will take us to New York, California and Spain. The other is a dystopia/utopia tale with a unique twist.  All this work may take three years to complete-if I hurry- but I’m game for the telling. I hope you are up for the reading.

Cheers, and have the best Holidays!

Franque23 is waiting for book reviews! Please share the word about my books, and the links. Ps–anyone who has already purchased one of my books can buy book three for $1.99-smiles.


  • Thanks to my wife, Dale Franquemont, for the pic.




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