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The ol’ swimming hole is an American tradition, if not a world-wide keepsake memory. Thing is, there’s a new kind of swimming pit in town….

Nearby neighborhood fracking pit. Swim anyone?

Nearby neighborhood fracking pit. Swim anyone?

Me neither. There’s something about these frackin’ radioactive, carcinogenic waters that have turned me off to diving into the hole, but not the story. I’d claim to be muckraking if I could, but that isn’t the case. The story of fracking isn’t a hidden unknown, waiting to be exposed in a column written by me. The truth is out there for all to read. Thing is, some proponents of fracking-i.e. everyone and only everyone who stand to make money off the deal- say the complaints about fracking wear no clothes. I guess, big oil doesn’t believe the naked truth.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned by living this long it’s this: nothing talks louder than money in a room.

There was an opinion posted on CNN last year that I’ve thought about ever since I first read the article. It was in favor of fracking.

The opinion is here if you’d like to read the entire thing:

And, since this article seems to be an iconic example of the stalwart thinking done by advocates of fracking, I thought it best to go thru some of the less than perfect building blocks of boondoggle disastrous thinking that are so eloquently presented in this work of fiction.

There are a few glaring holes in the arguments presented in this opinion piece that’s linked above. Unfortunately, those holes are almost as large as ones often found in the pipes depicted in the diagram below.

We should get people to put their fingers in these leaking pipes.

We should get people to put their fingers in these leaking pipes.

I must add—-the good news, as many pro fracking articles point out, is that government oversight can correct the constant leaking pipe syndrome associated with fracking that will end up poisoning our populace if it isn’t stopped. Oddly, I’d say most of those in favor of fracking also believe that government can’t do anything right……..but I digress. Back to the article of questionable value.

Point one(in the article): Fracking causes few problems, and this process is the major reason gas prices having fallen in the US.

Real Answer:  America is now the fourth largest producer of oil and gas due, at least in part, to Fracking in the US. However, Fracking is NOT the reason gas prices have fallen recently. Read this-

“A central factor in the sharp price drops, analysts say, is the continuing unwillingness of OPEC, a cartel of oil producers, to intervene to stabilize markets that are widely viewed as oversupplied. Prices of OPEC’s crude benchmark have fallen about 40 percent since the organization declined to cut production at a late Novembermeeting in Vienna.”

Why is OPEC willing to keep oil prices low? That’s in another blog I wrote( believe it or not, the low bench mark price on oil has to do with terrorism.(

Point Two( of the article in question): The air is cleaner now because we are fracking-

Answer: Ha-how-die and a ho ho ho….”Yet one study found that only one quarter of the four percent drop in U.S. CO2 emissions between 2011 and 2012 is attributable to shale gas. Efforts to increase energy efficiency had a more substantial impact, reported InsideClimate News.”

Yes, American’s air is cleaner than is has been in the past, but this is mostly due to lower emission standards set in place for power companies, and due to the expanded use of alternative car power. But don’t take my word for this:

“When it comes to air quality, the Environment America report estimates that drilling and fracking natural gas wells in the U.S. created 450,000 tons of air pollution in 2012……..”

Who will be next! Real estate speculators wanna know!

Who will be next! Real estate speculators wanna know!

Point Three: Again, frracking is worth the risk.

Answer: No, it isn’t.  Just saying, when the Earth starts swayin’, it ain’t dancing.

“The scientists, from the University of Miami, identified 77 earthquakes of varying size in the Poland Township of Ohio, all occurring between March 4 and March 12 and all located near a group of oil and gas wells. The quakes ranged between magnitudes of 1.0 and 3.0”

“According to study co-author Robert Skoumal, that magnitude 3.0 quake was “one the largest earthquakes ever induced by hydraulic fracturing in the United States.””

And you know what? There’s nothing like a good quake to make a person feel right at home.

Just ask the person in that car who was out for a spin........

Just ask the person in that car who was out for a spin……..

Point Four:  Fracking is not a threat to ground water.

Answer:  According to studies fracking in the US is something akin to America taking a huge Cosmic bucket of radioactive, highly toxic chemicals and dumping it on its head.

U.S. fracking operations produced an estimated 280 billion gallons of wastewater in 2012, the report notes. This is enough to flood all of Washington, D.C. in a “22-foot deep toxic lagoon,” according to the group.”

This is really someone's tape water.......

This is really someone’s tape water…….but very few explode.

“In Colorado alone, the amount of water used for fracking “was enough to meet the water needs of nearly 200,000 Denver households for a year,” according to the report.”

Despite the opinions of those who support fracking, and their belief that fracking has an upside that’s worth the environmental risk the process imposes upon the planet, entire countries and some US states disagree and they’ve ban the process from their land. Many people, states and countries speak out against fracking-join the chorus. We can bring our world back into harmony with Nature.

“The bottom line is this: The numbers on fracking add up to an environmental nightmare,” Environment America’s John Rumpler said in a press release. “If this dirty drilling continues unchecked, these numbers will only get worse…..”

This is a world-wide list of countries and states in America that have bans on fracking. Please get a cup of coco, curl up with a blankie-it’s a long read.

Fracking begins with an F, that’s appropriate, but it really should be a four letter word. It’s important to speak out continually against this mind-boggling threat to our lives, and to the lives of all those who follow us. Please tell your representatives to stop fracking now.

Franque23……..hmmmm..maybe I should change my name?

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Tooth brushes don’t brush teeth–people do.

Anyway this whole ruckus about the Right to Bear Arms is a simple misunderstanding.

These are the arms our Founding Father's were talking about.

These are the arms our Founding Father’s were talking about.

You have to get into the mind-set of the people who wrote that phrase-then interpreting the phrase comes easily. More, our tough-as-nails Forefather’s also meant these arms-

They were all about strength of will, courage and fortitude.

They were all about strength of will, courage and fortitude.

But, as usual in America, there’s a debate about this issue. Some say, intelligentsia four eyes insist, that the problem we’re having today about murderous people with innocent guns was brought about by a simple spelling mistake….

Our forefather's felt it each person's right to bare their arms...

Our Forefather’s felt it was each person’s right to bare their arms…they were, after all, roll up your sleeves and get the job done kind of folks.

They didn’t give a squat about totting around heavy weapons….as if.

Remember-our Founding Fathers were visionaries.

Remember-our Founding Fathers were visionaries.

images (23) images (23)Here’s the idea. Maybe, two ideas. We could expand the right to bare arms….

(Picture, or google , a nude beach in Europe…and no, I can’t post that here. Thing is, those Europeans knew what our Forefather’s were talkin’ about, and got it right the first time!)

And bar arms in bars…..

Drinking and shooting people don't mix...just ask Dick Chaney.

Drinking and shooting people don’t mix…just ask Dick Cheney.*

So yeah, no, guns have little to do with the issue.

Likewise,  poisoned food is not a problem,  it’s the loony’s who make it, or serve it, or spread it out by the billion tons who cause the problem. Root those nasty’s out, or educated them so they’ll give up making fortunes, and we’ll be left with nothing but a few gazillion mountains of chemicals.  We can dump all of this in the ocean or put it in the same holes we use to store Nuclear waste!

Nuclear waste is not a problem–people just don’t know how to handle the 81 million tons of highly radioactive waste nuclear power plants generate world-wide per year.

Just don't lie in the stuff...follow directions...

Just don’t lie in the stuff…follow directions…

(See? I’m learning!)If people could only be trained about nuclear waste, educated, then the toxic stuff would become harmless-as safe as a purring kitten.

Fukushima is still purring.

Fukushima is still purring.

Of course, it all follows that guns don’t kill people–people do. Shoot, here in the U.S. only 10,000 children per year go to the ER suffering from gunshot wounds! Better yet, only 3,000 of those children die per year from their injuries. If we just educated that three-year old how to properly hold a gun, things would turn up roses in Gunville of America.

Thing is, some people don’t think education will stop people from using tooth brushes on their teeth. Some say, getting A’s in class won’t make poison less lethal, nuclear waste a good companion or guns friendly in the hands of people. Take this downer of a guy, Daniel Webster, as an example.

“Daniel Webster, the director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, told NBC News. “We have an extraordinary health burden in our youth associated with firearms injuries.” Webster pointed out that the United States’ rate of mortality from firearms is about ten times higher than the rates in other wealthy Nations.”

Look, America’s a free country, and if I want fifteen loaded Uzi  in my pantry, twelve thousand pounds of leaking poisons in my garage, really big tooth brushes and a stock pile of nuclear waste in my backyard I should be allowed to have it! And, if some God Fearing company wants to frack my land until my drinking water rots my teeth-I don’t want some big government fella complaining about that-this is a free, open, no holds barred economy.

this saves on hot water bills , too.

Fracking saves people money on their hot water bills , too.

No holds bared and the right to bare arms are both easy to grasp.

No holds barred and the right to bare arms are both easy concepts to grasp. What in the freakin’ heck happened?!?!

Heck, it’s all about education. Even a dumb-ol’ bear knows that!

Bye-bye and may your guns always be loaded and your home fires burning....


May your guns always be loaded, and your home fires keep burning….

If I remember right, God said to go forth and multiply your gun collection until the earth tilts….or was that, gum collection-I forget.


*Our then Vice president, Dick Cheney, of these US of A gun loving land shot a fellow hunting pal while on the prowl for game….he wouldn’t see investigators for 24 hours. Rumor is Dickie was toasted, liquored up, howling at the moon, dead topsy drunk at the time of the accidental shooting.

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Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are on kindle now.

Sometimes, I dream I hear Mother Nature calling.She's Calling collect.

She’s Calling collect.*

“Can we agree that everything has a tipping point? Aren’t natural resources limited? Should anyone take resources out of the ground willy-nilly like a  mamby-pamby who wants what they want come hell or high water? Are America’s politicians a bunch of jack-asses who don’t give a crap?”

Really? You don't give a crap?

Really? You don’t give a crap?

Then the phone goes dead, the line cut by fracking exploration nearby.

I run to my faucet to splash my face with cool water, hoping to shake that nightmare of questions out of my head, and my tap water ignites.

This is really someone's tape water.......

This is really someone’s tape water…….

Then I wake up. I want to forget the dream, move on, see what’s up on Face Book, but I can’t , not really. I know, you know, the dream I had is real; we ALL live the story line.  And there’s the puzzling part of living life with brain-dead leaders,worse, with greedy businesses that don’t seem to care an iota for Life on this planet. Don’t these folks ever go home to their loved ones and feel the ground shaking?

But, are things really that bad? Isn’t all the hullabaloo about Fracking  just an exaggeration put forth by liberals and conservationists? No, Fracking is a very real problem, one America must address.  Read this to understand why:

Nationwide, an average of 100 magnitude 3.0 or higher temblors occurred each year between 2010 and 2012. The average annual rate from 1967 to 2000 was 21, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

How many cups of coffee do we all have to spill before we all wake up!?!?!?

Here’s what David Letterman thinks about fracking;

Sometimes it feels like the roof is caving in! ( A real home located near fracking field.)

Sometimes it feels like the roof is caving in! ( A real home located near fracking field.)

Realtors say values may go down.

Realtor says value may go down.

That’s five times as many earthquakes between 2010 and 2012 as America had in previous years! Think about eating five times as much per day as you do now? How would you look? Or drinking five times as much. How structured would your life be then?  Or smoking five times as much. How much time would you have left to live? Fracking is this serious to the life as we know it on the planet, and Mother Earth has left a calling card of earthquake history to let us know. The stability of Earth’s crust is five times worse off now, and all inroads of thought lead to fracking as being the major cause for its deterioration.**

Some states are reading the news print and in between the lines , too. Some states, some countries, are beginning to take action. Meanwhile, rich oil businesses are working as quickly as possible to reap their harvest from the Earth’s soil before they are stopped. Face it: some people, some companies, have NO regard for human life, or any life.

Better to know an ass when you see one than to end up on the losing end-

Better to know an ass when you see one than to end up on the losing end-

It came clear to me as I watched an interview on tv of some fellow who basically scammed funds from US workers and socked it away for himself in the Cook Islands. The interviewer asked, ” Does this bother you?” The fellow looked right into the camera and smiled, ” You and I have different morals.”

They don't give a damn about our land, or our lives.

They don’t give a damn about our land, or our lives.

Thing is, when a person feels strongly enough about something to consider the point a moral issue, it’s difficult to imagine anyone not being in agreement. Still, this is the reality when it comes to the legality of Fracking. Ask yourself this: how bad did BP really feel about the gulf spill when their answer to the problem was to lie to the US Government about the facts of the case? See? BP, and other oil companies, have people on board in high positions who think lying is better than telling the truth.

(n November 2012, BP and the United States Department of Justice settled federal criminal charges with BP pleading guilty to 11 counts of manslaughter, two misdemeanors, and a felony count of lying to Congress….)

How can we, the people, ever expect companies who blatantly lie to world governments to safe guard the World’s future?  That’s idiotic on our part. NO! It’s time for people to insist that governments tell these frackin’ people to go to hell.

Time to have them earn their keep.

Time to have them earn their keep.

Maybe, world polluters, and oil-rich greedy mongrels, will find that Hell is heated with oil? Wouldn’t that be rich?


Avatar Magic, by Gerald Franquemont, is on Kindle, and it can be downloaded onto most reading devices.

*Art by Jim Warren.


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(Avatar Magic, by Gerald Franquemont, is on Kindle and it can be downloaded onto most readers.)

In November 2012, BP and the United States Department of Justice settled federal criminal charges with BP pleading guilty to 11 counts of manslaughter, two misdemeanors, and a felony count of lying to Congress….

On a Monday last month, March, 2014,  BP spilled around 500 gallons of toxic tar sands oil into Lake Michigan—the drinking water supply for 7 million people!

not even a parting gift!

Not even a parting gift!

If only oil companies were leaving our fresh and sea waters free from oil. Wouldn’t it be nice? Imagine visiting a Floridian beach and not having to wipe the tar off your feet afterwards? For those who think, “Well, I have a clean beach, nice sand, free of tar!” Just wait: tar balls don’t play favorites, and bunches of them are coming to a beach under your feet someday. Plus, these types of disaster are effecting life all over the globe, not just here in the Gulf, or East and West coasts of America.

A killer's wake.

A killer’s wake knows no boundaries.

There have been many oil spills in our World’s oceans. One’s churning out less than 30 million barrels of the toxic stuff are chump change when it comes to major spills. But it should be noted, smaller spills, like the Prestige oil spill off the coast of Galicia, Spain, (2002) can cause vast devastation and death depending upon the location of the disaster.  The Prestige oil spill happened over Spain’s largest fishery. That’s a bad way for Mankind to fillet Nature’s soul.

At least thirteen so-called major oil spills have been documented to date.*

I'll fish to the Port, ( left), you fish to the starboard, (right)

I’ll fish to the Port, ( left), you fish to the starboard, (right)

Luckily, supporters of ocean drilling point out,  underwater warning signs are posted, advising fish to stay clear of the toxic spill zones. But on a sad note, Ariel, a famous Mermaid, Ursula, the Octopus, and Sebastian, hmm crab, didn’t make it. All were too busy doing tour stops for the Little Mermaid and they’d missed the memo. Once back at sea, Bang-o, they became a gooey mess, dead from head to toe. What will Disney do now?

Worse, the tar balls in the sand and slicks in the water are easily seen, but oil, gas and slick residues in drinking water aren’t as perceptible to the naked eye. Tap water igniting at the spigot makes the problem obvious. Like the ol’  saying goes: one problem by land, two problems by sea….The entire oil industry is problematic. It’s need for profit, and it’s so-called indispensable position in the world today are obscene when the mayhem oil production has caused world-wide is tallied…

On the up side, there's no need to boil water anymore for cooking.

On the up side, there’s no need to boil water anymore for cooking.

Not since the La Brea tar pits has there been such a massive kill-off of wildlife. Is the extraction of oil, gas and shale oil to blame for most of these abundant kill zones? Truth is, only Fukushima may claim to have killed more life on our planet than man’s modern day oil disasters, whether they be caused by sinking  tankers, busted pipe lines or blown underwater rigs.

Sadly, it appears that Waveland, Mississippi, has become an early ground zero for the appearance of dead wildlife from the on-going BP disaster. “**

Shortly after the 2010 BP oil spill investigators wondered if that disaster had caused a massive fish die off?(Seen here.)

Shortly after the 2010 BP oil spill investigators wondered if that disaster had caused a massive fish die off seen on Gulf shores?(Seen here.)**

Just today,  I was watching three red tailed hawks circle in the sky high above my head. How wonderful to see birds in flight! Their cry, music to my ears and spirit.

Exxon Valdez oil spill is estimated ot have killed  90,000 to 240,000 sea birds--the truth lies somewhere in the middle. this, just one spill!

Exxon Valdez oil spill is estimated to have killed 90,000 to 240,000 sea birds–the truth lies  in the middle numbers. This, just one spill!

It is miraculous that BP’s Gulf oil spill of 2010 may have only killed 23,000 birds! Wow, lucky break there. Then again, when I think of my bird feeder, 23,000 birds seems  a bit TOO LARGE A NUMBER TO COMPREHEND!  Again, by way of a complex algorithm calculation, at least 90,000 birds died as a result of the Exxon Valdez oil crime. And a crime it is when companies put their profit margins above the safety or lives of so many.

There are groups, movements, working now and others forming that hope to fight against reckless destruction of our environment. Some of these groups target off shore drilling:

They ask our World’s international citizens to unite in an effort to oppose new offshore oil drilling and promote a clean energy future. May 17th, 2014, they are calling for the joining of  hands across the World’s Beaches to help show world-wide support for clean energy solutions.  And for now, if you plan to join in this effort, be sure to bring a bottle of mineral spirits to clean the tar off your feet when the event is over.

Surf's UP!

Surf’s UP!

We're meant to love one another.

We’re meant to love one another, not kill for profit or convience.


Franque23. Thanks for reading……

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You might think one of these topics doesn’t have much to do with the other. You’d be right, and wrong. Both fall under the label of what we call progress, though one of these developments is highly suspect.

Because it is crucial for you to know, I mention here that the new gas labeled E-15 at the gas pump, though cheaper to buy , may damage your car engine no matter what year or model you drive-so heads up, and more later on that.***

Back to Water…

Thing is, since water is cool to drink or touch, usually, thoughts about his liquid don’t often conjure up visions of the hot, blazing sun in our mind. Eureka! Our planet’s solar power people are hard at work. One of the latest solar developments is the creation of huge evaporation/distilling plants powered, of course, by solar power elements.* I can’t imagine a more encouraging extension of the solar power field than this one.

You don’t have to look beyond Florida’s dried up Springs

Business has dropped off....

Business has dropped off….

or California’s depleted reservoirs

Bird's eye view of disaster

Bird’s eye view of disaster

Nothing like visiting the nearby river.

Nothing like visiting the nearby river.

to realize our  water resources world wide are in jeopardy.

The West is drying up

The West is drying up

Plus, the ever powerful but not so much environmentally conscious Bush Family has joined the group of rich folk who are buying up under ground water rights around the globe, though it is possible this is to ensure the frackability (Zing!–is this a new word?)of certain large shale deposits rather than to sell bottled water. (long, complete story–scroll down to find Bush family involvement.)

It’s air, water, food that enables life but, oddly, the need for power has driven American’s involvement in both World wars, and some say, even in the Vietnam conflict. Okay, I’ll write it-the middle east conflict(s) are about Halliburton’s pipe line as  well.

This place looks famliar

This place looks famliar

“We must free the Iraq people!” This often heard call rings not so much as being a main viable concern to our oil hungry administrations. But, those precious  oil fields are highly suspect when it comes to what drives our military ambition in that region, then and now.

Anyone who can add two plus two knows the world must free itself from the use of fossil fuels as a power source if we are to survive. Solar power shines down upon us each day, lighting our way to the World’s true natural, slam dunk energy source. Now that Germany produces 50% of its total energy from alternative energy sources the debate is over, or it should be:  Germany has proven once and for all how usable alternative energy can be.

This solar station in Germany produced the power equal to ten fully operational Nuclear power plants.

This solar station in Germany produced the power equal to ten fully operational Nuclear power plants.

So, in this light, the expansion of using solar power to also address the World’s fresh water issues is most encouraging.

Bad Gas-this smells.

E-15 gas at the pump. Basically, this gas is 15% or more ethanol, a mix that no car engine built before 2001 can effectively run on. Plus, though approved for use in vehicle motors built after 2001, the gas mileage derived from using this gasoline is much less, sometimes 33% less than using the current form of ethanol gas mixture, one that usually runs at about 10% ethanol.* Is this gas then actually cheaper to buy if you get such poorer gas mileage when using it? NO.

Bad stuff coming to a station near you!

Bad stuff coming to a station near you!

What the distribution of E-15 gas amounts to is huge profits for the oil industry, wrecked combustion parts in consumer’s engines, and increased work for car repair outfits. If you think about the last time you had to replace your car engine or buy a new car you might rethink using this new, improved gasoline. What a pile of horse shit. (Ah for the good ol’ days when that’s what our transportation yielded. Maybe, but those days are gone for good.) Not to mention this gas will quickly destroy your boat, lawn mower and other smaller engines that currently run on the gas you buy at the pump. Great stuff, this E-15 gas, huh?

But don’t take my word for it when it comes to the disaster waiting to happen as little old ladies and penny-pinching motorists drive up to the pump and select the cheapest grade, E-15.  Google the product; read the links below.***

Another fact about this E-15 gas will, no doubt, be less heard. If your station uses the same hose for all it’s blends then E-15 gas can destroy your car engine even if you chose the other grades. Just the slightest trace of it in the hose can mean huge car repair bills for you down the road, if you get there at all.Prefect!

Check out the links–they’ll give you hope for the Solar future of our World and ,maybe, save your car engine ,too!





(This just a rap on the Springs of Flordia-one of the loves of my life.)

Avatar Magic, by Geral Franquemont, is on Kindle and it can be downloaded onto most readers.


(Avatar Magic, by Gerald Franquemont, is on Kindle and the book can be downloaded onto most computers or reading devices.)

Had you noticed? Basically, the entire world is one environmental disaster that’s not waiting to happen. Call the world a muffin in the oven, a floating hot-foot or a global warming entrée if you like but the elements that construct our world’s climate are changing big time. We as a people need to start serving our environment’s needs before the climate serves us as dust in the wind to the great unknown.

The massive circular movements of the Earth’s air flow is screwy at best if not topsy-turvy at worst. The long flowing lines in the Polar Jet and Subtropical Jet streams are wiggling up and down as they circle the globe. Word is this irregular air movement is not due to rap music or illegals but most likely a result of green house gas emissions. It seems this slowing of the Jet air streams backups our air flow and changes the weather of the current season and of ones to follow.*  No wonder Alaska not only sells baked Alaska in restaurants but has become one too.

The mid-west and western states have not resembled your flowing grains of wheat, cold running streams, high plateaus and snow-capped mountains as of late. Last word I got was that Californian’s no longer fear falling into the Pacific due to an Earthquake but rather slowly melting into that ocean one degree at a time.

People of all nations need to tax massive polluters out of their profit zone margins and force them to comply with stricter standards on green house emissions. Lots has been written about these types of pollutants.** Time for talking about change is over. It’s time to force major businesses that contribute to our environmental changes to pay up, change or close down.

Here’s what people are learning in Pennsylvania:

“The new study includes results from 141 northeastern Pennsylvania water wells. It found methane levels were an average of six times higher in the water wells closer to (Fracking)drilling sites, compared with those farther away. Ethane, another component of natural gas, was 23 times higher in the homes closer to drilling.”

Case in point. Last week I read an interview involving a spokes/paid scientist for the major oil companies of the world and some rabid, fact seeking individual. Apparently, environmentalists have blamed several  recent earth quakes that have happened in America on Fracking.** The discussion was about these well accepted, meaningless claims that were being made by the unknowing, (those who are otherwise often called the people of the earth.) I nearly fell off my chair as I read the article.

It is important to note that this oil industry’s spokesperson never denied that Fr-acking(mine) does cause earthquakes. The industry seemed to be trying a new tack when it comes to rebuffing tree huggers, environmentalist, green freaks and other weirdos who want Fracking to stop. Ostensibly, the oil industry’s message was clear but I remain uncertain as to what lunatic might think so.

The spokesman pointed out that after extensive study it had been found that Fracking would seldom cause earthquakes over the 3.2 to 3.7 range in magnitude. This same fellow went on, apparently without laughing, to say that as long as these quakes were not in the vicinity of  a city, and I guess he’s including other things like schools, hospitals, bridges, roads and random other living people and animals, then the damage would not be significant. The implication made was that Fracking seemed like a bargain since this was the case.  I kept wondering about this “bargain” as I read on.

Exactly what do the workers of America get for allowing Fracking techniques that poison our under ground water supply, tear-up our mountains and pollute our rivers and streams to take place? Hmmmm. The answer that floats beneath this whole controversy and yet fuels it as well is that American workers may save money on our own power bills-heck, otherwise, without Fracking, we all might have to walk to work and back  uphill both ways!  But would we? Would our entire economy collapse without Fracking? If not to save a tree then perhaps an electronic internet molecule I’ll simply say, NO, none of the dooms day scenario’s the oil companies promote in order to justify Fracking are true/real or by any dimple on my ass a real threat to the American people’s well-being.

Ask yourself this: when, since its conception, has the FED’s ever failed to adjust America’s money supply in order to keep American’s working? Never, that’s the answer. You see, even now with outsourcing on steroids, the conglomerate money makers of the world need American’s to prosper enough so that we can  buy products. Bingo! It follows the real bargain made between American Workers and the Fracker’s of our land is we workers get less than nothing while the massive oil industry and paid off politicians make  boocoos (beaucoups) of money.

It’s time for all American’s to shake, rattle and roll out enough dough to stop  Fracking before it comes to all of our backyards. Other countries have led the way when it comes to combating Fracking practices.

“Environmentalists insist the technique releases toxins and methane gas into nearby water supplies – which has already occurred in America – and scupper any chances of cutting greenhouse gases.And after fracking caused an earthquake with a magnitude of 2.3 in Blackpool last April, there are concerns about the scale of the earthquakes it can trigger. Fracking has already been banned in France, New York and New Jersey as well as in Quebec and parts of Switzerland.

Read more: 

I’m one hundred percent certain that I’d rather walk to work than be able to light my drinking water, or to look  from sea to shining sea without a mountain in sight.  But who gave Big Business the power to inflict this massive devastation upon us all? Of course, in the long of it, we all did. It’s time for American voters to pay close attention to this matter of Fracking, and to vote accordingly when we get the chance.




( Avatar Magic, by Gerald Franquemont, is out on Kindle and downloadable to most computers and reading devices.)

America is pumping its fresh water aquifers dry. The use of Fracking techniques to extract oil from rock bed continues in West Texas as reservoirs run dry. Drought resistant vegetation withers and dies beneath harsh sun and skies which have rained only a fraction of their normal rainfall amount. Never-the-less 13.5 billion gallons of clean, drinkable water was used up in the  process of Fracking for oil during 2010 alone.

Fracking  for oil is a simple process.

The process.

Freshwater is pumped out of the aquifer, combined with some toxic chemicals, the Weatherford Chemical is one of them, and then this mixture is forcefully pumped into rock layers in the ground. This forceful pumping breaks up the underground rock and allows the oil entrapped within it to escape for Oil companies to use.  The process destroys the bed rock  and drains our underwater ground supply. But it does more damage than just this, and it all could be different, sort of different that is.

Only twenty percent of all the mixed water and toxins used in the Fracking process are ever recovered after use. These recovered waters are stored in so-called environmentally safe pools.

Safe pool at a distance

Swim anyone?

About 80%t of the toxic water used in Fracking seeps back into our ground and then eventually into our ground water.  But people in the business of Fracking say this chemical mixture is not as harmful as people might think.  I need to really try to  not laugh here.

You can get on their list!

Here’s another guy with a story to tell:

The truth is brackish water instead of good clean drinking water could be  mixed with chemicals and used for Fracking. Why use drinking water when brackish water would do? The answer is money, no surprise there right? Yes, the brackish water runs deeper in our underground than the clean drinking water and so it would be more costly to pump out for use. Nice. Who needs water anyway? Actually it looks like our Ex-President Bush thinks he might need drinking water.

Just recently ex-President Bush bought 100,000 acres of land  in Paraguay, land which sits on top of the Guarani aquifer, one of the worlds largest fresh water aquifers.  This land also holds a huge natural gas reserve under it too.  The Fracking process has been used for many years to extract natural gas so this purchase seems to go hand in hand with Fracking for natural gas plans. And, if the weather gets too hot and the Fracking  job too difficult in Paraguay, there is plenty of fresh water to drink over there, at least for now there is.

But how much Fracking is really going on and who ever heard of West Texas and of Paraguay anyway?  Well don’t look now you Rocky Mountain skiing people but the Fracking is coming to a mountain top near you.  First let’s be clear: right now Fracking is being used in 75% of all oil wells in Texas. Nice. So on a large scale the U.S. oil companies are using up one natural resource, our drinking water, to extract another, oil. Perfect! What we have here is an idiotic plan thought up by imbeciles.

Back to the Rockies. You do remember that the Rookies are “Rockie Mountain high” according to John Denver right?  Well 90% of all onshore federal drilling permits from now until 2020 are leases in the Rockies! So get those skiing jeans out of your system quickly before we all have to switch to skating on the Western flat lands that will be  left behind by the Fracking process.

Why do I say the Rockies could get flattened like pennies left on a railroad track are? Heck the Blue Ridge Mountains have only a hand full of mountains left due to all the coal mining done there so the order of the day is to go west young man. Our power industries have to  go west to make the playing field level. The link below is about West Virginia’s fight to save its mountains:

I’m thinking this should just about Frackin’ do it.

Oh one more thing: how close would oil companies actually put a well to your home unless laws forbid it? Try 300 feet.

I’m not Fracking you either.


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