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Yard work is exercise which is a good thing. Really?

The garden was a bit overgrown by last week.

It’s true, I can look forward to losing some weight this fall while doing this garden/yard work which means I can drink more beer, right? Hmmmm, maybe all this exercise is a bad thing? I have to weigh (haha) my options: 1) I could sit like a lump in front of the tv or computer or get carpal tunnel from turning pages in books I read and grow larger like a fungus on tree bark or, 2) I can work my ass off outside keeping the same weight while supporting beer companies.  I’m pretty sure this is what my dad meant when he never said, “Son, there’s a lot to think about as you age.”

It turns out our neighbor’s chickens love our overgrown garden!

Here’s another good shot of the weeds and volunteer papaya….( I had 12  papaya growing in the garden this year, I guess from our compost-but it hasn’t ever happened before?!?!?)

That’s a sage bush in the foreground.

I clipped some sage before beginning the task of clearing the weeds from the garden. I’ve enough sage growing to keep me wise for three lifetimes. ( Would you believe for a day?)

Recently, I had some nice harvesting just before the weeds won, ….greens, rosemary, Kale and more…



It was like the weeds and my plants loved one another!

There’s no time like the right time, especially when it comes to working on gardens unless you’re asleep or napping. To be clear: nap time and midnight are absolutely the wrong times to plant a garden. You might dream you’ve planted and spend four weeks wondering why nothing has sprouted. Then, once it dawns on you that you never planted you’d be late planting and still need a nap! So planting gardens may not only support beer companies but it may be bad for one’s mental health.

Plus, growing a garden ties it’s owner to the seasons generally and the changes of weather specifically so it comes with strings—as in beans—attached. Plant too soon in Northern Florida and the seeds might get washed away, burned to a crisp or frozen solid depending upon what season you’re planting for. So gardens are like dinner in that it depends upon the season.

Right now, it’s Fall planting prep time: the weeds have taken over the spring garden and they gotta go  before the soil’s turned over. Weeds, BTW, don’t read signs. ‘GO Away,’ ‘I hate you!,’ ‘Never come back,’ signs posted in the garden don’t work at all—weeds are either impervious to being cursed at or they enjoy it, not sure.

So I got busy clearing…it’s a ritual I keep twice per year….and the hawks over head always come to call from above as worms squiggle in the dirt as I pull the weeds.. I only learned recently after twenty years of wondering that Hawks love worms.

Shadow knows the routine so he was ready to inspect the job.

There’s a torture embedded in garden work. It’s much like cleaning house in that once you start the task the more you see there is to do. So yeah, I pulled garden weeds for two hours and that led to another three hours of cutting down random jungle plants that now own the rest of our property.  Right now, because I’ve been busy,( i.e. lazy), I could cut bush off our property fences for about 10 hours before getting to mowing, cleaning flower beds and weeding the pineapple garden. This is why I’m moving out…nah, not really. Okay, maybe.

A pineapple flower-so beautiful to see. The plant can take two years to bring the flower forth, and then another 3 or 4 months to create a pineapple. But when they do, as  co-worker said today at work as I brought one in to share..” This is the best pineapple I’ve ever had.” Yes, bar none.

The garden owns me. I’m addicted to garden growth and a slave to the insects, moles, deer and weather that torments me. Speaking of moles, I once bailed our pool since it had rained enough to have it over-flow (something we’ve since learned is stupid, useless and plain annoying) only to finish and have a mole spurt out of the ground by the pool’s edge and land flat on its back deader than a, well, dead mole. Now? I wish I’d thought to perform CPR on that rascal.

Age has a way of making a person care for others no matter how small.  I don’t even mind that last spring a deer hopped my garden fence, a garden full of growing crops, and ate only three things: all three of my basil plants down to the ground! In my younger crazy years I might have wished for a shot gun but now at my age I laughed my ass off searching for any trace of my basil plants…(not really, not even the fatty part of my ass went missing.) I imagined that deer jumping in the garden and deciding what he wanted to eat that night.

My Grandchildren ate some dragon fruit(I didn’t grow it) and I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t care about the mole.

They got busy swimming.

I took a photo of the sorta finished garden—there’s about 4 more hours of weeding and planting left before the fall garden is in.

In the end, or is this the beginning—we never know, right?—the garden keeps me in touch with some neighbors who walk bye and smile or who I give produce to. It keeps me in touch with the world as it turns and the seasons change. It keeps me young at heart and a bit more fit than I’d be if I wasn’t working it. And, it supports  micro-brewery’s!

Here’s to the basil eatin’ deer, condolences to that one mole long ago. I hate you inch worms and I’ll get you! About those weeds? We have to talk; I’ve been pulling you out of my garden twice a year for twenty years now and it’s not because I don’t like you: I freakin’ hate you!

I’ll be workin’ it, turning the soil and planting the seeds soon.

Go ahead; plant something and watch it grow.


BTW, it’s called flash eyes, but I call it spirit photography. Here’s to National Dog’s Day!













(Click for larger view)

You know I’m loving life in Florida. This fall, winter and spring have reverted to mostly weather patterns we used to always have in the past years. This has brought about a few oddities to the growing  garden.

This shot is about two weeks old, the lettuce and green beans are done, this accounts for the large places of only mulch.

Here you can clearly see a collard greens and several kale plants. Thing is, these have been growing since last August and have yielded since Oct, 1st! The relatively mild winter allowed them to keep on trucking leafy veggies to our kitchen through the winter and spring. We had, collards, lettuce, kale, too much eggplants(they too have been growing since last year) herbs-thyme,rosemary, sage(huge plant) basil,dill- green beans, yellow squash, zucchini,, potatoes, yellow peppers, green peppers, cherry and full size tomatoes. For the tomatoes only, I do use a green light organic spray to discourage the stink bug stings…

The pineapples have a hard time taking any weather below 40 degrees,,, but with occasional coverings, they made it thru  the winter months and I’ve four coming on strong with fruit. The other 26 pineapples all look great and several others will bear this summer as well.

This gardenia and plumbago make a good side-by-side match for our house front. The gardenia is about seven feet tall and around ten feet wide. More than 300 blooms hang this year, and all about within two weeks of one another. We cut many for house use…fun stuff.

On the other side of the walk from the gardenia is our bird bath. I like this shot, full of shrimp plant blooms, four o’clocks and an odd bloom like an iris….thing is, the bird bath reflects the light coming through the Old Man’s Beard tree that stands high above….

Out back in the pineapple garden stands a potted indigenous rose.

The pool walking steps divides the rose from our Mexican tulip hedge.

I’m busy at work putting up two, twenty foot long displays about medieval days and Summer Reading at our Library. We all had fun in our department selecting pieces to color or design as we liked… Then, I set the Background up and placed the pieces…The boarder isn’t done at the time of this shot, and the other board not up yet… both are finished now….

Here’s the full view…

So yes, my wife and I are loving the greens, the tomatoes, the birds, flowers and wild doggie, Shadow,  who follows us everywhere!

I hope your seasons have been excellent this past year! And, get ready—we’re gonna melt down here this summer. This week we have 99 at least for 5 days in a row during late May.. Wow.

Of course, this plant gets to have the last word: peace.



That’s right. With just a single stroke of something, Shadow has a miraculous hole in his ear flap.

A sock in my face and a hole in my ear—

“Wait! Do you mean I’ll have a hole in my ear when I grow up?”

It all started without me knowing, though my wife had noticed the small offending,’bimp,’* for a while. It wasn’t big enough to be called a bump and not so big to think it wouldn’t go away. Of course, I hadn’t seen a thing since I use, ‘Guy-eyes,’ 100% of the time. Guy-eyes have the unique talent of selectively not seeing when it comes to things like dirty floors, dishes, walls, cars, yards, holes in dog’s ears, just about anything that relates to work or trouble or spending money. Any wife will tell you that, ‘Guy-ears,’ work about the same way. A dripping faucet becomes part of Beethoven’s Fifth symphony and a sink full of dirty dishes is no less than abstract art to guy-eyes. Yard trash is merely a small replica of a Burning Man exhibit in the works. No, my guy-eyes and ears didn’t see anything until Shadow’s special spot started to dazzle spinning disco lights and play sirens that could drown out an ambulance’s song.

Once, my wife called firemen to check on a smokey smell in our house. They searched around as I slept through the whole thing. It’s all about mind-power. I’m on guard 24/7 with this stuff.

More, guys like me have incredible tolerances when it comes to doing very little until we want to get going.  So Monday a week I fell into noticing this spot on Shadow’s ear flap that had now earned the name, ‘bumple’.

“Tick.” I ran upstairs to get the magnifying glass and tweezers.

Leafing thru random news today……

Just a, err,  head’s up! Did you know that  John Boehner  ex-republican speaker of the House is now a CEO of a, Pot, as in weed, company?

Of course, there is this. Shadow is the best dog, the most obedient dog, a polite eater, a perfect beggar and a relaxed, no jumping-up dog who constantly does jump-up with a smile. Except, that is, when my wife or I notice something, a scratch, a tiny piece of dirt, a bit of tree lice, an embedded minute twig or anything else on him.  Exploring the most teeny-weeny, infinitesimal speck of nothing becomes an all-out no can do with this dog. Once our fingers start to investigate anything on Mr. ‘I’m so good,’ he goes into terror mode—his eyes, oh how wide; his tongue now a flashing dart so merry; who knew a dog could twist his neck in so many directions with a paw beside his nose? The body wiggles’ attack any probing finger making the entire dastardly exploration nearly impossible!

“How is any of this going to help me swim better?”

I managed to discover that the offending spot was not a tick but a true bump of a spot!! In aggressive guy fashion, I put off thinking about this for another day, or four days until it was time for our Friday afternoon car ride. That’s when an uncontrollable force drove me and Shadow to the vet who said, “I don’t operate on Saturdays so bring him in at 7 AM Monday morning…”


We have so many more gardens to grow together!

You’ve been helping me weed for four years….

Monday came after a weekend of my mind trying not to construct a gallows or grave for my dog. Dreaded what-ifs became many bowls of ice cream; he’s gonna be fine became my version of the Chiffon’s, “He so Fine.”** Worse, we had to wait a week to hear the biopsy report after Shadow survived the operation. No matter, Shadow’s worth one week of distracted thought and his clown collar gave us plenty of laughs as he banged into walls, chairs and doors before he learned to navigate with a head the size of a huge watermelon.

Ol’ Clown collar face was not happy with his new arrangement at first, but check out his newly manicured toe-nails?!?

“Why do you keep looking at my ear?” Well, first off, it’s the other ear, Shadow. Nice try though.

Drum-stick roll……

Shadow’s fine as it turns out, but for the hole in his ear. Will it heal and close? The jury’s still out but I think he will weigh one hole less when this is all done. But the pills he’s had to take have brought him a boat load of treats and Shadow’s happy about that.

Jump for joy! “Will  I get to wear a clown collar one day? Look at me go!!!”

Sometimes, I almost think he likes wearing that clown collar?!?!?

This last operation episode puts Shadow in the—most expensive dog we ever owned—category.  This is due to his propensity to charge after squirrels through brush, trees, fence and field in random directions with a hurricane force of will. The facial cuts keep coming.  In the end, I imagine Shadow will resemble a boxer, not the dog but the guy in the ring. Speaking of rings,  if Shadow retains his ear flap hole it will be tempting to place a ring through it! But he’d just get that caught on something and rip his ear flap in half.  Sigh.

We not only have the best dog in the whole world, but one with a hole in his ear flap, too! How special is that, baby?

Cheers from thank-goodness land.

And of Thanks, these broccoli, collard greens and kale have been yielding since last October!!! I picked more broccoli today, 4/11/18?!?! Does this give you seed for thought?










Thanks for stopping by! I noticed our pineapples have really spread out this past week…asked my wife to take a few shots I thought I’d share with Y’All!  Nothing like a prefect day to lift spirits and spread a sense of inner peace….

This is our largest pineapple plant-about four foot high, and five feet across

This is our largest pineapple plant-about three feet high, and five feet across(In my hand is one of this year’s first oranges…)

Shadow, our puppy, and I photo bomb this pineapple shot!

Shadow, our puppy, and I photo bomb this pineapple shot!

Severe Blue skies today- stores, schools and businesses should close for this most spectacular day!

Severe Blue skies today- stores, schools and businesses should close for this most spectacular day!

Our Fall garden is coming along-it's always a race to beat the first cold snap of the year.....

Our Fall garden is coming along-it’s always a race to beat the first cold snap of the year…..

I love to walk out into the garden every morning-especially when it begins to yield.

I love to walk out into the garden every morning-especially when it begins to yield.

This post’s random shot is of a  Chihuly  sculpture located within a huge Cactus garden in Phoenix, AZ.*



These glass sculptures light at night for a crazy good show....

These glass sculptures light at night for a crazy good show….

I planted this top form a psring picked pineapple, and it's doing much better than the tops I cut off store bought pineapples..

I planted this top from a spring picked pineapple, and it’s doing much better than the tops I cut off store-bought pineapples..

I’ve two books out on Kindle: please forward this post and/or the book links to friends and family if possible. I’m always looking for readers and, hopefully, reviews. Cheers! Franque23

Book one is a fun read- guaranteed to make you laugh out loud at times.

Book one is a fun coming of age read- guaranteed to make you laugh out loud at times.

Book one link:

Book two develops the characters, defines their motives and worth, and moves the plot onward to Book three-the final book is now in editing.

Book two develops the characters, defines their motives and worth, and moves the plot onward to Book Three-Survival- the final book is now in editing.

Book Two link:

Here’s to more blue skies, and pineapples aplenty!

*For more info on Chihuly :

He helped dig it, and now he loves to sit in it, and on it.

Shadow helped dig it, and now he loves to sit in it, as well as on it.


Whew—what a great spring for gardens here in Northern Florida! Today’s pick of four more pounds of string beans brings this year’s total green bean pick up to 22.5 pounds!!! Second place for green bean pickin’ poundage in my gardens over the past 35 years, and we’re not done.! I do believe Shadow loves the garden as much as I do!


Plus, Shadow loves to eat the garden...Fresh picked green beans, his favorite.

Plus, Shadow loves to eat the garden…Fresh picked green beans, his favorite.


Master Gardener and friend, Sue, has a much more organized approach to her garden-thing of beauty

Master Gardener and friend, Sue, has a much more organized approach to her garden-thing of beauty. Of course, this is mostly done with mirrors..odd, huh?!?!

I’m forever old school, not just with my low profile fishin’ boat, out board and then electric motor kicker by the side….In gardens too. I still till by hand, using my dad’s shovels, rakes and hoe that are AT LEAST 75 years old! WTH?

Shadow and I went for the jungle look....Shadow??Has anyone seen Shadow?

Shadow and I went for the jungle look….Shadow??Has anyone seen Shadow?

I’m  standing between some of our 6 foot plus tall tomato plants, holding up today’s 4 pounds of green beans and the first two-pounds of pole bean pick. The tomatoes have had brown spot , or wilt problems as of late, but I think this year’s  plants will yield nicely. Yesterday, Shadow chomped down a strawberry and loved it! Wondering-will he love Tomatoes too…..?

We starting digging the plot months ago.....I'm not sure he had the vision.....

We starting digging the plot months ago…..I’m not sure he had the vision…..

This is an amazing dog. A Catahoula Leopard (Mix-but all are) Louisiana state’s Dog breed since 1979, Shadow’s webbed feet to his toe tips gives him a paw up on other swimming dogs, and his herding instinct goes hand in hand with his instant cornering abilities. (The breed is labeled, ” Herding”) Recently, Australia has started importing the dog  for their stamina …they can run, herd, for hours-like eight- with just periods of momentary rest..

We caught a good break on spring weather,,,and I think Shadow got the idea of the garden by the time this shot was taken, always careful to walk between the rows, and then on any plant he wanted.

We caught a good break on spring weather,,,and I think Shadow got the idea of the garden by the time this shot was taken. He’s always careful to walk between the rows, and then on any plant he wants. Here I’m saying a short prayer for the plants, that some will survive Shadow’s interest.


Now we both stomp around, picking food, and lying on the soft green bean plants.

Now we both stomp around, picking food, and lying on the soft green bean plants.

Yesterday,  I discovered inch worms, cutters, had moved into our broccoli. I squashed many  right on the leaves they were eating. Shadow watched, and then began to simply eat the leaves…..that should do it! So far, the green bean  and broccoli leaves, though handy to carry around in the mouth, have nothing on the tasty lettuce leaves Shadow crunches often. I was convinced we had a puppy when we first got Shadow then, after seeing him swim, I started to think he was actually a duck. Now? I’m not sure….. oh yeah- he’s a Catahoula Leopard-the smaller, brown-eyed variety; that explains it all.

Here Shadow, have another green bean while Dale takes out shot....

Here Shadow, have another green bean while Dale takes the shot….

Four green beans per day is Shadow’s absolute limit….Limits, BTW, are something Shadow doesn’t quite get.  And, while  red-tailed hawks can call all they like from above, a low flying jumbo jet is terrifying….!

There’s more garden days ahead! More great summer days with a wigglin’ puppy at our feet. Joy of  Joys. Ol’ Bug-a-boo, Have another bone, Morning wiggles, Puppy face, Flop ear face, Shadow, who we also call Release the Kraken has earned every name…




I’m writing a book series. Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are both on kindle now.


(Avatar Magic, By Gerald Franquemont, is on Kindle and it can be downloaded onto most readers.)*

Okay, it’s not below zero but this IS Florida. Temps this am, a chillin’ 39 degrees in Gainesville, are just wrong for March 26th and screwed up for about any other time of year here**.

Floridian Igloos.

Floridian Igloos.

And please, all you ice- head friends and relatives of the North, you need to understand that there is Eastern, Central, Standard Time and Florida Weatherville. We don’t have much use for cold temperatures, in fact, none at all, but for the bugs those inhumane temperatures help kill.

How cold is it? My green beans had coats on this morning; bird’s songs were musical notes that had frozen mid-air; even the ants are marching in protest. If I didn’t know better, I’d almost think I should wear a coat! Jeez, like half of us in Florida own any. I heard one flock of birds saying they were considering flying back north in a suicide pact.

Now that's sad.

Now that’s sad.

Some are hoping to stay and  bare the temps.

this could be the start of anew business....

this could be the start of a new business….

Why the heck does Ol’ Man Winter have to be such a blow-hard, anyway? What happened to that guy?

Where's his sense of humor coming from?

This is just cold. How could he?

I’m just saying the temps out this AM here were worse than walking into a cooler wearing a swimsuit, dipping my head into an ice bucket or pan-caking butt naked in a snow drift, cause I expect to be a bit cold  when I do those things, and a bit off.



Fact is, I’m gave all that up when I moved to Florida a short forty plus years ago. But, I always knew Ol Man fat-for-brains Winter would find me. This red lining thermometer stuff  stinks. Some others say this differently:



I’ve already given a written apology to my garden, collected all the broken bird songs, put them in the oven and then thrown them back outside–that might help. The ants, I’ve decided to poison in a most humane pesticide way, only killing as many as possible with drone like pellets that blindly position themselves for the taking.  All this last bit of mayhem I can only attribute to the “can we talk about this/we never talk” weather. I get angry; something has to pay, and, there are a lot of ants. Don’t care if they have families or not.

Fire ants never kiss back.

Fire ants never kiss back.

What? Am I running an Ant Day Care on my lawn?  But if so, would that cost  be tax deductible? Hmmmm

On the up side, this temperature fiasco doesn’t have one.

Maybe, the warm degrees of  two day’s ago was a short, one day Spring? People say weather’s changing.

Canadians everywhere are already catching on

Canadians everywhere are already catching on

In the future, we might be lookin’ at a year made up of one day of Spring, one of Fall, fifteen days of Summer, soon to be called the burn-off, and then twenty bazillion months of winter that are all called a warming trend.

Merry is the season; crazy are the people. But these people are ahead of the curve, or is it curse of winter?

Merry is the season; crazy are the people. But these people are ahead of the curve, or is it curse of winter?

Cheers chillin’ this Spring!


** Average low in Gainesville for March is 49.

*  My daughter, Laura Bell, has written, Saving Jane, a book also out on Kindle for your reading pleasure.


This post didn’t start here.

IO had both  my four legged gang ol' hand at gardening, the other completely new to the job.

I had both my four-legged gang out…one ol’ hand at gardening, Toby-Toes, the other completely new to the job-Shadow..

I  can weed the garden!

I can weed the garden!

It didn’t start with my missing shoes, well soiled rugs, strewn socks, pull toys, torn papers, not even with last night’s kitchen floor poop. No, those are second-hand fiddle-faddle to today’s garden expose’.

It started with me and brain damage, or is that redundant? Of course, to be fair–I’m just a blusterous, billowing, hot air machine spewing endless  blotches of noise, at  least, this is what I think my puppy is saying with his half-crocked head. Basically, it’s as if I’m a Martian….no wait, as if I’m another chew toy he’s not half-finished dismantling. That’s more like it. I used to have ankles, even fingers…IMG_1618

Maybe it started with my helper pushing  me out of the way

Maybe it continued when my helper pushed me out-of-the-way

"My owner is messed up, likes weeds."

“My owner’s messed up; he likes weeds.”

I take poopy-puppy, (Shadow, by name usually), out to the garden with me today, as if I had a choice. “I don’t want to step on him, or that either–dang, too late,

we did get a nice pile of weeds....and I know Shadow was in to it too.

we did get a nice pile of weeds….and I know Shadow was up to the task too.

To think what could happen?

To think what could happen?

My garden before the puppy

My garden before the puppy

Because I somehow avoided mental illness, often brought on by living up North, I now live in Florida where it’s time to plant the Spring garden. I know this is difficult for my northern cousins and friends  to imagine.(They presently aren’t sure if they’ve died or merely been encased by a white out). Truth is,  my life  goes on even though I haven’t shoveled snow for forty plus years.

Flowers are now blooming  in Florida. In fact , they bloom year round. Of course, I’d come North to help each of you shovel, but the roads….

no roads in sight....Lake Bonaparte-mid summer

no roads in sight….Lake Bonaparte-mid summer*

Anyway,  weeding the garden with puppy is nothing but fantastic.

Relentless Digging....puppy's new American Native name name.

Relentless Digging….puppy’s new American Native name.

Really. Me and my Shadow, pulling weeds here, there, everywhere. I laugh.

Best thing I ever helped grow was my relationship with my wife, Dale.

Best thing I ever helped grow was my relationship with my wife, Dale.

The two of us enjoying Nagasaki at night during one of our visits to Japan.

The two of us enjoying Nagasaki at night during one of our visits to Japan. This shot is one exposure of us looking out a window at the city with our reflections cast upon it.(photo: Kelly Shiohira)

Last years crop was  amazing, bro.

Last years crop was amazing too, bro.

The new paws on the block runs wildly in every direction, flinging weeds left and right, some hanging from his mouth, dangling from his ears, stuck to his legs. And man , can my puppy dig. Down, across, deep, getting to those dang tuber pain-in-the-ass weeds. Haha! Smiles all around.

the oldest four paws never moved a muscle....why bother? We had Puppy madness well harnessed...for now.

the oldest four-paws never moved a muscle….why bother? We had Puppy madness well harnessed…for now.

Then truth, along with an endless nagging vision of the future, hits me.

Smack! Ouch! Puppy-face will understand, ” NO!”, Right? He’ll heel, and not chew apart his halter, again; he’ll totally get that my arms aren’t chew toys. More to the point, today, he’ll know broccoli plants aren’t weeds when the time comes. Of course, Shadow will be able to tell the short crappy weeds we joyfully pull today from tomorrow’s, big, fat, juice green bean bushes, the leafy lettuce, please don’t mention my tomatoes.

Oh crap! I’ve created a monster!

My puppy's self- image

Puppy’s self image

I’ve successful engineered the development of a prime garden destroyer–our own doggie–heaping praise upon praise as he willy-nilly claws my garden soil up into the air.

repeat of my favorite shot....

repeat of my favorite shot….

This has got to be my wife’s fault, somehow.

I know, this whole puppy-garden madness started more than forty years ago when I first met the gal who’d become my wife.

this is my wife at about the time we first met---

this is my wife at about the time we first met—

We still meet, thankful for every day.

We still meet, thankful for every day.

The whole thing-here fault.

The whole garden let’s grow stuff thing-her doing.

That’s when I decided to stay in Florida! I was so innocent back then. How could I know those days would lead to puppies digging up gardens?

“Hey, Shadow, that’s not a stick!  Bring back my rake.”

Now, what is it about a stick and a rake, and a weed and a broccoli that makes me nervous? And , has anyone seen my gardening gloves? They were lying right here a minute ago. Odd, my shoes laces look funny, too. Dang it! Maybe those laces do look like weeds, not sure, but tying my shoe is not gonna happen.

Like I say, not sure what I was thinking , then and now......

Like I say, not sure what I was thinking , then and now……

This is gonna be a long growing season-full of fun. Puppies are cute for a reason: survival.


* Picture by M.Dooley

Avatar Magic. by Gerald Franquemont, is on Kindle and it can be downloaded onto most reading devices.

Saving Jane, by my daughter, Laura Dale Bell, is also on Kindle now.

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