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Wait! What were you thinking? Oh, guttered brained chatter makes the most noise, right?

No, not this kind of a…

I know this is a loaded statement few bring up often but now that it’s out in the open we should talk. No matter how you look at it’s hard to look away. Some will find this easy to handle, others, not so much.

We have a movement in hand.

This ,’dick-thing,’ may be the point of Japan’s annual celebration, but it’s not the point of this post.

Okay, the picture pointed the way. Once a work associate who is married to a fellow named,  Richard, threw us all into laughing fits when she exclaimed, “I do love my, Dick!”

Anyway–Dick’s is the  Hunting Outfit chain who dropped selling AR-15’s today to help motivate our Representatives to do the right thing when it comes to gun legislation so they deserves our business.

How did America get to where we are? The madness at the top-our Congress seems not interested in following the will of the majority but only the will of their donors. Heck, the President even refuses to recognize the will of Congress who overwhelmingly voted to apply more sanctions on Russia for interfering with our 2016 election, but Trump won’t do it!

People also ask why the Republicans have taken so many local and state elections in the  past.

Well, that’s complicated but gerrymandering is one main reason the Republicans have done so well at the polls during the last twelve years

See? This is a voting district in Texas–someone needs a ruler, right? But even with this Republican shaped district a long-standing Republican Representative from it is not going to run again!

Democrats fell asleep at the wheel while in power and the Republicans went to work drawing up voting districts that could challenge any Dali piece of art. Plus, the core of America feels more conservative than Liberal,(it’s not.) but not crazy like Trump and his agenda!

Many say Liberal’s are too Liberal; that they don’t represent most Americans. But remember this: Trump and his agenda lost the popular vote to Hillary by almost 3 million people!

I have no idea what makes people in large cities and near the coast lines lean liberal rather than conservative …odd. The heartland is so beautiful, serene, so I get those living there not wanting too much change. Thing is, right now the Republicans in power are too crazy for office and may well be in Russia’s pocket.  Polls show this is the opinion of the majority of people in America today, right now.

It’s about 100% sad what the NRA has done with the second amendment in terms of interpretation….the assault weapon problem here in America is huge and may well flip the Congress blue. So far 9 out of 11 special elections have come up blue, and some were in places where a deep tradition of voting Republican stood. 37 seats have flipped blue since 2016 in local and National elections.

Am I in love with everything Liberal ? Maybe not, but I do love these kids for speaking out about guns, and the women for organizing against a moron of a President who embraces throwback environmental ideas….and those sex comments….?

The tide may be turning blue; We’ll see….

And now, tonight we can add Wal-Mart’s name to the list of good guys! They are pulling all assault rifles off their store shelves, even children’s toys that resemble those guns, and raising the age to 21 for purchases.

We all should wonder: is today’s press conference where President Trump seemed to back opponents of the NRA a symptom of what’s to come? Has Trump seen the voter’s will play out enough in recent elections that he thinks he has to at least straddle the gun issue and not side with the NRA? We’ll see…but there’s this:

I lived through the Nam protests and movement against Nixon. This is feeling the same and for one uttermost important reason—we were right about the Nam war then and these kids are right about America needing to adopt much tighter gun laws now.

The side of right will win, we just never know exactly when. So here’s to Dick’s everywhere, to all the companies who have already changed their relationship with the NRA and now to Wal-mart. This is called a movement. It’s time to reach out and grab the moment.

We need to keep it up! ( oh gosh….)


Underneath the constant chatter from the NRA about our Right to Bear arms lies the belief that Americans will need a weapon arsenal for self-defense. That just isn’t true for 99.9% of those who live across America. Constant updates are posted in news articles about street violence in this country and it does happen. But the reason for Americans to be gun wielding happy become less significant  when you get down to who had what gun  and what scenario might have  thwarted violence at any crime scene . Our police and army have guns to handle overt  situations-us common folk don’t need to. Sorry but it’s true. This is why Americans have believed for a awhile now that strict gun background checks should happen in every gun selling venue.*

Statics show that what Americans do most with their personally owned guns is shoot themselves, their children or the their neighbors children. Let’s face it Mr. NRA, China’s will not be marching down our streets in America, at least not without defeating our army first. And unless aliens land and ransack the earth no other country will either. I enjoyed reading the bleak novel, The Road. It’s about a time when mankind needed to fend for themselves, but that fictional story line took place after a nuclear war. You see no amount of rifles, AK-47s, automatic loading bazookas or even hand grenades will stop a third World War from happening on your door-step. You can’t shoot your way out WWIII any more than a person with a stock pile of weapons can hold off a police swat team, national guard or US Navy seals specialist squad. So exactly who are these gun collecting American people thinking they can stop with their personal arsenals? Are they thinking about a rabid squirrel or mean plant eating deer?

“Get the machine-gun Henrietta, there’s a dog in our yard!” If you look under psychiatrists there will be a number of them listed in your phone book.

What’s the answer when it comes to Americans wanting to have a personalized stock pile of lethal weapons on hand? Put your weapons down Mr. Jones-we have built-in protection mechanisms that provide you with security. Don’t feel secure about our Army, Navy, Air Force, bazillion local Police and our National Guard at your beck and call? Think these agencies are out to get you? Do you think the long arm of our too big government is gonna steal your rights from under your nose? Will your land be taken? Will you be locked up for crimes you didn’t commit? If so that Gatling gun you’ve mounted on your house-top won’t help.  Your blow hard fascination with owning guns won’t do squat for your own personal freedoms or protection. Your money is better spent on Shrinks. They cost about 150 bucks an hour-go see one. I call you paranoid.

Pay attention—-our fascination with gun ownership is killing no one but ourselves. . Sure, keep a six-shooter on hand for that not even once in a life time blue moon when an unexpected visitor raids your fridge but the rest of our private arsenals have to go. It’s just as stupid for an individual to collect weapons of destruction as it is for countries to build nuclear warheads. (Have to mention nuclear power plants here too.)

Like guns. Have one. ONE.  Have  a six-shooter for that off the wall chance that you were meant to a cowboy, or maybe a sheriff with a shiny star on your shirt….neat huh?

You want guns and you don’t want to read what I’m writing but here’s the facts that should make you want to barf. In 2010, firearms caused twice as many deaths as cancer, five times as many as heart disease and 15 times as many as the recorded infections. Protecting children from gun violence is not a political decision, it’s a public health imperative

For the article, we didn’t have to look far to discover that guns are as much a threat to our children and grandchildren as infectious diseases and other health disorders. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 6,570 people ages 1 to 24 died from firearm injuries in 2010. That’s 18 people every day and a staggering seven a day for children ages 1 to 19.

The NRA is loaded with more than just weapons. Logical thinkers call the NRA’s stance on The Right to Bear Arms in today’s world a load of stale  BS.  But you say, “What about the lunatics in our society that might invade my home?” What I say is this: “What about you? Are you that self-proclaimed stud down the block that wants to keep three AK-47’s for his own protection?” If you want to spot a lunatic? Start there.



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April 2020