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I’d found this note in a most unusual place.

Dusty and draped by a cobweb or two, the note obviously hadn’t been read in some time. How long would that be? We’d moved into our house over eighteen years ago and others had enjoyed the house before us-how could it have been in place for so long without being noticed? I think it all a miracle!

It wasn’t even a full piece of paper but just a part of a larger whole. Folded, yellowed and without line, it seemed marked, creased on its outside, by someones’ firm handwriting.

There was no reason to not unfold the paper and read the note; curiosity would clutter my head until I did-I knew. Scanning the words gave me pause.

I fell in love with you at first sight. I knew it then. Nothing was going to keep me from being at your door until you opened it so I might stand by your side. Our faces remained lip-locked for most of that first year, and when we laughed we could feel each others warm breath.

We had no guarantees but for us. Still, that was enough. 

We began our journey into space without boundaries and time no clock could keep. We held hands in super markets-remember? We both loved the beach, the waves, sky and wind in our hair. We ran for miles together almost daily without fail; so much young energy poured from our souls, tingled our fingers and itched our legs that we just had to move. And, all the while, a love for you grew inside me that could never be moved.

You became my home.

Nothing much mattered when it came to things, whether we rented or eventually bought a house remained trappings to the core of us that I held on to so tightly. That soft, core place of love within me burned a fire that warmed each day and night. I worked with you in mind and slept easy with you by my side. 

Years, so many, have passed, and though we’ll eventually leave here and find a new place I wanted to take this moment to thank you for being you. I want to thank you for those smiles you flash, that small laugh you often sport, for that all-seeing way you guide us to better places, and for your touch that means so much. And, I should mention the chocolate-chip cookies. 

I’m so glad I wrote you this note; now, if I can just keep track of it until I give it to you!

There was no signature…

I marveled at the words in this note. Who knows how many years it took this person to finally write them down? Had the other person ever read them? It’s amazing how something this large in meaning might rest for so long inside a person. So much can be buried beneath a life-time of obligation, jobs, bills, some call it progress, beneath all those words that must be said on a daily basis. It seemed I understood it all; life has a way of moving people around their true meaning, the things that really drive them on.

I turned to bring this found treasure to share with my wife but realized that, of course, she was in Japan-a zillion miles away helping and visiting family. I had just me, my dog, and this note.  I began to fold the note for safe keeping to share later but the note had vanished! I looked everywhere! It hadn’t fallen to the floor, slid under the kitchen table or scooted under a nearby tattered chair. No, the note had disappeared.

That’s when I found the note in a most unusual place: the one place I hadn’t thought to look.

Of course, the note was back deep inside of me.

Dale, I’ve loved you for forty-five years.

Happy New Year to all of you. Maybe, write a note this New Year’s Day, and never put it away.

Peace and Love







The gloves are coming off. Republicans, Democrats will box it out. Those caught in the middle will be streaking to make their points and dishing political Memes left and right.

SEE? Sans clothes and ready to box it out

SEE? Two boxers sans clothing ready to fight.

Me? My New Year’s resolution is to read strictly memes to see if my head will explode.

Shadow will guide me through this nightmare.

Shadow will guide me through this nightmare.

Should all Memes come with warning labels? memes-on-facebook1

Thought for the day-

I realize right off wiht my own children that using leashes was a bad idea since one day they'd use them on me.....see? Ya gotta think ahead.

Chairs should definitely come with warning labels


Personally, I don’t mind the memes and prefer FB to watching the evening At least on FB about 1/2 of the posts are uplifting soul cure-alls, cute animals snuggling or playing, plus funny, stupid, flat out odd statements or thought provoking mind warping facts while 90% of the TV news is about, well, heads exploding in one way or another. The news is just another take on South Park’s killing Kenny routine written in a variety of ways so the deaths take place around the globe in every imaginable way, but oh so real. Or, the news is a hodgepodge of fear mongering.

Fear is an act of Life

Fear is an act of Life, in a way a self-contained death.

So I was wondering why so many Americans have high blood pressure and hypertension?

Anyway, my wife is a blog-glob looking to happen with feet. Really, I might as well re-name this blog site as, “Dale says….” Anyway, her New Year’s resolution rolled across her lips at the top of the New Year:  “I will eat more chocolate!”

Yes, more chocolate!

Yes, more chocolate!

See, eating more chocolate seems totally wrong for a New Year resolution, but I can’t find the rules about these resolutions written down anywhere. I just always assumed resolutions had to be about stuff a person wouldn’t keep doing, or be about something  a person could do better.  Eating chocolate? At least she didn’t pick eating more licorice- THAT would be impossible-she’d never make it.

My wife mused about some of her fellow employees right after announcing her New Year’s commitment. It seems some were upset about the prospect of having to take mental exams to buy guns so they ran out and bought a bunch before those exams could become law. “What?” My wife proclaimed. “Are my friends worried about passing mental exams?”

I could’ve answered my wife, hashed out a long laundry list of, “Well, actually…”, but it turned out remaining quiet until the dog farted was my best plan of action.

So yeah–it’s an election year and all the praying in the world will not change this fact. Does the suicide rate in America increase during election years? Curious.  There should be a law allowing voters to charge candidates with airing brain draining commercials. It turns out, most of America’s mental disorders can be traced back to political advertising. All of us have seen wayyyy too many political ads, and many Americans are brain dead-the sole reason zombies don’t and won’t attack the U.S.

Okay, it’s a nude year since everyone will find a way to claim that one candidate or another is wearing no clothes! Here’s an idea,,,,Americans should spend the entire year dressed funny, ya know, like WalMart shoppers*. to expose the lies, misdirection, slippery tongues and the BS our candidates will be spewing over the next 12 months. The politicians wear no clothes, why should we bother to look decent?



To get it over with, for my New Year I make the following observations. Oranges to apples is not a bad thing-variation is nice, but the two don’t mix well in drinks unless you use way too much vodka. memes-what-you-think-it-memes-princess-bride

So, yeah, it’s an election year and the gloves will come off. Those of differing opinions will press hard to make their points through conversation; some friendships will be lost and others made. The political climate will run hot and heavy throughout the year, and for me that’s just cheeky!

? Whether or not you vote, the debate will shine through one zillion polls and forecasts.

? Whether or not you vote, the debate will shine through one zillion polls and forecasts full of if’s, and’s, and butts-not to mention, Memes…

Cheers, and good luck this year. My 2016 resolution is to watch more weather forecasts.


*I couldn’t help myselfFunny-Walmart-Meme


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