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Whew! Dale, my wife(I know-it’s an odd name for a gal these days but her parents had so badly wanted another son) has made her way back from the African bush lands. In truth, all I saw in her pictures from there so far is mostly barren mountains. Now, I guess she is making her way to a place of relative civilization–Durban.

One of the schools within my daughter's school districts---see? I thought bush lands in South Africa, but, yeah-no, Mountains.

One of the schools within my daughter’s school districts—see? I thought bush lands in South Africa, but, yeah-no, Mountains.

Dale had been in Cape Town visiting with our Daughter’s family….some places are too pretty for words, but here it goes.  Below, Cape Town is across this bay and my son-in- law’s job there is to help the docking and loading and unloading of ships, like the ones you see in the distance.

Beach walk, South Africa-Cape Town.

My daughter  and grand daughter take a beach walk, South Africa-Cape Town.( click on the pic for an incredible view)

Maya is two and speaks several languages- an African one, Japanese, English, and maybe a bit of that African Clicking language-Xhosa?(sp)

The trouble, the real truth of the matter, is that I haven’t really any idea what Durban could be? It’s not like it’s Dublin, but I wouldn’t think one eleter could make such a difference.

This bridge in Dublin is where the Irish stand to see if the Russians are coming.....

This bridge in Dublin is where the Irish stand and wait to see if the Russians are coming…..

As I read it*,  an ancient, dead, runaway  Egyptian slave floated in a reed basket for either forty days or forty years until he was swallowed by a whale. The whale then spit him up upon the beach of Durban where he came to life and encountered a band of very musical Head Hunters who claimed there were no jobs to be found in the area. When the man claimed to have been dead but now alive, as well as barfed from the belly of a whale, the loco entrepreneurs became restless. But it was only when the living dead man refused to leave that he was tied down to the beach sand and left there to mediate until he rotted for good.


One large fry and one small guy

One large fry and one small guy

This is exactly when Marco Polo who was looking for his lost pair of shorts came to the dead man’s rescue. Now Marco Polo was difficult to see until he insisted those people around him open their eyes! That changed everything and cheated his fate. To have been called and never seen, searched the world over only to remain hidden-that was his fate but for this one request, first and finally made on this very beach.  It’s here in this saga where it’s made clear that either the Egyptian slave was very large or the head hunters were very small.

Certainly, there is also the mention of elves who did all the work and also had actually named the place, Dirt Pile. Alas, Marco’s best translation of the clicking language sounds for Dirt Pile was, Durban.

I thought about fact checking this story but decided I’d browse google on the term first just for the excitement of it all. Here again, I was completely amazed by what I found.

It seems Durban is a type of hat!

Certainly, it had to be a very large hat.

Certainly, it had to be a very large hat.

How odd that my wife, daughter and grand child would be going to visit the inside of an African hat!?!?!It has to be one of those very stretchy kinds, the knitted kind made by Livingstone,  I presume. Still, isn’t it summer time in Africa so why get in a hat! I called three psychics, two co-ed physics majors-why not?- listed on a 900 number site, both who seemed clueless and a bit down on their luck, and then one mail order psychiatrist, maybe, from Russia. None could explain why my wife would visit a hat in Africa.

I dug some more and found that, yes, it is quite possible to live inside a hat.

They do it in Dubai

They do it in Dubai

Two things came to me: my wife’s relatives were hatters in England long ago, and my wife actually does always look great in any kind of hat she chooses to wear. Maybe, it all made sense after all.

images (23)And one more thing came to me, a message from my friends who live up North-

Apparently , a snow man I brought to life so long ago froze to death.

Apparently , a snow man I brought to life so long ago froze to death this year.(1963ish-2016)

I decided it might help me forget my grief if I delved further into this mysterious choice of adventure, Durban, to see what type of hat it might truly be. That’s when I saw it. I’d typed as my query, Turban, not exactly Durban.  Dang it! Well, at least I learned a lot  about Durban’s history from that one site called, Swamp Land. Some people really do a lot of work and post all the information they’ve found on internet out of the good God, I thought my wife had gone to live in a hat!

Anyway, to get over this recent fiasco of a search, I scanned through pictures my wife has sent from a beach near Cape Town.

Cape town is located in the distant cove just beneath Table Top Mountain.

Cape town is located in the distant cove just beneath Table Top Mountain.(I think that’s table top?)

people(my daughter's family) sunbath next to the happy penquins

People(my daughter’s family) sunbathe next to the happy penguins.

But, is it safe to be near penguins?!?!? Turns out, there is a degree of danger.

Is it safe tow be around Penguins? Well, there is a certain degree of danger as the sign reads-

Meanwhile, Dale also went to where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic Ocean…

Yes, the two ocean's meet at Cape Point, South Africa. They are shaken, but never stirred.

Yes, the two ocean’s meet at Cape Point, South Africa. They are shaken, but never stirred.

So the whole trip for Dale (and me vicariously) has been quite a sight-wow. Basically, our daughter is shuffling us around the globe as we follow in her working life foot steps. First we went to Japan, twice, and then to Johannesburg, South Africa, and now this….my wife goes to Cape Town and to a large hat in South Africa.

So much about hats....

So much about hats….

More to come on South Africa.


*Or, this may have been a dream-not sure.




Did I always love hats? How do I know? But I do remember way back, and loving those ear flap hats my mom plopped on my head during winter…. At work we sometimes wear hats to help cheer us up, or maybe scare patrons so they tow the line…”No running!” Said the Library person in the weird hat.(BTW-don’t miss link at bottom to a bunch of hat sayings..*)10431400_10204057350304255_8831791732302296920_o Hats serve many functions. Here, below, a woman is hoping to help the bee and bird population. 3-Fashions-For-Spring-Washington-D.C.-1952f This woman may feel there are too many birds-can’t tell. But she needs wide doorways which is good carpenters.

Day two of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse Featuring: Atmosphere Where: Ascot, United Kingdom When: 19 Jun 2013 Credit:

Day two of Royal Ascot at Ascot Racecourse

Back in 1916 in Union Square-every man,woman and child wore hats…..What the hell happened to all those hats? I know. Sometime, a while back, a cowboy lost his hat and the sun burned his brain. Thing is, since he was the only one not wearing a hat, women went wild over him and had a bunch of his kids. Those kids had others, and before you know it, no one was wearing hats! This is a history most don’t know. You are welcome. emma-goldman_custom-582dd7d26710d1cc8524e8f94667bc36a1fdbf96-s1100-c15 (1) I love hats, and may have gotten this love from my mom who always looked great in hats-even silly hats. My wife’s mom was no stranger to hats, as well. Mom and Annette My supervisor has a knack for hats, too….( I have to write this-she’s my supervisor.) 1965012_786280751406619_7639099478551129472_n Me? I’ve worn a lot of different hats in my life,,,but that’s another bunch of stories, some already in this blog over the past 6 years.. 58070002 (500x427) I think people look good in hats. Hats can make a man hungry. !B9R9zD!EWk-$(KGrHqJ,!hYEze!PSTv6BM5VspRw1w--0_35 Maybe, crazy. Who wants mustard on their hot dog hat–that is just nuts. Funny_hat Boys will be boys like hats……Oh boy! Can I wear one of those? bearskin-hats They fit almost any fashion and attract attention. 6a015391975ac3970b015391e715db970b Men and women look good in hats…… al-capone some better than others. My workmates kill hats, Boom, excellent hat people. I love it! 10500375_842057679162259_7780775909333439958_n Some hats mean a lot….. 550728_10151712308875548_543007003_n Big Wigs gave way to Tall Hats Isambard_Kingdom_Brunel_preparing_the_launch_of_'The_Great_Eastern_by_Robert_Howlett_crop This is a special hat I bought in the Bahamas…It’s made of paper, and expands to any shaped head…The wind passes through it so it stays on any head, shades, and it’s very light weight…plus, it almost passes as a sculpture. 10438149_785794914788536_8051223962885830439_n Too bad I look like cow dung in it. Gotta love that hat. And a small collection others to my right. Told you-I like hats. securedownload (7) This is a gentleman’s hat, a beautiful hat, but this pic doesn’t do it justice. However, catch the stove top hat I made from paper on left of shot…. securedownload (8) securedownload Some hats just work. lisa-fonssagrives-lilly-dache-hat-irving-penn-vogue-feb-15-1950 Please don’t back up into me….. 10003197_10202770694244049_1669300592_n Another normal hat extravaganza at work- mom on the lake Told you my mom looked good in hats… snowmanwithdad Everyone should have a hat, saith the snow man. Even my brother loved hats, and he was super smart.1385356_10151989437744133_493973661_nHats about it for now….cheers to you and your hat. By the way, there’s a book called, The Man who Thought His Wife Was a Hat..(I think)..but it’s not so funny, since he really did. Anywho….byeee. Got any pictures of you in hats.? I mean, not just in hats-please. And, now that I brought this up…why is this last picture coming up on google when I search for people in hats?????-Bonus(or some other word here) picture,,,download (9) Honest,,this came up in images under the search….so I keep looking for a hat in the picture…looking,looking,looking-no hat?

Franque23 is a hat guy


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