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It’s interesting to note that Bill Gates could give 206 million adults in America one million dollars each and be out only 3.4 % of one of his yearly incomes.* So really, would you do it if you were Bill Gates and what would be the outcome? Two tough questions, maybe.  Now before I answer for myself, I want to clarify that there are more than 206 million adults in America over 18 years of age, but those people are already millionaires! So Gates wouldn’t be giving these self-made millionaires another million.

Yep, only 206 million adults in America are not millionaires already…This I find amazing in of itself! What the hell have I been doing all my life! I’m thinking daily naps have cost me plenty. I mean, I’m a guy who picks up coins off the ground and saves them in a jar! There’s some trick to this millionaire thingy that I missed while passing the joint, jumpin’ off cliffs at lime pits naked and sitting in the Ocala National Forest like a blade of grass for three years. No, I’ve been fishing with the wrong attitude and the wrong bait. This whole, I’m-not-a-millionaire disaster is making me think twice about dumpster diving for discarded winning lotto tickets!

Okay, to answer: Yes I would one-time spend 3.4 % of my yearly income if that would give 206 million people a million dollars. But would that really help people? I already hear that don’t give a man a fish but teach him how to fish bull-shit story echoing off this post. See? The guy who just starved to death for want of a fish to eat doesn’t really need that fishing rod.

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Anyway, If  Bill Gates or some other more-money-than-fall-leaves person did spread the wealth for free, the world would be a beautiful thing. Go ahead and scoff billionaire rich folks, but I know this for a fact because, in a way, someone has already done this, but not in America.

This success story of those who help others help themselves started in 2001 with a 100 dollar interest free loan.

Dr. Amjad Saqibis is currently the head of an interest free loaning company in Pakistan named, AKHUWWAT.**

This business that now has lent millions and millions of loans interest free to hard working people in need of money to get a leg up has an astonishing 99.97% full pay-back record. And, it all started with a few friends wondering if the one hundred dollars might be lent interest free to a woman with the promise that she’d return the money once she got on her feet. Well, the women returned 6 months later with money in her bank account and the 100 dollars. A few others made donations to Akhuwwat thinking this was a wonderful idea. Soon, more loans proved more people just needed that head start to make it and more donations came in. Then the loan amount became up to $10,000.00 with the expectation the money would be returned in time % free.

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What has become of Akhuwwat? Currently, AKhuwwat has 110 million loans out in small or large amounts and it’s all interest free. If the past is any indication of this company’s future, the money will all be returned to use again as well. Meanwhile, more donations keep pouring into the company’s coffers.

So yes, some billionaire could give money to all Americans and make life better for everyone in this country… Just read the article linked below to realize it can be done; things could be different for us all.

There really could be a rainbow in our future…

Thing is, money isn’t wealth. Wealth is a state of being, a state of mind—the true essence of value. America has made so many people rich beyond belief to those of us who struggle to get by. Maybe, just maybe, there’s one to two of them who have both Money and Wealth. We’ll see.



**”Akhuwat gave its first loan of $100 USD to a widow who was striving to earn a decent living through honorable means. She wasn’t looking for charity; she was only seeking a helping hand. By utilizing and returning that loan within a period of six months, she reinforced the belief that when we help the poor with trust and respect, they exhibit unshakable integrity.

The success of that first loan brought in more donations, and that group of friends became convinced that their venture into interest-free microfinance was viable. And so, Akhuwat was born, with these friends forming the first Board of Governors and Dr. Amjad Saqib serving as the first Executive Director.”


1)If I had back all the time I spent getting my three children buckled in their car seats when they were young, I’d be young now.

2) A recent anthropological discovery places a new found ruins in Africa at 200,000 to 300,000 thousand years old*, so put all the history books about man’s beginning here on Earth away…we haven’t a clue, but maybe those rare crystal skulls that have been found around the globe are making more sense?**(Note-this article notes they may be fakes.) This means when Columbus sailed the ocean blue, mankind had most likely done the same thing about 200,000 years before, if they weren’t riding in space ships.

3) Greece, the Euro does matter. It means more than like who wins dancing of the stars this month, but still most American’s don’t know much about the so called Grexit crisis. If Greece goes belly up on the Euro it will default on a 357.7 billion debt (in US dollars)that it owes to the International Monetary Fund. Of thirty companies listed in the Dow Jones Industrial average, twenty-seven deal heavily in the European market. If Greece tanks, we all might need some sort of diving gear if we hope to financially weather the economic storm Grexit could cause around the globe.

4) Europe’s financial crisis in 2007 was worlds worse than American’s great Depression of 1929— I hadn’t realized that as I flipped channels around that news coverage

5)America owes the International Monetary fund approximately 86% of it’s yearly Gross National Product. But not to worry, right? Greece, Singapore a few other name brand countries have the US well beat in terms of carrying a disastrous debt ratio. But the shocker to me was Japan-their debt per year is 200% of their Gross National Product at this time. I figure this may be due to Fukushimas’ Nuclear power plant melt down, so there’s another point to consider when we allow the power industry to build plants that can hose our entire future-more than just end life on the planet as we know it.

Franque23 is having fun learning, and I want those buckling up seat belts years back…..

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1)I love the smell of the tomato plants as I tie them to the fence to help them grow tall. Fresh citrus has a strong smell. I picked several Valencia today and left them by the front door as I worked in the garden picking lettuce, green beans and herbs and peppers. I’d forgotten about them when I went to go inside. The smell was like a fragrant flower-my nose reminded me of their presence.  Cutting fresh oranges fills the room with the scent of orange.

2)The most important idea I can share with anyone, especially with those under forty, or not, is this: If you are thirty-threeish to 36(or younger) and you put $300.00 into a mutual fund per month FOR ONLY SEVEN  YEARS AND THEN STOPPED ENTIRELY, BUT NEVER TOUCHED THE MONEY,  you will have one million dollars in that fund when you turn 65. Just seven years of pain, or a second job. This assumes an 8% gain over the course of 35 years(stocks forever average). This is not based on an outlandish assumption rate-trust me. Sure, things could happen. The US may fall into the ocean, or the world may blow up. But if not, then the world and America will grow, so will the world economy, and even considering an inflation rate, you’d be set for life and maybe your children’s lives will be set as well. It comes down to making a pretend car payment for just seven years while you are still somewhat young. Start later on in life, say in your forties or older, then the effect is not as dramatic, but it still works to a degree.

If you only can put in 150.00 per month, do it. At sixty-five you will be so happy.

3)People are beginning, or continuing, to post stupid political stuff about Hillary. Screw the facts-the blasting goes on regardless. But what I learned(read) this week was about Katherine Harris…she absolutely forged the election return numbers in 2004, and no one to this day has called her out on that crime. (?) And there is this link for those who enjoy reading history about US elections that is laden with facts and truth.*

4)For the first time in nearly two years upon examination my eye occlusion has held its shape. Of course, I’ve developed a side effect from the treatment but, still, I may be coming out of the woods on this.

5)I loved watching the film, I Am, and realize that I’m the type of person who never stops loving someone-the years don’t matter; lack of contact, unseen ever again, beyond distance, my heart never does let go. It’s interesting that in the Japanese culture it is believed that people come and go throughout your life as they should, and there is no need to hang on to memories and wish life were different. I agree with that intellectually, but, emotionally I never let go. It’s a new week, with more to learn.



here are links for both of my books in the Avatar Magic Series:
Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are on kindle now.

  • “Out, damn spot!” Macbeth-Shakespeare.
            This current need for American workers to struggle to be paid a living wage will be a dark mark in American history.
            Has it always been this way? Has the minimum wage always been worth rat piss in the sewers of  economic life? NO. There was a time when the minimum wage was a doable pay check, one that encouraged folks to shine their shoes before going to work. What about now?
           Okay, thing is, so many don’t get it…The purchasing power of the minimum wage peaked in the late 1960s at $9.22 an hour in 2012 dollars. That is almost two dollars above the current level of $7.25 an hour!  In other words, the minimum wage earner in 1960 could live as if he earned $9.22 per hour in today’s dollars. Throughout the 1960-1970’s, a full-time minimum wage earner could, by themselves, keep a family of three above the property level. Having two minimum wage earners in one family meant that family could live well.*
            Now? A minimum wage earner can only hope the world ends before their sneakers wear out.  The rich owners continue to gobble their own life’s blood-the American consumer.( I’ve added a comment in that field to clarify this point)
            One could live on one buck an hour in 1950 since they could buy 7 dollars worth of stuff in today’s dollars. This is why today’s minimum wage needs to be adjusted. For higher wage earners, if we did raise the minimum wage it would mean your 20 bucks an hour job, as example, would be more like 27ish per hour…and you’d have more money to buy services, commodities, better housing, cars…..
           The key to successfully raising the minimum wage is to keep greedy owners from advancing their ticket prices to boot, since they ALREADY have 98% of American’s wealth in their pocket-book.
             There are several key elements in this issue.  America has to  make sure corporate profit margins stay within reason once the minimum wage is increased, much like the minimum wage is kept(was once kept) within reason..yes, we need government over sight on profit margins in big business, much like we have it for road quality, buildings inspectors, grain support, farmer allocation -so much more. Heck, it’s nuts to provide US tax dollar incentives to big business who , in turn, avoid paying any tax whatsoever via off shore tax exempt loop holes. But then added to it, many of these corporations rake US wage earners over double time by paying a low wage to US employees while charging prices with built-in astronomical profit margins! Here’s the kicker-the only way for an US worker to keep up with inflation caused by corporations that eat the fat of our economy like pigs on corn( by raising prices) is to buy their stock! This, in truth, is the company store idea. Sure, stock values increase, maybe, but really these companies are holding our money-bottom line-without responsibility if it all goes south.
            People say, oh Government can’t do anything, yet the President is Commander and Chief of the biggest, strongest, most effective army in the world. You may not like what that unit does, but the US armed forces is the elephant in the room when it comes to balance of world-wide power. So, yes, the government can too much when the people want it to. The people need to demand a living wage/minimum wage to free up the worker’s lives-stimulate the economy,,,and profit margins of the largest corporations need to be monitored so they don’t put a wrench in the improved monitory system…
             Paying workers better wages, like it used to be in the fifties, sixties, even into the late seventies, will make everyone’s life better, and owners will still make out like bandits.  But you don’t have to take my word on this when there are plenty of studies that have been done on the subject:
             Here’s some key findings  from the Economic Policy Institute **

    Key findings include:

    • Raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 by 2016 would return the federal minimum wage to roughly the same inflation-adjusted value it had in the late 1960s.
    • An increase to $10.10 would either directly or indirectly raise the wages of 27.8 million workers, who would receive about $35 billion in additional wages over the phase-in period.
    • Across the phase-in period of the increase, GDP would grow by about $22 billion, resulting in the creation of roughly 85,000 net new jobs over that period.
    • The workers who would receive a raise do not fit the stereotypes of low-wage workers:
      • Among affected workers, the average age is 35 years old, nearly 88 percent are at least 20 years old, and more than a third (34.5 percent) are at least 40 years old.
            Some politicians see the light. The Harkin-Miller proposal would then index the minimum wage to inflation, so that as prices rise in subsequent years, the minimum would automatically be adjusted to preserve its real value.
           Eureka!  Seems we’ve understood for a long time that Social Security benefits had to be tied to inflation, (CPI), how much further away is the thought that minimum wages should be also? There’s a disconnect when it comes to some people’s view of  the minimum wage that I just don’t get. This makes me picture a man who looks out a window and sees daylight, then looks into a brick wall and wonders where the sun went? ***
           More is merrier. Contented neighbors make for good communities. Jingle in the pocket makes registers jangle.
           Paying fair wages makes for a good conscience.  Good  night sleeps come from untroubled minds. There is a circle to life, and some people keep wanting to take part of it away.
            American workers will have to fight if they want a piece of that better way of American life we were all once promised. We do the work, it’s time to pay  us!

    ***Read more: Federal Minimum Wage Rates, 1955–2013 | http://www.infople


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