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Dogs are spirit given to our lives…. they know us, help us and protect us… There’s nothing like a dame was once a famous song…(Ha! Now-a-days it might get the deep six, thumbs down action I suspect)… Well yes, I say, there’s nothing like a woman, but there’s nothing like a dog as well:-) Not to equate the two!)

This is my dog, Shadow, smiling bright.

Try dog ownership if you haven’t; your heart-felt energy will enlarge and your life will be a richer experience. Although there are studies that find people who own and love dogs live longer, better, happier lives than those who don’t, there are also similar findings when people who associate with horses or pets of all kinds are compared to those who don’t.

My daughter on her horse, Toby.

Just a guess, but I’m thinking people who open themselves up to loving any or all kinds of life around them find fulfillment in their lives, while those who don’t short-change the scope and breadth of what their own lives might be.

I float better with Shadow in the pool…maybe.

34 “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13: 3 (NIV)

It’s interesting that this idea be termed , ‘A new command,’ at the time of Jesus, as though the thought had never been expressed before.

The American Zen teacher John Daido Loori shows us that Zen practice should include not only meditation, the study of Zen literature and liturgy, and moral and ethical action, but should also manifest in work, artistic, and everyday activities….

Basically, you could pick any major religion throughout the world and find the same advice: love one another. But, to expand this thought, Jesus never said it’s okay to kick the dog as you’re busy loving people. No, everyone and everything is included in, “Love one another…” Of course, Native Americans understood that all of creation is sacred.

What about wars? Wars happen; people are far from perfect.

Empathy is a one to one ratio. The more we notice the life around us and it’s living condition, the more empathy we feel. Turning a blind eye to the suffering of our human condition and our Earth’s situation does nothing but blind us. None of us can solve the world’s problems alone, but the pebble thrown into a lake analogy certainly applies. Every good or bad action we do is that pebble, and the ripples that spread out from its splash may reach shorelines, people and places, we can’t even see as we throw that little stone.

My advice? Be kind to yourself: be as good a person as you can be. If you do this, you will sleep easier at night. I’m thinking if we do manage to strive to do our best (hey-I think that’s a Boy Scout motto?) then we are less inclined to worry about the future. That future will come as it may but when it does we will know we’ve done our best. No worries; you’ve done everything you could’ve to improve life.

Take that leap of faith in love.

Alfred E Neuman: what me worry? I loved Mad magazine as a boy (like now) and my Southern Baptist upbringing aligned my understanding of these words with the church teachings to not worry. Thing is, in truth, the history of Alfred E Neuman’s face and its historical meaning  is something different altogether. In fact, Neuman’s face has been used at least since 1883…and to sell mince Plum pudding.

And, later on…

Worse, another version of Alfred E Neuman’s face was used by the Germans during world War II and captioned, “Kill the Jews.” Honest. (Not the picture above.)

So, my interpretation of Neuman’s, ‘What me worry,’ illustrates how what we think about things is related to our preconceived notions, and those notions are usually based upon what we’ve been taught to think. Self realization derived from observation and deduction is a bit skewed now in the human experience. We are taught to be who we think we are. Often, this is not the case at all.  Most often, we are people just like most, people with needs, wants, hopes, dreams and empathy but we’ve been subtly taught to turn off this understanding. We’ve been encouraged to turn a blind eye to the condition of humanity and our earth.

It’s time to turn ourselves back on.

It’s time to be joyful.

My sister, Sharon Franquemont, published a book, “You Already know What To Do.” * This book, published in nine languages throughout the world, makes many points but my favorite is the concept that intuition should be taught in schools as a subject. This way, we might help our children get in touch with themselves, their inner sense of life’s order and magnitude, and how their lives relate to all growth. The world would be a better place if society expressed a true interest in our inner selves and how that inner self relates to the world around us. Point: Dogs help people do this.

Having a dog, or any pet, helps us express love for something other than ourselves and, in turn, that pet loves us back. This way, people learn how love flows from us and back to us. We learn how good this exchange of love feels. Soon, and not depending on the amount of LSD or pot you’ve smoked in the 70’s, the notion that loving the people, the animals , the trees or even the rocks we pass returns love to us becomes less remote and, in fact, a real life experience.


Let’s put a bow on this. Yes, try loving your neighbor, but it might be mastering that process is easier done if you start with loving a doggie, or pet of any kind…. good luck.

Cheers, and I hope the ripples from my pebble reach you at a most fortuitous time and in the best of light. Namaste; to your light.




It’s not rocket science. The mother we all share is Mother Earth. It’s super that we have, Earth Day, but we all should remember the lump of clay beneath every travel is our Mother as well.

Mom is always a-round.

Mom is always a-round.

There is no life as we know it without our Earth.

Such beautiful life comes forth form our Mother Earth.

Such beautiful life comes forth from our Mother Earth.

Disney was right-most plants and animals of this earth are our friends if we only would let that be-

Life is happening all around us every second of every single day.

Life is happening all around us every second of every single day.

Earth. An immense montage of unimaginable beauty; a labyrinth of forests, streams, rivers, ravines, canyons, mountains, prairies, desserts and yes, cities.

I was amazed by discussions I witnessed during the 1970’s, my college years, that referred to things like-Man verses Nature…as though the two were not one and the same?!?!? Actually, as far back as 1864 people were writing about the lack of separation, or difference, between Man and Nature(Man and nature; or, Physical geography as modified by human action is a book written by George Perkins Marsh in 1864.)

Somehow, Mankind(Us) lost our way. Our logic failed us; our need for growth and power to further that growth over came or abilities to understand the Earth’s place in our lives.

Power companies don't get it. People have to mass together and demand renewable energies only as a goal in the foreseeable future.

(A fracking pit.)Power companies don’t get it. People have to mass together and demand renewable energy use only as a goal in the foreseeable future, or we don’t have one. One well placed bullet can kill an elephant. Our environment is like that elephant.

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Today’s random idea-

Please forward this blog to everyone you know....

Please forward this blog to everyone you know…. (Please forward.)

We have our Mother to hold.

We enjoy and need

We enjoy and need “Mom” night and day.

Our sun and its power is a gift. We should accept that gift, we should embrace that glory and light our future for all those who will follow to see.

Some famous artists, like, balh balh, use their work to remind people to celebrate Mother Earth's beauty.

Some famous artists, like Chihuly, and so many others use their work to remind people to celebrate Mother Earth’s beauty.*

If you get the chance, go see The Grand Canyon in person. The sight is a good reminder of how long the Earth has truly been in existence.

It would take one heck of a cosmic drip to do this in just 6000 years.....just saying.

It would take one heck of a cosmic drip to do this in just 6000 years…..just saying.

The Earth’s beauty shines as a light in the center of our eyes. That light mirrors the life around us, and in us. The Earth listens and supplies our needs, but we have to listen as well. We can do this. We can win the environmental wars for Mom. Then, our tables will be set, and our plates full-

Love to all Moms everywhere, and to the one beneath our feet.

If there's anyone we must keep in our corner-it's her.

If there’s anyone we must keep in our corner-it’s her.


I try to celebrate the Earth in my bulletins boards….

The wonder of the Earth.

The wonder of the Earth.


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