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Can you spare a minute?

This post may have started with the 9:09 PM starting time of the Milwaukee Brewer’s and Dodger’s game on Oct 16th. Why, for the love of anything you pick, would a game start at 9:09? Googling the question reveals that the TV time slot actually starts at 9 PM but announcers (and it’s got to be ads) have stuff to say for, like, 9 minutes. Okay, but 9:09 still seems a bit random to me. Why not have announcers fart around for another 6 minutes to reach that even 9:15 PM time or, better yet, could they just shut the hell up and talk after the 9 PM game starts?

The Babe knew how to ‘time’ his swing…

Little things matter. People, fans, have enough to do work-wise and drinking-wise (This is , after all a Brewer game) to nail a 9:09 time slot. It’s all wrong, but it gets worse. It turn’s out a local High School has lunch scheduled at 12:17 PM and its normal school day ends at 2:37 PM. There’s one for all you driven crazy by parenting driving pick-up moms to focus on. “I pick up the kids at 2:37; at 2:37; at 2:37.” All over town mother’s and dad’s stare into a mirror and repeat this over and over the night before every school day.

Me and my guitar along time ago….


When did our ,’Minute Madness,’ start? It vaguely seems correct to think minute madness origins can be found in airplane schedules. They always had weird departure and arrivals times but have you ever seen a plane land or takeoff ,’ON Time,’ no matter what weird time they picked for either event? Me neither. Thing is, this every minute matters approach filtered down into our society like a fungus on tree bark. We’re consumed by bizarre time punctuation. And here we are, a society semi-sprung from parts world-wide where the afternoon breaks for nappy’s, wine or chatter used to be 3-ish or 4-ish to five-ish.

I guarantee Napoleon did not invade Paris at 3:13 PM. No, our paid, fired, hired or hounded by the minute life is not the stuff of history.  I’ve never read that Isaac Newton’s brain-dent from an apple happened precisely at 1:02 PM.  Nope, survivors of the World now gone minute-mad call that an, “aha moment,” and leave it at that. Can we just walk away, call a time-out, and avoid being hit by another apple in time?

Time-out. Now time for this or that, not enough time, time lost, time gained, saved or wasted, time spent, time-in, time forgotten, time can be so many things—that’s the good news. The bad news is time is the task master of us all now-a-days. Worse, time not only exists in our heads, on phones, watches and punch-in clocks at work but it’s especially adorned by Cuckoo clocks, and rightfully so. Never has a true unknown ever ruled over the world like our vague concept of time.

Salvador Dahi painted melting clocks

To be fair, man does have an AC/DC timeline in place… whoops,, I mean a BC/AD time line in place. ( BC=Before Christ and AD=After the Crucifixion)So sure, we know stuff happened before Christ was born and then lots after, but the trouble is when he was born can slide back and forth by ten years, some say twenty, others say up to sixty years or more! I ask you, how much of what we do today can be off by, like, thirty years? ” I build houses and yours will be up sometime within the next thirty years.-That’s a promise!” A man runs to catch his train but he’s two minutes late getting to the station. The train is nowhere in sight so he asks the train station attendant, “Did the train leave?” The Train attendant looks over his records. ” Yep. That train left about a week ago-sorry.”

Time is based on nothing but agreement formed in the backrooms of history. Time truly denotes nothing but has the power of the leash and lash we’ve given to its practice. And wouldn’t you know it, I asked one of our many volunteers at work tonight when she was leaving. “8:12,” was her answer. I stared ahead in disbelief, knowing I’d write this glob and not ask her why, ‘8:12′?

You know, I finished this post in the nick-of-time….whew. That’s called ,’split second timing.’

TV aired a show about people living off the grid and one fellow, a man with an engineering degree who’d been well employed as such, said the greatest thing about his life in the boonies was that he didn’t wear a watch, and he had no idea what day, month or time it was.

My brother, Ed Franquemont,(Harvard Grad.) lived in Peru for ten years with his wife and children. Ed once told me the best thing about living as he did was that there was no specific time, only day and night, and the passing of the sun and moon in between.

once upon a time at our home on Long Island, Ed and I shoveled a lot of snow…

Hurry here; hurry there: this time thing is a madness, and we are all bound to this fever. Sad. Can we have a re-do and think this thing out one more time over a four-ish nappy and bottle of wine? We might find we get less done but we are much happier with all that progress.

Franque23 doesn’t wear a watch , or have a, ‘smart.’ phone. I’m still dancing.






(I received this letter my sister, Sharon Franquemont, had written to a cousin….as it is, our extended family is about 50/50 Democrat or Republican, though some would be libertarian/green party etc. It got me thinking that, as it should be, we are all together, living through trying times. Internal and external forces are always at work in every society and it remains of utmost importance that here, as Americans, and elsewhere that we keep our dialogues going, open, accepting and informative.)

Thanks, sis, for the read.

“A couple of weeks ago a work colleague who voted for and admires Trump and I had a debate about voter fraud.  What we soon discovered is that we both have completely different streams of news and facts. It was illuminating.

I wondered if our exchange was rooted in Russian generated disinformation campaign with the goal to create division and chaos in our country. Or was this stark reality difference guided by something more internal in USA?

BTW, I think chaos, confusion and undercutting of our Democracy was already in the Russian playbook,  regardless of who won the election. if Hillary had won, we’d be hearing about her email fraud, her corrupt murders and bribery, so I don’t think this is a Trump issue. He is far worse than I expected and I expected pretty someone horrible—never believed he was a wise businessman capable of making ‘deals’ that would lead us through to the other side.

And, I never forget that many of my Republican friends were equally horrified by Obama’s Presidency.

As to Climate Change, in 1993 I met my beloved friend and soul brother, David Berry. We worked collaboratively on the volunteer Prayer Vigil for the Earth in DC for 20 years.

At the time I met David, he was working for the Department of Interior and was interested in interdepartmental sharing of environment data  He formed an after hours working group across many of the departments and they began sharing data. This after hours working group eventually lead him to an assignment in the White House working directly for Katy McGinty’s Council on Environmental Quality.  He later became known internationally and is now an honored elder member of the Balaton Group, an elite global sustainable group, and also chair of the USA Roundtable on Water.

Somewhere around 1999 he started very privately telling me and others that statistically there was no turning back. Humanity was over the edge and the Earth would become increasingly hot, seas would rise, and environmental degradation was already on the way.  I worked through a lot of horrible thoughts and feelings about this, but landed on this may or may not happen.  Thus far, it looks like it is happening.

Beyond David, Maurice Strong, the ‘father’ of global sustainability in that he convened the first UN global conversation on the issue in 1972, the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio and 1995 follow-up, and his wife Hanne Strong have been friends since 1995.  Although Maurice died a few years back, I’ve followed via them the perilous path of bringing these issues forward.

I have zero interest in debating Climate Change’s reality with anyone. Ultimately, time will reveal the truth.  Will I stand for Climate Change work? Absolutely.  Do I think, given the state of everything now, Climate Crisis is on the horizon? Yes, I do and not sure what we can do about it, but acknowledge its high probability. Humans have amazing ingenuity and adaptability, so I remain more hopeful than many, yet preparing honestly for different future topography and weather patterns seems like a good idea.

But the issue with you is far broader than Climate Change. I have zero trust in the sources you’ve been quoting and advocating since we began our conversation. And, it even goes deeper than that. Our 2016 conversation on the dock reached for me a critical point when realized how very different our values are. From that perspective, I wasn’t sure how useful our exchange could be for either of us, so was glad when we switched to saying that the systems were suspect.

You and I have been close for many decades and, perhaps lifetimes, if one believes in those things.  May I request that you stop lobbying me from Breitbart or similar news sources.  No, I don’t believe in Bannon’s philosophy or predictions for coming world wars, unless of course, he and the administration are instrumental in creating them.

I cannot fathom your and others continual support for Trump and his administration.  God help us.  I mean that literally.

With abiding affection from a different world and world view,”

Americans hold many world views and freedom of speech is a building block of our society. I have to say, it does bother me how those who oppose the views held by the Alt-right or Neo- Nazi ideologies are often referred to as Leftists in many columns. Thing is, while some who oppose the KKK and Alt-right may be leftists, the basic truth is many claims made by the alt-right, KKK, or Nazi sympathizers are not within the fundamental frame-work of ideas most thought to be American. Many who oppose the radical right marches are simply, Americans.

Simply, American.


Franque23(Thanks for the writing, sis.)

It all started when my workmates returned from a LGBT* (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender)*  meeting and reported that there’d been a huge discussion about whether or not blacks could or should refer to themselves as Niggers. The point was taken, and seemingly accepted, that in today’s sensibilities blacks are empowered when they use this word.  The thinking went like this: Blacks gain ownership of the term, nigger, when they use it themselves, and speaking the word daily along with the word’s prolific usage in songs deflates the discriminatory nature of the word.


We’re all one happy name-calling family.

So, today the worst word lardass peckerwood, hick hillbillies and other honky’s could think to call a burrhead, boogie coon jigaboo(–nigger–)is used so often by blacks that it’s almost like saying, hello. It’s almost proper English-that’s the prevalent opinion in some circles. Nice. Thing is, and I merely speculate, this idea could be the result of some over thinking by four eyed book worms, and most of them curry muncher Paki’s no doubt.

Idea man wants to know…..

Why didn't the term, Mosshead, take hold?

Why didn’t the term, Mosshead, take hold?

Okay, so blacks can sing about niggers all they want since it makes them feel good. Thing is, I was wondering why spics, super wop guineas and tocohead wet backs hadn’t felt and thought the same about using the slang terms for their individual ethnicity? Limey! With how over achieving most nip faced Japs are, you’d think this bunch of slant eyes would have marketed the idea ions ago!

Here’s my bottom line: I think this whole idea that Blacks, African Americans or even  buffie buck bluegums should use this word has a super-sized fat wong choong chink in its armor. In fact, this whole movement, the sure, go ahead and call yourself derogatory names thing, may be the result of a stratagem of bovine, whalelike, roly-poly, butterball, pudgy proportion! I mean, is there a quicker way to erode a person’s sense of self worth than having them refer to their nig-nog golliwog selves in the worst of possible derogatory terms on a daily basis? Maybe only supplying people with super sized kraut-made Jim Crow whips so they might slash themselves would be more expedient, not sure.

In the basement of my thinking, as I meandered through the peat mire along with other Micks, Charlie’s and Lebo Brownies, and then pushed aside my skank garden hoes, I came to a realization. Who will explain to that beautifully faced, bright-eyed four year old black girl or boy(and every other child) that being called disgusting names is really okay? There’s a nineteen eighty-fourish laugher for ya.

What word do we use....

What word do we use….

Have a great day, even you Russkie, commie dauchebags. Sure, a rose by any name would smell as sweet but somehow this abhorrent word usage slop brain-ticks are dishing society nowadays leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. The idea that this trashy n-word is good for anyone to use belongs in the garbage.

That’s it for now from this white boy who can’t juke enough to cut a rug. Doo-whop, splat.


* should we add, SSCFL to this- Straight;Slightly Curved and Flat-lined?

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Only six states require that school buses have seat belts. Why?

More than 23 million children ride school buses each year in America. Seventeen thousand of those children end up in emergency rooms each year due to school-bus related injuries.

Who would seat belts on buses hurt?

Who would seat belts on buses hurt?

But don’t worry, the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration points out that school buses are forty times safer than cars so it follows, why use seats belts, right? What a brain fart of an idea-only a National committee could come up with this conclusion, and only payola( call it stinking bribes) could drive this idea through state legislatures that are empowered with putting seat belt regulations in place.

NO seat belts on school buses is a train-wreck of an idea.

NO seat belts on school buses is a train-wreck of an idea.

The idea that school buses don’t have seat belts in them for our children to use as they are shipped off to school is problematic, more than appalling, just plain pathetic. WTH are we American’s thinking?

There are laws stating which way a child must face in the car while in his well buckled up safety seat! Adults are given tickets across our country everyday for not wearing their seat belts.   Giving people seat belt citations is big business USA! Five hundred thousand, 500,000, seat belt violations were written in America in 2004. How many times have you seen a road sign that says, “Buckle Up for Safety?”

Everyday, our law abiding seat belt wearing citizens, as well as our ticket writing  police officers, make our children get on buses to ride to school and back. And you know what? THERE”S NO SEATS BELTS ON THOSE BUSES!

Lucy knows.....

Lucy knows…..

We put our societies most precious cargo, our children, in jeopardy everyday and then buckle up before we drive to work. It’s sick, disgusting, gross, much more than an oversight, an objectionable way to gear our society, unacceptable but practiced daily, routinely, as if any of this makes sense.

It’s stupid, like so many other  things that take place in this great country. We’re talking liability, a culpability our society shares when it comes to the injury or death of children from school bus related accidents when seat belts may have saved their lives.

Is it an accident when children die due to another’s sheer greed and callous heart? Is it acceptable when a person or corporation chooses to not act in a way that may prevent a child’s death but rather goes on as business as usual ignoring the death of innocent children?  Most likely, I could include the entire world when it comes to this type of  inept leadership in business and political policy making regarding buckling up our children as they ride to school.

Sometimes, I think the farmer who puts the fox in his hen house has the best chance of becoming the CEO of Egg production in the USA. That same farmer would sail from that position after being hard shelled by the media for the dwindling numbers of eggs produced in America straight into the White House. There wouldn’t be a trace of egg on his face! All the while, that farmer, now President, would be playing a shell game with tax payer’s money, claiming there isn’t enough payola around to fix the jeopardy we put children in everyday as they ride to and from school. And who takes on the blame, the responsibility when things go wrong?

Who gets the blame?

Who gets the blame?

It’s a coincidence that this morning  I started thinking about this snafu of logic in our society’s mind-set.  Why? Well not that just now, this afternoon in Florida, there’s been another school bus accident.* No, that’s not why. You see a man, a good man I know, reminded me by way of e-mail today  that he once was a teacher, and during that time he’d witnessed the death of some of his own students due to a bus accident.** (Ken’s story here, below) Thing is, this man has gone on to educate children through his business,  Great Leaps, that produces learning platforms he sells throughout the USA. Still, he writes that he can’t look away from that day. None of us should.

Not six states, but ALL STATES need to legislate  school buses must have seat belts. Even if the cost of implementation of this regulation only saves one child’s life this year, wouldn’t it be worth the money? What if that child were your own?

It's an upside down policy

It’s an upside down policy

Call your representative; write them. Buckle up for safety! Yes, and on school buses , too.

Franque 23

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** IN Ken’s words:

“August 28th always sneaks up on me – it begins with awful dreams and I awaken knowing what happened on a blistering hot early afternoon so long ago. I put my kids on their bus having great fun with them as I shooed them on their way. I was ready for a Friday happy hour – frozen margaritas at Ashley’s might take some of the heat off. Then -BANG! The staff ran to an intersection and help was already arriving. It was a mess – children were being helped with IVs as helicopters and rescue vehicles began arriving in droves. It was chaotic. Cliff Norris, the principal, and I were holding kids down on a field so their IVs could stay intact until more experienced medical personnel could be brought in. So were others of the staff. Time and sounds became surreal.

The county coroner asked if I was one of the teachers. I said yes. He took me to the hill, lifted a blanket and there, still in each other’s arms were white Matthew and black Tommy. Good friends. Dead and cold. On a fire ant bed. Boys I had just played with, 2nd graders! Gone. Still. Ants everywhere. Yes, sir – that is Matthew and that is Tommy. Yes, I was more than sure.
The horror continued. Charles was still in the bus. It seemed like forever passed. The coroner came once more to bring me to the hill to identify Tommy and Matthew. I did, but it looked worse, far worse, The kind of worse you dream about every year. And before it was over, I had to one more time go to that damned hill where the monument has been ever since and identify my two little boys.
They brought Charles’ body out. He had bled to death. I identified him – just once. And then I went to sit on somebody’s bumper. It was HOT and I just wanted to be anywhere else on the planet. I looked up and saw Charles’ mom coming to the sight, worried. I could not let her see what I just saw – that CANNOT be a mother’s last view of her little boy – it just could not. I intercepted, running. The press thought they had the story and began running by me snapping pictures as I told Charles’ mom what was going down. A rescue worker got the press off our backs and let us meet with a minister in a rescue vehicle that was cool. The minister didn’t know what to say. Who can when little boys are dead and you’re sitting with their mother? The Holy Spirit spoke through me, I believe that with my heart and soul because it was the correct words. I am not, could never be that good a caring writer. Ever.
Those were the boys who taught me how to teach reading. I cannot forget Jason who was seriously injured in that crash. August 28th – why can’t they just take that date off the calendar?”



Kudos to reader Ginny for sending me this dynamite video. I missed the saddle shoes, however.

cheers ,,,and I hope you enjoyed this glimpse back into the fifties…


*I’ve two books out on Kindle. Please spread the word and share the links!

links for both books in the Avatar Magic Series:
Book one, Avatar Magic and book two, The Code of Avatar Magic are both on kindle now.

Before I get to the posts—-I’d like to toast you, the readers, for not having me arrested for them.

Peace is easy to feel in Florida during April. Soft winds blow most days, while temperatures this spring have stayed as they used to each year, around 60 at night and usually no more than 85 in the day. I mention this because with all the crazy weather happening around the Nation, should I say world?, Florida’s weather this year has reflected what I used to think of as a normal weather pattern for here. We had a winter, but not too cold, and now a cooler spring than those we’ve suffered through as of late. If we can just get our rainy season, I think we’d have to do an Irish  jig to celebrate.

Speaking of celebrating, I read on face book today a very logical, clear-cut reason for drinking alcohol. NO wonder 2011 beer sales in America topped 98 billion!!!!


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