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(A Morgan-Franquemont reunion about 1951) Click the pic for a larger view.

Maybe I thought my sister might drop me—why else would I be crying?—pretty sure that’s my best diaper.

Remember being young for just a minute. There’s no hassle waiting to destroy the next minute, no bus, train, plane to catch or deadline to meet. No, you’re just young. Your skin is soft without a blemish and your hair shines like  grass after a brief rain.  You’ve learned to comb your hair but your not exactly sure why you do it. There’s no need to worry and everything feels right once your parents are home; the fire place sets itself and your dog is always fed. T.V. goes on past bedtime but you’ve seen everything you wanted to see and the day has come and gone like any other. Dreams come and go like the wind without cause or problem or forecast direction.

Everything just is. Do you remember now? Shoes or belts seemed useless unless you were playing dress-up.

(Our Son-in-Law running after his son.)

The world is an empty beach to run with dad close behind.

The sky is endless and full of mysterious clouds to watch as they drift by.

(My cousin’s son, Ross Franquemont, takes a selfie as he flies by the Northern lights in his U-2 plane.)

Remember the first time you stared at the clear night sky and realized there were more and more stars to see up above as your eyes adjusted to the blackness. Remember the morning dew on your bare feet. This is about the time you discovered ,’brain-freeze.’

There was so much to take in and share with your cousins and friends.

A la speed-o suit; that’s me.(Morgan dock at Lake Bonaparte-about 1956) ( AND… the person who edits this glob weekly* asked a good question: why am I the only one wearing a bathing suit? The dock is clearly wet?!?! Hmmmm)

Days come as easily as picking up a pencil. The scribbling on the paper wears a smile and it seems your masterpiece is, in fact, a heroic depiction of something meaningful to older folks—it’s some miraculous sketch of objects you’ve yet to see or a panorama of places everyone hopes to go. It’s good to be loved. Daylight loves you; nighttime is a blanket. The rain sounds loud upon the window pane and snow dances in street lights with winds that come from the moon you can’t see.  The pets always sleep on your bed.

Everyday is safe. Every night is cozy. You get along with other  kids, even with those who seem so different!

Being young harbors within it a certain kind of peaceful hope.

(View of Lake Bonaparte from our ‘half-way’ dock.)

Without notice, you assume the older folks will always be here.

Life seems a garden of acceptance.

You can wear any hat you want when you’re young!

(And on Youth Services hat day because we could.)

Routines begin to form. If it rains, you stay inside. If it is sunny you go out. Parents rush off in the morning and come back later after your nap but you’re never really alone, not that you’ve noticed or ever thought about. Tooth brushing is a daily important thing, not the best, but you watch as globs of toothpaste slide out of your mouth onto your cheeks around your out-stretched smile in the mirror and it tastes sweet. Tooth paste types change from being white, then striped, sometimes dotted or with a hidden line of stuff surrounded by white. You just do it.

You think broccoli may kill you but not if you eat just a bit. Vegetables are stupid but they’re the gateway to dessert.

I once thought food first filled my feet, legs, then my middle section, then my arms and finally my head: that’s when I was full. I made sure to save room in my head for dessert.  People talked over dinner but mostly we all came to eat. Someone would say something funny and we’d laugh but always, without fail, my dog’s head was near my lap, soft, warm, nudging my legs occasionally for that bit of something I didn’t care to eat or wanted to slip him anyway.

I hadn’t a care when I was young. Music filled the air and dancing had no steps, just movement.

Of course, I learned later in life that my life was not a universal experience. No, while I was in college there were children in Vietnam who awoke in the night to run out of their homes in fear Napalm bombs would hit their homes and burn them alive as it had some of their friends the night before. And other children weren’t lucky enough to live at all but died without ever knowing what a refrigerator was. Somehow, learning the truthful horror about some life on earth during my twenties put much of my childhood experience in a time-capsule that I cemented in a corner stone of myself.  My memories were too good sometimes to be shown in the face of another’s reality.

I’d been given so much and never knew. I’d been raised in the midst of modest but successful homes full of choices, flavors, designs, music,  friends and surrounded by mowed yards and shoveled driveways all owned by smiling people.

If you’re life was like mine, it’s okay. It’s okay that we may have been born some of the luckiest people on earth. Thing is, now it’s our time to give thanks. Now, if we haven’t already, it’s time for us to payback life anyway we can.  We have to fight for what we believe is best for this earth and give thanks to those who died for our right to do so. If we have something to teach, we have to do it. I think Thanksgiving has never seen a generation who has more to be thankful for than mine. Now, more than ever before, it’s time for my generation to stand up and speak about what we feel is right.

My generation owes the World a difference.

We can do this. It’s time to be young again, strong, wide-eyed, questioning and full of spirit. Spirits don’t age like our bodies, not really. Look in that mirror as you did as a child and see your face, see your smile and remember who you really are. You’re one who can make a difference.

We all can get along; we have to get along and help each other prosper—this is our task and purpose.

Franque23—Happy Thanksgiving.

*Barbara Mullenix gets all the credit for anything spelled correctly in these globs and none of the blame for all the rest….





Ah cranberries! Life is too short! Soon, I’ll be rollin’ out of here so I butter have fun before it’s gravy time. Eventually, I’ll be nothing but soggy leftovers wattling my way to de-boned. Life isn’t a piece of cake no matter how it’s sliced.  But can I have seconds?

On second thought….

The more years pass, the more I look like a Thanksgiving turkey.

I’ve grown a turkey neck and a nice plump belly along with a nibble, gobble face. Gizzards! Life is moving at break-neck speed. I’m still walkin’, but maybe without my head! (My dad used to talk about seeing chickens and turkeys run around after their heads got chopped off!)

If I’m not gobbling while stuffin’ my face, I’m wobbling on ancient toes—the ones attached to what my wife used to call,’perfect feet.’ Please pass the bunion; I’ll have another: two just isn’t enough.

Ever see a turkey’s knees? Never mind, just look at mine in beach shots for a quick overview. Turkeys like me are essentially bald but they have feathers. Me? I have a feather duster.

Racing to the bathroom is when I strut my stuff.


And about that famous roasted turkey smell as it wafts through the house. Here’s the yin-yang of this turkey-talk: if only a whiff of me smelled that good after doing garden work!

Nope, my flowering youth has been turned upside down and slowly roasted in the sun by years looking for scratch.  My young self has been basted and tented; my clock has been cleaned but for a smidgen of a second left before that big timer in the sky goes off. But, is there pie in the sky? Yep, soon I’ll be car-soul-rolled and placed into a container to be stored until moldy.

Wait! I’d like more seasoning! Another sprig of a spring with more summering would do nicely.

Cheers-I hope you had a good one!



This is so much fun to do, and I find them, ‘fulfilling.’ Whaaaahaha!(You should be able to enlarge pics by clicking on them)

It's time for us all to enjoy the bounty! In just our headquarters branch of our  Alachua County library district, we will check out over one million items this year!

It’s time for us all to enjoy the bounty! In just our headquarters branch of our Alachua County library district, we will check out over one million items this year!

Hmmm…ya know-this must be my twentieth Thanksgiving bulletin board for the Alachua County Library District…. before that, countless retail window displays danced like sugar plums in my head!

Don't miss the mouse in the bowl or  the reading squirrel-my bulletin board's mascot since, like, ever.(Does that dog belong under the table?!?!)

Don’t miss the mouse in the bowl or the reading squirrel-my bulletin board’s mascot since, like, ever.(Does that dog belong under the table?!?!)

this blog’s random picture…

I can't make out the title....

I can’t make out the title….

I'm serving crow's feet!

I’m serving crow’s-feet!


It was super fun building this set–and one great intern and one volunteer helped sooo much in the making…

Cheers! I've got to go back to work....

Cheers! I’ve got to go back to work….*

Anyway, from this turkey to yours…I wish you all the best of feast days–have the best time! (Special Thanks to Gail Carr for taking the shots of the board!-and to Odette Hinson for the special turkey hat-looove it!!) Here’s to you all!


* Putting on Rumpelstiltskin was tough-but someone had to do it!

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This post was written by a workmate of mine, Debbie, at the Alachua County Library.  She is a wonder in many ways, a diligent, hard worker who dares to  run our entire staff schedule-that’s a bear of a job. She’s also one of the many reasons I love my job. I love patron service, that’s just me, I’ve always wanted to help people. But, I love the people I work with as well. It’s a joy to be surrounded by people at work who tell me when my shoes aren’t tied correctly, or that shirt’s on backwards. Who wouldn’t love that, right? Anyway…below is just one of many informative e-mails I’ve gotten over the years.  Cheers, and I know you’ll enjoy reading this as much as I did.

I’d love to hear what my international Von Franquemont relatives  did for Thanksgiving in their societies, as well as all my other friends, and readers here in the US, Canada, and South America. Drop me a comment on that here so we can all read about this if you can——

Now, here’s the scoop on Thanksgivukkah!

“What?!? Thansgivukkah is the term that was coined to recognize an extremely rare alignment of the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars. Thanksgiving occurs on the fourth Thursday of each November, making November 28th the latest date that it can happen. Hanukkah falls on the 25th day of the Hebrew month of Kislev, making November 27th the earliest date it can begin.

The Gregorian and Hebrew calendars are very different. The Gregorian calendar is a solar calendar, based on the progression through the seasons as the Earth revolves around the sun. It is the most widely used calendar in the world, and its year is 365 days and 6 hours (well, actually 5 hours, 49 minutes and 12 seconds) in length. The Hebrew calendar is a lunisolar calendar. This calendar is based on both the solar year and the phases of the moon, and in order to keep both in sync, must have regular adjustments to the numbers of days in its months and years. Because of these adjustments, the Hebrew calendar can have as few as 353 days and as many as 385.

This is the first time in history that the first day of Hanukkah has fallen on Thanksgiving. Jewish holidays begin at sundown, so even though the first night of Hanukkah falls on November 27th, the first full day is Thursday, the 28th. The two holidays would have coincided in 1861, but Thanksgiving was only proclaimed as a formal holiday by President Lincoln in 1863. The Jewish calendar repeats on a 19 year cycle, and the Gregorian calendar repeats on a seven-year cycle. If you do the math (19 X 7 =133), you might expect the two holidays to overlap every 133 years. However, the Jewish calendar is slowly getting out of sync with the solar calendar so that eventually the earliest possible date for Hanukkah will be November 29th. Of course if we wait until the Jewish calendar loops all the way back to where it is now, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving will again overlap… in 77,798 years.”

Well, that’s about it-I guess you and I won’t be living this moment again together, at least not any time soon. Here’s to you and yours. Please have the best Holiday weekenkkah!

Thanks again Debbie for this e-mail. It made my day!


Avatar Magic, by Gerald Franquemont, is  on kindle and it can be downloaded onto most readers.

It’s a great time of year. Crunchy brown leaves whirl down the street in the wind. Autumn sunsets of bright gold and red paint the horizon while clear, crisp, night stars dazzle those who look up with wonder.  Now, for me, it is shocking how much I have to be thankful for.

My newest Grandchild....common, it doesn't get any cuter.

My newest Grandchild….come on, it doesn’t get any cuter.

This new addition to our family has plenty of cousins to follow……I get my other four grandchildren to load up my arms as much as possible.

My second daughter has made our cup runneth over....

My second daughter has made our cup runneth over….(Levi, the youngest, may be a bit uncertain as to who the guy in the colorful hair is. :-))

The oranges are in once again, we’ll be picking aplenty on Thanksgiving Day.

There's nothing as fun as picking oranges with grandchildren-so get planting now!

There’s nothing as fun as picking oranges with grandchildren-so get planting now!

this is my oldest daughter pickin' oranges with my mom,about 26 years ago.

This is my oldest daughter pickin’ oranges with my mom,about 26 years ago.

All this means my wonderful work mates had better bring their appetites to work!

The real Red Team winners......(don't ask-just another reason for my workmates to dress up.)

The real Red Team winners……(don’t ask-just another reason for my workmates to dress up.)

We get so few chances to have fun….

When will the madness stop!

When will the madness stop! Administration would like to know:-)

Past, present, future, I’ve been a lucky lad. First, to have been raised by such wonderful parents.

Mom and Dad in front row up at the lake with the Shermans.

Mom and Dad in front row up at the lake with the Shermans.

To have had the best brother and sister.

 Me with my brother and sister,Ed and Sharon Franquemont

Me with my brother and sister,Ed and Sharon 

To have had the most wonderful dog these past 13 years…..

Believe me, Toby watched the pages turn and knew the words and shapes on each page.

Believe me, Toby watched the pages turn and knew the words and shapes on each page.

And to have this picture in my downloads from a previous post that I can’t seem to erase! Go Gators!

This fan is obviously confused-we lost our shirts, not our pants!

This fan is obviously confused-we lost our shirts, not our pants!

Actually, the Gator season has been more like this-

Say hello to the ground.

Say hello to the ground.

But to be serious, I’ve relatives on both sides of my family that make me proud, who I’d like to see more of and love so much.  It’s great to be full of thanks this Thanksgiving.

Of course, there are those in our family we’ll miss this year too. Somehow, I feel certain that those who are gone  will understand when I raise a glass  this Holiday time;  my family and extended family have so much to love in life.

Good friends

For me, there are Good friends

The best wife.

Dale forever.

Dale forever.

Children who have blossomed.

This hat fits! Oh ,about 27 years ago.

This hat fits! Oh ,about 27 years ago.

And so much more.  I hope your table is full of food and crowded with friends this time of Thanks Giving. Cheers…..and I’ll write again before this weekend with a very interesting post about Thanksgiving written by a coworker of mine. Till then-bottoms up; here’s looking at you; pass the gravy, rolls, butter, but hold the turnip greens. (Need to save room for the pie.)

What fun  it was for us to raise these three!

What fun it was for us to raise these three!



Avatar Magic, by Gerald Franquemont, is  on kindle and it can be downloaded onto most readers.

Merry Whatever Happened to Thanksgiving?(more on that later) First, tell me why Americans drive on Parkways and park their cars on driveways?* Okay, forget that for now, too.

This will be an odd post just like all the rest. Thing is, somethings, sometimes bother me and the next thing that happens is I write this blog. Truth is, I knew from the beginning of kindergarten that the whole event of school was a bad idea for me, and my Mom proved this true many times as I grew up when she said, “Now, don’t get smart with me.” Talk about confusing, anyway…. None of that was as bad as my Aunt’s favorite dinner time saying: ” Eat every carrot and ‘pee’ on your plate.”

Moving on, or maybe trying to start again, Football is an odd name for the sport since  during any game the ball may be kicked about  twelve times but hiked over one hundred times.  So really, the game is Hikeball. Of course, people run with the ball too, or throw it and then catch, drop or fumble the pigskin so let’s call the game, Slippery PigskinBall, maybe.  Frankly, I’ve been a Gator fan of sorts since the 1970’S so I’m used to watching us lose a bunch and then win a bunch too. I’ll tell you right now , the draw back to having a winning Slippery PigSkin team is the game tickets skyrocket in price, so maybe losing’s better? Us’em fans are all rooting for the wrong outcome-savvy?

Recently, I read that attendance at College BAll** Games is dropping-heck Missouri is having a great year but the school cut game seat prices in half for the rest of the year to help fill up the stadium. I’ve read a number of ideas about how to court football fans back into the arenas-some say selling booze in-house is the answer, but aren’t most college kids underage? Others say the stadium experience can’t compete with tv coverage anymore.

This all brought me to what is bothering me about TV Hikeball coverage…’s those rotten halftime talking heads who tell us every score of every game that ever happened that bore the heck out of me. Really! (Not to mention two hours of ads I have to endure watching while viewing a one hour game.) But, why do I need to hear about the scores to games I chose not to watch? And what about the pageantry of the Slippery Pigskin game? What about the halftime band shows and those acrobatic cheerleaders who wear those neat nothing outfits made of very little? Maybe, we need more of that on tv, though all this cheer leading stuff is at the games if you go to the Ball park, right? Not really….the cheerleaders are usually hidden behind a wall of standing Hikeball players and the band plays during the only time you have to get on a fifteen minute wait line to take a pee-it’s all ass backwards. Have the band and cheerleaders perform for two quarters, let the game play during halftime, and then get back to the twirling stuff again until it’s time to go home… but back to the problem of filling seats at the games-

I like the hot (female and male) cheerleaders solution to getting us back in the fumble park…….that way we’re all happy. Give fans something to cheer about until we go home and look in the mirror. Then again, one look at our beer bellies and flabby thighs in those mirrors might cut down on the over all beer consumption most often associated with not football games which could, in turn, cut down on needless traffic accidents and save lives. What this all comes down to is Hot Cheerleaders save lives; everyone knows this. Still, year in and year out, SEC officials and Head Chief school morons put the kibash on this sort of undressing in public. I ask you: who in their right mind  wouldn’t want to save lives? Instead, TV airs talking heads during halftime who try to kill us with useless information that’s usually more wrong than right.

Oh well, Happy Christmas and don’t miss this Jolly Thanksgiving cause I hear retailers are plotting to have three Christmas’ per year instead of  celebrating Halloween ,Thanksgiving,  and then  Money Making Day.  Here’s how this will work. It will be the Bones of Christ fright night gift giving first, then the fried White Dove celebration featuring more gifts opened between each course of the Thanks for the present meal. Finally, several weeks later we’ll have our traditional Christmas wrapping/unwrapping extravaganza.

Lately , I’ve been thinking that Government intelligence(oxymoron) agencies have gotten so secret even they can’t find what they’re working on or thinking about. Everything’s a mystery. Who really did know what ain’t never gonna happen  cause no one knew in the first place.  And people worry over what government’s are learning about us by spying when Google knows what pants size we’ll need next before we do! Come on, Google Earth will be our planet’s new name soon. Here’s a challenge-think of something Google doesn’t know about. So far, I’ve come up with this: do human farts in water attract manatees? That’s my question, but to be truthful, I haven’t checked to see if google has this covered or not; I’m afraid to look.

Cheers as we make our way, and remember all the things we have to be thankful for. Here’s one in case you can’t think of any. China had a traffic jam this year that lasted either 3 days or 9 days depending upon the report you read and you most likely weren’t in it. See? American’s are doing pretty good, huh?

And oh, Florida—get Charlie Strong over here quick. His team beat the snot out of us(Florida) last year in the Sugar Bowl…if we couldn’t lick him, why not sort of join him to our hip. Next head coach if the good ol’ boys can take it: Charlie Strong.

Please add any funny stuff you can to this post-thanks.


* My Brother-in-law’s question….

** Truthfully, in my college fraternity a ” Ball Game” was something you never played on a field unless it was really dark.

Avatar Magic, by Gerald Franquemont, is on Kindle and it can be downloaded onto most readers.

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