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Can you spare a minute?

This post may have started with the 9:09 PM starting time of the Milwaukee Brewer’s and Dodger’s game on Oct 16th. Why, for the love of anything you pick, would a game start at 9:09? Googling the question reveals that the TV time slot actually starts at 9 PM but announcers (and it’s got to be ads) have stuff to say for, like, 9 minutes. Okay, but 9:09 still seems a bit random to me. Why not have announcers fart around for another 6 minutes to reach that even 9:15 PM time or, better yet, could they just shut the hell up and talk after the 9 PM game starts?

The Babe knew how to ‘time’ his swing…

Little things matter. People, fans, have enough to do work-wise and drinking-wise (This is , after all a Brewer game) to nail a 9:09 time slot. It’s all wrong, but it gets worse. It turn’s out a local High School has lunch scheduled at 12:17 PM and its normal school day ends at 2:37 PM. There’s one for all you driven crazy by parenting driving pick-up moms to focus on. “I pick up the kids at 2:37; at 2:37; at 2:37.” All over town mother’s and dad’s stare into a mirror and repeat this over and over the night before every school day.

Me and my guitar along time ago….


When did our ,’Minute Madness,’ start? It vaguely seems correct to think minute madness origins can be found in airplane schedules. They always had weird departure and arrivals times but have you ever seen a plane land or takeoff ,’ON Time,’ no matter what weird time they picked for either event? Me neither. Thing is, this every minute matters approach filtered down into our society like a fungus on tree bark. We’re consumed by bizarre time punctuation. And here we are, a society semi-sprung from parts world-wide where the afternoon breaks for nappy’s, wine or chatter used to be 3-ish or 4-ish to five-ish.

I guarantee Napoleon did not invade Paris at 3:13 PM. No, our paid, fired, hired or hounded by the minute life is not the stuff of history.  I’ve never read that Isaac Newton’s brain-dent from an apple happened precisely at 1:02 PM.  Nope, survivors of the World now gone minute-mad call that an, “aha moment,” and leave it at that. Can we just walk away, call a time-out, and avoid being hit by another apple in time?

Time-out. Now time for this or that, not enough time, time lost, time gained, saved or wasted, time spent, time-in, time forgotten, time can be so many things—that’s the good news. The bad news is time is the task master of us all now-a-days. Worse, time not only exists in our heads, on phones, watches and punch-in clocks at work but it’s especially adorned by Cuckoo clocks, and rightfully so. Never has a true unknown ever ruled over the world like our vague concept of time.

Salvador Dahi painted melting clocks

To be fair, man does have an AC/DC timeline in place… whoops,, I mean a BC/AD time line in place. ( BC=Before Christ and AD=After the Crucifixion)So sure, we know stuff happened before Christ was born and then lots after, but the trouble is when he was born can slide back and forth by ten years, some say twenty, others say up to sixty years or more! I ask you, how much of what we do today can be off by, like, thirty years? ” I build houses and yours will be up sometime within the next thirty years.-That’s a promise!” A man runs to catch his train but he’s two minutes late getting to the station. The train is nowhere in sight so he asks the train station attendant, “Did the train leave?” The Train attendant looks over his records. ” Yep. That train left about a week ago-sorry.”

Time is based on nothing but agreement formed in the backrooms of history. Time truly denotes nothing but has the power of the leash and lash we’ve given to its practice. And wouldn’t you know it, I asked one of our many volunteers at work tonight when she was leaving. “8:12,” was her answer. I stared ahead in disbelief, knowing I’d write this glob and not ask her why, ‘8:12′?

You know, I finished this post in the nick-of-time….whew. That’s called ,’split second timing.’

TV aired a show about people living off the grid and one fellow, a man with an engineering degree who’d been well employed as such, said the greatest thing about his life in the boonies was that he didn’t wear a watch, and he had no idea what day, month or time it was.

My brother, Ed Franquemont,(Harvard Grad.) lived in Peru for ten years with his wife and children. Ed once told me the best thing about living as he did was that there was no specific time, only day and night, and the passing of the sun and moon in between.

once upon a time at our home on Long Island, Ed and I shoveled a lot of snow…

Hurry here; hurry there: this time thing is a madness, and we are all bound to this fever. Sad. Can we have a re-do and think this thing out one more time over a four-ish nappy and bottle of wine? We might find we get less done but we are much happier with all that progress.

Franque23 doesn’t wear a watch , or have a, ‘smart.’ phone. I’m still dancing.







(Avatar Magic, by Gerald Franquemont, is out on Kindle and it can be downloaded onto most readers.)

Of course, Time passes but where does it go? Is Time a commodity that’s more valuable than money, or only a concept? Perhaps, Time is a form of energy? I think so. If Time is not energy, then why does everything change as Time passes?  It seems Time is a force to be reckoned with by  everything it touches. If Time is a force, is there an equal force that pushes back against it? Would that force have to be eternity???

Backing up a bit gets me to the idea that the entire universe is made up of energy. I guess then, even if Time is only something we have conceptualized , then Time is still energy since everything we do or think is part of the universe. Of course, space is energy, even empty space must exert a force to remain empty right? Physics is all about “Space-Time” so in this lingo lies the combination of Time with the notion of Space, the same Space that is made up of energy.  But , of course, nothing is clear cut when it comes to Time.

None of these questions about Time are recommended for a first date dialogue.  Maybe, that’s why I haven’t asked them until I’m well over writing my 280th blog? But, all of this talk about Time makes me think about the ever -so-important last second. You know the one I’m talking about. The last second is when so many important decisions are made, when so many fiasco’s commence, when there is so much or so little hope. Thing is, is there ever a last second? What does a last second look like and where did that last second come from before it earned the dubious honor of being last? Hell if I know. I think most importantly, a second is a curious item.

The third and final book of the Avatar Magic series called,  Avatar Magic Survival, finds the protagonist, Lenard, having thoughts about Time and about this last second deal…… Hopefully, the final book will be out on Kindle this year shortly after the release of Book two, The Code of Avatar.

“The oddest thing about becoming one with a second is that I realized the very building block of time is meaningless. Hello!?!? How can something meaningful be built of units that vanish before you know it? You can’t catch a second-no way! You can’t photograph it, paint it, sell it, hear it, taste it or even reason it. This is why if you listen carefully you’ll hear the universe  humming that Time is a ruling complex of ideas built upon nothing. Doo-wop on that upbeat for a second.

Come on, Time’s a made up brain-drain of an idea that encapsulates everything we do. Flat out, real freedom of thought can only come by understanding the essence of each second’s nothingness from the inside out, not that I could ever do that. No, this tick-tock linked up brain of mine has watched the clock ever since I realized it could ring in the end of school. I’m strapped tightly to time just like you are. Thing is, I had this second thinking all well in focus when I hit the floor during my disastrous Avatar landing, that’s when this Time idea of mine abruptly smashed into pieces. Spot on, that moment was worse than dropping a cheese stuffed all the way pizza on the floor before I took the first bite! ” (Lenard, in  Avatar Magic Survival: Avatar Magic: Book 3.):-)

It’s almost time for me to take a trip to Africa-I’m looking forward to that. I should get one more post off before I go-I’ll ‘talk’ with you then! Meanwhile, enjoy your Time.*


*I’ve one other post on Time that I know of…..Enjoy!

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