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So, I’m good until April 13th as the library I work for will remain on Administrative leave until this date—this is the latest update on our work schedule. I realize this puts me and my fellow workmates in a good place, for now. But, the discussion as to a possible start date to return to work is troubling at best. It’s all a social matter of time and life.

There is a plotting graph of projected deaths from the corona-virus based on return to work dates that is revealing and horrifying.* (take some time to look this graph over and fool with the sliding projector button in it…this reveals a bunch of info as we wait to return to work and the projected death rate..)

Looking at the death rate possibility (and this is only the best that can be done with a projection) if our society generally goes back to work around Easter we will likely have 115 million deaths by Oct. in America…. BUT, if the owners and our leaders kept things closed for 80 more days from now, the curve would about flatten to a death rate seen with normal cold/virus activity thru Oct, 2020….

It seems a simple choice but somehow it isn’t.  Social distancing may take too darn much time?!?!?!

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Those who want to open up again soon say it must be done to save our economy….These people say soldiers have given their lives for battle and this is like a battle to them. Construction workers have died for over two hundred years building America. So many have sacrificed limb or life to make America what She is now. They say it’s time for all of us to go back to work and for some workers to die doing so.

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Those who would like to live take issue with the thought of so many dying for our economy within this calendar year. Another interesting side was this: how would 115 million deaths by Oct. in America affect our economy? Can we lose up to 115 million by Oct. without suffering some economic upheaval?

Then there’s the sap-suckers who exclaim, “But I love Grandpa!” And other’s yell back, “But we all need the money!”

Then again,  there’s this little guy in the back of the room wearing a business hat mentioning that if 115 million older folks died that would be a boost to our health care system and Social Security layout; it’d be like sweeping out the gutters after fall so things could start flowing smoothly again.  But who made anything work smoothly in the first place?

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Hmmmm, I hate thinking I’m cluttering up the gutters.

I mean, I’ve spent my life working for a country I was taught to love thinking this country loved me back. Really, Kennedy getting shot in four places by one bullet was a bit of a shocker, but this let-em-die deal has this seventy year-old who has Asthma (note: 25 million Americans do) thinking this is personal. It’s one thing to know,’ Hey, they shot the President,’ but a whole other thing when its, ‘they don’t give a rats ass about me!’

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So yeah, this last thought can get deep, like why did I go to school? Why obey driving laws? Why not shop lift whenever possible if I can get away with it? Why not cheat on my taxes?, Ah hell, just don’t pay them and keep moving. The more you think, the more Antarctica sounds like a lovely place to live.

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But then again, to be fair, honest, it is noteworthy that more than one person who thought the Coronavirus a hoax has died from it soon after the virus was first spread in America. Some people think God has a sense of humor—I don’t know, but I do believe a life has a way of balancing itself out.

The rich want the workers back as soon as possible at all costs and are willing to risk throwing the lives of so many to a bad fate. Me?  I’m hoping a reasonable leader will shed some light on the meaning of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness…

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I think the unions should get a very loud voice when it comes to the start back date for workers in this country. Yep, Unions might save the day, again, here in America. So, as you get those socialistic checks that congress will send in the mail to save your ass, remember how Unions helped save the workers here soooo many times as well throughout our history.  Science, unions and social programs we have here in America make us great…not greed, not hats, not wrong headed politicians or stupid ideas.

Be smart; stay home if you can…it would be for the good of us all; it might be a sacrifice like those fighting soldiers in WW II gave. People are right, fighting this virus is like a war, but the virus is not all that this war is about. It’s about the workers lives and our right to live them.

I think Joe Biden may have said it best this week: trump should stop talking and do some listening to the scientists who know better. There is little doubt, this return to work date debate is a social matter of time and life verses profit!

Franque23 check out this moving graph below…it’s just amazing.

People on the Right often say, “But the Unions did this or that…” Well here’s the thing–every union right was agreed upon at a table that joined business owners and union people together-so how is it that only one group at those negotiations is held responsible for what is accepted by the joint business/owners/union meetings and contracts? NO one brings guns to negotiations… it’s a give and take process…if the outcomes from contractual agreements are bad, then both owners and worker unions are to blame…it’s a two-way street. The trash talk on unions is baloney…and the Republicans can’t stop lying about this process. Their agenda is to enrich the powerful top 2% of Americans, little else.

Deregulation of wall street and the sub-prime lending push, both sponsored by the Republicans, led directly to America’s last economic crash—-the Republican refusal to raise the debt ceiling so that America could pay off debt it ALREADY owed was a disaster for our country as well. You know, while I attended Gettysburg college, I used to , on occasion, eat lunch with Ex-President Eisenhower. Surrounded by secret service, he’d laugh, joke and talk to us about  America once a week. Some Republicans in the past(not Reagan) were good leaders….this group we have had since Reagan are hell-bent on breaking the back of the working class for the sake of big business. Though the party offers a few good ideas about too many Medicaid checks/family services checks-their other agendas do not favor anyone but the top 2% income bracket in America. Of course, well-to-do Americans-upper middle class-think the Republicans help their economic standing, but they don’t….and won’t.

Have Republicans no sense of recent history? Nearly all of America’s wealth has shifted to the top 2%-actually, the top 1% since 1980. Everyone knows,  every chart shows, middle class earning in actual dollar’s value has gone down since the mid 1980’s……Big Business doesn’t need our governments handouts or help—the working families in America do! But Republicans continue to campaign for more deregulation, fracking-a known environmental disaster, the end of social security, and harp that business should have the same rights as people in our constitution! 72% of Americans polled think this last gem of an idea is wrong, and an affront to basic humanitarian rights. The phrase is, We The People, not we the business. These are some of the reasons the Democrats have won during the past two Presidential elections, and why they will win in 2016-unless, the Republican Party can somehow stop trying to dismantle a National Health Care system that 28 million people have joined and favor, along with ending their worn-out, tried and failed pro-business platforms.

Bernie Sanders put forth some good ideas the Republicans might want to look over and consider adopting as part of the political platforms for 2016.

Bernie Sander’s page…..

a bunch of ideas I favor....From Bernie Sander's FB page...

There’s much more to say about the mistakes of the Right–but that can wait. Thing is, if the Republicans want to win in 2016, they shouldn’t wait to make big changes in their political agendas. Americans didn’t vote in numbers in this past 2014 mid-term election, but they will in 2016, and in the past two Presidential Elections we’ve made our preferences clear.

The majority of Americans are pro-environmental protection; pro alternative energy;  pro worker’s rights; and pro National Health care. Get a grip Republicans; listen up.


Without unions, workers wouldn’t even have weekends off in this country, let alone holidays, health benefits or pensions…think on that. The biggest bamboozle, the largest line of crock, ever shoved down the American Worker’s throat is that we don’t need collective bargaining to ensure we get fairly compensated for our labor. What? Is there someone who thinks management or owners aren’t about profiting the most they can off our labor? That would be stupid to think. What does the American worker, all workers, have to use to keep workloads in line with the pay check and benefits they receive for their life’s work beside the collective bargaining process?

When I started here at ACLD people were awarded pins for 5,10,15,20 years of service and so on during our All Staff meetings. Their names were called out. The people would march up to the sound of their fellow workmates clapping. One person would recant their days, accomplishments, sometimes listing random events of their service, maybe say that they’d made a difference. The director would shake the person’s hand for a job well done. It was an anomaly when at 15 years of service my name was mistakenly not called, my pin arrived at my desk two days later.

I’d been thinking all night about that pin I’d get today after completing twenty years of service, comparing it in my head to the perpetually winding, solid brass, never stopping glass encased clock my dad got for twenty years of service back in 1968, the one that still runs in our house today- during 2014. ( There’s a good example of the paradigm shift that’s taken place within  Employee/management relations.) Thing is, pins weren’t handed out today; nothing was said about service achievements at all! * Workers who give long term service deserve better than what most of us are told to expect for our longevity of service today.

I’ve often told new employees, ones I thought were over-working thereby risking carpal tunnel problems, some good advice. For years I’ve told people to remember that a job never loves you back. I should have said these words to the mirror more often. Turns out, I’d forgotten…

In today’s world, and in most work places, a job is a deal we cut for a check, and when we’re done wanting to continue making that deal we walk. Or, if a machine or underpaid person can out work us we’re cut loose. Odd, how business and corporations are considered  to legally be as people but you can’t kiss them goodbye when you leave employment or  get the boot.

The ongoing attack by government and business upon worker’s unions, structured pension benefits and wages is a crime against workers everywhere. Some say, investing in 401ks and stock market deals is a better return for the workers money. Really? How quickly we forget the recent 50% crash of stock market values within the last ten years! So, the song-and-dance goes: oh but over the long haul the market always makes money; it moves up. Yes, that’s true, but what of those who retired one year before the last crash? What of the people who died during the ten years the market could easily take to regain its losses? You see, when a person retires, they don’t have a promised ten years to wait for their money to come back.

Unfortunately, once only a structured, vested contribution based and a set return pension ( called a defined contribution program) promised a worker anything in return for their life’s work. Now, nothing does. You see, the court’s ruling that entire cities can go belly up on worker’s pension means even that safety net is made of holes. It’s a fabrication, a fairy tale. It’s a story that speaks of commitment and a returned obligation between the working class and owners, but none of that is true any longer. First, owners robbed the working class blind over the past fifty years, reducing pay while doubling workloads. Now, our government nailed our coffins shut by not backing and insuring worker’s rights to hard-earned pensions. I ask you: how can public servants, hard-working firemen and policemen not be worth our government backing  of their pensions? Of all the crappy things our government sometimes does with our money, I’d think it could at least do this good thing  in return for our tax dollars.

No job loves you back. That’s always been true. Now, as so many Vets have learned since Nam, not even out country loves us. We the workers, the ones who helped make America great, all the workers of the world, have been left behind. Some people are full of wind. There are winds of change; winds of wars. But mostly, workers have allowed their hope for a better future turn to dust in the wind. Why? How have workers everywhere been buried alive in bullshit and been made to believe it tastes good? One thing’s certain, that message won’t stop sounding via a plethora of news feeds and smart sounding articles. That brow beating will continue until somehow, someway, workers wake up. Workers need to insist on meeting owners and their governments at a bargaining table, and then have the good sense to leave it if it’s dirty.


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*I’m told that , in fact, my administration does intend to follow this procedure in the future. Time constraints during these All Staff meetings may have been a factor in not doing so today. Thing is, this blog isn’t about just me, or just today, or just about ACLD, the agency I work for. It is about the plight of worker’s compensation around the globe.
**There is an ongoing stance by owners and managers to take the position that longevity is in itself a worker’s just reward, and that pensions based upon service time, or additional salary and time off based upon years of service are not necessary, or appropriate. This idea crept into our negotiating room when I was President of 3170 for the Library District. Our Union had to fight to retain merit increases for employees at that time. I was lucky that this anti longevity trend didn’t take over until I was out of office. This movement, a paycheck reward only policy by management, basically took hold around 1997;  but, the attitude that workers are interchangeable really began to gain momentum  in America with President Reagan’s layoff of the  Flight Control union members during his term of office.






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