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Disastrous  social change does not always start with a bang, gong, bells ringing or sirens issuing warnings. No, social upheaval usually starts with a whimper, a few soft-spoken words that touch a nerve. No leader of what is to become mass hysteria starts with the words, “I will crush you.” At first there are gatherings that turn into patriotic parties and then feel good stickers, hats and flags are passed out. Uniforms might follow.

I’ve heard people ask if Trump could really become another Hitler. Well, that seems a stretch, or does it? More, is the question already answered? Are the social pressures the same in America today as they were in Germany when the charismatic leader of the German Worker’s Party fully took over in 1933? It would seem so. Are the words Trump uses today to unite his followers much like those used by Hitler in 1931? Yes.*(Interesting facts in this footnote.)

In 1931, when Hitler began to draw crowds to his meetings, Germany’s middle class was in upheaval. Basic food necessities out striped what workers could earn in a week, while a well to do class, the Jewish shop keepers, intelligentsia and mid-government/management officials were better off than most. Plus, there was the hated Gypsies, an outside group, who were held responsible for most crime that took place throughout the country.  Most German’s wanted their country to be what it once had been-a society dominated by law,  economic fairness in the work place and upward mobility.

d00a4990-5d76-4524-afc4-5e220142c771Hitler with Ford—he was not always hated.

Trump promises to make America great again while blasting immigrants, pointing to corruption among bankers, management and know nothing intellectuals and berating Congress—he says all are the true causes of America’s decline. “I love the poorly educated.” Donald Trump. (2/2016)**

When Hitler spoke of the New Reich it gave Germany’s frustrated workers a place to believe in once more. By 1933, children followed their parent’s lead without question.

Children join the new society of Germany

Children join the new society of Germany(1932)

It's time to join us.

It’s time to join us.

On the night of January 30, 1933, Nazis held parades and cheered for Adolf Hitler, Germany’s  new Chancellor. Two months later, Germany’s Reichstag-the equivalent of America’s Congress-gave the new chancellor dictatorial powers above and beyond that of the aging President.

There were huge marches held under blazing lights to the sound of thundering feet.

There were huge marches held under blazing lights that boomed to the sound of thundering feet.

The fervor for a new, improved Germany grew-the gatherings were thrilling to attend for most.

The fervor for a new, improved Germany grew-the gatherings thrilled many.

At first, the good-hearted souls of united Germany sang songs of protest in front of shop owners thought guilty of charging too much for their goods. It was a protest and few , if any, could conceive of gassing people to death for their wrongdoing…that wasn’t in the picture below.

But for others, the unification was frightening, and it had left them out, unless wearing a bulls eye could be considered membership.

But for some, the unification was frightening, and it had left them out, unless wearing a bull’s eye could be considered membership.(See the worried shop owners in the back…)

At first, Nazis members merely sang songs and stood in lines to protest the wrongs of society.

Soon, a forced unification began throughout Germany that joined all groups, civic or political, as Nazis or they were disband.(1933)

rrare112-4The rallies grew in number and attendance. Common workers, men, women and children were awed by the promise of a new Germany. But first, the emphatic speaker, Hitler, made clear that all enemies of Germany had to be removed if the plan to improve Germany was to succeed. The roving bands of Gypsy criminals were the first to be collected. One arrest led to the next…

The fervor for success and prosperity spread throughout Europe.

Happy and excited crowds saluting Germans at Schwarzach/St. Veith during Hitler's Austrian election campaign.

Happy and excited crowds saluting Germans at Schwarzach/St. Veith during Hitler’s Austrian election campaign.(1938)

Crowds can be misleading; charismatic speakers dangerous.  The rest of what happened for those who mistakenly followed Hitler is a history we all know. Will history be repeated? The times of social unrest in America seem to make it possible. Americans perhaps now more than ever before need to tread lightly, and vote with an awareness of life’s possibilities.

A man who claimed to love children....

A man who claimed to love children….

A man who appeared to loved animals of all sorts...

A man who appeared to loved animals of all sorts…

A man who could make some many happy

A man who could make so many happy…

Adolf_Hitler_in_Paris_1940 a man who could be so successful, for a time.

could bring people to this....

could bring people to this….

Or the 1st  Warsaw uprising massacre….


Resistance fighters were dragged form their shops or shot on sight. What else was to be done?


And so much worse-

Don't think ideas cannot hurt us....

Don’t think ideas cannot hurt us….

The new surging call for change in America can be crippling or helpful to our country. Do you trust your candidate? What have the candidate’s said; what do they say now? If elected, what might that candidate do? Come November, it will be gut check time for Americans.

Peace-vote in November with caution.


*It’s interesting to read about Hitler’s rise to power in light of Trump’s rise to power, and with regard to how many of us truly can’t comprehend Trump supporters. Did you know that in 1920 Hitler had been convicted of Treason, but, through situations, spent less than a year in jail, and in 1930 Goebbels was tried for High Treason? The Nazi’s party and it’s power took time to grow, but one spring board was the Treaty of Versailles-the populace didn’t like the terms of the agreement( though different in construct-think NAFTA) and most of Hitler Brown Shirts, the SA, were ex-soldiers who fought in WW ll. By 1930, most Germans thought the Gypsies were responsible for the majority of crime in the country.(think Mexican’s and Muslims) In the end, what proved to be a beginning, a head of Hitler’s SA was shot in 1930 by a leftist who thought the strong leaning Nationalists(Nazi’s) were crazy. Three years later Hitler came to full power. He disband the Parliament which everyone thought/knew was corrupt(think our congress) and had himself appointed leader of Germany. All the time, his Brown shirts, ex-military, did the muscle work he needed to get done to gain control. So maybe not over night, but in time, movements can come to fruition, and one assassination can flip any amount of sense to madness.







We’d all like to be saints, souls without fault and unblemished records, but not many of us fit that bill precisely. Stuff happens in life.  Thing is, not many of us get strangled to death by a policeman, either. Eric Garner did.  Was this man a saint? No. According to Wikipedia-

“Garner had a criminal record that includes more than 30 arrests dating back to 1980 on charges such as assault, resisting arrest, grand larceny. An official said the charges include multiple incidents in which he was arrested for selling unlicensed cigarettes.[

See? Not a saint. But others, a neighbor and his wife, have things to say about Eric Garner as well-

“Everybody that knows him will tell you that he’s a wonderful person,” said Charlene Thomas, 64, who knew the victim from when she worked in a deli a few stores down from where Thursday’s incident(his murder) occurred.“I would hug him every day. He was like a big teddy bear,” she said.*

“He(Eric Garner) was a great dad — he’s just a warm guy,” said Jewel Miller, the mother of Garner’s newborn daughter.” Ms. Miller( Garner’s EX-wife.)*

Eric Garner with his new born daughter.....

Eric Garner with his new born daughter…..

So, there are conflicting histories about this man. On the surface, he is at best a repeat criminal; on a personal level, he was well liked.

But here’s what matters today-

The truth about his murder is evident; the fraudulent claim by the grand jury that this case  need not go to trial is a disgrace, and it must be challenged.

Every policeman present at the time of the act is guilty of complicity to commit murder. You don’t think so? Try this test- Imagine, as you watch the video clip from CNN,(below) that the man killed, Eric Garner, is actually a policeman, and the policemen who committed the crime are actually five citizens, all friends who share mostly the same values and beliefs. In this scenario, the group of five friends tackle a cop who is standing on the street, knock him down, and then hold the cop down and strangle him to death. Now-should the five men who killed the cop  be charge with murder and go to trial or not?

Okay-watch the clip–(and remember the black man is now the only cop in the picture)

And no, the policemen were not merely doing their duty-cops aren’t paid to kill people.

Yes. This was murder…and I don’t get it. Why did none of the other police at the scene of the crime stop the action? Did they have reason to want this man dead??? I have to wonder. Or, was this a senseless crime committed by a cop and his gang?  Many say  the policeman who administered the fatal choke hold should be put on trial for his actions. I say-that’s not enough. All of the policemen at the scene should be , at least, charged with complicity to commit murder-regardless of their motives.

Gang of four kill Eric Garner

Gang of four kill Eric Garner

Have none of the police involved in this crime heard of pepper spray, or simple physical restraint? How could all five or six of these armed officers fail to realize that one man who is handcuffed is no longer a threat? Word is that Eric Garner died in the ambulance from a heart attack while on route to the hospital after his mugging. But this isn’t what the Corner found….

“After the incident, city medical examiners concluded that Garner was killed by neck compression from the choke hold, along with “the compression of his chest and prone positioning during physical restraint by police”.  Wikipedia

My two centsMost police are good people, just like me and you..Some make mistakes, others never do. But America is about fair trials, and too many times the process is being circumvented by authorities who do America an injustice by their rulings to not hold a trial….Let the cases be heard; what can be the harm in that?

Here’s someone else’s take on the murder of Eric Garner.* “Look, being a good person doesn’t mean you’re not accountable for your actions. I could be Mother Teresa, but if I commit a crime I have to pay for it – that’s the basic premise of “being a good person” in America or anywhere else. A good person pleads guilty and does the time for the crime, because whether you’re a cop or not, killing someone in an altercation is a crime – unless you can claim self-defense. And when you’re facing an unarmed man who is backing away from the fellow police with you, and you jump him from behind and kill him, and are caught on camera…well, you should have a pretty f–king difficult time proving self-defense.”

Cops, like most citizens, don’t like the violence in our society but, Jeez, let’s not join in on it! It’s said you fight fire with fire, that helps draw a line in the dirt that the fired can’t cross. Thing is, in these matters of civil unrest, fighting fire with fire just makes for a larger blaze. If a man doesn’t have a cool head, then I don’t want him packing, period. And, if five people watch one of their buddies strangle a man, I want them all brought to trial. A Lynch mob wearing badges-not America.


*Wikipedia… **

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